Bitcoin Millionaire Club Review – $13K In the 1st Day? Seriously?



What is Bitcoin Millionaire Club? A scam or legit platform to make money online from home? These are questions people have been asking about this trading scheme, and I answer these questions and more in my Bitcoin Millionaire Club review.

Let’s get right into the review in just a moment, but I first wanted to offer my congrats to you being here and reading this. So many people blindly join stuff online without looking into it first and wonder why they get scammed.

You’re one of the smart people out there.

Now read on to uncover the truth about Bitcoin Millionaire Club and whether it lives up to its promises…



Bitcoin Millionaire Club Review

Company Name: Bitcoin Millionaire Club

Owner: Steve Banks

Price To Join: $250 Minimum

My Rating: 0/10


~ Bitcoin Millionaire Club Review ~


I’m not associated with the Bitcoin Millionaire Club in any way, so this is a totally unbiased and independent review of it.

Because I’ve been making more than a fulltime income online for a number of years now, I’ve been enjoying the freedom it gives me, the freedom of the laptop lifestyle. It’s now my goal to help others achieve that same kind of life and break free of the 9 to 5 sentence.

Even if you’re not looking for a fulltime online gig, but just want to make some extra cash on the side, I can help you with that too.

When you do make money online, a lot of it can be passive income, which is the very best kind to have. The internet is global and happening 24 hours a day, so technically we can make money at any time of the day or night. We never had these kinds of opportunities prior to this.

The biggest negative of the online world is all the scams that are on there, especially when it comes to ways to make money. These parasites know that millions of people go online looking for opportunities and they prey on that. We have to always be careful.

Just like what you are doing right now, reading product reviews is one of the best ways to dodge those nasty scams and find the worthwhile stuff. It’s the reason I write so many. I want to help people make money legitimately and not get conned.

I actually received an email recently about Bitcoin Millionaire Club. I looked into it because it sounded interesting and I wrote a review on what I uncovered.

Let’s now see if Bitcoin Millionaire Club is the real deal or not.


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What Is Bitcoin Millionaire Club About?

When I come across cryptocurrency make money schemes, my first thought is that they’re using the popularity of Bitcoin to gain attention for their scheme.

It’s a catchy name for a money making scheme and it works – It does get your attention.

We have the word “Bitcoin”, which is super popular, the word “millionaire”, which everyone loves the sound of, and the word “club”, which makes it sound like we’re going to be a part of some elite group living the high life.

Everywhere you look online these days there seems to be talk about Bitcoin, digital currencies, and loads of “clubs” and Ponzi schemes doing the rounds.

Bitcoin Millionaire Club is super suspect in my opinion, and they started off my suspicions when the presenter – a guy calling himself Steve Banks – tells us that we can make a massive $13,000 within just 24 hours of joining the club.


Bitcoin Millionaire Club 13k In One Day


We’re also told that all this fantastic cash will be rolling in with hardly any effort on complete autopilot.

Smells like BS to me, that’s for sure. More like he’s just telling us what we want to hear.

It’s promoted like a get rich quick scheme, and you always want to be extremely cautious about touching anything that sounds too good to be true. Usually these schemes are just hyped up to the max to get people excited enough to hand their money over.

I’ve seen it all before so many times.

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How Does Bitcoin Millionaire Club Really Work?

Okay, so Steve Banks tells us that we’ll be making all this easy money with his “free” software program. Apparently it’s a program that helps us to “flip Bitcoin ads”.

What does that even mean exactly?

Anyway, this is where the autopilot part of it all comes into play. The software does all the work for us.

To be honest Steve Banks doesn’t really tell us a hell of a lot in his sales pitch, which is pretty typical of these types of schemes. They just hype them up, throw big dollar figures at us, tell us how easy it all is and to hurry up and join.

Like I said, I’ve seen it countless times before.

Now back to the free software. In order to use this free software to flip Bitcoin ads, we must first invest a minimum of $250 to join the scheme.

Doesn’t sound so free now, does it?

Steve says we can flip Bitcoin ads and make money without even having to buy a Bitcoin ad ourselves. None of this really makes any sense, but that’s how the sales pitch is delivered.

Usually the sales talk for these schemes is deliberately vague, because they want to sell people on hype and they DON’T want to tell you what it’s really all about.

In some cases that’s because there’s not much going on behind the scenes. They can’t deliver on their promises, so they won’t tell you how you’ll actually be making the big dollars they claim.

In the case of Bitcoin Millionaire Club, I very much suspect something else is going on, and they don’t want to divulge what it is until you’re bought into it, because they don’t want to put people off.


Bitcoin Millionaire Club Steve Banks 1

Bitcoin Millionaire Club Steve Banks 2


What Bitcoin Millionaire Club Is Likely All About

I’ve seen many currency and trading schemes like this before. Not all of them talk about ad flipping (some do), but they do all go on about some magic automated software program that makes you big, easy money. Clicks Dealer and the Free Ad Cash System are two others I’ve reviewed that go on about ad flipping.

Let me tell you what I think this might be, although I don’t know for absolute certain, and I won’t be handing my money over to these people to find out for sure.

This is a cryptocurrency trading scheme, although I very much doubt whether it’s a legit one.

So many of these schemes offer up some bot software that does all the trading on your behalf, and they usually make outrageous statements about their software having something like a 90% success rate or more, which is just ridiculous.

That would mean that you could never really lose, and everybody would be making billions of dollars by using these programs. The very fact that people aren’t is proof enough that it’s all BS and nasty sales hype to hook people in and cough up cash.

There won’t be any Bitcoin ad flipping software. That concept is nothing but a made up fantasy. You’ll be buying into some dodgy Forex trading scam, where your $250 will very quickly disappear into the never-never. They’ll then be hitting you up to invest $1000s more.

Copy how I make $1000s a month legitimately!


Affiliates Sell These Schemes

Most of these schemes are run by dodgy brokers who are located in places like Cyprus and not regulated in the main trading countries, such as the US, the UK, Australia and co. These brokers get affiliates to sell the scheme to people and entice them to invest their money.

From what I’ve been able to discover, many affiliates are getting around 50% of everything everyone invests, so it can prove to be very lucrative for both the affiliate and the broker.

However, it’s not at all lucrative for the unsuspecting investor who’s being told he/she will be making $13k in just 24 hours.

It’s all just bait and switch tactics. Lure people in with the promise of big money doing nothing but using “free” software to flip ads, then switch them over to the real deal – Investing money for trading, and not legit trading.


Paid Actors and Fake Testimonials

All of these fake trading schemes utilise the services of paid actors to do the sales pitch, as well as the video testimonials. It’s all fake, and I keep seeing the same faces in these schemes over and over again.

These people are selling their services on the freelancer site Fiverr for budget fees, and all they’re doing is reading from a script the creators of Bitcoin Millionaire Club have given them.

This is a really common practice, and even schemes that are legit are doing the same thing.

Unfortunately, when it comes to fake testimonials, it really means these programs are just sucking people in with lies about how good the scheme is, when none of what’s being said is even remotely the truth.

People buy in thinking real people are telling them about their real life experience, but it’s all fabricated just to con people out of their cash.


Bitcoin Millionaire Club Fake Testimonial 1

Bitcoin Millionaire Club Fake Testimonial 2


Target Audience

Platforms like Bitcoin Millionaire Club really target the get rich quick mentality, because that’s how they’re selling this scheme. $13k in 24 hours with no work required.

Schemes like this are also aimed at people who are inexperienced at making money online, as those with a few years experience under their belt will see through all the lies and spot the red flags almost immediately.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like anything about Bitcoin Millionaire Club


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Steve Banks is just a paid actor
  • The people in the video testimonials are all paid actors from Fiverr
  • There is no such thing as Bitcoin ad flipping
  • It’s all a ruse to get people investing in some dodgy cryptocurrency trading scheme run by a dodgy broker
  • No one will be making $13,000 in one day after joining this scam
  • I don’t know of anything where you can make any money, let alone big money, completely on autopilot with no work required
  • When you check out, you get directed to another scam called Banner Bit
  • This is all sold on sales hype and no real information about how this all works
  • Likely this is selling a bogus trading software program that can’t live up to the accuracy and reputation they claim
  • Bitcoin Millionaire Club is also likely a website run by an affiliate of some questionable Forex broker
  • This is merely playing on the popularity of Bitcoin


Bitcoin Millionaire Club Review


How Much Does Bitcoin Millionaire Club Cost To Join?

They claim the software is free, yet you can’t get involved until you hand over a minimum of $250 to invest.

No doubt this initial investment will vanish very fast, and usually these schemes will have some high pressure sales rep on the phone to you in quick time, hustling you to put up thousands of dollars more.


Is Bitcoin Millionaire Club a Scam Or Legit?

I’d call it a scam, yes.

There’s nothing real or genuine about any of this. Steve Banks is fake, the testimonials are fake, there’s no such thing as ad flipping, and the $13k in a day is just pure fantasy.

I’ve seen this same kind of stuff countless times before. Plus, I’ve never come across anything that makes big cash on autopilot. I wish that was real, but it’s not in my years of experience.

Don’t touch Bitcoin Millionaire Club.

If you are interested in trading the Forex markets for real, the right way, then it can be lucrative. So long as you learn what you are doing. Read my review of a great course on Forex trading.


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