Is AZ Code a Scam or a $40k a Month Payday?



Is AZ Code a scam or not? Many people have been calling it out as one. This got me interested to take a good look at it. The owner of the AZ Code makes the claim that you can earn an easy $10k a week with his program, but is that for real, or just some sales hype to hook people in?

Let’s take a good look at the AZ Code and learn the truth about this money making platform…



Is AZ Code a ScamCompany Name: AZ Code

Owner: Andrew Peterson

Price To Join: $37

My Rating: 2/10



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For anyone who aspires to be an entrepreneur or wants to earn money from the comfort of home, then the internet has been the best invention ever. Never before has there been so many possibilities to run a home business, and these days all online.

The internet world never sleeps and you have a market that’s happening 24/7/365, which is pretty awesome.

As much as I love the internet because of the money making possibilities, the downside is that so many scammers out there also use the internet to try and con people who are seeking out ways to earn online. These parasites are just hoping to take your cash and are masters at telling people what they want to hear.

The whole concept of my Laptop Freedom Living website is to help people find legit ways to make money online while avoiding the scams in the process. I achieve this by writing a lot of reviews of training programs and make money online schemes. That way we can all make informed decisions.

As I mentioned before, the internet is home to a lot of scams, and reviews help us weed those out and avoid them.

AZ Code is something I’ve seen mentioned quite a lot. I’ve even been sent emails about it. I finally decided to take a really good look at it and write a review based on the information I uncovered.

It’s really good that you’ve come across my review, because it means you’re wise enough to do your homework before you hand over your money to join something. You’ll be highly unlikely to ever fall victim to a scam because of that.

Let’s see if AZ Code is really worth joining up with or not.


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What Is the AZ Code About?

The AZ Code is actually short for the ”Amazon Code” and is a money making training program brought to us by a guy named Andrew Peterson. Whether that’s his real name or not I’m not sure, as I couldn’t dig up much information at all on the guy.

The Andrew dude claims his program or scheme can help people make $10,000 a week simply by being an Amazon affiliate as well as an Amazon merchant, using their FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) program. I’m sure there are Amazon affiliates and merchants who undoubtedly do really well, but can AZ Code actually deliver on such a big promise?

For starters, as an Amazon Associate you only stand to make between 2% and at the most 10% commissions on each sale, with the average being a measly 4% or so. It takes a lot of sales, or sales of very pricey products, to be able to go close to earning $10k a week in commissions.

There might be more chance to reach these sorts of figures by going the FBA route, but again there are Amazon fees, and you’re competing with millions of other sellers, so it’s still going to be a tough mountain to climb to hit a $10k weekly profit.

I actually do affiliate marketing for a living, including promoting as an Amazon affiliate, so I know how it all works. The easiest way to get started is to do the training I did over at Wealthy Affiliate. You can even join for FREE!

Now while Amazon is the biggest online retailer and they sell a bit of everything, and you can definitely make money on the site, as I said there is some really stiff competition, so making the money this Andrew guy says really is not going to be as easy as he makes out on his website.

A huge advantage that Amazon has is people trust the retailer. So whether you’re promoting as an Amazon affiliate, or selling your own FBA products through their platform, people will buy from Amazon without hesitation. It has a very good reputation for looking after customers.


Is AZ Code a Scam


How the AZ Code Really Works

Let’s see how this AZ Code really works and what’s on offer.

Okay, so when you dig deeper you discover that all that you get with the AZ Code is an eBook of about 80 pages.

Although the eBook does talk a little about making money as an Amazon affiliate, it tends to focus more on the Fulfilled by Amazon side of things.

The big issue I have with Andrew’s sales pitch for this is when he talks it up saying how quick and easy it is to make big money with what his eBook teaches. That’s hardly going to be the truth as an Amazon affiliate, and even less true if you’re going the FBA route.

Andrew takes this lie a step further by claiming that his system is a push button, turnkey system that requires very little time and effort.

I know this industry well and that’s just complete bullshit, telling people what he believes they want to hear, just so they’ll buy into his product.

He further exacerbates the lie by making the claim that people will be earning over $300k within the first 7 months.

I really, really don’t think that’s possible.

No newcomer as either an affiliate or merchant is going to be pulling in that kind of massive cash within a mere 7 months of getting started.

Setting yourself up as a merchant on Amazon takes time, especially when you’re starting from scratch.

As the main thrust of this eBook is about becoming an Amazon merchant, it’s actually going to take longer to start making a profit than if you were simply an affiliate for Amazon.

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AZ Code 10k a Week

What Being An Amazon Merchant Entails Over Simply Being An Affiliate

Being an affiliate is pretty simple. You find Amazon products to promote on your own website or wherever. All you really need is your unique Amazon affiliate link and place it in your content or social media posts and so on.

If someone makes a purchase through your link, you earn a commission and that’s all you’ve had to do. There’s no buying and selling products, packaging and shipping anything.

You also don’t have to pay any Amazon fees, because you’re not the one selling anything, just promoting products that already exist on the retail site. There’s no sourcing of products to sell or anything.

Affiliate marketing is really simple, but it’d take you ages and loads of sales to be making $40k a month as an affiliate at the commissions Amazon pays.

It’s a totally different story when you become an Amazon merchant, even though their FBA service means Amazon store your products and ship them out for you. There is a lot of setup that will take place before you start selling, as well as much to do when your merchant account is up and running.

This is basically the kind of process you’ll go through to become a FBA merchant:

  • First you’ll need to fill out an application to be an Amazon merchant
  • Then you’ll need to decide on a niche and source products for that niche
  • Most merchants tend to target suppliers and manufacturers in China because of the cheap prices, enabling them to add a decent profit margin
  • You’ll then need to establish relationships with these suppliers, possibly even involving a trip to China to oversee the quality and shipment of a shipping container load of products that you’ll have to purchase upfront
  • You need to organise the shipping to the Amazon FBA depot
  • Now you’ll need to create sales pages for all the products you want to sell, including keyword research so your listings will come up in Amazon search, product descriptions, images and so on
  • You’ll need to be competitive on price, while at the same time have enough margin to make a profit
  • You’ll also need to pay Amazon merchant fees monthly
  • You’ll then need to focus on marketing your product range
  • When sales occur, Amazon handle things from there with packaging, shipping and so forth

So I really can’t see anyone making a profit of $300k within 7 months of starting this process outlined above.


Fake Video Testimonials On the AZ Code Site

Sites like these always like to either include proof of earnings, or they’ll have a bunch of testimonials from supposed customers singing the praises of the product and how they’ve made all this easy money.

There’s nothing wrong with this if the testimonials and reviews are genuine, but AZ Code is full of fake video testimonials.

How do I know they’ve been fabricated?

Because the videos feature paid actors from the Fiverr freelancer site, where the people are simply reading from a script that’s been written for them, telling them whatever BS this Andrew guy wants them to say.

I’ve reviewed and visited a lot of make money sites over the years, and you start to recognise the Fiverr actors’ faces after a while.


AZ Code Fiverr Actor 1

AZ Code Fiverr Actor 2


Target Market

In my opinion this is targeted at newbies to selling products on Amazon and newbie affiliate marketers. This is just an eBook and nothing more than that.

There is so much more needed than what this Andrew guy is preaching to make a FBA business that profitable. There’s no way people are going to be making the kind of money he says in those time frames. Experienced marketers would be well aware of this and not fall for this over-hyped scheme.


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What I Like

  • There is some useful information in the eBook
  • Making money as an Amazon affiliate or merchant is entirely possible
  • 60 day refund guarantee from the seller ClickBank


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The AZ Code is way over-hyped
  • No one will be making $300k profit within 7 months of applying what they’ve read in the book
  • The sales pitch talks up being an Amazon affiliate, yet most of the actual eBook focuses on being an Amazon merchant with their FBA program
  • This is not a quick and easy push button system like Andrew claims it is
  • The site is loaded with fake testimonials
  • $37 is very pricey for an 80 page eBook
  • There are upsells


How Much Does AZ Code Cost?

The price of the eBook, for sale on the ClickBank platform, is $37. To me that’s a lot of money for an eBook, no matter what the subject matter. Most eBooks on similar subjects for sale on Amazon’s Kindle platform retail for an average price of around $3.99.

So Andrew’s book is about 10 times the average price.

There will be upsells with this eBook. Just about all ClickBank products have upsells.

Plus, Andrew promotes his AZ Code to affiliates, claiming affiliates can earn as much as $199 a sale, so there must be more on offer than just the $37 eBook all on its own.


Is AZ Code a Scam Or Legit?

I wouldn’t call it a scam no, but there is a lot of BS sales hype attached to this, including fake testimonials and ridiculous, unrealistic income potential. Along with that are the totally unrealistic time frames for success as a FBA merchant or Amazon affiliate.

You can make money as either an affiliate or merchant on the retail giant, that’s true, but highly unlikely that’ll you’ll be seeing $300,000 in your bank account after just 7 months.

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