Elite Blog Academy – Scam or Legit? My Honest Review



Elite Blog Academy – Scam or legit? That’s the question on so peoples’ lips about this make money from blogging training platform. We all know there’s potentially good money in blogging, but does Ruth Soukup’s course really teach us how to make that money and live the laptop lifestyle?

Let’s take a closer look at Elite Blog Academy and discover the truth…



Elite Blog Academy Scam

Company Name: Elite Blog Academy

Owner: Ruth Soukup

Price To Join: $897

My Rating: 7/10


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I love the internet because it’s opened so many doors that just didn’t exist before; particularly when it comes to making money opportunities, and being able to do it from the comfort of your own home. Plus, the internet never sleeps. There is a global marketplace available 24/7, and that’s a marketplace that is increasing every day.

Everything has its downsides and negative elements, and when it comes to making money online, the biggest downside is the number of scammers who troll the internet, just waiting to snare people in their traps by promising stuff they will never deliver on. We all have to be wary of this.

My website is devoted to helping people find legit ways to make money online, so I focus a lot of attention on researching and reviewing make money products, as well as training programs that state they can show people how to make money. This helps us all make wiser choices overall.

Recently I was hearing a lot of chatter online about a platform called the “Elite Blog Academy”, and as I blogger myself, this got me really interested in checking it out and writing a review on it. Like I said, it’s reviews that really help us all sort out the good stuff from the bad.

It’s awesome that you’re here reading my review. Most likely you’ll never ever get scammed online because you do your homework before you make a decision on joining something.

Let’s now see how Elite Blog Academy measures up overall.


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What Is Elite Blog Academy About?

Many people write blogs, although these days they look more like regular websites than the old blogs from the past.

My website you are reading right now is technically a blog.

Virtually from the very inception of blogging, people found ways to monetise the process and actually earn very good livings from their blogs. The most common method of monetising a blog is with affiliate marketing, which is what I do.

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Ruth Soukup brings up the Elite Blog Academy, which first kicked off back in 2014. This is a blogging course that you can do at entirely your own pace.

The idea behind it is to teach students how to build successful bogs that make money, just like a real online business.

Currently, since 2014, we are on version 3.0 of Elite Blog Academy.

When it comes to this course – and in fact many online courses – often much of the information can be found online for free. But the problem lies in that it can be hard to make sense of those snippets of information you find, and to put it all together into a logical sequence that will get you from point A to point B successfully.

I struggled with that myself when I first looked into affiliate marketing. I did a lot of research, but it wasn’t really making sense and I didn’t know where to start.

It wasn’t until I ended up doing some actual training that it all came together for me.

And that’s what Elite Blog Academy is designed to do for participants – Bring everything together into a cohesive unit of training modules, accumulated in a process that makes logical sense and has direction.


Elite Blog Academy Scam


Let’s Look At the Elite Blog Academy Training

When you pay up and join Ruth’s course, you’ll be presented with 4 training modules in the member’s area. These are:

  1. Refine Your Message
  2. Grow Your Traffic
  3. Monetize Your Platform
  4. Build Your Business


Elite Blog Academy Training


Like I said, the training moves along in a logical, step by step fashion, making it easy to follow.

Within the 4 modules are 12 different lessons. Let’s take a quick look at what those 12 lessons are:

  1. Start With Awesome – You need to understand what will make your blog unique and set about choosing a niche and method that differentiates it from all others.
  2. Content Is King – Here you’ll be given 4 strategies to ensure your content is quality and likely to get both ranked by search engines and read (and shared) by readers.
  3. Presentation Is Everything – This lesson is all about how your blog (website) looks. While not as important as the quality content, people still need to feel comfortable on your site and be able to find their way around easily. You’ll also learn how to market your blog posts on the visual social media platform, Pinterest.
  4. Grow Your Platform – Without traffic, you won’t have readers. Without readers, you’ll make no money. This lesson is actually comprised of 8 proven strategies that’ll boost your SEO so you get more and more free search engine traffic.
  5. Grow Your List – This is all about email marketing tips and strategies to grow a relevant email list. You can then blast out emails and promotion to that list anytime you like.
  6. Rock Your Social Media – Get more eyeballs on your content by promoting your blog and individual posts on all the major social media platforms. This can also lead to sharing of content and the possibility of your posts going viral.
  7. Show Me the Money – This is where you learn all the ins and outs of monetising your blog, whether it be with advertising, affiliate offers and so on. This is where it really starts to get fun.
  8. Create Your Product – Ruth teaches you in this lesson how to create your very own digital product that you can promote on your blog and to your email list. You could even go a step further and put it up for sale on a platform like ClickBank.
  9. Master Sales & Marketing – You really need to learn this phase, as it’ll help elevate your efforts, meaning you’ll make more money. You learn how to convert those readers into buyers.
  10. Work Smarter, Not Harder – We’ve all heard this phrase. It means to be wise with how you spend your time, as simply working hard or flat out doesn’t always produce results. Do more of what works and spend less time on tasks that don’t really produce the results you want.
  11. From Blog To Business – This is all about scaling up your efforts so far, so your blog becomes a fully fledged online business. This will grow your following and your income.
  12. Lead Your Team – Learn how to outsource much of your grunt work and manage those workers effectively. This is a vital step in both growing your business and freeing up some of your time so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

There are some bonus training materials thrown into the mix as well, to compliment and expand on the 12 lessons above.


Some Key Things That Are Missing Here

Overall, this does look pretty good actually. However, I notice there are a few key elements that are missing for me.

For one, there’s no real training on how to start your blog from scratch to begin with. How to set up a website? What hosting service to use? Should you go with a WordPress blog?

Therefore you could argue that this course is designed for people who already have at least a little bit of blogging or website building experience.

I also think there needs to be more on choosing the blogging niche, and very early on, deciding on how that blog is going to be monetised, as this will often help people make a decision on which niche to choose.

It’s not an actual writing course, so I don’t expect Ruth to be teaching people HOW TO WRITE content at all.


Course Availability

Elite Blog AcademyFrom what I’ve researched and my understanding, you can only enrol in the Elite Blog Academy for 5 days out of every year.

I don’t mean you can only access the course for 5 days if you’re already a student, but if you want to sign up for it, enrolments are only open 5 days a year.

Apparently this is to ensure a level of quality control within their private Facebook group. Ruth doesn’t want to have too many students doing the course at the same time.

Although I haven’t seen a mention of it anywhere, this could mean that Ruth herself does some one on one mentoring and can’t deal with a large group of students.

If that’s true, then that’s a good thing.

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The Refund Policy

There seems to be some confusion out there regarding the Elite Blog Academy refund policy, and whether you can get a refund if you join and decide the course isn’t for you.

They state on their site that they have a massive 180 day refund guarantee, but there have also been complaints from students who claim it’s extremely hard to get their course fees refunded.

In order to be eligible for a full refund, you must have completed all 36 assignments and have submitted them within 180 days of signing up for the course.

To me that sounds like you’ve completed the course already, so why would anyone be wanting a refund then, and why would Ruth be handing out refunds at that point?

It really doesn’t make a lot of sense.

I think what’s really going on here is this…

Offer a refund guarantee of 180 days. That way everyone will feel confident enough to pay the high course fee and join up. Making it essential that the entire course assignments must be completed and submitted within that refund period is merely a way to ensure people stick out the course and finish it. I don’t think the intention is really to offer a refund after all that time.

That’s my theory anyway.


Target Market

Not everyone’s going to want to get into blogging to make money, but it is an awesome way of earning cash online.

While this appears to be aimed at beginners and maybe intermediate bloggers, there really isn’t enough information on the getting started from scratch part. A beginner may not have a clue how to get a website started on which to host their blog. Or even where to host it.

I think this has value for beginners (who research how to start a website), as well as bloggers who may have been struggling to find the right direction.


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What I Like

  • The Elite Blog Academy has been operating successfully since 2014
  • Ruth Soukup is a successful blogger and business owner
  • Ruth does know what she’s talking about and the training is pretty good
  • The course can be done at your own pace
  • The training follows a logical, step by step sequence that’s easy to follow
  • There is good community support in the private Facebook group
  • Your course fee gives you lifetime enrolment
  • You can seriously make money with your blog and if you follow what Ruth teaches
  • I like that she teaches people to create their very own digital product


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is very limited support from all accounts
  • The price of the course is quite high in my opinion
  • The refund policy doesn’t really make logical sense, unless my theory is correct
  • The limited course enrolment availability sucks in my opinion
  • There’s not really any training on actually getting a website up and running to begin with
  • It’s probably not totally suited to complete beginners


How Much Does Elite Blog Academy Cost To Join?

The price of the course is $897. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you think it’s worth that price or not.

I guess if it truly helps people establish profitable online businesses that serve them well for many years to come, then I guess the price of the course will prove to be money well and truly spent.

That’s a one-off fee that gives you lifetime access to the course, as well as the private Facebook group.

As far as I’m aware there are no upsells involved with this, although there are other things outside of the course that you’ll need to spend money on, such as a domain name and hosting for your website (blog). Perhaps some money on marketing, as well as a service to host your email list.


Elite Blog Academy Cost


Is Elite Blog Academy a Scam Or Legit?

There is definitely no scam here at all. Ruth Soukup’s Elite Blog Academy is totally legit and really looks to be a pretty good, in-depth and well-rounded training package.

There are a few elements that are missing from it for me, but overall quite good. What she teaches makes a lot of sense, she’s an experienced and successful blogger/business person herself, and she knows what she’s talking about.

It gets the thumbs up from me, and I would have rated it a little higher if the price was somewhat lower.


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