Is Inteletravel a Scam Or An Awesome Way To Make Money While Travelling?



Is Inteletravel a scam or isn’t it? This is another travel-based MLM opportunity designed for travel lovers to earn some money. I’d been hearing a lot about this one lately so I decided to take a look and see if it’s worth joining or not.

So read on to discover the truth about Inteletravel….



Inteletravel Is a ScamCompany Name: Inteletravel

Founder: James Ferrara

Price To Join: $179.95 & $59.90/Month

My Rating: 6.5/10



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MLM and network marketing opportunities are more popular now than ever. They seem to be everywhere; especially businesses focusing on the over-saturated health and wellness niche.

Another MLM niche that seems to be on the rise is the travel MLM deal. I’ve seen a lot of chatter about Inteletravel in this space, so I wanted to dig deeper into it and see what it’s all about. I like to write reviews on what I learn so my readers can make informed decisions.

I’m glad to see you here reading this, as it means you do some homework and research before you sign up for anything. When it comes to make money schemes, that’s always a wise idea.

I created this website to help people find legit ways to make money, especially online from home. While there is some good stuff out there, unfortunately the internet is prone to many scams as well. My reviews cover both the good and the bad, so you know what’s legit and what to avoid.

Let’s see how Inteletravel measures up.


Inteletravel Is a Scam


What Is Inteletravel?

Maybe someone introduced you to Inteletravel with a view to getting you involved in the business under them. Or maybe you just got interested and wondered if there was any money to be made.

Either way, my review will help answer any questions you may have about this travel MLM.

Often network marketing opportunities sound like a good deal at face value, but sometimes when you dig deeper into how they work and what’s involved, you realise it’s not such a great deal after all.

I’ve been involved in a few MLM schemes over the years, and people can make money with them. However, most don’t.

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There are a number of similar MLM travel deals going around. Two that come to mind are Evolution Travel and World Ventures. There are quite a few more out there though. Goodlife USA is another.

The idea behind Inteletravel is to offer discounted travel deals for people who love to travel, while at the same time giving members a chance to recruit others into the scheme and make money in the process.

Check out this introductory video.



Now while I don’t think this company is dodgy or a scam, as far as making money goes, that’s certainly not guaranteed.

The company kicked off back in 1992, so it’s been around for a while, and it was founded by a man named James Ferrara.

Inteletravel takes on the role of travel agency, but with a business opportunity attached for its members to earn money whilst indulging in their own love of travel and enjoy discounts along the way.

According to their president, Inteletravel aims to achieve two major goals:

  1. Make travel better and more cost-effective for customers
  2. Create a work from home business for travel enthusiasts

One way travel ends up being more affordable through Inteletravel is you avoid those travel agency fees.

On the surface Inteletravel itself is all about direct selling. However, the MLM aspect of the business is handled by another company called “PlanNet Marketing”.

Like with all multi level marketing schemes, the real way to make money is through recruiting a big and active team beneath you.



Inteletravel Products

So when it comes to products or discount travel, what exactly does Inteletravel have to offer customers and members?

Well, there aren’t any actual physical products here, because the company is offering travel services. The basic gist is you team up with other travel partners, who offer special prices and discounts to Inteletravel customers.

Some of what’s on offer includes:

  • Oceania PreCruise Savings Program – You receive special discounts on this luxury cruise liner.
  • Book Hotels & Flights with Delta – Receive up to $225 discount.
  • Uniworld Holiday Season Cruises – Fantastic cruising through historic Europe.
  • Insight – Get special vacation deals throughout the US and Canada.
  • Explore the Exotics Offer – Get a 20% discount with Uniworld to exotic locations such as Egypt, India and SE Asia.
  • Luxury Gold – Offer early bird discounts for those who book their travel well ahead of time.
  • Crystal – Travel Europe’s stunning rivers on board the Crystal fleet of ships.
  • Car Rentals – Discounts with Hertz, Avis and Budget.
  • Hotels & Resorts – Club Med, Hilton Hotels, Sandals Resorts and more.

There is loads more up for grabs through being involved with Inteletravel.


Inteletravel product Suppliers


The Inteletravel Compensation Plan

There are 2 ways you can earn here:

  • Sell travel packages to others for a commission
  • Recruit members and earn from their activities within the business

A third way you could technically “earn” with this one and through discount prices on your own travel.

Once you join up with Inteletravel as a business partner, you also gain access to:

  • The exclusive travel deals
  • Your own travel booking website
  • Insider travel knowledge
  • Full support from the company
  • Competitive travel rates that’ll help win customers and seal the deal

Commissions paid to Inteletravel via suppliers range from 14% and up to 28%. Now, when you make a sale you don’t get all of that, but a percentage and Inteletravel pockets the rest. The percentage you receive will be in the range of 70%-80% of what Inteletravel receives.

To help you out, along with your own website, when you join you receive in-depth tutorials to fast-track your business learning so you can be up and running and earning as fast as possible.

You join Inteletravel through its partner company, PlanNet Marketing, who will handle all the MLM aspect of the business. Inteletravel deals with the direct sales side of things.

The real way to earn here is to actively grow your team through recruitment. Ideally you’ll want to target other people who are avid travellers and passionate about the travel business.

This will be your very own sales force, and really it’s the only way to get ahead in network marketing.

Let’s look at a hypothetical example based on the commission percentages mentioned earlier. You sell a travel package that’s worth $2000. The supplier pays Inteletravel a 20% commission, of which you receive 70% of that 20%.

Travel package = $2000

Inteletravel’s Cut = $400

Your cut = $280

If one of your recruits happens to sell this exact same travel package instead of you, you still earn a 10% commission of what they make, which in this example would be $28.

Below I have included 2 more videos. The first explains the commission structure for direct sales with Inteletravel. The second explains how the MLM compensation program works through PlanNet Marketing.



The MLM Business Opportunity

In some ways this opportunity sounds a bit better than some other MLM schemes I’ve looked into or been involved with.

For one, travel is fun and to me a lot more interesting that trying to peddle the latest herbal weight loss pill or something. Plus, if you love travelling anyway, then at the very least you will hook yourself up some great deals by being involved with Inteletravel.

There are downsides to MLM though, most notably being the fact that you need to recruit like a maniac in order to be able to have a chance of earning decent cash.

For all MLM deals combined, the attrition rate (people who make no profit) is some 95%. That’s really high.


Inteletravel Opportunity


You don’t ever really own your own business either, despite what these companies always tell you. In fact, you have even less control over the Inteletravel deal, simply because they don’t have any of their own products or services.

They are a third party service themselves.

Unless you’re passionate about travelling, can sell travel deals to others and, most importantly, recruit other active members into the business, you’ll really struggle to get any traction or value from this.

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Is Inteletravel An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

All MLM schemes work on the pyramid format for compensation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are illegal pyramid schemes.

The definition of an illegal pyramid scheme is a system that relies entirely on recruitment to bring in money, and it’s this new investor money that pays the profits of previous members. Illegal schemes also have no products of any real and tangible value.

So does Inteletravel fit this definition?

There’s no doubt it’s a real business. Technically they don’t have any of their own products or services, but they do offer products and services at a retail level and don’t rely solely on recruitment to bring in funds.

Therefore I’d say it’s not an illegal pyramid scheme.

Target Market

This one is definitely targeting people who are passionate about travel and likely travel regularly. Without that passion I think it would be pretty hard to stay focused and motivated with this.


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What I Like

  • Travel is far more interesting than some of the other MLM businesses out there
  • You get your very own replica website
  • As a travel enthusiast you can line up some pretty juicy discounts for yourself and the people you know
  • Inteletravel has partnered with a lot of vacation suppliers
  • The company has been operating since 1992, so they’re not fly by nighters
  • Inteletravel has an A+ Rating with the BBB
  • They are recognised by travel industry authorities, such as CLIA and ARC
  • There is no minimum monthly product spend like is the case with most other MLM deals


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • A replica website won’t rank well with search engines
  • You need to be a master recruiter to make half decent money with this
  • Direct sales are handled by Inteletravel, while the MLM compensation is dealt with by PlanNet Marketing. This is kind of unusual and could lead to complications when it comes to getting paid commissions
  • You don’t get paid commissions until 60 days after your customer has actually travelled. That could be a very long wait indeed
  • There are complaints that they don’t honour their refund policy
  • The average annual income for people involved in this particular business is less than $300. And that’s income, not profit


Inteletravel Complaint


How Much Does Inteletravel Cost?

To get started in this travel business opportunity, you must first pay a joining fee of $179.95. This is a one-time fee and not recurring.

There is also an Inteletravel monthly admin fee of $39.95.

To hook up with their partner company PlanNet Marketing, you need to pay a further $19.95 per month.

So you’re looking at initial figures of:

  • $179.95 (one-off fee)
  • $59.90 monthly


Is Inteletravel a Scam Or Legit?

I can’t see any scam going on here. The company has been doing business for close to 3 decades now and still going strong.

I think if you’re into travelling a lot anyway, then this might be a great opportunity for you. At the very least you could snare yourself some awesome deals and industry contacts.

If you’re not that passionate about travelling, feel like you’d struggle to sell these packages or recruit new members, then give this one a miss. It might just prove too hard to make decent money and will just end up costing you money.

All in all Inteletravel looks okay and is certainly legit. I just think it’s best suited to travel enthusiasts.


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