Is Auto Money System a Scam or Easy $2000 a Day?



Is Auto Money System a scam or not? It’s a fair enough question, and one that people looking for ways to make money online should be asking. I decided to have a good look at this one to see if it’s possible to make $1000s a day like the system claims.

But before we do that, I’d just like to say well done on being here and reading my review. It proves that you’re smart and won’t just pay up good money to join something without checking into it first. Chances are you won’t ever fall victim to an online scam because of that.

Now read on to discover the truth about the Auto Money System…



Is Auto Money System a ScamCompany Name: Auto Money System

Owner: Kathy Graham

Price To Join: $37 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ Auto Money System Review ~


A Quick Intro…

People all around the world want to make money online from home these days. Multiple millions of people already do. I’m one of them. The internet has truly opened the doors to new options that simply didn’t exist before.

Because of the global nature of the internet, you can make passive income in so many ways. This allows you to make money even while you sleep. I make a fulltime living entirely online, but I don’t have to work at it fulltime.

The problem arises because, despite there being so many options online, all the scammers float around the internet as well, searching for inexperienced victims to lure into make money scams. We always have to stay awake to that fact.

Reading product reviews of training schemes, apps, make money programs, MLM schemes and so on is the best way to find the good stuff and avoid those bogus scams. That’s why I created my site, and why I write so many reviews: Because I want to help people find legit ways to make an online income, whether part-time, fulltime and beyond.

I kept seeing people mentioning this Auto Money System on social media. It sounded interesting, but sketchy, so I decided to do some research on it and write a review.

So let’s now see if Auto Money System is really hot or not.


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What Is Auto Money System About?

The name “Auto Money System” sounds good. It makes it sound like you’ve got some machine that you flick a switch on and it just automatically generates an income for you.

Actually, when you watch the sales video, this is pretty much how they sell this money making system too.

They even claim it’s the easiest way to make money online there is.

That’s a hell of a statement.

The video and the system itself is apparently created by a woman named Kathy Graham. Whether that’s her real name or an alias is debateable, as I couldn’t unearth any further information on this person other than what’s available on the Auto Money System website.

Kathy also informs us that we won’t really have to put any work into this, because her system does all the heavy lifting for us.

Basically what this lady is telling us is that she’s selling us a system that magically creates push button riches. In fact, she takes things even further by claiming we can easily make $2000 a day or more.


Auto Money System 2k a Day


To be honest, everything I’ve said here so far should be ringing your alarm bells, because the Auto Money System is spouting all the usual rhetoric of the online money making scam.

  • Push button system
  • Profits on automation
  • No work required
  • Make $2000 a day
  • The money will come easily
  • The easiest way to make money online

All this, and we’re just getting started.


Auto Money System One Click


Now we’re told it only takes one mouse click to start generating money with this system.

This just gets better and better.

We’d all like to be able to make money this easily online, where we can pull in thousands a day with little to no time or effort required, but that’s just fantasy. I wish it were true, but it just isn’t.

This is the exact psychology every scammer online uses. They just tell people what they want to hear, hoping to suck in people who simply just don’t know any better, or are desperate to make some quick and easy cash.

The Auto Money System is nothing but a scam, but we’ll continue to go through it and pick it apart just so everyone knows that it’s really not something you want to get involved in.

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How Does Auto Money System Really Work?

The sales video is so typical of the MMO (make money online) niche. It goes on and on with hype about how much cash you can make and how easy it all is, but it never gets around to telling us how this works or what’s involved in making this money.

They don’t want to talk about that, because behind the scenes there really isn’t anything to tell us. Kathy just wants us to believe her hype so we’ll hand our money over.

But anyway, let’s see if we can dig up some information on how this scheme is supposed to work.

Apparently this system has been around for a while. It used to go under the name of “The Rich Janitor”, then the “Auto Money System”. Now it goes by the name of the “Wiseball” Auto Money System.

This is all done to create confusion, as well as to make it sound like it’s something new and different.

Why would they rebrand the scheme?

Because the old one developed a reputation for being a scam, so they had to make it sound like it’s something different so they could start the same scam all over again.

Yet another name that is goes by is the “Wiseball Secret Society”.

So basically how this works is they hype you up in the video with all the money claims, as well as by telling you that it all works on autopilot. All you have to do is kick back, relax and watch the money roll in.

This is then all be backed up with a series of fake video testimonials, where supposedly “real people” tell you how awesome the Auto Money System is so you’ll eagerly hand over your cash to these scammers.

This scam used to be sold on the very dodgy affiliate platform, ClickBetter. These days, with the new Wiseball version, it’s being sold through another equally as dodgy affiliate platform called Payzeno.

Both ClickBetter and Payzeno are known for hosting numerous make money online scam programs.


Fake Testimonials

There is a very simple reason why I know the video testimonials are fake, and that’s because they are using actors they’ve hired from the Fiverr freelancer website.

I’ve seen these faces many times before, either in sales pitches for various make money online schemes, or for bogus video testimonials.

The dude I’ve illustrated in the photos below I’ve seen in countless videos for all sorts of things.

Although these people from Fiverr might not be the most ethical bunch in the world, I don’t really blame them for these bogus testimonies. They’re just doing a job, creating a video, reading a script and getting paid for their services.

The real culprits are the people behind Auto Money System and all the other names it’s previously gone under.

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Auto Money System Fake Testimonial 1

Auto Money System Fake Testimonial 2

Auto Money System Fake Testimonial 3


Fake Scarcity

Fake scarcity tactics are all too common online. They are used by both scams and legit programs alike.

In the case of the Auto Money System, they don’t just use one fake scarcity tactic, but two!

First off, we are told positions in this scheme are limited, so we better hurry up and join before “someone steals your account”. Kathy’s words, not mine.

Then, to turn up the heat and pressure even further, when you go to the checkout page (not that you would want to), you are greeted with a fake countdown timer. If you don’t buy before the timer reaches zero, you’ll miss out on a nice juicy discount.


Is Kathy Graham Real Or Just An Alias?

I would bet my life on the fact that Kathy Graham is not her real name. It’d just be an alias, as the creators of scams very rarely if ever reveal their true identity. They just wouldn’t, would they?

Besides, about a year ago, before Auto Money System added the word “Wiseball” to the title, the creator of this scheme went under the name of another woman called Samantha Horvath. And yet another name that has been used is Kathy Evans.

There’s no information anywhere out there about a Kathy Graham who has created a “real” money making system that brings in thousands of dollars a day with just one click.

If any of this were real, this woman would be world famous.


Target Market

This one is definitely targeted at either newbies to making money online, or people who want to believe in the fairytale of get rich quick.

I don’t make statements like this with the intention of offending anyone, but it’s just the truth.

No one with experience would ever fall for something like this, that does nothing but make ludicrous claims with absolutely nothing to back them up.

Unfortunately, online scammers target people who don’t yet have the experience to recognise the red flags that point to something being a rort. These people are masters of telling people what they want to hear, as most scams of any kind play on a person’s psychology.


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What I Do Like

  • I don’t like anything about the Auto Money System to be honest


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The sales pitch and website is all hype and no real information
  • They never tell us HOW we’ll be making money
  • There’s no such thing as a money making system that brings in $2k a day on autopilot with simply one click
  • The scarcity tactics are fake
  • The video testimonials are fake
  • The platform has changed names at least 3 times that I’m aware of, after previous versions developed a bad reputation
  • Kathy Graham is very likely just an alias
  • Auto Money System switched from the ClickBetter affiliate platform to the Payzeno affiliate platform. Both platforms are renowned for hosting dodgy money making programs
  • “No work required” is just a fantasy, as anything that does really work requires time and effort


How Much Does Auto Money System Cost To Join?

The price to join – not that I would advise you do join – at the time of this writing, is $37.

Seriously though, I don’t believe the spending would end there. In my experience with schemes like this one, is that the original asking price is usually just the very start of a massive sales funnel, where they’ll do their best to squeeze every last cent out of people for all manner of upsells that promise the world.


Is Auto Money System a Scam or Legit?

This one is a scam for all money. The website and sales pitch is just loaded up with hype and lies.

The testimonials are fake. The scarcity tactics are fake. The site owner is fake.

I seriously doubt whether there’s anything real and genuine about the Auto Money System whatsoever.

Most likely you’ll receive something generic for your money if you sign up, perhaps some rehashed PLR content that provides the most basic of training, but really what this scheme will be about is fleecing as much money from members as possible.

If they had something that was real, then why would there be a need to fabricate everything they use to back up their outrageous claims?

And they are outrageous. Everything they claim is just a fantasy. There’s no way anyone will make $1000s a day without having to do anything.

And if someone had discovered something that did actually make all this money on autopilot, why would they let that secret out just to sell it for a lousy 37 bucks.

It just doesn’t make sense.

You wouldn’t bother if you were making that kind of cash. In fact, chances are you wouldn’t be telling anybody about it at all.


This Is How I Make An Awesome Living Online!

Lifestyle FreedomThe Auto Money System doesn’t get my green light. Not even close. But your search doesn’t die with its demise. There are many, many ways to make money online.

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  • You’re in charge and can choose your own flexible work hours
  • There are no limitations on how much money you can make
  • There’s no actual selling, just recommending and earning commissions
  • It’s very cheap to do and no money needed to get started
  • If you have a computer and internet you’re good to go
  • You get to work from home

That gives you an idea anyway.

Affiliate marketing is the perfect online money maker to do on the side, but I prefer it being my fulltime gig because of the kind of freedom lifestyle it gives me, along with the cash.

Let’s look at some of those lifestyle benefits:

  • Live the laptop lifestyle – You can work from anywhere you like
  • Gain financial security through a number of sources of income
  • Make passive and residual income streams
  • Work from home and be with your family
  • Travel and make money along the way
  • Have money and time at the same time
  • Make your own rules and schedule to live by
  • And more…

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