Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a Scam? MUST READ!



Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a scam MLM scheme or not? That’s a common question being asked about this educational network marketing style of company and its products. In my 4 Corners Alliance Group review I answer that question and then some.

Very shortly we’ll dive right into this review, but I first wanted to offer my congrats for you finding your way here. With so many scams online, the chances of you ever falling for one are really low, because you’re smart enough to do your research first.

Now read on to discover the truth about the Four Corners Alliance Group MLM scheme…



Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a ScamCompany Name: 4 Corners Alliance Group

Founder: David Harrison

Price To Join: $67 + Upsells

My Rating: 4/10



~ 4 Corners Alliance Group Review ~


MLM and network marketing has been around for a long, long time, but since the internet came around, the proliferation of these companies has increased enormously. These days it seems everywhere you look there’s another network marketing opportunity of some description.

While the most popular (and saturated) niche by far is health and wellness, at least Four Corners Alliance Group offers some different products.

The reason I created my Laptop Freedom Living website is to help people find legit and worthwhile ways to make money, especially online from home. I’m also here to help you avoid the scams, and platforms that are basically just a big waste of time.

The reason I research and write so many reviews is because reading them is one of the best ways to discover what’s good and what to avoid.

Anybody can make money from home these days, if you focus on online stuff like I do. I’ve been making a fulltime income online for some years, and I’m here to help others do the same.

I don’t bother with MLM because it’s too labour intensive, plus much of it has to be done in the real world in most cases, which means I wouldn’t get to enjoy that laptop lifestyle freedom.

There are a lot of scams out there, shiny objects and too good to be true make money schemes. We always have to be on alert to avoid the scammers so we don’t get sucked in.

Anyway, let’s now see if 4 Corners Alliance Group is worth getting involved with or not.


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What Is 4 Corners Alliance Group About?

This company is relatively new in the network marketing world. It was founded in 2013 by a guy named David Harrison, along with several friends and business partners.

Basically this company sells a bunch of books about finance, business, marketing and so on. They move the products by direct sales, as well as growing their workforce with recruitment, just like a multi level marketing scheme.

4 Corners Alliance Group” is a very official sounding name for a MLM company. Sounds more like some sort of worldwide news syndicate or something.

As I said, this is all about selling adult educational books. However, it’s important to note that these books are not just available in English only, but also the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Korean
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Swahili
  • Mongolian

As the name of the business suggests, this opportunity is available worldwide, and not just restricted to a handful of English speaking countries.

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Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a Scam


The 4 Corners Alliance Group Products

As we’ve established, Four Corners Alliance Group is all about selling books, and this is the first time I’ve come across books as the primary MLM product before.

When I first came across this company I thought the books were physical, hardcopy books, but they’re not. They’re eBooks, all sold at fairly expensive prices for a digital product.

I won’t go deep into the products here, as my review is more focused on making money as an affiliate of this company, but we’ll at least glance at the range of topics.

  • Metal Investments
  • Binary Options
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Economics
  • Hedge Funds
  • Forex Trading
  • Investing
  • Stock Trading
  • And quite a few more…

The books are sold in packages depending on the level you want to buy. Basically, the higher the level, the more books you get. The average price of each eBook is around $10, but the highest level package – Level 6, with a total of $27 eBooks – sells for a whopping $300.

Basically these are all training manuals, designed to teach you how to make money in a variety of ways, from trading the markets, through to reducing your credit card debt.


4 Corners Alliance Group Products


Why Are the Products So Expensive?

Often you’ll find that the prices for products distributed via the MLM method are way higher than competitor’s prices for similar products.

Why is this?

Well, usually you’ll be told it’s because their products are far superior in some way, but this is rarely true, and not the reason why the prices are often sky high.

It’s all due to their compensation plans, where a whole string of members gets a cut of every sale made, right up to the top of the upline, and then the company itself.

They’re not going to say this to people though, because to tell the truth just sounds like they’re ripping people off so everyone can get paid, and that’s actually how it really is.

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The 4 Corners Alliance Group Compensation Plan

Even though 4 Corners Alliance Group is your classic MLM setup, it still works on the two main ways to make money as all other network marketing schemes, and they are:

  1. Selling products direct to people
  2. Recruiting members and making residual commissions from your recruits

The company also recommends the following three methods to move products and entice new members to join under you:

  1. Word of mouth marketing
  2. Traditional marketing methods
  3. Social media marketing

You can make some money by pushing the eBooks at a retail level, but the real goal, like any MLM deal, should be recruiting others into the business. This way you can achieve certain bonuses more quickly, as well as get a cut from any sales your recruits make.

4 Corners Alliance Group works on a compensation matrix, and like any MLM scheme, you build downlines.


4 Corners Alliance Group Compensation Matrix


This company definitely wants their members to focus more heavily on recruiting than actual selling,  as each recruit has to pay a whole host of fees when they join, and I’ll get more into that further on in this review.

I always find explaining these compensation plans confusing, so what I’ve done is embed their official explainer video below.



Is There An Income Disclosure Statement?

With every MLM opportunity I review, I’ll always include financial details from the company’s latest income disclosure statement if one is available.

Unfortunately 4 Corners Alliance Group doesn’t have an income disclosure statement on their site.


Some Key Reasons Why I’m Not a Fan of MLM

I’ve been involved in some more traditional MLM schemes in the past, and even though 4 Corners Alliance Group is slightly different to others, there are lots of things I really don’t like about the MLM business model.

For the most part, nearly all the benefits go to the company and not its workers, and that’s why so many companies are opting for network marketing these days to move their products and make money from their members.

Let’s very quickly look at some of the key reasons I’m really not a MLM fan.

  • It’s smart business for these companies because of all those advantages I just mentioned above. Why wouldn’t they choose the network method if it saves them money and makes them so much more money?
  • Less than 1% of all people involved in all MLM schemes worldwide make what’s considered a liveable income from MLM.
  • These schemes are sold like get rich quick deals, with lots of hype that usually can’t translate into reality.
  • Statistics show that around 95% of all MLM distributors fail to make any profit from their efforts.
  • Basically distributors are a free workforce for these companies, because they don’t pay any wages or retainers at all. Everyone works on the promise of commissions and bonuses, and distributors are also responsible for all their own “business” expenses.
  • Its the mass army of distributors who do all the company’s promotion and much of the advertising, getting the word out.
  • The key component to MLM success always lies in recruitment, so distributors also grow the company’s workforce for free, which means even more money for 4 Corners Alliance Group, as all new members are paying fees.
  • Essentially when people choose to work for MLM companies for free, they actually have to pay the company for the right to work for them. That’s really twisted in my opinion.
  • MLM always push the dream of owning your own profitable business when you join, but you never actually own anything, as the company owns it all and is fully in control at all times. Distributors are simply unpaid sales reps.  Nothing more.
  • Just about every single MLM company will have a rule where distributors have to either buy products when they join, or buy them every month. Usually both. If they don’t, they forfeit their right to earn commissions. Now 4CAG doesn’t quite push this agenda, but you do have to buy products when you first join up.

These are some of the key reasons why I really don’t like MLM as a way of making money, because you really do get stripped of so many advantages as a distributor.

To be perfectly honest, I think the deal totally sucks.

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Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid SchemeSomewhere along the line, just about every single MLM company will get accused of running an illegal pyramid operation. This is because they all adopt the matrix (pyramid) style of compensation.

However, most companies are not illegal pyramid schemes because they sell a range of products that have a tangible value attached to them.

Here’s a quick definition of an illegal pyramid scheme.

The illegal variety is known as a naked pyramid, because all revenue for the company and its members is derived from recruiting. New members join, pay money, and this pays the profits of the company and the rewards owed to existing members.

Naked pyramid operations don’t have any real products and are operating entirely of drawing in new paying members.

So, is 4 Corners Alliance Group operating an illegal pyramid scheme?

Not exactly, but they do fall into what I call the grey area, where things are a little iffy.

You see, while they do have a product line, these products are all digital. Plus, their main focus is on getting their members to recruit new members; members who have to pay a series of fees when they join up.

I can’t call it an illegal pyramid scheme, because I don’t think it fully fits the definition, but it is in that grey area in my eyes.


Target Market

MLM appeals to the masses because it’s made to sound quite easy. Like I said earlier, they sell these schemes on major money hype, plus make it sound like you have your very own profitable business.

You don’t actually have a business, and MLM is a really tough sell; either because a certain product or company name is saturated, a lot of people just don’t like MLM, and the prices of the products are usually ridiculous.

The mass appeal of MLM stems from the fact that everything is set up and ready to go. You just buy in, then you’re off selling and recruiting.

The fact that you don’t have to set things up from scratch is a plus, but it’s still one of the hardest ways in the world to make consistent money. Nearly everybody fails, and there’s a reason for that.


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What I Do Like

  • At least this company is selling books, which is something different to every other MLM deal I’ve seen
  • You might make a bit of money with this if you can recruit well


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • MLM is notoriously tough, and one of the hardest ways to make some income
  • The prices of the eBooks is too high compared to what’s on the market
  • A lot of the information contained in the eBooks is generic and might even be recycled PLR content
  • 95% of people fail to make any money with MLM
  • The company gets all the advantages while the distributors basically get to work for free
  • Distributors pay all their own business expenses
  • This company is in the grey area as far as illegal pyramid schemes go


4 Corners Alliance Group Products 2


How Much Does It Cost To Join 4 Corners Alliance Group?

Okay, here is the minimum spend you are required to make to join 4 Corners Alliance Group and be eligible to earn money with this system:

  1. One time membership fee = $18
  2. Level 1 eBooks = $10
  3. One time enrollment fee = $8
  4. Money for your sponsor = $4
  5. Join the newsletter = $27

That’s a total of $67.

If you decide to buy all levels of the eBooks, it’ll cost you a further $478.


Is 4 Corners Alliance Group a Scam or Legit?

While this company might be in the grey area as far as pyramid schemes go, it’s definitely no scam.

Members do get something for their money, and members can make money by selling the eBooks and recruiting others into the scheme.

I think the eBooks are over-priced for what they contain, and compared to what else is on the market, but other than that this deal isn’t overly bad.

I’m seriously not a fan of the MLM business model though, so I’m not going to be recommending this as a good way to make some money, because I think it’d be pretty hard to make any profit with this scheme and what’s on offer here.


Here’s Something WAY Better Than MLM!

Lifestyle FreedomOne of the major problems with any MLM opportunity is you’ll often spend more than you make, just because you have to pay all your own expenses, and the way they are set up. It’s a tough way to make money.

I much prefer the simplicity and profitability of affiliate marketing over multi level marketing any day of the week. It’s just so much better.

There are no joining fees to pay anywhere as an affiliate. You also don’t need to recruit people to stand a chance of making decent money. In fact, you can get started with virtually no money, and expenses to do affiliate marketing are very minimal.

All you really need is a computer, the internet, and somewhere to work at home.

Plus, if you build a website for your affiliate marketing, this becomes both your brand and an asset that will be worth money after a while; something you can actually sell later on, which you can’t do with MLM.

If you just want to make some cash as a side hustle, then affiliate marketing is the perfect choice. If you want to earn a fulltime income from home, then affiliate marketing can do that too.

I make a fulltime income from home as an affiliate, and it allows me to live the freedom laptop lifestyle, which I love. You can do it too. All you need is some good training that shows you how. It’s not that complex and is actually quite basic in how it works.

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