Are “Congressional Checks” a Scam? Bait & Switch Tactics! MUST READ!



Are Congressional Checks a scam or can you really claim these lucrative government checks? I’ve seen many people online asking questions about this and there seems to be a lot of confusion, so I wanted to look into it for myself and see what the real deal is.

Just before we launch right into this review, I first off want to say congrats on actually being here. To me it proves that you’re one of the smarter people online. You don’t just fall for hype and join something without looking into it first.

This will save you from scams as well as wasting your valuable time.

Now read on to discover the truth about this Congressional Checks scheme…



Are Congressional Checks a Scam

Company Name: Congressional Checks

Owner: Zachary Scheidt

Price To Join: $4.95 Then $99

My Rating: 2/10


~ Congressional Checks Review ~



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I created this website to help others find legit online opportunities, and doing research and writing product reviews is one of the best ways to help my readers.

After seeing so much chatter online about these Congressional Checks, I just felt compelled to dig into this one, see what it’s all about and write up a review on it.

So let’s get into the Congressional Checks review and see what the truth really is.


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What Is Congressional Checks About?

The Congressional Checks sales page is written by a man named Zachary Scheidt, and he claims that there is over $1 trillion dollars being given away to tax payers by the US Government. The catch is, you have to act right now if you want a chance of pulling in somewhere around $20k a month or so.

Those are some impressive figures to hit readers in the face with, but is any of this even remotely true?

Zachary goes on the explain that this all has something to do with IRS Code 199A, and that while some members of the US Congress have already been cashing in on  this loopholes, the average American has no clue about all this easy money.

Zachary’s sales pitch certainly comes across as impressive and convincing, and it does get you excited about the prospect of possibly cashing up big time with this opportunity.

According to him it’s all about tax cuts, and Zachary says all we need to do is basically just sign up and all this easy cash will come flowing into our lives effortlessly month after month.

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“Congressional Checks” Are Fake!

That’s right, these Congressional Checks are make believe, a sales gimmick, designed to lure you in so they can sell you the real product, which I talk about in the next section.

If you sit through Zachary’s rather long-winded sales video, you’ll pick up on a few clues despite the fact that the guy really never explains much of anything.

The biggest clue of all is when Zachary mentions “investing”, because that’s what this pitch is really targeting: people who want to invest and trade the stock market and Forex markets.

The only correlation between the word “checks” in this entire sales pitch and what Zachary is really peddling here, is “dividend checks” when you make some profit from investing and trading.

It has nothing to do with Congress. It has very little to do with the US Government.

“Congressional Checks” just sounds very official and legit, but it’s nothing more than some catchy, fancy wording to get people interested.


Are Congressional Checks a Scam


So What’s Congressional Checks Really All About Then?

First off, Zachary works for a company named “Agora Financial”. This is a publishing co

mpany that spits out countless monthly investment and stock trading newsletters. I’ve written a few reviews on newsletters published by Agora on this site:

I’ve seen plenty of these newsletters going around lately, either put out by Agora Financial or another newsletter publisher called “Money Map Press”.

At the end of the day, what Congressional Checks is really all about is trying to get people hooked in and sign up for a newsletter called “Lifetime Income Report”.

This is what they’re really trying to sell you here – A monthly subscription to Lifetime Income Report.

But before they sell you on the Lifetime Income Report, they’ll first offer you a free book that costs you $4.95.

I explain below.


Lifetime Income Report


The Big Book of Income

This is the title of the free book that costs you $4.95. By the way, that money is for shipping and handling apparently, so technically the book is free.

The reason they want to charge the fee isn’t just to cover shipping costs. They get your credit card details this way, which they’ll use later to sign you up to a 12 month subscription of the Lifetime Income Report.

So what’s this book about?

I won’t get right into it, but here’s a snap shot of what’s inside its pages:

  • Get more money from Social Security
  • How to earn a backdoor rental income
  • Tips to make 12 x the interest on your savings account
  • Earn 7% dividends on gold investments
  • And more…

There are apparently “47 secrets” revealed inside this free book allegedly, but its main purpose is simply to get your credit card details.

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Lifetime Income Report

What is it and what’s in it?

Well, you’ll soon find out if you order the free book for $4.95, because you’ll be getting charged for your monthly subscription to the Lifetime Income Report.

As I mentioned earlier, this is a financial newsletter put out monthly by Agora Financial, and overseen by Zachary himself. It’s all about investment advice and trading tips.

Let’s briefly look at what you get if you were signed up to receive this newsletter:

  • 12 monthly issues with subscription renewed after 12 months
  • You’ll receive regular tips on reducing your taxes
  • You’ll get market forecasts for trading and investment opportunities
  • Access to the Agora support team and Zachary
  • Real time email updates about important trading opportunities
  • And more…


Fake Testimonials

This is a really common ploy online these days.

If some scheme doesn’t have any genuine positive testimonials to back up their claims, they’ll falsify these testimonials, and either hire actors from Fiverr to create fake video testimonials, or they’ll create written testimonials and attach random photos to them.

With Congressional Checks they’ve gone the written testimonial route and have simply taken photos of people from stock photography sites and then claim that these people have written the bogus testimonials.

Unfortunately this practice is rife online these days. You just can’t believe most of this stuff.


Congressional Checks Fake Testimonial 1

Congressional Checks Fake Testimonial 2


Target Market

The weird thing is, when you look right into this, Congressional Checks is really targeting investors and stock market traders, but the way they sell it is to anyone and everyone who wants some free and easy money.

It’s a strange kind of sales pitch as most non-traders/investors would likely lose interest totally once they knew it was all about an investment newsletter, and has absolutely nothing to do with getting their hands on these government checks.

It’s a really dumb way to sell this in my opinion.

It’s sold like some sort of get rich quick scheme.

The real target market here is traders and investors who actually have money to invest and not people looking for an easy government rebate.


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What I Do Like

  • For traders and investors, you’ll likely find some useful information and tips contained within Zach’s monthly newsletter


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The sales pitch is really stupid and extremely deceptive
  • Bait and switch tactics are being used to lure people into a newsletter subscription
  • You have to pay some money for the free book so they get your CC details and can start billing your card for a newsletter subscription
  • Agora Financial has a very poor reputation around trading and investment circles
  • Likewise, there are stacks of complaints about Lifetime Income Report itself, if you do a search


Agora Financial BBB


How Much Does the Congressional Checks Scheme Cost?

The initial cost of getting involved is the $4.95 you pay for postage and handling of the free book. After that you’ll be billed $99 annually for 12 monthly issues of the Lifetime Income Report.

Apart from that, if you want to trade or invest, you’ll likely need thousands of dollars more in liquid capital.


Are Congressional Checks a Scam or Legit?

While I wouldn’t go all out and call this a scam, some definite scam tactics have been used to try and hook people into a newsletter subscription.

A lot of lies have been told on the sales page and within the sales video presented by Zachary Scheidt. There are no Congressional Checks. There is no easy government money that everyone can get a piece of.

Bait and switch tactics have been used to suck people in, offer them a free book, charge for postage, then take advantage of those credit card details and sign people up for a year’s subscription to a newsletter.

Pretty poor form all round, I’d say.

While the newsletter may have some merit, and I don’t fully classify all this as an outright scam, I don’t like the way Agora operates, and I certainly don’t give this Congressional Checks BS any recommendation at all.


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