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Is Branded Surveys a scam or legit paid survey platform? I’ve seen this question being asked on social media, and the best way to find out for sure is by reading Branded Survey reviews like this one. I guess the other real question is, can you make any decent money doing surveys with this platform?

Before we get right into it I’d like to congratulate you on finding your way to my review here. I say congrats because I realise you’re one of the smart ones who does their homework before joining something. That’s smart and can save you from ever falling for a scam.

Now read on and we’ll uncover the truth about the Branded Surveys platform…



Branded Surveys Reviews

Company Name: Branded Surveys

Owner: Branded Research, Inc

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 6.5/10


~ Branded Surveys Reviews ~



I write a lot of product reviews on my website here for a very good reason. It’s reviews that help us make good choices by keeping us well informed. I made this website to help people find legit ways to earn income, that’s why I write so many reviews about money making schemes and training programs designed to help people learn how to make money.

There are so many opportunities to make money online these days and it’s little wonder so many people get on the internet looking for money making schemes. Surveys form just a small part of that. Never before have we had access to a global market in real time.

The bad news is this though; because of all those flooding the internet searching for opportunities, all the con artists also troll the online waters hoping to hook unsuspecting newbies and lure them into their dodgy schemes, so we always have to stay alert.

In the past I’ve tried my hand at a few surveys on various platforms, so when Branded Surveys came to my attention recently I had to do some research on it and write a review.

Let’s now see if Branded Surveys is a good time survey platform, or just a complete waste of time.


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What Is Branded Surveys About?

Originally known as “Mintvine”, Branded Surveys became known by its current name in late 2017. Not sure why they changed their name. Often that’s a red flag, meaning the previous branding developed a poor reputation, but I haven’t come across anything to suggest Mintvine was anything but reputable.

So what is Branded Surveys all about then?

Well, when businesses and companies need to gather data for market research, one of the simplest ways to achieve this goal is to conduct surveys of a relevant demographic of people. This data is often used to improve branding, advertising campaigns, products, services and so on.

Instead of the companies having to go out and find enough survey participants, the easiest way is to hook up with a survey platform such as Branded Surveys and take advantage of their vast and screened membership base.

Paid surveys online is a booming business. Today there are so many survey companies out there that I’ve totally lost count on just how many there are.

Anyway, these survey companies act as the middleman, so to speak, between the companies requiring market research, and people willing to complete surveys for small cash rewards or gift cards.

According to the Branded Surveys website, they currently operate in over 40 countries – so definitely a global opportunity – and they state they have more than 60,000 surveys completed on their platform on a daily basis.

That’s a lot of surveys, and a lot of countries, so Branded Surveys are no small player in this industry.

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How Does Branded Surveys Really Work?

It’s completely free to join the Branded Surveys platform as a survey participant, so the first thing you need to do is create your member account.

This is a very simple process, but it’s important to answer all the questions they ask, as this information on your profile will be used to match you up with surveys that are relevant to your demographic and interests.

The more complete this is, the better chance you have of getting more surveys, and surveys that you won’t get screened out of and earn nothing.

After all, the purpose of joining a survey platform is to earn some cash, so you might as well give yourself every advantage you can to do so.

This information includes things like your hobbies, education, income and so forth. Nothing super personal, but important to complete to get the best out of the platform.

Once everything is set up and done, Branded Surveys will start sending relevant surveys to you via email when they get them. If you take too long to respond to a survey request, they’ll end up with enough participants and you’ll miss out.

Try to be responsive and take on as many surveys as you can, otherwise the platform will cut right back on the amount of surveys it sends to you.

Along with completing surveys, which is the bread and butter of this platform, Branded Surveys also offers opportunities to earn rewards for participating in both focus groups as well as beta testing products, which you get to keep.

There is also something really simple known as the “Daily Poll”, where each day there is a new question to answer.


Branded Surveys Steps


How Much Money Will You Make?

Okay, this is what we all really want to know at the end of the day.

Well, to clarify how it all works, for every 100 rewards points you earn for successfully completing surveys, this will earn you $1.

The platform says you can earn up to 300 points per survey ($3), but this varies. Most surveys will net you less than this, depending on their length.

An average short survey will reward you with 50 points, while surveys of 20 minutes or more may get you the promised 300 points.

If you could theoretically get 3 of these in one hour, then you would make $9 for the hour, which is actually a real bounty in the world of poorly-paying surveys.

A more realistic average though, would be between $3 to $4 per hour for your time.

With product testing you won’t make much in the rewards department, but you do get to keep the products you try out.

As far as the focus groups go, these opportunities are somewhat few and far between, but if you happen to land one, they can be worth around $50 for your time. However, getting selected out of millions of members is a bit like winning the lottery.

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How Do You Get Paid?

Okay, so Branded Surveys actually pays out their rewards in real cash and not just gift cards like a lot of other survey platforms offer.

Here are your redemption options:

  1. Cash with PayPal
  2. Cash with Visa
  3. Cash with Bpay
  4. Gift card options

In order to be able to request a cash out for any of the above options, your account must first reach a minimum of 1000 rewards points, or equivalent of $10.


Branded Surveys Rewards


The Branded Surveys Referral Program

Many survey platforms have referral programs. This helps them to grow their membership base. What it means is that the platform will pay you small commissions every time you refer a new member.

Although this isn’t in any way lucrative, it does give you the chance to make some passive income if you refer enough people, which is a great bonus on top of your survey earnings.

After each new recruit you refers successfully completes their first survey, you’ll be rewarded with 50 points (50 cents). On top of that you’ll also earn 15% of everything your direct recruits earn.

Get enough people on board and this could be a pretty good money spinner after a while.


What I Don’t Like About Paid Surveys

I no longer could be bothered doing paid surveys anymore. These days I have other things to focus on that make a lot more cash and are less monotonous.

There are also issues with just about all survey platforms, and I’ll cover those here in this section.

All surveys have qualifying questions to answer before you get to do the actual paying part of the survey. Often you’ll get screened out because you don’t qualify. It’s fair enough because they want the most relevant demographic, but it does end up wasting your time.

Sometimes I even suspect some companies take advantage of this qualifying stage by asking heaps of questions, only to screen everyone out and not have to pay.

Occasionally surveys will glitch out and suffer from an unrecoverable error part of the way through. This means you can’t complete the survey and earn nothing for your trouble.

A very common complaint with just about every paid survey platform is members don’t get given surveys often enough, and it takes ages to build up enough rewards points to reach a payout level.

And even when you do eventually get there, you’ll still wait weeks to get your cash or gift card.

And next is the most common complaint by far, and one of the main reasons I don’t do surveys any longer…

They just don’t pay anywhere near enough money for the time you spend doing them. Seriously, most survey platforms pay absolute peanuts. It’s really not worth it if the aim is to make some cash you can actually use for anything.

Maybe you might make yourself a few dollars an hour if you’re lucky.


Target Market

If you’ve never made any money online before, then doing some surveys for a while can be a good ice breaker. At least it shows you that making money on the internet is actually doable and real.

Survey platforms are basically targeted at people with some spare time who are looking to make some spare change. They’re certainly not designed to make anyone a fulltime living, or even a part-time, casual income.

They just don’t pay enough to achieve those objectives, even if you could do a lot of surveys on many different platforms.


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What I Do Like

  • Branded Surveys has quite a good referral program
  • This platform pays better rates for successfully completing surveys
  • Paid surveys can be a good way to earn your first dollars online
  • The Mintvine company has been around for ages, and only recently changed its name to Branded Surveys
  • There are more options to earn rewards and cash here than by just completing surveys
  • This company pays in actual cash as well as the gift card option
  • This is a global opportunity


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Paid surveys just don’t pay enough for your time
  • Sometimes you just don’t get many surveys
  • Because so many millions of people are already on Branded Surveys (formerly Mintvine), there is lots of competition to get surveys, or be accepted for the more lucrative focus groups


Branded Surveys Reviews


How Much Does It Cost To Join Branded Surveys?

You don’t have to pay anything to become a member of Branded Surveys and participate in their surveys and other options for earning rewards points. It’s totally free and so it should be.


Is Branded Surveys a Scam or Legit?

Branded Survey s is a totally legit platform that has been around for ages under the previous name of Mintvine. There’s definitely no scam here, and it’s actually one of the better paid survey platforms out there.

You also have a few other options to earn on the site, like product testing, and their referral program is actually not bad as well.

I’m not a fan of spending time doing surveys to make money, but if you were to join a survey site, then this one is worth a look.


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