Get It Free Reviews – Are There Really Any Freebies Up for Grabs?



Is “Get It Free” a scam”? Can people really get loads of free stuff on this GPT style of site? There are a few Get It Free reviews online, but in my one I intend to answer all of your questions. The site sure looks interesting, but does it live up to its promises?

We’ll get right into it in just a second, but first I wanted to offer you my congratulations on finding your way here. You’re one of the smart people. You do your research before joining something, and because of that you’ll probably never fall for a scam or waste precious time.

Now read on to learn the truth about Get It Free and whether the site delivers any value…



Get It Free ReviewsCompany Name: Get It Free


Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 1/10



~ Get It Free Reviews ~


Quick Intro

GPT sites, survey platforms and so on are okay ways to earn a bit of pocket money, but they are small time compared to other ways people can earn online. The beauty of the internet though, is that there are options everywhere, whether you want to make the big bucks, or just some small change on the side and everything in between.

What’s also awesome about the internet is the marketplace you can tap into is worldwide. This means you can make passive income at any time, even while you sleep. It’s how things are for me, and I want to help other people do the same.

Unfortunately, because everyone seems to be heading online looking for options, many scammers are also online, hoping to trap people into dodgy schemes that sound too good to be true. We have to stay awake and alert to this.

One of the very best ways to find the good stuff online and avoid the scams at the same time is by reading product reviews, just like you are right now. I created Laptop Freedom Living to help people, and that’s why I write so many reviews on make money schemes and training programs.

When Get It Free came onto my radar very recently, it sounded like an interesting site to dig into and write up a review on.

So let’s now see if Get It Free is worth your time or a complete waste of time.


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What Is Get It Free About?

The name of this GPT style of site – Get It Free – sure sounds enticing, but is it everything it makes itself out to be?

Is there really a bunch of genuinely free stuff up for grabs?

Their catch phrase is: “The internet’s best place to find free stuff”.

The site claims you can get free stuff through a whole bunch of offers, but actually when you land on the Get It Free website, it just seems to be plastered with advertising, with a few actual offers sprinkled amongst the ads.

Apparently you can get special deals, discount coupons and win stuff in their sweepstakes. There is also a video section to their website, and even a blog. In reality, both the blog and video section are not areas of the site where you can earn rewards or find free stuff. It’s just information.

We would all like to get our hands on some free stuff, but if you do a search online looking for feedback about the Get It Free site, it’s received a pretty negative reception overall. We’ll find out why as we go through this review.

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How Get It Free Really Works

I mentioned that there is stacks of advertising on this website, and they’ve deliberately arranged things in such a way that you’ll often accidentally click on ads thinking they are deals on the site.

The deals and the ads are mixed together and look very similar. What they’re hoping is that plenty of people will click on the ads instead so the site owners can earn revenue from ad clicks. Which actually goes against the rules of all the main advertising platforms.

You’re not supposed to trick people into clicking ads.

Let’s now look at the 4 ways you can potentially get something out of this site.



There are actually freebie offers everywhere on this site under the “Freebies” tab. There are pages of them you can scroll through.

If you click on one of the freebies, there’ll be a button to click to claim the freebie. What will happen then is you’ll be taken through to another screen where there is a form to fill out, essentially getting all your contact details.

Whether you’ll ever receive the promised freebie is debateable, as one of the most common complaints is that you never do.

Each freebie offer will have the phrase “available while stocks last” attached to it, essentially giving the promoter a get out of jail free card. If you don’t get sent your freebie, they can simply claim that stocks ran out.

Whether the freebies are real or fiction, the problem is that so many people will be competing for the freebies, that getting your hands on one might be a bit like winning the lottery.

This more seems to be about companies getting your contact details, as well as some basic market research.


Get It Free Freebies



Under the “Deals” tab there will be a mix of ads as well as site deals. The idea of these is you get a discount on what’s on offer.

The way this section works is if a particular deal is of interest to you, you click on the ad and get taken through to the website where the item is currently for sale.

Many of the products link to Amazon sales pages, where the owner of Get It Free earns affiliate commissions every time someone buys something. It’ll likely be the same story with all the deals in this section. It’s all about earning affiliate commissions.

There’s nothing wrong with an affiliate making commissions, but just like with all the ads on the site, it kind of seems like a bit of a sneaky way to go about it.

However, the deals are legitimate, so there’s no problem there, and even though the site owner gets a commission, it doesn’t affect the price you pay for the products.


Get It Free Deals



The “Coupons” page looks almost the same as the Deals page, except you don’t go through to a website to purchase an item. Instead, when you find a coupon that’s of interest and redeem the coupon, you’ll be taken through to a site called, where you’ll get your coupon.

Once again, the person running Get It Free will be seeing a kickback for every person who redeems a coupon.

It’s pretty clear that this website is all about a variety of ways to make money for the website owner, and not so much about offering  “freebies” to the site users.

Even though the coupons are real and can be useful, the downside here is that you have to give the Coupons website all your contact info, and they will send you lots of emails.


Get It Free Coupons



This section is all just about entering various competitions in the “rather vain” hope of winning the prize that’s advertised.

Once again, in order to enter the sweepstakes for any given prize, you’ll be relinquishing all of your contact details to the company giving away the prize.

So basically if you get involved in the Get It Free site, you can expect to receive copious amounts of promotional emails and so on from heaps of different companies.


Get It Free Sweepstakes


Bait and Switch

Most of the Get It Free website and all the companies and offers they host seem to be about baiting people with a certain offer, discounted product, freebie or whatever, then getting a person’s contact details and having them fill out surveys for some company that might be wanting to sell you insurance or something else totally unrelated to the original offer.

Some stuff seems legit enough, but underhanded tactics are still being used to try and get you interested in other products and services.

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Common Complaints About Get It Free

The most common complaint by far seems to be that no one is receiving any of the free offers they sign up for. I’m hard pressed to find anybody online who says they’ve actually received a freebie from this site.

The next most common gripe would be the rather false way this website advertises everything, and we’ve covered some of that in this review. Basically you end up having to jump through a whole array of different hoops just to claim something. And that includes things like completing surveys.

On the Homepage and other pages, you also have the mix of paid advertising thrown in with the deals, which gets confusing, making it extremely easy to click on an ad by mistake.

Your email inbox will also explode if you sign up for a bunch of offers, want to get coupons, join various sweepstakes and so on, as this website is all about a way for advertisers to get their hands on your details so they can market to you.

There are positive reviews out there, but most of them sound like fake reviews.


Get It Free Complaint 1

Get It Free Complaint 2

Get It Free Complaint 3


Target Market

The obvious target market here is anyone looking for some free goodies, although it seems those freebies are not so easy to get.

Sites like Get It Free will appeal to just about everyone, as we all like free stuff. Who doesn’t? The downside here is there’s a lot of bait and switch going on, plus the handing out of contact details to so many places.


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What I Like

  • Some of the discounts are okay and worth doing, as are some of the coupons


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There are ads mixed with the deals to deliberately make people click on ads instead
  • It sounds like it’s almost impossible to actually get a freebie
  • You have to give your contact details over and over again for every offer you’re interested in
  • There is false advertising and bait and switch tactics being used with many of the offers
  • You’ll be getting a lot of emails and possibly phone calls in some cases, from many, many companies and marketers
  • The site is really all designed to simply make the owner money in a whole variety of ways
  • The internet is full of complaints about Get It Free


How Much Does Get It Free Cost To Join?

Technically there’s nothing to pay to get involved in the Get It Free site, but there are things you might spend money on once you’re there, such as product discounts and so on.


Is Get It Free a Scam Or Legit?

I don’t know how I would rate this site.

I don’t think it’s a full on scam, but a lot of misleading and rather scammy tactics are being employed just so the site owner can make money in a variety of ways.

It seems virtually impossible to get your hands on a freebie or win something in the sweepstakes, and everywhere you turn on the site you’re being asked to cough up your contact details before you can do anything.

Chances are you’ll just end up with an inbox full of promotions and spam and not a hell of a lot else.

I really don’t see any value to this website, and I don’t like the way all the advertising is mixed in with the offers to get people to accidentally click on ads instead.

I don’t really like much about this site at all and my recommendation is to give it a miss and don’t waste your time. You would make more from paid surveys than doing anything on the Get It Free website, where there doesn’t really seem to be much free stuff at all.


How To Make REAL Passive Income Online!

Lifestyle FreedomGet It Free never really panned out to be a good idea, but there are plenty of ways to make some money online without relying on getting free stuff anyway.

Affiliate marketing has allowed me to make a fulltime income online without the need to put in fulltime hours to do it.

You don’t need any tech skills or experience either, and the fastest way to learn and earn is to follow some good training.

Let’s quickly look at some of the benefits of being an affiliate:

  • Work from home in your spare time
  • Build up multiple income streams
  • It’s the perfect side hustle
  • All you need is a computer and the internet to get started
  • No money required to do affiliate marketing successfully
  • Work wherever you like and live the laptop lifestyle
  • No more going to work and dealing with a boss (if you do it fulltime)
  • There are no limitations on how much money you can make

With a job you are swapping your time for money, but it’s different online when you do something like affiliate marketing, and that’s how some marketers end up earning the big bucks.

I’m not in that category as yet, but I do make a good, healthy living from it. The money is good, but what’s even more valuable is the kind of lifestyle freedom you get to enjoy.

Let’s make another quick list:

  • Spend more time at home with your family
  • Set your own schedule and enjoy a work/life balance
  • If you move you simply take your online business with you
  • You’ll have time and money at the same time, a luxury most people don’t have
  • Make money while sleeping, travelling and out having fun
  • Your income will end up mostly being passive income
  • And many more benefits…

Affiliate marketing can offer you so many advantages, even if you only choose to do it part-time.

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