Income On Demand Review – Will You Make Money With Options Trading?



In this Income On Demand review we’ll be looking into what it’s about, whether it’s legit or a scam, and whether there is some value if you get involved. Zach Scheidt promises you can make some really good money, but is that the truth or just some sales hype?

We’ll get right into the review in just a second, but first I wanted to congratulate you for simply being here. It shows you’re smart enough to do some research and digging on something before joining up, and that’s always wise.

Chances are you’ll never waste your time or get scammed.

Now read on to discover the truth about Income On Demand…



Income On Demand ReviewCompany Name: Income On Demand

Owner: Zach Scheidt

Price To Join: $1500 Per Year

My Rating: 1/10



~ Income On Demand Review ~



It seems like just about everybody is turning to the internet these days to find options for make money, whether part-time or fulltime and beyond. With a global audience and opportunities just a mouse click away, anything is possible now.

I always wanted to be making money online, and I’ve been lucky enough to be earning a fulltime online income for quite a few years now. I get to live the true laptop lifestyle, and really anybody can make money on the internet.

When searching for money making opportunities online though, we always have to be on guard, because all the scammers of the world are online too, looking to snare unsuspecting people in their traps. It’s unfortunate, but it’s just reality.

One of the very best ways to avoid the scams and discover the good stuff is by reading product reviews. It’s the very reason why I review so many make money online (MMO) schemes and training platforms on my site. I built this site to help people make good choices.

I kept hearing about this Income On Demand scheme and really wanted to look into it to see what it’s all about, so I did some research and wrote a review.

So let’s now get right into the Income On Demand review and see what the deal really is.


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What Is Income On Demand About?

One of the ways the company behind this – Agora Financial – gets people to join the Income On Demand system is by garnering interest with what they call the “Ultimate Retirement Loophole”, which I’ve also reviewed.

Just a quick word on Agora Financial. They are the company behind many investment and trading newsletters. The man who brings us Income On Demand, Zach Scheidt, also edits a number of Agora’s newsletters.

Apart from Ultimate Retirement Loophole, a few of Agora’s other offerings I’ve reviewed include:

While Agora might put out a lot of newsletters, they have been heavily criticised in investment circles for using very misleading sales tactics, as well as offering up investment advice that doesn’t pay dividends.

Ultimate Retirement Loophole is really nothing more than a sales gimmick to get people to subscribe to Zach’s Income On Demand scheme. The sales pitch says that we can all be making an easy $2000 extra per month simply by tapping into an opportunity that requires just a few simple clicks of a computer mouse.

Yep, heard that all before so many times now.

There is actually a video attached to the Ultimate Retirement Loophole pitch, where the presenter goes out into the neighbourhood streets and gets some kid to try out his system. The guy gets a basketball-playing kid to make a winning trade on his laptop to demonstrate just how easy it is to  make money.

It’s all a bit of a joke. Like I said, it’s nothing but a sales gimmick to lure people into the real scheme, which is Income On Demand.

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Who Is Zach Scheidt?

ZZach Scheidtachary (Zach) Scheidt is a highly respected financial analyst, accountant, editor and investment expert. He is also apparently somewhat of a master of options trading.

With Agora he’s the editor and contributor to a number of different newsletters, as well as being editor of Zach’s Weekly Squawk Box, The Dollar Trade Club and Family Wealth Circle.

Income On Demand is all about following Zach’s advice to make a profit with options trading.

It seems he’s the real deal and very respected is a variety of circles and industries.


So What Exactly Is Income On Demand?

It’s all about trading naked options.

What Zach presents is a short training video that explains this amazing “loophole” in the trading system. You’ll also receive weekly trading tips and advice direct to your email inbox.

They claim that if you do follow Zach’s weekly advice, then you’ll be making a nice profit from options trading, with a guaranteed success rate of 98.4%, which I find extremely hard to believe.

I’ve traded Forex and I’ve traded options. I also know a few very experienced traders, and none of them can boast about having a success rate anywhere remotely near 98.4%.

That’s just a sales line. A nice juicy chunk of “tell people what they want to hear”.

It’s just marketing hype. If it were true, every subscriber of Income On Demand would be filthy rich with too much money to know what to do with. Everyone in the world who is interested in trading would be on Zach’s team.


Income On Demand Review


The Income On Demand Strategy

You won’t find out much about how the Income On Demand system works on Zach’s sales page. At best there are only vague references to what it does. There is a lot of hype though, which is what you would expect with something that’s promoted like a get rich quick scheme.

I mentioned earlier that this is all about trading options by following Zack’s weekly advice. I also talked about how these guys are claiming you’ll have close to 100% success rate, which they might as well just say that you can’t lose.

What I have been able to uncover is the following…

You won’t simply be trading options by following signals and indicators, or by planning your trades based on chart patterns. What you’ll be taking advantage of, when you follow along with Zack, is loopholes in he trading markets that capitalise on greedy trading.

I kind of know what this means, and maybe other traders do to, but it likely doesn’t mean much to someone who has never traded stocks, options, commodities or Forex.

Things actually go a step further than what I’m actually experienced in when it comes to trading, because they then start talking about trading “naked put options”.

Basically you are “betting” that a stock (which you don’t own) is going to either increase or decrease over a certain timeframe. That’s basic options trading anyway, but naked trading is a little more complicated, especially when it comes to trading on stocks and not Forex.

I don’t fully understand it all, but I’ve embedded a video below that explains it better than what I can.



Zach goes on to say that investors really need a minimum of $20,000 in trading capital to truly make his system work.

There is apparently loads of risk involved in this strategy. I mean, all trading is highly risky, even if you’re experienced and have a sound trading plan and risk management in place, but naked options trading on the stock market carries a much higher risk, apparently.

This is an advanced trading strategy, but once again Agora are marketing this to just about anybody and everybody.


Because they want people to pay money to subscribe to Zach’s Income On Demand trading scheme. The vast majority of people – if they are inexperienced traders – will likely just burn through their $20k investment in no time.

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Fake Scarcity…Again

Scarcity or time limits is a common marketing ploy adopted by legit deals and dodgy ones alike. Often you’ll see a retail sale that is only happening for a limited time, but it’s real.

Unfortunately the online world is full of what’s known as “fake scarcity”, and it doesn’t just apply to scams by any means. It seems anyone and everyone is using this strategy online these days.

Agora Financial use the fake countdown timer to try and get people to hurry up and take action by paying up money to join Zach’s trading scheme.

The claim is you’ve only got just 15 minutes to take action or it’ll be too late.

That’s a total crock of BS!

To test it out and prove it’s fake, I refreshed the page and the timer reset back to the full 15 minutes again.


You’re Guaranteed To Make $1500 a Month Or Your Money Back!

Again this is just sales talk. In fact, Agora can’t even decide on exactly what they’re guaranteeing here.

In the sales pitch they guarantee you’ll make at least $1500 per month, but in their actual money back guarantee, they say they guarantee you’ll make $1000 a month.

Which amount are you guaranteeing, Agora?

Also in the guarantee they’re now claiming their success rate with Income On Demand is 100%.

Yes, that’s a 100% win rate!

If that were true I’d be jumping on it in an instant. I’d find the $20k anywhere I could get my hands on it, because I just can’t lose.

That’s ridiculous. Do they really think people are that stupid?

Like I said earlier in the review when the success was just 98.4%, everyone would be a trader with Zach if that were true. Now we’re being told it’s 100% perfect!

Anyway, if you don’t make $1000 a month (or is it $1500?), within the first 60 days, they’ll refund your money, minus a 10% fee.

Now when they say you will make $1000 or $1500, are they talking actual profit here? I mean, this could be taken another ay if it’s not specified that it’s profit. You might lose $5k of your investment, but then have a winning trade that makes $1000.

You’ve still lost $4000, but you did win $1000.

It’s certainly a contentious issue that could really be open to debate.


Income On Demand Guarantee 1


Income On Demand Guarantee 2


Target Market

I’ve researched and written reviews on quite a number of Agora’s offerings now and they always sell their stuff on over-inflated hype and often throw in some fictitious story just to get the general public interested.

Once more they’ve targeted their product at just about everyone, but what they’re really selling here is a trading strategy that should be reserved for advanced traders only, not the general public.

Trading is not easy and it’s highly risky even when you do now what you are doing. You can make big money with it, but not as a novice.

Instead of paying to join Zach’s scheme and sinking a further $20k into it, what new traders should be doing is studying and learning as much about trading as they can before they even think about trading so much as $1 in real money.

Then, and only then, new traders should spend at least a month or more trading on a demo account before having a live trading account and trading real dollars.


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What I Do Like

  • It is entirely possible to make money trading the markets, whether it be options, Forex, stocks or even naked options
  • Zack does have the experience and knows what he’s talking about


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Agora have loads of complaints levelled against them for their products and trading advice, and especially their highly misleading sales tactics
  • A 98.4% success rate is unheard of in the trading world and nothing more than pure fantasy, a line to hook people in and get their money
  • Agora can’t make up their mind whether they’re offering their money back guarantee on $1000 a month or $1500 a month. Either way it’s all debateable and open to interpretation anyway
  • The countdown timer on the sales page is nothing but fake scarcity designed to get you to hurry up and pay up
  • Trading of any kind is not easy, and is certainly not for the inexperienced – which is the market these guys are targeting
  • All trading comes with high levels of risk
  • There are lots of complaints online about the Income On Demand system


Agora Financial Complaints Pissed Consumer


How Much Does Income On Demand Cost?

It costs $1500 a year to subscribe to Zach Scheidt’s Income On Demand scheme. He also recommends you have at least $20k in trading capital before you even get started.

That’s a lot of cash, especially if you are totally green when it comes to trading the markets.


Is Income On Demand a Scam or Legit?

Unless you’re a highly experienced and cashed up trader who really knows how to manage risk, I wouldn’t go anywhere near the Income On Demand system.

If you’re new to trading…run away now. Don’t touch this.

Some of Agora’s newsletters and so on are okay, but this one is really playing with the lives and finances of people who know nothing about what they’re doing.

I mean, they try to suck in the uninitiated with claims that their system can’t lose basically. But there’s no such thing. No one can guarantee an almost 100% trading success rate. It’s total fantasy. Don’t buy into it.

They just want your $1500 subscription fee.


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