Digital Payday Is a Scam Or Make $5k In 24 Hours?



Digital Payday is a scam or not? People were asking this very question about this online money making scheme, so I thought I’d take a look at it and see what it’s all about. The claim is you can make big money with this, but is that really true?

Read on to find out the truth about Digital Payday….



Digital Payday Is a ScamCompany Name: Digital Payday

Owner: Daniel Bluth

Price To Join: Free To Start (not really)

My Rating: 0/10



~ Digital Payday Review ~



The internet has opened the doors to many make money opportunities as well as training to learn how to make money. It’s really been a Godsend for people wanting to earn some cash from home, and has created the opportunity for many home based businesses to evolve.

Like I said, I saw people asking questions about Digital Payday, so it sparked my interest enough to dig deeper into it and write a review on what I found out.

Laptop Freedom Living focuses a lot on product reviews of make money programs and training. I do this to find out what’s worthwhile and what should be avoided. It helps both myself and my readers.

The fact that you are here reading this Digital Payday review is a good sign. It shows you are willing to do some research without blindly joining something and handing your money over. That’s wise, with so many dodgy make money schemes online.

I’m here to help people find the good stuff while sidestepping the bad stuff.

Let’s see how Digital Payday rates overall.


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What Is Digital Payday?

The website claims we can make a massive $5000 within the first 24 hours of joining. This is apparently to do with online ads.

It’s one hell of a claim to make, but that’s what they say.

They then go on to say that you can make money with Google and Facebook, earning tens of thousands of dollars every single month.

Again, another massive claim to make.

But can they back any of this up, or is it just a bunch of sales hype to get people hooked in by telling us what they think we want to hear?


Digital Payday Is a Scam


And what is Digital Payday supposed to be exactly?

Well, apparently it’s an automated system that takes advantage of a little known money earning method that giants Facebook and Google both use. It’s alleged you can earn bucket loads of cash by exploiting this system.

The bad news is, Digital Payday will only allow in 50 new members to cash in.

I sincerely doubt that’s the truth. More like a scarcity ploy to get people to hurry up and take action. The reason being, is they don’t want you doing what you are right now – researching their scheme to see if it’s legit or not.

The system is all about ad revenue, and it all happens on autopilot once you’re all set up.

Run by supposed online millionaire, Daniel Bluth, Digital Payday is really a sales page for another online scheme called “Clicks Dealer”.


Clicks Dealer Reviews


What is Clicks Dealer?

It’s an ad flipping site. That’s how they term whatever BS it is that they do on there. Digital Payday is hooked in with Clicks Dealer and they both just peddle the same garbage.

If you watch Daniel’s sales video for Digital Payday, you’ll endure endless (fabricated) testimonials from countless people who have quit their mundane jobs once they started making a killing with this ad flipping scheme.

The income claims are outlandish to say the least. Just watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. Plus, everyone claims you can be making all this awesome money so fast and completely on autopilot.

These are the favourite ploys used by online scams to get their grubby little hands on your cash.

There is no “fast way to wealth” that schemes like this one claim. It’s a fantasy. Get rich quick online doesn’t exist. Everything takes time and effort. That’s just reality.

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Daniel says in the video that he tried many ways to make money online, but kept failing until he discovered the secrets that both Facebook and Google are using.

I don’t think there’s any secret to how FB and the big G make money from advertising. These 2 platforms attract tens of millions of people a day, so that’s their secret to making advertising revenue.

I doubt whether anyone who participates in Digital Payday is going to have that kind of traffic at their disposal.

The funniest part of the entire video for me is where Daniel makes the claim that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg actually endorses Digital Payday.

That’s just an outright lie.

Anyway, how does this thing allegedly work and make people like you and I (who are not Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook or Google) money?

Onto the next section…


How Digital Payday Works

Like I mentioned in the section above, all Digital Payday really is about is promoting another platform called Clicks Dealer.

So how does Digital Payday (Clicks Dealer) operate, and how do people supposedly make money with it?

They actually make it sound so simple that it’s really stupid. All you have to do is join, pick a few ad banners and then kick back and watch the money roll in.

Sounds like some sort of magic trick.

Scams like this prey on the unsuspecting and inexperienced. You won’t fall for these scams because you do your research, but not everyone is skeptical enough not to buy into the BS these schemes peddle.

According to Daniel’s sales pitch, the only reason more people aren’t making all this easy money is simply because they don’t know about this automated system, or don’t know where to start. He then goes on to talk about connecting users to a “secret website”.

In case you haven’t guessed it yet, that secret website is actually Clicks Dealer.

If you were to go ahead and sign up for Digital Payday by inputting your name, email address and phone number, when you click the join button you’ll be redirected to the Clicks Dealer website.

Now, DP claims that joining is free, but once on the Clicks Dealer site you’ll soon see that you have to hand over a minimum of $250 to get started.

Where does this $250 go exactly?

To a binary options trading broker. Your $250 is an investment in binary options trading, generally on the Forex market.

The purchasing of ad banners is really just a way of hustling you out of cash so you’ll invest more and more with the unregulated broker. The broker (and everyone else behind the Clicks Dealer scheme) then uses your money to trade with.

Legit ad revenue sharing sites are generally free to join, and there’s no way to actually verify whether these so-called ads you’re buying into are actually showing up anywhere online or whether they can legitimately generate you any passive income like Daniel claims.

It’s all a ruse anyway. The ad banner thing is just acting as some kind of product or service for you to purchase so they can snare your trading dollars.

Clicks Dealer, Digital Payday, and another site called BannerBit, are all run by affiliates who get paid commissions from these binary options brokers for sending business their way.



The Referral Program

At the end of the day, Digital Payday and the other websites are all about achieving 2 objectives:

  1. Send the broker business
  2. Affiliates earning commissions from these dodgy brokers

Now there’s nothing wrong with affiliate marketing or earning honest and legit commissions, but these guys are using underhanded tactics to achieve these goals.

The brokers operate out of Cypress, are unregulated in the industry and could be doing anything they want with your money.

As far as their affiliates go, instead of being transparent about what they’re really selling you, they fabricate some ad flipping story, throw a mention of Google and Facebook into the mix to make it sound more legit, then send you over to a broker who continually wants big chunks of your money.

There’s no money to be made from ad flipping here. That’s all just a hoax.

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Daniel and His Testimonials Are Fake

For starters, there’s no available information to verify that Daniel Bluth is a self-made millionaire from this system. Also, the photo he uses on the website is nothing more than a stock photo that anyone can buy.


Daniel BluthDaniel Bluth Stock Photo


When it comes to the video testimonials from alleged members who are making a killing flipping ads, these people hire out their video production services on freelancer sites like Fiverr and are paid actors, not legit members of Digital Payday.

Most online money making scams and schemes that can’t deliver on their promises of big bucks will hire professional actors to create fake testimonial videos.

If you look at enough of these online scams, you’ll start to see the same actor’s faces in videos promoting different “opportunities”.


Bannerbit Fake TestimonialClicks Dealer Fake Testimonial


Is Binary Options Trading Legit?

It is, but unfortunately it has attracted a lot of scammers and dodgy brokers over the years.

The problem with the Digital Payday type of scheme is that they’re not even telling you that your money is going into binary options trading. You have no control over what happens to your cash and don’t even get to do your own trading.

Binary options trading is generally Forex or commodity trading simplified. It’s essentially a 50/50 bet, kind of like flipping a coin and calling heads or tails. Lose and you lose 100% of your money. Win and you gain up to around 85% of your trade amount.


Target Market

This is targeting the uninitiated and the get rich quick crowd. There are so many red flags with this, it’s not funny.

People with some experience making money online I doubt would fall for something like this, but those who are attracted to the internet, believing it’s a way to make a quick financial killing, could potentially fall victim to scams like this one.


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What I Like

  • I can’t honestly say that I don’t like anything about this one


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is no money in ad flipping
  • The ad flipping of banners isn’t even real
  • It’s not free like the website claims
  • The money you invest goes to an unregulated options broker
  • Join Digital Payday and you’re redirected to Clicks Dealer
  • Digital Payday is just a site run by a broker’s affiliate
  • You’re never told that the money you invest in ads is instead being used to trade the binary options market
  • This whole website is just one big hoax
  • Daniel Bluth and his testimonials are all fake
  • If you were to join Clicks Dealer, after paying your initial $250, you’ll soon be asked for thousands more
  • They make it sound so easy to make big money in quick time, all on autopilot


How Much Does Digital Payday Really Cost?

Daniel claims that joining Digital Payday is free. In a way that might “technically” be true, but all that happens when you join is you are redirected through to the Clicks Dealer website, where you’re asked to invest a minimum of $250 into their alleged ad flipping scheme.

This money goes to a broker who trades it on the binary options market. These unregulated brokers are notorious for losing your money (or whatever else they may do with it), and then ask you to invest thousands of dollars more.

They claim you’ll make more money from your ad business this way.


Is Digital Payday a Scam Or Legit?

This one is definitely a scam and I have no qualms about calling it out as one.

Nowhere in the sales pitch does this Daniel guy say you’ll be fed through to another website, and nowhere does he let on that he’s really trying to sell you to a binary options broker.

The ad flipping, the testimonials and Daniel himself are all fake.

You really, really don’t want to touch this one. Give it a big miss.


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