Dailybreak Review – Can You Make Money Taking a Break?



Is Dailybreak a scam or a legit platform to help you make some money online? This is a question I answer in my Dailybreak review, along with other questions regarding how much you can make and what’s involved if you were to join up.

We’ll get right into the review in just a moment, but before we do, I wanted to say congratulations on being here. The fact that you’re reading my review proves that you do your research before joining something. That’s smart. Likely you’ll never get scammed online.

Now read on to discover the truth about the Dailybreak platform…



DailyBreak Review

Company Name: Dailybreak

Owner: Dailybreak CP, LLC

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 4/10


~ Dailybreak Review ~


There are lots of websites online where you can make small amounts of cash in exchange for your time. These include things like paid surveys, GPT sites and rewards sites. In fact, these days anybody across the world can make some money from home, as the internet has opened the doors to endless opportunities.

You can make money while you sleep because the internet is global, and often you can find ways to make a passive income.

I’ve been living the laptop lifestyle for some years now because I make a living online, and now I want to help others do the same.

Some people just want to make a bit of extra money to supplement their incomes. Others are hoping to replace that day job. Then there are those looking for online business opportunities. It’s all there to be done.

At the same time we also need to proceed with caution, as there are stacks of scam artists online as well. If we’re not careful we can be lured into their BS schemes that often sound way too good to be true.

One of the very best tactics to avoid those scams and find all the good stuff is by reading product reviews, just like this one. I said earlier that I’m here to help people find real ways to make cash online, and that’s why I review so many make money schemes and training programs on this site.

I came into contact with the Dailybreak platform just recently. It caught my interest, so I looked into it and wrote a review on it.

Let’s now see if Dailybreak is worth your time or not.

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What Is Dailybreak About?

“Procrastinate With Purpose”

That’s the catchphrase used by Dailybreak, a slightly different take on your average rewards or GPT (get paid to) style of site.

Let’s face it, even if we have stuff to do online – things like work even – many of us find ways to procrastinate and take a break. This might mean spending some time on Facebook or other social media.

The idea of Dailybreak is to take a break, but earn rewards in the process. It’s certainly an interesting angle they’re working here.

So what do you do to pass the time and earn rewards on Dailybreak?


DailyBreak Review


You read articles and watch some fun videos. The videos aren’t all boring ads either. Many of them are quite cool and interesting. So too are the articles. There are even some fun games to play, such as trivia games, memory games and all sorts of stuff.

When it comes to the articles you can read, many of them centre around celebrity gossip, which is always popular amongst the masses.

Dailybreak makes money by charging advertisers for their sponsored posts and sponsored video and game content. Dailybreak then passes on some of that money to its members when they are active on the site.

Now while you can make very small amounts of cash spending your spare time on sites like this one, you’d be far better off doing something else if you want to make some real money.

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How Dailybreak Really Works

The good news is it’s completely free to create an account on the Dailybreak platform. Once you’ve set up your account (and the process is very simple) you can now start playing around on the site and earning yourself some rewards points for every activity you do.

The site changes from time to time with what they offer, and at the moment the main categories are as follows:

  1. Games
  2. Entertainment
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Laugh
  5. Family


Dailybreak Games


Games is obviously all about playing games, but under the other 4 categories are loads of videos and articles to entertain yourself watching and reading.

In order to earn rewards for any of the activities, you must actually complete the “break” before rewards are credited to your account.

There is nothing too complex about the Dailybreak website. Anyone can use it as it’s all very basic. But just to get you totally up to speed on how it works and what’s involved, I’ve embedded an explainer video below for your convenience.



Earning Dailybreak Rewards

Rewards vary depending on what task you are doing and how long it takes to complete the break. Obviously the more active you are on the site and the more time you spend indulging in the activities, the more rewards points you’ll earn and in much faster time.

Rewards are pretty low really, and most of the time you’ll only earn yourself between 3 to 5 rewards points per completed task, so not much at all.

What’s good about Dailybreak though, is they have a system of membership levels. The more active you are and the more points you earn, you’ll start going up the levels. On higher levels you earn slightly more per break, as well as getting a bonus when you advance to a new level.

Initially your account is limited to participating in only 10 breaks per day, but when you do advance up the levels, this amount increases, giving you more opportunities to get busy and earn points faster.

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How Much Money Can You Make On Dailybreak?

The bad news here is that you won’t make any money whatsoever when you join Dailybreak. You see, they don’t pay out any cash rewards. It’s not like you can redeem the points you accumulate for a handy PayPal payment or something like some other GPT and survey sites offer.

No, you can only redeem your points for entries into their sweepstakes, or to purchase items in the Dailybreak online store. There are also gift cards and online digital magazine subscriptions you can go for if you like.

So what are the rewards points worth and what do they get you?

Here’s a simple example. In order to redeem your points for an Amazon gift card to the value of just $5, you need a whopping 10,000 rewards points. At 3-5 points per break, that’s a hell of a lot of time on the site and work just to make yourself 5 bucks.

You could literally waste days of your time just trying to earn a $5 gift card. Would you work for your boss for days on end just to get paid $5?

Didn’t think so. That’s why I don’t recommend sites like Dailybreak to make an income. It’s just not worth it. You can never get that time back again that you spend on the site.


Target Market

I believe sites like Dailybreak are either targeted at people who are brand new to making money online and want their first taste of earning something (even though you don’t make cash on Dailybreak). Or, they are aimed at people who are looking for something to do, but aren’t serious about making real cash.

It’s okay for your first taste of earning something, but that’s about it.


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What I Like

  • The tasks are a lot more interactive and fun than some other rewards sites out there
  • Dailybreak is a global opportunity
  • The site is a little different to most other similar style sites
  • You can join for free


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is no option to earn any real cash with Dailybreak
  • You can only earn gift cards, magazine subscriptions, enter the sweepstakes or purchase items from their online shop
  • The amount of rewards points you need to earn to even make enough for a $5 gift card is astronomical
  • Overall, you’ll waste loads of valuable time earning less than peanuts on Dailybreak
  • You might spend days and days trying to earn enough for a very small payout
  • Dailybreak has a habit of regularly increasing the amount of rewards points you need in order to redeem for gift cards and so on


Dailybreak Levels


How Much Does Dailybreak Cost To Join?

There is absolutely no cost to join the Dailybreak website and start participating to earn yourself some rewards. With the amount they “pay”, you wouldn’t want to have to pay a joining fee either.


Is Dailybreak a Scam Or Legit?

Dailybreak is kind of cool and a little different and more interesting. The downside is obviously how much they don’t pay, and that there’s no option for cash redemption.

Its definitely not a scam though and is totally legit. If they paid more generously I would rate it higher, but as it is, the rewards are so low compared to the amount of time you need to spend to earn them, that it’s really not a profitable way to spend your precious time.

It’s an okay way to pass a bit of time and have a few laughs, often doing stuff online that you normally do for free anyway, but if you truly want to earn an online income, don’t waste your time with this site.


This Is Loads Better!

Lifestyle FreedomThese rewards types of websites are never going to net you much cash or rewards. They are more of a waste of time than anything if you want to make some genuine money on the internet.

What you are way better off doing, if the goal is a decent online income, is to follow in my footsteps, as I’m making a fulltime living online without the need to put in fulltime hours.

What do I do? Affiliate marketing.

To find success as an affiliate, all you really need to do is follow some really good training that teaches you how.

Let’s just quickly look at a few key advantages to being an affiliate marketer online:

  • Experience having no limits on how much money you can earn
  • Over time you’ll start getting income from a number of different sources
  • You get to work at home and be the boss
  • No real money needed to get started
  • All you really need is the internet and a computer
  • No buying and selling of products involved

That list is just a snippet.

While you can do this as a part-time gig to top up your regular income, I like doing it fulltime because of the kind of lifestyle affiliate marketing gives me. It’s all about freedom, along with making money.

Let’s make just one more quick list of lifestyle benefits:

  • The epitome of freedom is having money and time at the same time
  • You can be a global traveller and make money along the way
  • Much of your income will be passive, the very best kind
  • No more dreaded Monday mornings as you are working for yourself and not a boss
  • Get to enjoy more time with your friends and family
  • Experience a more balanced and flexible lifestyle
  • And so much more…

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