Duplicate Dave Reviews – Over-Priced Scam or Pathway To Internet Riches?



I’ve seen quite a few Duplicate Dave reviews online, some positive and some not so positive. So what’s the real truth? David Sharpe calls himself a legendary marketer, but can his make money scheme live up to its own hype? Or is it nothing more than a sales pitch?

Let’s take a closer look at Duplicate Dave and discover the truth…



Duplicate Dave Reviews

Company Name: Duplicate Dave

Owners: David Sharpe

Price To Join: $30/Month + Upsells

My Rating: 5/10


~ Duplicate Dave Reviews ~



I love the internet. For millions of online entrepreneurs out there, including myself, the invention of the internet has been the best thing yet. From a make money from home perspective, we all have access to a worldwide audience 24/7/365.

It doesn’t get any better than that and the possibilities are endless, really.

Now while the cyber world has many positive things going for it, it definitely has a few negatives as well. One of the major ones is all the scammers and opportunists who float around in cyberspace, looking to fleece people who are trying to find ways to make money online. We all have to be diligent and cautious when scoping money making ideas and schemes.

I devote quite a lot of my website to products reviews. These are either reviews of make money programs, or training programs that say they can help people learn to make money online. The reason I focus so much on reviews is these reviews help us all make wiser decisions.

Duplicate Dave was getting a lot of attention of late, and I remember David Sharpe from his Empower Network days. This got me curious enough to want to check the platform out and write a review based on my findings.

It’s really great to have you here reading my review. Chances are you’ll never get conned or scammed because you always first do your research. You don’t just blindly join something. That’s the best thing you can do.

Let’s now see if Duplicate Dave is really worth joining or not.


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What Is Duplicate Dave?

Duplicate Dave is a platform brought to us by David Sharpe, who is probably best known for his major role in the success of Empower Network. Now while that platform if defunct, Dave has gone on to produce other successful online enterprises, using his vast knowledge and skillset.

Just to clear something up, Duplicate Dave has since changed its name to “Legendary Marketer”. It’s the same platform, just the branding has changed. If you click on any links online for Duplicate Dave, you’ll be redirected to the Legendary Marketer website.

For the sake of this review, I’ll continue to refer to the scheme as Duplicate Dave, because that’s what most people know it as at the moment. And like I said, it’s the same scheme anyway.

Dave starts out by informing us that starting an online business is just as hard as starting a more traditional offline business these days (I don’t totally agree with that statement). He then claims that only about 10% of online businesses will survive and possibly prosper. This is likely true.


Duplicate Dave Franchise Model


His very next statement is that online businesses that are in the format of a franchise model have a way higher chance of success and longevity, with Dave putting the figure at a 90% success rate.

I don’t know if he has genuine sources to back up these stats, but these are the claims he’s making.

Okay, that’s all great Dave, but what have you got for us that means we won’t be a part of that 90% who fail online?

Dave teaches a form of affiliate marketing. I do affiliate marketing for a living and learnt what to do through some great training. Click here to see how I got started in a profitable online business.


Duplicate Dave Reviews


What You Get With the Duplicate Dave (Legendary Marketer) Program

Dave has created a bunch of resources to make good money on the internet. If you join his scheme, you’ll get to “borrow” or “loan” those resources he’s created, thus copying how Dave makes money and the sales funnel he utilises.

This is where the franchise business model is attached to this scheme. It’s like Dave’s selling people a mini online franchise, complete with all the tools, training and knowledge you need to be up and running ASAP.

As Dave says, a lot of his system is done for you, and this includes tools like:

  • Video ads
  • Landing pages
  • Ad copy
  • Banner ads
  • A pre-written 45 day email sequence
  • Sales funnel
  • Legendary Marketer training

This is all designed to help you create your very own, profitable affiliate marketing business exactly like Dave does it. The theory is, if it works for him, then it should work for you too.

Dave’s sales funnel is designed to do all the sales and conversions for you. It’s your job to drive traffic through that funnel so Dave’s system can take care of the rest. You’re duplicating his proven sales funnel, but are in charge of getting relevant visitors to that funnel.



So How Do You Make Money With This?

Can you make any money with what Dave’s offering?

Sure you can, but the question is exactly how.

While what Dave teaches can be applied to all forms of affiliate marketing and you can practically promote anything you like, his sales funnel has been set up to promote Duplicate Dave (aka Legendary Marketer) to others.

If you want to take full advantage of all the tools Dave and his team have put in place, then you will want to focus on being an affiliate of the Duplicate Dave scheme.

Dave pays out very generous commissions to his affiliates, so there’s no scam at all with this, it’s just a rather limited business model, as in you are effectively only promoting the one thing, and the only way people make money is with recruitment.

These schemes can work for sure, but what happens if Duplicate Dave sales dry up? You’ll need other strings to your bow so you can continue to earn an online income.

Most of the products and tools you get in the Duplicate Dave system are distributed separately. It’s not a matter of paying one joining fee and everything is laid out for you. You have to purchase tools and training individually.

This is how affiliates make money with this, and how you would too if you were a Legendary Marketer affiliate.

For every tool or training that one of your direct referrals purchases, you earn a juicy commission.

However, keep this in mind. For you to be eligible to earn a commission on a particular product, you must first have purchased that product yourself. So if you want to be able to earn on everything that’s on offer, then you must go “all in” (which is a favourite catch phrase of schemes like this) and buy everything.

So even though you might initially join, if you decide to go all in and pay to play, you’ll be out of pocket tens of thousands of dollars before you’ve even begun to make any of that money back through referrals, let alone make a profit.

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Where Does the Traffic Come From?

Traffic is another thing altogether. There are some traffic generation strategies discussed in the Duplicate Dave system to help generate this all important traffic.

Without traffic you stand to make zero dollars back and have no way of turning a profit.

One of the best ways to get traffic is to have you own website and fill it with relevant quality content that drives visitors through the sales funnel Dave has created, but they don’t really teach you this.

Another more obvious way to get traffic to a scheme like this one is paid traffic.

If you’re only sending people to a landing page first, designed to get email addresses, then that means you won’t be able to use Facebook advertising or Google Ads, because both of these platforms frown on what’s known as “squeeze pages”, and they won’t approve your ads most likely.

You also risk having your ad account suspended.

The Duplicate Dave system teaches using Facebook ads and so on, but I know from experience that you likely won’t get those ads approved if you are sending people to a squeeze page. It’s fine if you are sending them to a page of relevant quality content on your own website, though.

To make Dave’s system work and ultimately profitable for you, you’ll need tons of traffic.

The main way you’ll be getting traffic to your premade landing pages is with solo ads, where you rent space on another marketer’s already established email list. They’ll blast out the email you give them, complete with a link to your landing page.

You pay for a predetermined number of clicks, usually in block of 100 clicks, and these will cost you anywhere from about 40 cents a click right up to $1 per click or more.


Target Market

This is made out like it’s targeting newcomers to the world of online affiliate marketing, but in reality I believe you need some prior experience to really make a scheme like this work in your favour.

You also need a major bankroll if you want to be eligible to earn by selling all the products available, as you’ll first have to buy everything yourself.

It’s definitely NOT targeting people looking to get a start in something who have very little in the way of cash flow and money to spend.


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What I Like

  • The system can work if you are really dedicated
  • You stand to earn very big commissions if you can sell these high ticket products
  • David Sharpe has many years of experience and success in online marketing
  • He was a partner of the once hugely successful Empower Network
  • There is some good training with this
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Dave says this only takes 30 minutes a day of effort, but that’s highly unrealistic
  • You have to buy everything and go all in if you want to be able to earn on all the products
  • It’ll cost tens of thousands of dollars to go all in – mega expensive
  • This is not something you can get involved in with very little money
  • You are basically just learning to sell Duplicate Dave to others
  • All the tools are premade and designed to promote the Duplicate Dave scheme
  • It’s a very limited (and expensive) way of doing affiliate marketing
  • You technically are not really building your own business, because Dave really owns everything you are using
  • No one will be earning money quickly with this


How Much Does Duplicate Dave Cost To Join?

The initial joining fee is $30, for which you receive quite a bit of training in how to get going with the system.

After that, you’ll be encouraged to buy upsell after expensive upsell to further advance your business, as well as be eligible to earn from every purchase your direct referrals make.

I’ll very quickly break down what each product costs:

  1. Legendary Marketer Club = $30
  2. Traffic Rolodex = $47
  3. Invisible Influencer = $997
  4. Legendary Builder Masterclass = $2500
  5. Legendary Leader Masterclass = $5000
  6. Legendary Marketer Mastermind = $8000
  7. Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind = $12,000
  8. Legendary Lifestyle Experience = $30,000

That’s a grand total of almost $60,000!! WTF?!

Imagine paying out all that money before you’ve even earned a cent in commissions.


Duplicate Dave Commissions


Is Duplicate Dave a Scam Or Legit?

Look, I don’t rate schemes like this one as scams. They are legit in their own way and you can make money with them. There is also quite a bit of training available and tools to go with it.

One thing I don’t like about these high ticket (expensive) schemes, is they basically only focus on having you try and sell the exact same scheme to others, which is so limiting from an affiliate marketing and business point of view.

The other thing I don’t like is the fact that you must first purchase a particular mega expensive product before you can earn a commission on it by promoting that same product to someone else. In effect this forces the members to become the main customers, just like the compensation plans attached to network marketing schemes do.

The third thing is the monumental costs involved. It’s so expensive. What you get for the money you spend really isn’t worth that kind of cash. Yes, you stand to make big commissions if you can sell this, but that’s a very big “IF”.

If this was more reasonably priced, without the need to buy everything to be able to earn on everything, I’d likely rate it higher than I have.

By the way, if you are just looking to get started online and searching for a way to earn, Duplicate Dave’s Legendary Marketer system won’t be for you unless you have multiple thousands of dollars you can afford to part with to try it out.

If you are on a tight budget, then you couldn’t realistically get involved in this anyway.

Read below for something far cheaper that is likely more profitable as well.


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Lifestyle FreedomNow while there is definitely some value attached to the Duplicate Dave system, there are other ways to make some really great money online that are more budget friendly in my opinion.

Myself, along with millions of other people online, make daily money from our affiliate marketing businesses. Seriously, it’s not that hard and anyone can do it if you follow some really good training.

Would you like to make a little bit of extra cash to supplement your current income? How about ditching that day job and working for yourself from home, choosing your own hours? Fancy trying your hand at something that could potentially build wealth one day?

All of these scenarios are possible with affiliate marketing (or partnership marketing as some people refer to it as these days). Why it’s all possible is because there’s no ceiling on your earning abilities with this.

As you build up your very simple online business, you start to develop multiple streams of residual and passive income. This leads to more financial freedom as well as more lifestyle freedom through having time and money.

You can’t really achieve any of that with a regular job, because a job takes up most of your time.

Many people want to live this kind of freedom lifestyle, but it doesn’t happen by accident. You have to focus your energy on something that can make the dream a reality, and it can be achieved through affiliate marketing and working online.

Another important thing to consider is that you don’t need capital to start or run an affiliate marketing gig.

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