Insiders Cash Club Review – Hot or Not?



In this Insiders Cash Club review we’ll be discovering whether it’s a scam or worth your time. As with most make money schemes like this one, there are a lot of people asking questions about it. It’s my aim in this review to answer those questions once and for all.

Just before we move forward, I’d like to say a big congrats on finding your way here. You’re smart and don’t just join something based on the promises and hype. You actually do some research first, and that’s wise.

Chances are you’ll never get scammed.

Now read on to discover the real truth about the Insiders Cash Club scheme…



Insiders Cash Club ReviewCompany Name: Insiders Cash Club

Owner: Ortiz Capital, LLC

Price To Join: $8.99 Per Month

My Rating: 1/10



~ Insiders Cash Club Review ~



So many people all around the world get to make a fulltime income from their homes these days. I’m one of those lucky ones, and it’s all thanks to the internet. No more boss, live life on your own terms and no more commute to work.

It’s little wonder then, that so many people are looking online for new options to make an income. The internet has global reach and it never sleeps, so opportunities are there 24/7.

The scammers of the world also see the same opportunities, so they invent get rich quick schemes that lure people in, take their money, then don’t deliver anything of value in return as promised in the sales pitch. We always have to be aware of these con artists.

One of the best ways to find good options and avoid scams is by reading reviews just like this one. It’s the reason I write so many reviews about various training platforms and make money ideas. I want to help people find something worthwhile and not get conned along the way.

I was hearing a lot of chatter recently about Insiders Cash Club and even received an email about. It seemed like the perfect scheme to look into and write a review on.

So let’s now see if Insiders Cash Club has any hope of living up to its hype.


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What Is Insiders Cash Club About?

When you first land on the website you’ll notice there’s really not much to it. Just one main page and a few other pages about terms and conditions, privacy and so on. There’s not even much in the way of text. Just a sales video that starts off looking like a news bulletin.

This is all so common with make money schemes like Insiders Cash Club.

Anyway, the guy in the video tells us that we can all be making $1000s a week with just a few simple clicks of a computer mouse.

That line is all too common as well. Heard that hundreds of times by now.

Apparently the Insiders Cash Club works on a very simple copy and paste system, and the platform handles the rest of the work on your behalf.

All sounds great so far, but is this for real?

They even use a countdown timer so you fear missing out if you’re not quick enough to act.

As we watch the sales video further we get presented with testimonials from people all claiming to be making a small fortune with Insiders Cash Club. One woman claims to have made around $40,000 in her first 3 months.

So basically the gist of this platform is that complete newbies can end up making 6 figure per year incomes when they join, and all anyone needs to do is a bit of copying and pasting, then let the system handle the rest.


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Insiders Cash Club Banner


How Does Insiders Cash Club Really Work?

From what I could find out through my research, the people behind this scheme are offering a step by step guide that shows members how to make money with eCommerce, as in selling online.

Maybe you might learn something with this, but making $1000s a day is hard, and it won’t happen with a few casual clicks of a mouse button, that’s for sure.

Anything online that claims you’ll make big money with no effort is almost always some sort of scam, or at least a platform that’s a monumental waste of time.

After you get through all the sales hype the video spits out and discover that you’re one of the lucky ones who’ll be receiving this “secret system” (these schemes always seem to have a money making secret that no one else knows about), you’ll be presented with the sign up page, where you are highly encouraged to join and start making money immediately.

They are even offering you more than $11,000 worth of value for a mere $8.99 to gain access to the Insiders Cash Club Clubhouse (or ICC Clubhouse).

That’s a bit of a joke really. For starters, who is going to pay $11k for what they’re offering? And if it is that valuable, why would they be practically giving it away for only $8.99 per month?

It’s all sales hype BS.

The price doesn’t stay at that initial joining fee anyway. From all accounts, once you do join you are fed into a sales funnel where you get hit with upsell after upsell. Not only that, they have your email address now and will spam you with all sorts of offers, legit or not.

Insiders Cash Club is nothing more than a sales funnel to make the owner of the site money and no one else.

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Is This Really a Limited Time Offer?

No, it’s not. It’s just fake scarcity to get people to take action and not spend time thinking about it or, God forbid, do some research on Insiders Cash Club.

Scarcity is a very common practice the world over and is often a legitimate limited time sale or some such thing. Unfortunately many scams use fake scarcity for the reasons I listed above.

On the sales page for Insiders Cash Club, right beneath the video is a countdown timer. However, if you refresh the page, the timer goes back to the beginning and counts down again.

It’s all just a ruse.

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Insiders Cash Club Review


Are the Testimonials Fake?

This is also an extremely common ploy used by many scams, and even schemes that aren’t so much scams.

Lots of platforms don’t have any positive testimonials from real people, so what they do is make them up. They either write them and place a stock photo beside the so-called “happy customer”, or they’ll hire video actors on Fiverr to create bogus video testimonials.

They want people to trust that their scheme is worth buying into, and reviews and testimonials will often help lend an air of credibility. The problem is if they’re all fake, then you’re not getting a real indication of whether the scheme is really any good or not.

It’s a pretty fair bet to assume that anything that needs to use fake testimonials is not going to be worth jumping on board with.


Target Market

Unfortunately many of the dodgy schemes are targeted at make money online newbies. Not because newbies are stupid, but simply because they don’t have the experience to always recognise when something might be a scam.

ICC is really aimed at anyone who is looking for some easy and fast money, but people who won’t really see the red flags.

Sadly a lot of people fall for the nonsense online, and there’s a lot of it. That’s why I’m always writing reviews of stuff that’s pretty good and all the stuff that’s not worth your time.

After a while it becomes easy to recognise the dodgy schemes for what they are.


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What I Do Like

  • There’s not really anything on offer with this one for me to really like


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There’s no way they are giving people $11,000 worth of value for just $8.99 per month in membership fees. That’s just sales hype
  • The website has no information on it, just a hyped up sales video
  • There’s nothing in this scheme that will enable anyone to be making $1000s a week
  • No one can make big dollars with just a few mouse clicks and no work. Things just don’t function that way
  • The countdown timer for scarcity is fake
  • The positive testimonials are fake
  • This is nothing but a sales funnel so they can hit people with constant upsells


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How Much Does Insiders Cash Club Cost To Join?

Well they say it’s $8.99 per month to become a member and gain access to the ICC Clubhouse, but the spending certainly won’t stop there.

The whole idea of this scheme is to milk money out of the members with the promise of a big payday down the track.

Guess what? That payday will likely never come.


Insiders Cash Club Sign Up Page


Is Insiders Cash Club a Scam or Legit?

Well, it doesn’t really offer anyone anything of value, and the scheme is only designed to make the site owner rich rather than genuinely helping members make any real money, so it sure seems to be scammy at best.

There’s really nothing on offer at all here except a load of sales hype, unbelievable income claims, fake testimonials, fake scarcity, a website with practically nothing on it, and some very generic training materials about making money with eCommerce.

There’s nothing here to help anyone who joins make any real money. The platform is an empty shell and nothing more than a sales funnel.

No system out there is going to be making anyone thousands of dollars consistently with a few mouse clicks and no effort required. That’s just fantasy and one of the favoured sales ploys of scams and dodgy get rich quick schemes the world over.

There’s absolutely no benefit whatsoever in anyone joining Insiders Cash Club that I can see.


How To Make Awesome Money Online

Lifestyle FreedomInsiders Cash Club proved to be disappointing, but there are genuine ways to make money online and genuine platforms out there that will help you do it.

I’ve managed to make myself a comfortable living entirely online, so I know it’s more than doable. And the best part is, although my income is fulltime, my working hours are not.

My main income generator is affiliate marketing, and it’s pretty simple really, how it all works. Anybody can do this if you get some training.

Here are just a few things I really like about being an affiliate online:

  • Be your own boss and set your own hours
  • Earn as little or as much as you desire (no limits)
  • You can get started for free
  • Ongoing costs are hardly anything
  • If you have a computer and internet, you’re good to go
  • There is no direct selling involved

To name just a handful.

While some marketers get quite rich from being affiliates, the majority either do it as a side hustle for extra money, or make a comfortable fulltime living from it like myself.

There are distinct lifestyle benefits when you do it fulltime, and some of these include:

  • Spend more time with those who matter most
  • Wear whatever you like to “work”
  • You get to work from the comfort of home
  • Travel and make money along the way
  • Increase financial security by developing multiple income streams
  • Much of your income will be residual or passive
  • You’ll enjoy having both money AND time
  • And lots more stuff…

Working online from home is freedom. Make the change today if you truly want to live life on your own terms.

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In the above lists I’ve mentioned briefly just a select few lifestyle advantages when you have a home gig like many do. My guide elaborates on these some more, as well as explains just how affiliate marketing functions, for those who may not know.

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