AccuTran Global Reviews – How Much Money Can You Really Make?



Is AccuTran Global a scam or a worthwhile transcription platform. I’ve seen some mixed AccuTran Global reviews, so I thought I’d take a look at it myself and see what it’s really all about. Some people claim you can make some pretty decent money with this, but is that really the truth?

Before we get right into it, I’d just like to say congrats on finding my review of this transcription platform. It proves you’re one of the smarter people out there who actually does some research before joining something, and possibly wasting time and/or money. That’s wise.

Let’s now take a closer look at AccuTran Global and discover the truth…



Accutran Global Reviews

Company Name: AccuTran Global

Owner: Jennifer Millar

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 5/10


~ AccuTran Global Reviews ~



The whole reason I created my Laptop Freedom Living website is to help anyone and everyone find legitimate ways to make some money, especially on the internet. It’s for this reason that I write so many product reviews about make money schemes and programs that supposedly teach people how to earn money online.

Reading these reviews allows us to make the best choices.

Like many millions of other people out there, I really like the way the internet has opened up so many new opportunities to earn money, especially from home. The world’s never been so accessible before, and we can literally access a global market at all times of the night and day.

The reverse side of this is that there are also a lot of scammers on the net who go targeting people looking to make money online. They create bogus schemes that sound fantastic, but are really just designed to take peoples’ money, so we have to be wary.

Very recently AccuTran Global came onto my radar screen when I received an email about it. It sparked my interest enough to do some research on this transcription platform and write up a review.

Let’s now see if AccuTran Global is worth your time or not.


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What Is AccuTran Global About?

This company was founded back in 2002 and focuses on connecting companies needing audio transcribed with people looking for some casual work they can do from home.

There’s actually not a lot on the homepage when you arrive on the site, not much information and everything looks very “basic”.

For me, that wasn’t a good first impression, but the platform is actually not too bad when you learn more about it.

It all seems to be run by the one person, owner/operator Jennifer Millar, and to get in touch with her it has to be either by phone or email.


Accutran Global Reviews


Now while the name of the company is AccuTran Global, that second word of that title is somewhat misguided, as the opportunity to work for them as a transcriptionist is only available to residents of the United States and Canada.

Another key point to consider is that AccuTran has a strong focus on attracting customers from the finance sector, and quite a bit of the actual transcribing is done live, in real time, while sitting in on conference calls.

This means that’s it’s hard to just pick and choose your own hours like you can do on other transcribing websites, as you need to be available when a call is going to take place. Therefore it’s not quite as relaxed and easy going as some other sites may be, such as the Go Transcript platform, where you are transcribing pre-recorded audio files in your own time.

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Joining AccuTran Global As a Transcriptionist

There’s no just going on the website and clicking the “Sign Up” tab or button. This works a little differently.

First you have to download a Word file. This is an information file they explains what the company does and the typical kinds of jobs that’ll be available to be transcribed.

If you’re still interested after reading through this Word file, then you’ll need to fill in a questionnaire, then go through a testing process to ascertain that you’re suitable and can adequately do the work required.


AccuTran Work Application


How Does AccuTran Global Really Work?

So how does it all work then if you do decide you want to join and pass the testing phase?

Firstly, you are never actually employed by AccuTran Global. You are a temporary contractor.

I said earlier that a lot of their work is live conference calls, but they do have more regular transcribing of recorded audio files as well.

To work for them you have to be available during the following hours, or some point during these hours:

  • 4AM – 2PM
  • 4.30PM – 7.30PM

The length and size of the tasks will vary, as will how much you get paid per task. What are known as “special projects” will pay more than regular transcription work. These are things like translation work, or audio with lots of medical and legal terminology.

So long as you pass the test when you apply for a gig with AccuTran Global, you’ll start to receive some work and gain access to the available work portal.

If you don’t hear back from them after submitting your test, then you can assume your skills weren’t quite of the standard they are looking for.

The word is that the work on this platform is somewhat seasonal, so jobs at certain times of the year might be few and far between, while at other times you might get very consistent work to do. To a point you can work at your own pace with general transcription. There will be deadlines for completion, but still plenty of time.

Doing the conference calls will be a lot more pressure, because it’s happening in real time, so you’ll need to be fast, accurate and be a very keen listener.


How Much Money Can You Make?

AccuTran WorkerOkay, so this is the most important part. How much will you get paid?

The honest answer is you won’t earn much. You never do for this type of work, just like you only make small amounts of money for doing paid surveys and so on.

There are two formats for working out what you’ll earn here. As a beginner you get paid per word transcribed, or per audio minute transcribed. The per word rate is between $0.004 to $0.0055. The per minute rate for projects with a longer turnaround time is 40 cents per minute.

Now that’s not per minute of work, but per minute of recorded audio. It might take you three minutes to transcribe a minute of audio, but you get paid for one minute.

If you happen to get some audio to transcribe where the sound quality is poor or the voices are hard to understand in some way, you’ll receive 20% extra on top of the nominated earning rates as a bonus.

Other reasons a task may earn you a bonus is if the speaker has a strong foreign accent that’s not easy to follow, or there is a lot of legal or medical jargon being used.


How You Get Paid

Payment takes place once a month on the 15th of the month. So, say you did some work in January, you’ll be paid for all of January’s work on the 15th of February.

All earnings are paid by direct deposit, so you must have either a Canadian or US bank account to receive your pay.

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Some Things You Will Need

To help you do the work better, there are some services and tools you’ll likely need to be more proficient and earn a better pay rate for your time spent transcribing.

Remember, the faster and more accurate you are, the more work you’ll likely be given, and your rate of pay will also increase after a while.

To start with you’ll need a reliable computer as well as a fast and reliable internet connection. Slow or sporadic internet will cause the audio files to pause while they buffer, making it take a lot longer to transcribe what you’re hearing.

And with conference calls, you don’t want your internet connection dropping out partway through.

Using headphones will make it a lot easier to both hear the audio as well as concentrate on what you’re listening too.

Another piece of equipment that’s recommended is a foot pedal that you can use to stop and start the audio, leaving your hands free at all times to type, and type fast.

Being a fast and accurate typist is a definite plus in this business too. You actually have to prove during the testing phase that you can accurately type at a rate of 70 words per minute to get hired by AccuTran.


You Can Get Promoted

While moving up the ranks won’t increase your pay rate by that much, it will be better. Some other positions at AccuTran Global you can aspire to include:

  1. Scoping
  2. Reviewer
  3. Editor
  4. Proofreader

These positions are all about quality control and assurance, so the businesses who use AccuTran remain satisfied customers.


Target Market

AccuTran Global, with the way they operate, sound to me like they are seeking people who already have experience as transcriptionists. It doesn’t really sound as beginner friendly as some other transcription sites I’ve come across.

Other sites don’t have a testing phase, don’t do conference calls, and don’t require you to be able to type 70WPM+.

Sites like AccuTran are also targeting people who are looking for a side hustle they can do from home to supplement their current income.


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What I Like

  • The company has been going strong since 2002
  • There is room for advancement if you do your job well consistently
  • They offer bonus dollars for transcription work that is more difficult
  • The company pays earnings on a monthly basis


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The site is not as beginner friendly as other transcription sites
  • The rates of pay are still very poor and no better than the competition, despite only paying roughly the same rates
  • The work can be very sparse at times, making it much harder to earn any decent amounts of cash monthly
  • The work schedule is not as free and unrestricted as on other sites
  • You actually have to pass a testing phase to get accepted to work for AccuTran Global
  • The opportunity, despite having the word “global” in the company name, is only open to people living in Canada and the United States


How Much Does AccuTran Global Cost To Join?

You don’t have to pay a joining fee or anything to apply for work with this company. It’s totally free. You do have to go through the testing process first to get accepted though.

If you make it through, you’ll likely need to invest in some headphones if you don’t already have some, and a foot pedal to make life as a transcriptionist easier.


Is AccuTran Global a Scam Or Legit?

There’s definitely no scam with AccuTran at all. It’s a totally legit site that has been around for quite a while now.

There are some good points about it, but in reality it’s not really offering anything better than all the other transcription sites out there and it’s not really targeting newbies.

It’s the only site I know that makes prospective members have to pass an actual test before being accepted for work.

The pay rates are low, and making any sort of reasonable money will depend on how fast and accurate you are. If you don’t have these skills, then I’d give this one a miss.


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