American Consumer Eyes – Scam or Not? READ THIS FIRST!



American Consumer Eyes is a scam or not? I saw a lot of people talking about this mystery shopping platform being fake, so I decided to dig into myself and see what it’s all about. Are the American Consumer Eyes scam claims warranted or not? Is there any REAL money to be made here?

Let’s take a look at American Consumer Eyes to discover the truth…



American Consumer Eyes ScamCompany Name: American Consumer Eyes

Owner: Who knows?

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 0/10



~ American Consumer Eyes Reviews ~



There are so many ways you can make money on the internet. Whether you just want some extra pocket money to spend, or are hoping to replace your day job, it’s there to be done online if you know where to look.

I kept seeing people talking about American Consumer Eyes, either calling it a scam or saying that it was a fake platform with fake mystery shopping jobs. This got me really interested, so I decided to research it and write a review.

My Laptop Freedom Living website focuses a lot on product reviews of training platforms and online make money schemes and programs. I do this so we can all discover what’s worthwhile and what we should steer clear of.

There is a lot of really good stuff online. Other stuff is pretty average, and then there’s the scams and con jobs that we need to be aware of so we don’t get caught out.

I’m really happy to see you here reading my review. This means you’re willing to do some research and look into something before joining. That’s a wise move that’ll help you avoid ever getting scammed.

Let’s now see if American Consumer Eyes truly is a scam or not.


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What Is Mystery Shopping?

In case you’re not sure, mystery shopping is a way for the business bosses to get an idea of how their staff are performing from a customer perspective.

We all know workers will tend to act differently when they know the boss is there watching, but what are they really like when there is no boss around?

Sending in a mystery shopper to perform an evaluation is one of the easiest and most effective ways to determine staff performance in a real life scenario.

The mystery shopper generally goes through the process of a transaction, then later writes up a report to be submitted.


American Consumer Eyes Scam


What Is American Consumer Eyes?

On its rather pleasant looking website, American Consumer Eyes claims that its members can be earning on average $300 a week from mystery shopping jobs, along with completing surveys and market research.

Maybe you were contacted directly by this place via an email and wanted to know more about it before going further.

Well, you’re in the right place, as I’ll provide the answers you’re searching for.

I’ll be straight with you from the very beginning.

This company is scamming people. What they’re offering is all bogus, and as you read through my review you’ll see why I say that.

Like I said before, they lure people in with the promise of fairly easy weekly cash primarily doing mystery shopping. Unsuspecting people sign up on the platform hoping to get started earning some of this promised money.

Once you’re in, they’ll send you mystery shopping jobs, that for some reason mostly seem to be focused on the retailer, Walmart.

Most likely it’ll all look totally legitimate when you first join up, and you may even get excited about your very first mystery shopping gig.

$300 sounds like a fair weekly amount for some part-time work. Nothing too over the top about that figure. However, when you do apply for your first mystery shopping job, you are then told you could actually earn $300 for that one gig alone.

Now things are starting to sounds a little ridiculous. I mean, I’ve never heard of any mystery shopping assignments paying out that kind of cash for just the one task.

These trips generally only take about one hour, so $300 now really starts to sound totally unbelievable.

While this mystery shopping scam claims they’ve been in business for about 2 decades, their website is much more recent than that, having only been established in 2017.

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How American Consumer Eyes Works

Let’s now take a look at how this scam works in more detail.

If you were going to try this (which you shouldn’t), the first step in the process is to sign up with them as a mystery shopper.

You will be required to surrender a lot of personal information on the application form they get you to fill out. One reason for all the detail is it makes their operation sound more legit. It also gives them a chance to get more data on you personally.

Now this is where it gets really interesting.

Apart from being free to join as a mystery shopper, the company actually sends you money to go out and perform the mystery shopping task. Not after, but before.

No wonder people actually fall for this. In my experience, getting paid before a mystery shopping assignment is unheard of. Even when you have to spend money to complete the assignment, this is generally reimbursed along with your fee for task completion only after the job is done.

So, you’ll receive a mystery shopping gig via email with step by step instructions. Generally the shopping tasks take place at your nearest Walmart store. Before you go and do the task, American Consumer Eyes will send you a cashiers check to go and cash at your local bank branch.

The weird thing is, they’ll send you way more money than you actually need.


American Consumer Eyes Mystery Shopper


For example, let’s suppose the gig is worth $300, including the fee you get paid, plus whatever amount it is you’re required to spend in Walmart.

These guys might send you a check worth $2000, from which you extract your amount due and then deposit the balance into the bank account they provide details for.

Does that sound dodgy as hell or what?

Some of the ways they get you to return the balance to them is with MoneyGram, Western union, or even a Walmart to Walmart cash transfer. They even disguise this process as being part of the mystery shopping testing, seeing how well these services perform when transferring cash.

Again, this is all fake, except the money they receive on their end is real.

Once you send the money onto them by whatever payment method they specify, the scammers get their hands on some free cash, while you receive a call from your irate bank manager stating that the check you cashed has bounced and your account is now in deficit by whatever amount the fake check was made out for.

This all needs to take place within a time limit, so the scammers can get their cash before your bank discovers the check is fake.


Your Identity Is Also At Risk

The main thrust of this scam is obviously getting hands on free cash for the people behind the scam. However, your bank balance isn’t the only thing at risk here.

When you sign up they ask for a lot of personal details, like I mentioned before. These guys have enough information on you to effectively steal your identity and then perform a whole host of other scams in your name.

This is a very real risk and something that is on the increase when it comes to cyber crime.

Don’t sign up for this scam and definitely don’t give these con artists any personal information about yourself. That would be a huge and potentially very costly mistake.

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There Are Complaints Everywhere About American Consumer Eyes

I’m not sure how these scammers haven’t been shut down and caught by now, as there are so many complaints out there online about this obvious scam.

Many people are being conned out of $1000s at a time with these bogus mystery shopping jobs at Walmart, Target and so on.

While some cashiers checks might only be in the hundreds, a common amount seems to be checks for $3000.

That’s a lot of money for most people to lose, when all they’re trying to do is find a way to make some extra cash. Likely most of the people signing up for this already have no money, and now they’ll owe their bank maybe up to $3k.

That really sucks big time.


American Consumer Eyes Complaint


Target Market

As I just mentioned in the section above, this scam is likely targeted at people in need of some extra dollars that they can make in their spare time. ACE comes along, offering an easy $300 or so for a one hour gig and people would be jumping all over it if they’re not naturally skeptical enough.

Unfortunately so many make money scams exist because people are not diligent enough to research them before joining. Just a little bit of research – such as reading reviews like this one – and the truth will be revealed.

That’s why I write these reviews, so we can all discover what’s good or what’s a scam.


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What I Like

  • Mystery shopping is real and an okay way to make money, but unfortunately it’s all totally fake when it comes to the offer by American Consumer Eyes


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Nothing about ACE is legit
  • They send people fake cashiers checks to cash, and then have the balance sent onto the scammers
  • Anyone who gets involved in this could lose up to $3000
  • The company asks for a lot of personal information, so the possibility of identity theft is extremely high and very real
  • The company claims to have been operating for 20 years, but has in fact only been around since 2017
  • Their Contact page has no actual contact information on it. There is only a feedback form. No address or phone number
  • You have a strict time limit in which to cash the check, do the mystery shopping gig, and then send them the remainder of the cash. They need you to do it quickly before the bank realises the cashiers check is a fraud


How Much Does American Consumer Eyes Cost To Join?

While it may be free to sign up for American Consumer Eyes as a mystery shopper, this gig is definitely going to cost you some bucks if you did join it. Hopefully by now I’ve convinced you not to.

Not only could you be out of pocket to the tune of 3 grand, but you might even have your identity stolen as part of the deal.


Is American Consumer Eyes a Scam Or Legit?

This is definitely a scam, and one of the most blatant rip off scams I’ve come across online so far.

I actually still don’t understand how these people haven’t been caught and shut down.

When you cash the fake checks and then send money to the scammers through Western Union, MoneyGram or whatever, the people on the other end are supposed to supply ID to collect the cash.

But then again, maybe they use fake identities fashioned from the information of the people who join their platform?

Whatever is the case, this scam is still currently ongoing, so please avoid falling for it, give it a wide berth, and also warn other people about it and the dangers attached.


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