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Is Easy Cash Club a scam or a legit way to make easy money online? That’s a common question being asked online, and in my Easy Cash Club review I answer that question and more. You’ll discover whether you really can make the money they promise or not.

Before we get right into the meat of this review, I just wanted to offer you my congratulations for being here. Many people get scammed online because they don’t do their research first. Likely you never will, as you’ve proven yourself to be one of the smart ones.

Now read on to discover the real truth about Easy Cash Club and whether it delivers on what it promises…



Easy Cash Club ReviewCompany Name: Easy Cash Club

Owner: Steve Johnson

Price To Join: $37 + Upsells

My Rating: 4/10



~ Easy Cash Club Review ~


The reason I created my Laptop Freedom Living website is to help others find legit and profitable ways to make money online, whether that be some extra cash on the side, a fulltime income, or even some sort of online business. It’s all there to be done from the comfort of home these days.

For a number of years now I’ve been earning a fulltime online income, and it’s really allowed me to live the ultimate freedom of the laptop lifestyle. I want others to enjoy that kind of freedom too, because there is nothing better.

Anyone who has access to a computer and the internet can make money online. Plus, because the internet is global, you can literally make money at any time of the night or day. This means you can make passive income while you sleep.

The biggest downside to the internet would have to be all the scammers online. They prey on people looking to make money and invent schemes that are way too good to be true. The internet is riddled with get rich quick schemes.

We all have to be careful.

But don’t worry. One of the best ways to avoid the scams and find the good stuff is by doing what you’re doing right now – reading product reviews. This helps sort the good from the bad so you can make informed decisions. It’s also the reason I write so many reviews. I want to help.

I recently received an email about Easy Cash Club. It got me interested, so I did some research on it and wrote a review on what I found out.

So let’s now see if Easy Cash Club is worth it or not.


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What Is Easy Cash Club About?

Easy Cash Club was only recently released in January of 2019. It’s brought to us by an online entrepreneur named Steve Johnson. He claims his program can be making us $100s a day with only about 4 hours of work required per week.

That does sound awesome. In fact, he quotes the figure of $379 a day, which ends up being over $10k a month for a total of about 16 hours work.

I find that hard to believe, even though I wish it were true.

I’m also very suspect of anything that makes the claim that it’s really easy to make quick money online, because I know that’s just not true for the most part; especially when you’re just starting out. Like anything else in the world, it takes time.

So what is Easy Cash Club then? What does Steve have for us here?

It’s software. More specifically, software that helps users to very easily create YouTube videos and get them to go viral.

It’s also a newbie friendly program, so anyone can make videos and money with this scheme by the sounds of it. You don’t even need any video or tech skills to get involved. That’s all taken care of for you by Steve’s software.

So basically for about half an hour of work a day, you’ll be pulling in $379 a day (not sure where he gets that figure), and the rest all happens on autopilot.

Sounds like a dream gig. Doesn’t it?

The problem is, no matter what Steve’s software can do, it takes time to make money on YouTube through advertising. Nobody is going to be doing it overnight after joining Steve’s system.

You actually need to get a certain amount of views on each video you upload before you can even monetise them with advertising. And even then, unless you’re getting views in the tens of thousands on each video, you’re only going to be making a few dollars a month at the most.

There are other ways besides Google AdSense to monetise your YouTube videos, such as including affiliate links to products in the description, but you obviously still need lots of views to make money in that way as well.

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How Does Easy Cash Club Really Work?

There’s no such thing as instant cash online, except for maybe something like gambling at an online casino. There’s certainly no instant and easy cash to be made on YouTube. That’s nothing but sales hype to get people to buy the program/software.

The software that Steve’s selling us uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create a human sounding voice that doesn’t sound like a robot. This means that you don’t have to speak a word in your own videos, as the software will do it for you.

If you don’t like speaking in videos, then this is a pretty cool idea. However, it’s still going to sound a bit manufactured and “fake”, so videos made this way might not appeal to every viewer and listener. Plus, viewers like to connect with a real person. It builds trust, and that leads to revenue and sales.

To use the software, you will need some images for your video. You don’t want it to just be a static audio file. All you have to do then is find or write some text you want in your video and the software’s robot will read the text for you.

It does sound pretty simple to create the videos, but that still doesn’t mean it’ll be quick and easy to make money.

Anyway, once you’ve created your first video, simply upload it to your YouTube channel and you’re away. If you don’t already have a YouTube channel, they are very easy to create.

Easy Cash Club bases the income earning potential on Google AdSense, which I mentioned earlier. However, like I said, you won’t qualify for monetisation until you first have a certain number of views on a particular video, as well as having a specific minimum number of subscribers to your YouTube channel.

In time you can get accepted for AdSense and start making money from your videos, but we’re talking months or even years here to make decent money. Certainly not instantly the moment you join Easy Cash Club.


Easy Cash Club Review


Who Is Steve Johnson Anyway?

Personally I don’t know whether Steve Johnson is a real person or not. It’s a very generic sounding name.

Obviously there’s a real person behind the Easy Cash Club scheme, but whether his name is really Steve Johnson or not, I don’t know. It could just be an alias, which is also very common practice for make money online (MMO) schemes.

I couldn’t dig up any information on this guy, other than what he chooses to share with us on his Easy Cash Club website.

It’s not necessarily a big deal, but thought it was worth mentioning.

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The Easy Cash Club Testimonials Are Faked

Faking positive testimonials for make money online products is very commonplace. Besides, this product only just launched. How could it already have all these great testimonials from happy customers?

It’s not possible.

So why do they fake testimonials?

In the case of Easy Cash Club, it could simply be because the platform is so new it hasn’t had a chance to get any real reviews.

Another reason is when a scheme is dodgy, nobody gives it a good rap, so the creators decide to manufacture bogus testimonials instead.

The reason testimonials are important is because they build trust. People visit the sales page, see all these so called “real” members having success with the scheme, and it gives people more confidence that it’s legit and does work.

Then they’re far more likely to hand their money over to give it a try.

In the case of Easy Cash Club, they’re using written testimonials that they’ve written up themselves. The photos used to depict the person writing the review have been lifted from stock photography sites.

Check out the screenshots below.

Sometimes video testimonials are used, where the scheme owner hires actors on Fiverr to create the videos for them.


Easy Cash Club Testimonial 1

Easy Cash Club Testimonial 2


Target Audience

So many people out there are looking to make money on the internet from home in one form or another. That’s why there are so many of these make money schemes for sale.

That’s not to say they’re all scams, but there are a lot of people out there hyping things up just to lure you in and hand your money over for their scheme.

Often schemes like Easy Cash Club are targeting people who are brand new to making money online, because experienced online marketers will see through the BS sales hype and not want to buy in.

I definitely think Easy Cash Club is targeting both newbies, as well as people who want to create videos, but are maybe too shy to do their own talking.


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What I Like

  • I like the idea of the concept behind this software, where it uses AI to create a human sounding voice, basically creating the videos for you
  • You can make money with a YouTube channel, but it will take time and work
  • You purchase the software through ClickBank, who offer a 60 day money back guarantee


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is way too much sales hype attached to this platform, hype that is totally unrealistic
  • The written testimonials are fake and use stock photos for the reviewer
  • There’s no way you’ll be making big daily money all on autopilot with this
  • I can’t find out any information on Steve Johnson, and possibly his name is an alias
  • Fake scarcity tactics are used to get you to hurry up and buy
  • There are upsells, which is very common with products sold on the ClickBank marketplace


Easy Cash Club Logo


How Much Does Easy Cash Club Cost To Join?

The buy in price as of the time of this writing is just $37, so not a hefty price tag. At the moment, if you try to click away from the sales page without making a purchase, they pop up a screen that offers you a 7 day free trial, after which you’ll pay the purchase price.

If you did buy in, what you’ll find is they’ll try and upsell you on some other related products and claim you need these to fully realise the potential of their system.

A lot of these schemes offer a cheap price on the front end to get people in, then make all their money on the back end.


Is Easy Cash Club a Scam Or Legit?

There is a lot of hype attached to this, most of which is very unrealistic.

Having said that, I do quite like the sound of this software; something that can read text in a human voice and puts the video together for you.

It’s an interesting concept and something that could prove useful.

Also, you can make money with a YouTube channel. Some people are millionaires from YouTube. You just won’t be making money right away though, like Steve erroneously claims. It takes time and a lot of videos, usually.

Anyway, I don’t think this is a scam and I quite like the sound of the AI video software.

Do I recommend it as a way to make money?

Not entirely, but if you bought into it and weren’t under the illusion that you’ll be making big money quickly, then you may get some value out of this in the long term.


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