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Is Instant Cash Solution a scam or legit? People have been asking this question, and fair enough. We always have to be careful online. There are other Instant Cash Solution Reviews online, but in mine I’ll answer that question and then some.

We’ll dive right into the review in just a minute, but I wanted to offer my congratulations to you first. Just the fact that you’re here reading my Instant Cash Solution review shows that you’re smart enough to do your research before you join something.

Likely you’ll never waste your time or get scammed because of it.

Now read on to learn the truth about Instant Cash Solution…



Instant Cash Solution Reviews

Company Name: Instant Cash Solution

Owner: Rich Meyer

Price To Join: $100 To Start

My Rating: 3/10


~ Instant Cash Solution Reviews ~


I’m not affiliated with Instant Cash Solution in any way, so this review is completely independent.

What I do want to do is help people make money online from home legitimately. For a number of years now I’ve been pulling in a fulltime income. It’s allowed me to live the freedom of the laptop lifestyle.

Anyone can make money online, and there are just so many options; from making some spare change doing surveys, to having an online business that affords you a great lifestyle.

Another cool thing about making money online is the fact that you can tap into a global audience that’s available around the clock, every day of the year. Never before have there been so many opportunities.

Unfortunately, wherever there are opportunities, there are also scammers looking to get lucky and cash in. These people invent schemes that sound awesome, but are really only designed to make them rich.

For this reason we always need to be careful online.

I write so many reviews of training programs and make money schemes on my site because reading reviews is one of the best ways to find the good stuff and avoid the scams. I’m here to help.

I received an email about Instant Cash Solution and decided it would be a good scheme to do some investigating on and write a review about.

So let’s now see if Instant Cash Solution is here to help us make money or not.


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What Is Instant Cash Solution About?

This is a website and scheme run by an online entrepreneur named Rich Meyer. What he’s offering is yet another “done for you system”. He alleges it’ll make you $1000s a month online from home, and all you’ll be doing is copying and pasting ads online to earn that cash.

I’ve seriously lost count of the number of times I’ve seen somebody offering a done for you money making system.

It makes it sound like you hardly have to do any work at all to make great money, and in my many years of experience online, that’s a long way from the truth; especially when you’re first starting out.

Sure, you can copy stuff and paste it into social media and so on. I’ve done it myself, but it’s not some magical way of generating big bucks.

Whenever a make money online (MMO) scheme makes it sound as easy as that, they’re just trying to sell you on hype, because it’s not that simple. Everything takes time and effort.

One thing I will say though, is that this guy Rich is not over-hyping the amount of money you can make, which is refreshing. The figures he quotes sound far more believable than some other schemes I’ve seen and reviewed.

Basically all Instant Cash Solution is about is promoting the same scheme to others using a unique affiliate link that Rich gives you when you join. It’s a form of affiliate marketing, but instead of promoting a variety of products as an affiliate, you are only promoting the scheme you bought into.

I do affiliate marketing for a living, so I know first hand that it’s a great way to make money online. However, I’m not restricted to promoting just one product.

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How Does Instant Cash Solution Really Work?

Let’s now go over the 3 steps involved in becoming an active member of the Instant Cash Solution platform.


Step #1

When you join, you are presented with 4 different membership levels:

  1. Bronze = $100
  2. Silver = $200
  3. Gold = $300
  4. Platinum = $500

In return for your membership fee, you’ll receive training and resources to help you promote Instant Cash Solution to others.

Are the four levels really that different? Is Platinum better than Bronze?

Not really, but there is one significant difference.

Instant Cash Solution is a “pay to play” scenario. What this means is that in order for you to be eligible to earn commissions selling all 4 membership packages, you must have bought the Platinum Membership.

For example, if you’re a Bronze member and one of your referrals buys the Gold package, you won’t make a Gold commission. Your referrer will get that instead.

This kind of setup virtually ensures everybody goes all in and buys Platinum.


Instant Cash Solution Memberships


Step #2

In this second step you’ll be copying and pasting ads so you can recruit new members into Instant Cash Solution and start earning some dollars.

It’ll be suggested that you post these ads on social media and places like Craigslist. Maybe even Gumtree. Facebook is the most likely social media platform where you might get some interest, particularly in certain Facebook groups that cater to these types of schemes.

Basically you’re being encouraged to spam these ads wherever you can and hopefully get some interest.

This might get a few hits, but there’s a lot more to successful online marketing that what appears to be being taught with ICS.

You even risk having your social media accounts suspended if you spam these kinds of ads everywhere too much, especially ads about making money. That’s often frowned upon by administrators.


Step #3

This step is all about making money with ICS. Obviously the more ads you post, the more chance you’ll get some bites and hopefully make some cash somewhere along the line.

Anyway, when you do manage to get someone to join, they pay their joining fee directly to you, into your PayPal account.

When it comes to schemes like this – which is basically a cash gifting scheme – it’s better to get paid instantly and directly, rather than hoping for some system administrator to issue payments to you. This ensures you actually do get paid, and even if the scheme collapses, at least you’re not losing out on money you earned that hadn’t been paid to you yet.


Instant Cash Solution Income


Is This Some Sort of Ponzi Scheme?

It does kind of smell like one.

Ponzi schemes are similar to naked pyramid schemes. They rely solely on recruitment to generate revenue for the members. There are no real products being bought and sold, or any services being offered.

Now, Instant Cash Solution does offer some basic training on how to promote the scheme, and members do receive a replica website to recruit people, so you could argue that members are actually getting “products or services” for their membership fee.

I guess that is true, and likely helps the scheme avoid the Ponzi tag, but it still doesn’t change the fact that this is nothing more than a cash gifting scheme at heart. The products only exist to legitimise it really.

A lot of people don’t care though. I know these schemes are super popular among certain Facebook groups, and everybody knows exactly what kind of money making system they’re buying into. It’s not really deceptive, just borderline illegal.

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Will It Be An Easy Sell?

Not really, not unless you can really target people who have some spare cash and are looking for a scheme like this to jump into.

The best bet is probably finding some groups on Facebook that basically cater to schemes like these. Even a lot of the affiliate marketing groups on Facebook are full of Ponzi schemes and cash gifting schemes.

Other than that, trying to sell a system like this to the average person is going to be tough, as most people would be skeptical – and rightfully so – about the validity of the scheme. They’d be worried they’re getting nothing for their money and will just lose their cash.

That’s the mentality you’ll be fighting against.


Target Audience

Like I’ve mentioned a few times, there is an actual target audience out there for schemes such as Instant Cash Solution. And that’s the market you need to target your copy and pasted ads to if you want to have any chance of making money with this.

ICS and others are generally promoted like get rich quick schemes too, but this will take a lot more work than what Rich makes out in his sales pitch.


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What I Like

  • Your recruits pay you directly via PayPal
  • You could potentially make some money with this if you can market to the right crowd of people
  • Rich Meyer doesn’t over-hype the money potential
  • Cash gifting schemes are popular on social media


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There are no refunds
  • It’s really nothing more than a cash gifting scheme
  • It’s a lot harder to sell than is made out
  • You risk having your social media accounts suspended through spamming
  • The scheme could get shut down at anytime for being a borderline Ponzi operation
  • You really need to spend $500 on the Platinum Membership, otherwise you might miss out on commissions
  • You do run the risk of simply losing your money on this
  • The “products” are nothing more than a way to avoid the Ponzi tag
  • It’s not a sustainable business model
  • There’s really no such thing as a “done for you” money making system


Instant Cash Solution Reviews


How Much Does Instant Cash Solution Cost To Join?

We have already covered the cost earlier, but we’ll quickly recap here;

  1. $100 for Bronze
  2. $200 for Silver
  3. $300 for Gold
  4. $500 for Platinum

Unless you buy the Platinum Membership, you risk missing out on commissions. Basically, based on that, everybody is forced to buy Platinum right off the bat.


Is Instant Cash Solution a Scam Or Legit?

I don’t know if I’d call this scheme out as a scam. From a legal point of view maybe it kind of is, but I wouldn’t rate it as one.

Technically you get something for your money in the rudimentary training, the prewritten ads and the replica website, but at the heart it is nothing more than a cash gifting scheme.

Like I said though, a lot of people like schemes like ICS and know full well the risks and what they’re getting involved in.

This is not something I would recommend as a way to make any consistent money, and it’s risky, but you might like this one if you’re into that sort of thing.


My #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online!

Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyNow while I’m not going to recommend you join a risky cash gifting scheme, there are plenty of awesome ways to make some money from home online. There are stacks of options out there that are legit, but they’ll all take some effort on your part.

There’s no getting around that fact.

Earlier in the review I mentioned that I make a fulltime income online from affiliate marketing, and that’s true. I also want to mention that I don’t need to put in fulltime hours to make that money.

You see, anybody can make money online as an affiliate. You don’t need cash to get started, just a computer, access to the internet, and to take some training that shows you how to do it right.

Much of your income will end up being passive, and you’ll find you’ll naturally create multiple sources of income.

The result of that is time and money freedom, where you truly get to live the laptop lifestyle. Believe me, there’s nothing better.

You don’t have to do it fulltime though. Affiliate marketing is also the perfect side gig for extra cash on a steady basis.

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