Is Auto Profit System a Scam? Is $2k a Week Possible?



Is Auto Profit System a scam or legit money making platform? There are many people out there singing the praises of this platform, so I decided to take a look at it myself to see if it lives up to all the hype. Can this help you make money online or not?

Let’s take a good look at Auto Profit System and uncover the truth…



Is Auto Profit System a ScamCompany Name: Auto Profit System

Owner: Craig Crawford, Gaurab Borah & Tom Yevsikov

Price To Join: Varies

My Rating: 6/10



~ Auto Profit System Reviews ~



The internet has opened up so many doors to opportunities to make money from home. Most of these opportunities never existed before. Also, because we can access a global marketplace, technically the internet world never stops and never sleeps.

People are even working from home more and more in their regular jobs, because the online world allows them to work remotely.

There is a major downside to the internet though. Because it’s so easy to remain anonymous and hide behind a computer somewhere, it’s given birth to many scammers preying on people hoping to find ways to make money online from home. Therefore we all need to stay alert.

I kept seeing people talking up The Auto Profit System, so it got me really interested and intrigued. I wanted to see for myself whether it’s as good as so many people are saying, so I did some research and wrote this review based on what I discovered about APS.

I spend a lot of time researching make money products and training platforms, and writing reviews on them. The reason I bother is because I want all of us to be able to make wise decisions, find worthwhile ways to make money, but avoid scams in the process.

Reviews help us do that, weeding out the bad and leaving us with the good.

It’s great that you found your way to my review. You obviously do your homework first, so you are far less likely to ever become the victim of a make money scam. That’s awesome.

Let’s now see if The Auto Profit System is any good or not.


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What Is Auto Profit System?

Is Auto Profit System a ScamMany of the Auto Profit System reviews you’ll come across when you do a Google search are written by members and affiliates of Auto Profit System. They’re hoping you’ll become a member and they can earn a commission.

Nothing wrong with that. I do the same thing with a number of programs I’m a part of. Just so long as the reviews are genuine, there’s no problem.

I’m not affiliated with Auto Profit System in any way, so you can be assured that my review will be totally impartial and unbiased.

Anyway, so what is The Auto Profit System exactly? What’s all the hype about?

This is a fairly new release, having only been launched in December of 2017 by founders and co-creators Craig Crawford, Gaurab Borah & Tom Yevsikov. As I mentioned, it’s already been getting rave reviews, but many of those are written by affiliates of the platform.

These guys claim their system can help you make $1000s per week without the need for website hosting, sales funnels, social media marketing, Facebook ads, or really even needing a budget.

Not sure I believe that, but let’s continue.

APS is built around list building, email marketing and affiliate marketing. It is primarily a training program as well as software and tools to help you implement what you learn and earn money.

They claim all the money you can earn is done with free traffic, but that’s not entirely true, as you’ll find out later in this review.

It’s also claimed that this system is 100% automated once set up. “Automated” is a word used in the make money online (MMO) circles that sets off my alarm bells, because in my experience there is no such thing as 100% automated money making strategies, and anything that makes a bold claim like this is usually not being honest with you.

A further claim is that this system works over and over again without fail, and it turns those freebie seekers into actual paying customers.

And the bold claims continue. Now there’s the promise of a 100% click through rate (which is unheard of in any online marketing circles, whether it be clicks from emails, search results or anything else for that matter.

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How Auto Profit System Works

As I said above, this is mostly about building email lists and marketing affiliate products to that list so you can earn commissions.

When they say “automated”, it’s more referring to a “done for you” system. This means the guys who created Auto Profit System have pretty much built all the tools and promotional material for you so you don’t have to spend time doing it yourself, or working out how to do it right. Along with the fact that the system is supposed to run on autopilot once set up.

Done for you systems can be good, but they have the downside of everyone pushing the exact same stuff without anything looking original or personally tailor-made for the intended audience.


Auto Profit System What You Get


It’s page building software (landing pages), as well as tools and training on email list building and affiliate marketing.

Basically the system works like this:

  1. Get targeted traffic
  2. Drive that traffic to a landing page
  3. Collect email addresses
  4. Offer an affiliate product to your list
  5. Make money from sales

The thing APS keeps promoting is that their system has the ability to convert freebie seekers and stone cold traffic into hot and eager buyers. You offer people a free gift to get them to join your list, then the team at APS have created a way to convert those freebie takers into product purchasers; something that’s lacking in many other sales funnels.

It’s all about the sales tactics that are used, with a few mind tricks thrown into the mix to get people in the right mindset to buy.

Another illustration of how the Auto Profit System is intended to function is this:

  1. Build – You build a 2 page system using the APS page builder
  2. Drive – Using the methods APS teach, drive traffic to your landing pages
  3. Automate – You automate the system to keep doing the work for you and bringing in leads and sales. You just keep sending the traffic

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Where Does All the Traffic Come From?

If you remember earlier I mentioned that the sales pitch and website claims all the traffic is free traffic, meaning you don’t have to pay for it. I also said that wasn’t the truth.

The main traffic generation method these guys recommend – and it’s the same with all these systems that rely on a landing page and building an email list – is to use solo ads.

They don’t recommend Facebook Ads or Google Ads, because these 2 platforms won’t let you send people to a landing page, or what’s commonly known as a squeeze page to collect peoples’ email addresses. Your ads likely won’t get approved.

There’s no point trying to get free, organic search engine traffic either, as a one page landing page isn’t going to get ranked in Google or other search engines.

The only way it can really be done is with solo ads.

If you’re not sure what a solo ad is, it’s when you pay to rent space of another marketer’s already built and established email list. You create your email with the free gift offer. You then pay a solo ad provider so much per click to feature your email to their list.

People decide they want your free offer, click the link in the email and come to your landing page. From there they have to surrender their email address to you so they can get the freebie you’re offering.

Now these people are joining your email list and you can start promoting your affiliate products to them.

Solo ads can cost anywhere from 50c up to $1 per click or more. You buy solo ads in groups of clicks (usually 100).

I’m not seeing any mention of how anyone gets the promised FREE traffic to any of these offers though, unless they are referring to the email traffic, after you’ve “bought” your subscribers through the use of regular solo ads.

That’s not really free traffic though, is it. Not after you’ve had to pay to run multitudes of solo ads to build that email list.


Auto Profit System Free Traffic


What You Get With The Auto Profit System

Let’s now summarise exactly what you get for your money when you join Auto Profit System:

  • The Auto Profit System page builder, templates and hosting for your landing pages
  • A free plugin that allows you to use APS on your own WordPress website
  • A series of training videos that shows you how to set up and implement the system
  • Both free and paid traffic methods (still don’t know what the free methods are)
  • A few bonuses thrown in (Rolodex, case study)
  • 14 day money back guarantee


Target Market

This is mostly targeting newbies I think, but could certainly be put to use by anyone who is already involved in affiliate marketing.

This method is nothing new, but perhaps they’ve put a slightly new spin on it by attempting to use mind tricks to convert people from freebie hunters into buyers.


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What I Like

  • Selling affiliate products with this method can and does work
  • The guys running this are experienced online marketers
  • This simplified type of sales funnel can work if you can get the relevant traffic to it
  • If their mind trick does work, then that’s something a little different that they’re offering
  • Very easy to use drag and drop page builder software
  • No recurring fees
  • 14 refund policy


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • You’ll need to spend hundreds of dollars regularly on solo ads to continually build your email list
  • I see no mention of how to get the repeatedly promised “free” traffic, unless I’m missing something
  • This is all a bit over-hyped for my liking
  • This is nothing new. I’ve seen this exact same system many, many times now
  • There are too many upsells with this system
  • A 100% click through rate can’t be guaranteed and is not possible


Auto Profit System 100 Percent Click Through Rate


How Much Does Auto Profit System Cost To Join?

Okay, this is a tough one, because the price seems to jump around depending on when you go to their website. I’ve been offered several different prices to join up so far.

Right now the offer to get in on the ground level is only $9.95.

That’s just the entry price though. Once you join you’ll immediately be presented with three upsells, which are:

  • APS Elite Member and Package = $37
  • APS Captipic Suite = $47
  • APS Reseller and DFY Campaigns = $67

So as you can see, everything they promise you with the Auto Profit System doesn’t come at the one purchase price. To get everything you have to purchase 3 upsells which currently total a further $151.

There are no recurring subscription fees with this. Everything is a one off purchase, no more to pay.


Is Auto Profit System a Scam Or Legit?

No, I wouldn’t call this a scam at all.

There are some claims made and some promises given that aren’t really delivered on, such as the free traffic and the fact that this is fully 100% automated and a 100% click through rate.

This is all a bit deceptive and nothing but sales hype.

I also doubt anyone is going to be making $1000s in their very first week either, but not totally impossible.

There’s always work to be done and maintenance to perform, so nothing is every 100% automated. It doesn’t matter how much you try to automate something, there will still be things to do.

Apart from maybe the implementation of a few psychology tricks to get conversions, I’m not seeing anything new here. There are hundreds of programs that offer the exact same thing.

Create landing pages that offer a freebie to collect email addresses. Get subscribers by paying for solo ads. Sell your subscribers affiliate products.

This kind of system has been around for a long, long time.

It can work, so long as you have a healthy budget for your continuous solo ad campaigns. And they will need to be continuous, because you’ve got no other way to get traffic to your landing pages and grow your email list.

Like I said, this can work, but I think this method is a lot more effective if you combine it with your own website. The APS team do offer a plugin that helps you integrate their system with your WordPress site.

That might be worth checking out.


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Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyThe Auto Profit System does have some good things going for it, and it’ll definitely find a place in many an online marketer’s armoury, but I still think it needs to be in combination with a website to be most effective long-term.

That’s what I’m recommending below.

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This is all possible because there’s no limit or ceiling placed on how much you can make. Unlike a job, you’re not trading time for dollars.

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