InboxPays Is a Scam or a Legit GPT Site? MUST READ!



Is InboxPays a scam or legit GPT site? I’ve seen people online saying InboxPays is a scam, so in my review we’ll be seeing if that’s true, or whether this platform actually does have some value to offer its members.

The very fact that you’re here reading my InboxPays review proves that you’re smart and do your research before you join something. I want to say a big congrats to you for that, because you’ll likely never fall victim to a scam due to that.

Now read on and discover the truth about InboxPays…



InboxPays Is a ScamCompany Name: InboxPays

Owner: A & A Marketing

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 2/10



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GPT sites, rewards platforms and paid surveys sites are small ways you can potentially make some pocket money online, but they make up just a tiny slice of the overall money making pie when it comes to the internet.

With a global market, there are opportunities to make money 24 hours a day, every day, which means even making money while you sleep. It’s one of the things I love most about it.

For a number of years now I’ve been able to make a fulltime living online, and it’s allowed me to truly live the laptop lifestyle.

Now while there is a vast array of online opportunities out there in cyberspace, there is also a minefield of scams as well. We have to always be dodging these scams in our search for stuff that’s legit and does work.

One of the very best ways to accomplish that is by reading product reviews, just like you are right now. I write so many of them on my site because it’s my aim to help others make money online. Money making scams are simply there to rip us off and not help us.

Only very recently I came across a few mentions of InboxPays and thought it looked like a good scheme to research and write up a review on.

So let’s now see if InboxPays really does pay or not.


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What Is InboxPays About?

InboxPays is yet another GPT (get paid to) rewards site. There seems to be so many of these online these days, along with paid survey platforms.

Personally, I think both types of platforms are pretty much a waste of time when it comes to making money from home, but they are always popular with the masses, because the tasks you earn with are really no brainer stuff.

The company that owns InboxPays – A & A Marketing , based in Houston, Texas – also owns several other popular GPT sites in InboxDollars and SendEarnings.

On the site you can fill out surveys, complete offers, spin to win prizes and so on. For the offers, they claim to pay up to $50 for completing them, which is pretty well unheard of in the GPT business. Most are lucky to pay a few dollars at best, if you’re lucky.

There is a huge downside to this platform over many of its competitors though, and that is you can only join if you live in the United States. No people from any other country can participate.

Other than that, it just looks like your stock standard, typical rewards site where you perform everyday tasks and likely earn peanuts for your time.

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InboxPays Is a Scam


How InboxPays Really Works

It’s totally free to join the site. When you do sign up, you’ll need to answer quite a few questions to complete your profile. They use this information to match you up with relevant surveys and offers and other stuff. Many of the questions are pretty standard, but can get a bit tedious, because they ask questions where you agree to receive promotional material from various companies for products and services.

InboxPays gives you a bonus $5 just for creating an account with them, so that’s pretty cool. At least your rewards account won’t be starting off on a big fat zero.

Once you’ve completed your account set up, you can then access the various parts of the website and start earning yourself some rewards.


InboxPays How It Works


Ways To Earn With InboxPays

Let’s not see what tasks and activities are on the InboxPays platform and how you can earn yourself some rewards and make some money.

Emails – You may get sent up to 3 emails per day from InboxPays partners. All you have to do is open the emails and read them to earn some small rewards. No other action has to be taken, not unless you want to.

Surveys – This is another of the more regular ways to earn on the site. You’ll be given email invites based on your profile information. If you pass the screening questions, you get to complete the surveys and make some cash.

Free Trials and Offers – With the free trials you’ll generally have to give up your credit card details. If you really don’t want the offer, you must remember to cancel before the trial period is up or your card will get charged. There are also paid offers, where you pay up front for a product or service if you really want it.

Coupons – These are printable coupons that you can take to grocery stores and get discounts off selected items.

Spin To Win – This is a wheel loaded up with prizes and a cash jackpot. It’s designed to get people coming back to the site regularly. You never know, you might get lucky and win the jackpot. Apparently it’s quite hard to actually win anything decent though.

Referral Program – This is actually one of the better ways to earn on InboxPays, especially if you have large social media followings. When you refer new members to the site using your unique referral links, you’ll earn 10% of their earnings every single time they get a cash out. So that’s not too bad.


InboxPays Ways To Earn


How Much Money Can You Make?

You are not going to make much money on this site, just like you won’t on any GPT site or paid survey platform. They always pay in peanuts. That’s just the way it is.

We’ll do a very brief breakdown here of what you can likely earn for some of the tasks on InboxPays.

  • Reading Emails – 25 cents per email you read
  • Surveys – between 50 cents and $1 per completed survey
  • Trial Offers – the paid ones can earn as high as $75, but the free ones are usually only around 50 cents or so
  • Referrals – 10% of the payout amount

As you can see, you’ll likely spend quite a lot of time on the site and earn very little for your time or effort.

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Getting Paid

The payout threshold for InboxPays is set very high for a GPT site. These sites usually only require you to reach a total of $10, or maybe $20 before you can request a cash out. With InboxPays it’s $50!

It’ll likely take months and months to reach that kind of target, if you are just doing some surveys and reading emails.

Apparently you can only get paid in $50 amounts too, so if your account is $60, you can only cash out $50. The remainder gets carried over to the next payment period.

All payments are made via PayPal on the 1st and 15th of every month.


Complaints About InboxPays

One of the most common complaints with InboxPays and all similar sites, is the low amounts you get paid for performing the tasks.

That aside, there does seem to be another very common thread when it comes to complaints levelled against InboxPays, and that’s people claiming they never do get paid when they request a cash out.

This also spills over into the tasks themselves. There are stacks of complaints online where members claim they successfully completed a particular task and their account never got credited for it.

This is a real concern. Sites like InboxPays already pay F all for your precious time. The last thing you want to be doing is spending time doing these mundane tasks and then never get anything for it in return.


InboxPays Complaints 1

InboxPays Complaints 2


Target Market

These type of sites, in my opinion, are targeted at people new to making money online, or people who aren’t really that serious about making money online.

I think they are okay for something to get started with, but they are a monumental waste of time overall. I mean, you wouldn’t work for an employer for these rates of pay, so why are so many people happy to work for peanuts when it comes to the internet?


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What I Like

  • They pay in real cash via PayPal
  • There is a variety of ways to earn


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Only US citizens can join and earn with InboxPays
  • The payment threshold is set super high for a GPT site at $50
  • It’ll take months and months and months and lots of time just to reach that $50 threshold
  • The amount you earn for each task is really low, and the amount they pay for surveys is some of the lowest I’ve ever seen
  • There are stacks of complaints about people not getting rewarded when they complete tasks, or not receiving their payment once requesting a cash out


How Much Does InboxPays Cost To Join?

It doesn’t cost anything to join the InboxPays platform. Hell, you wouldn’t want to have to pay a joining fee with what this platform pays you.

It could cost you though if you take up any paid offers, or forget to cancel a free trial offer.


Is InboxPays a Scam Or Legit?

The platform has been around for a number of years now, and despite the many complaints, it can’t be a total scam or it would have disappeared long ago.

That said, it does sound a bit iffy though. Not only does InboxPays pay really poorly compared to competitor sites, there are too many complaints about people not getting paid at all just to ignore them.

That’s a real concern about this site, and therefore I can’t give it my recommendation at all.


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