700 Profit Club Reviews – $700 a Day Is a Fantasy!



Is 700 Profit Club a scam or an awesome scheme to make money online? It’s a good question, and one that is often asked about make money online (MMO) schemes. While there are other 700 Profit Club reviews out there, in mine I answer this very question and lots more.

We’ll get right into my 700 Profit Club review very shortly, but I first wanted to say congratulations on being here and reading this. It means that you’re smart enough to do some research and digging on something, rather than just join based on sales hype.

The chances of you ever getting scammed are really slim.

Now read on to learn the truth about the 700 Profit Club system…



700 Profit Club ReviewsCompany Name: 700 Profit Club

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: Allegedly Free

My Rating: 1/10



~ 700 Profit Club Reviews ~


First I just want to say that I’m not associated with 700 Profit Club in any way, so this is a totally independent review of the platform.

These days it seems most people look to cyberspace when seeking out new opportunities to make some extra cash on the side, or even find a way to replace their day job with a fulltime online income. I created this website of mine because I want to help people do just that.

You see, I’ve been pulling in a fulltime passive income from the internet for a number of years now. It gives me the ultimate freedom of living the laptop lifestyle, and I know that I can help others do the same.

The real beauty of the internet is that it’s global and is happening 24/7, so potentially you can make money online at any time. Everything’s possible.

Unfortunately, because so many people are turning to the internet for options, it’s given birth to loads of online money making scams. We’re bombarded with schemes that promise riches with very little time and effort, but they are nearly all bogus and just designed to take our money.

We must always be careful and do our research before joining anything.

Reading product reviews just like this one is the best way to discover the good stuff and dodge the nasty scams out there. That’s why I write so many reviews on my Laptop Freedom Living website.

When 700 Profit Club came onto my radar recently via an email, it sounded like the perfect scheme to look into and write a review on.

So let’s now see if 700 Profit Club is the real deal or not.


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What Is 700 Profit Club About?

As is very typical of most schemes that claim they’ll help you make money online, 700 Profit Club is loaded with hype and makes some very bold claims.

For starters, we are told we can easily make the rather strange amount of $723.67 per day, every single day. I’m not sure exactly how the anonymous site owner comes up with this figure, but when you multiply that amount by a 30 day month, it looks very impressive.


700 Profit Club Banner


That equates to $21,710.10 per month for a 30 day month.

That’s pretty decent cash. Who wouldn’t be happy with that?

To add even more flavour into the mix, we’re also told that it costs nothing to join this scheme and be making that money. Yep, apparently it’s free.

Now the deal gets even sweeter again when we’re told that this scheme all functions completely on autopilot. That means we don’t even have to do any work to make about $20k a month every month. The 700 Profit Cub team will set it all up for us in as little as 10 minutes.

How cool is that!


700 Profit Club Reviews


Well, it would be if it was even remotely true, which it’s not. You’ll learn why as we go through this review of 700 Profit Club.

Don’t get me wrong. I’d love for there to be a real system that costs nothing to join and makes me $20k a month without me having to do any work. That’d be perfect, but it’s just a fantasy designed to lure people in. It’s just telling people what they want to hear.

If it sounds way too good to be true, then it usually isn’t true.

The classic 3 sales lines have been tossed our way here like a bone to a dog. All scams and make money schemes that deliver no real value use this ploy.

  1. Make big money
  2. Make money fast
  3. No work required

I’ve heard it all before countless times.

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How Does 700 Profit Club Really Work?

Unfortunately, 700 Profit Club isn’t really a money making system at all. It doesn’t offer anyone a way to make big, easy money all on autopilot like they claim.

And, it’s not actually free.

You do get some sort of useless free website, but then you have to pay for a hosting package through them to be able to get that website live online.

That’s what this scheme is all about. It’s just a funnel to get you to buy hosting so the owner of the site can make an affiliate commission.

I’m an affiliate marketer, so ordinarily I would have no problem with an affiliate wanting to earn commissions, but it’s got to be done honestly and openly. This person has invented some fake money making scheme in a bid to earn affiliate commissions, and that’s just not ethical.

The hosting is with a rather dubious and poorly rated hosting platform called CoolHandle. When you pay for your hosting, there is no chance of ever getting a refund, apparently.

The CoolHandle hosting service is also rather expensive for what you get too, when you compare it to what’s on offer at a place like Bluehost, for example, which is one I do recommend.

EZ Money Team is another dodgy scheme that also recommends joining CoolHandle.

If you went ahead and bought the hosting on CoolHandle (which you must do in order to be given your free, done for you website), then you would just discover the website you’re given is the exact same website they give to everyone else.

The claim is that once you have your shiny new 700 Profit Club website hosted on CoolHandle, you’ll be making over $700 a day from day one.

Not going to happen.

No matter how awesome a website you might have, no one is going to be making that kind of cash from the very first day.

These things take time to build, and the cloned website you get given isn’t going to be ranking, or likely even get indexed, in Google, so no free search traffic.


Coolhandle Pissed Consumer


Personal Advisors?

700 Profit Club claims they’ll give you personal expert advisors to help you grow your business so you can succeed. All these advisors do is advise you to buy more stuff so the site owner makes even more commissions off of you.

They are just sales reps whose job it is to squeeze money out of you, promising that you will make the big daily cash they promise if you just buy a few more tools first.

It’s all garbage.

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Fake Scarcity Lie

Using fake scarcity tactics is a super common practice these days. They want you to hurry up and take action. They certainly don’t want you taking time to do some research on their scheme.

The ploy the nameless presenter of 700 Profit Club uses is the limited positions fake scarcity tactic. The claim is that only 15 people per day over a 30 day period will be allowed into this supposedly “lucrative” scheme.

If the scheme was limiting members for a 30 day period only, then why is there no cut off date displayed on the site? How do we know when the 30 days are up?

We don’t, and it’s not necessary because it’s not even true. The 30 day period will go on forever.


700 Profit Club Fake Scarcity


We Aren’t Really Told Anything

So, apart from a sales pitch that hypes us up, we’re given a free replica website and forced to buy hosting on a dubious website hosting platform. We are also given a personal salesperson who will encourage us to spend even more money.

But how do we make money with the 700 Profit Club scheme? How do we go about making $700 a day?

They never bother to tell us any of this. And likely the reason is that there’s not much to tell. 700 Profit Club seems to be just one big sales funnel and nothing more than that.

They simply just want to sell people a bunch of BS sales hype so they can sell their products.


Target Audience

I believe this kind of scheme targets online newbies, people who have never made money online before.

The reason I say that is because marketers with more experience would never believe all the hype and lies and wouldn’t fall for it.

I’ve seen this kind of scheme so many times before, it’s not funny. There’s no value here, just a bottomless pit of spending.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like a single thing about 700 Profit Club, to be honest with you


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There seems to be no money making system here at all
  • 700 Profit Club is just a sales funnel so the owner can sell you stuff
  • CoolHandle isn’t one of the better web hosting platforms out there
  • The cloned website they give you is next to useless
  • You won’t be making $700 a day with this
  • There is no such thing as a done for you money making system that runs on autopilot
  • The scarcity tactics employed are totally fake
  • The testimonials on the site that give the scheme praise are also fake and use images from stock photo sites
  • The hosting package they sell you costs about $250
  • The site owner chooses to remain anonymous


How Much Does 700 Profit Club Cost To Join?

While technically you don’t pay a fee to join 700 Profit Club, you can’t advance until you agree to purchase CoolHandle web hosting for your duplicate website. The package they want you to buy is just a tick under $250 for 3 years of hosting.

You’ll also be hit with upsells along the way.


700 Profit Club CoolHandle Price


Is 700 Profit Club a Scam Or Legit?

I’m very tempted to call this a scam because you really don’t seem to receive any value whatsoever, just the opportunity to buy expensive web hosting and upsells.

The sales pitch is full of hype, lies and misleading information.

No one will be making $20k a month with this scheme, no way. Likely you won’t make any money with 700 Profit Club. You’ll just be spending money.

We don’t even know who runs the scheme, because the person behind the site never reveals themselves. That’s always a bad sign and an indicator that’s something’s dodgy and shouldn’t be touched.

And that’s my advice to you. Don’t touch this one.


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