Is Best Easy Work a Scam or Easy $1200 a Day?



Is Best Easy Work a scam or legit? I’ve seen this question being asked around the traps about this online make money scheme. So what’s the deal with it? Can you really make the kind of money the program claims you can make? Or is it all just some sales spin to part you from your money?

Before we launch right into things, I first wanted to give you a pat on the back for being here reading this review. You’re smart enough to do your homework before jumping into anything, and that’s a good move. Many people don’t and end up getting conned.

Chances are high you’ll never get scammed or waste your valuable time.

Now read on and discover the truth about Best Easy Work…



Is Best Easy Work a ScamCompany Name: Best Easy Work

Owner: Martin Ruiz

Price To Join: Free (but not really)

My Rating: 1/10



~ Best Easy Work Review ~



If you’ve ever dreamed of living the laptop lifestyle or working for yourself from home, then the internet has truly opened the virtual doors of opportunity. These days we can all find ways to make money online any time of the day or night, because the internet is global.

I’ve been making more than a fulltime income online for years now, and it gives me the kind of freedom life I’ve always wanted. You can have this too if you want it.

The downside with some many people looking to cyberspace for make money options is all the world’s scammers have come out to play. They create these awesome sounding schemes that don’t deliver. They just want your money so you always need to be careful.

It’s through reading reviews just like this one that you can dodge the scams and find the stuff that works and is worth your time. It’s for this very reason that I write so many product reviews of money making schemes on my website. I really want to help people succeed online.

I actually received an email recently about the Best Easy Work scheme. It sounded intriguing, so I decided to look into it and write up a review detailing what I found out.

So let’s see if Best Easy Work is truly any good or not as a money making option.


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What Is Best Easy Work About?

Best Easy Work is brought to us by a guy named Martin Ruiz. He launched the money making platform in the middle of 2016, so it’s been going for a few years now. Based out of Deltona in Florida, Martin delivers his sales video with much hype and gusto.

There’s not much else to the site except the one bright and flashy sales page and the video which continually reminds us that his scheme is “free”, even though we soon find out it’s anything but free.

He takes that “free” word a step further when he announces that we can be making more than $1200 a day, all for free.

And how are we going to be making this money?

With the “free” automated websites he freely gives us.

Martin goes on to sum up the simplicity of his money making system with these 3 key points:

  1. No Selling
  2. No Talking
  3. No Hassles



Along with the copious and liberal use of the word “free” in the sales pitch, Martin also likes to use the word “freedom” almost as much.

This is a classic sales tactic which uses psychology to lure people in and condition them to think that everything is free and that making all this money will be dead easy. Convince people of these two things and they’ll join up.

Yep, there is money to be invested when you do join, but by then everyone’s convinced they’re on the verge of a financial epiphany and there’s no turning back from the delusion of making stacks of cash all on autopilot.

Basically all we’re told by Martin is that we’ll be making a lot of money on a consistent basis and we won’t have to pay a thing for this opportunity.

Smells like BS to me.

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How Does Best Easy Work Really Work?

Okay, so let’s get into what this scheme really does.

First off, you’ll find that it’s not really free. Yes, there is a free option, but the way this scheme is designed, you won’t stand a chance of making any decent money unless you invest some cash.

Best Easy Work is actually a multi level marketing scheme, but not in the style of Amway or Mary Kay. Best Easy Work doesn’t have any products at all. There’s nothing to sell except memberships to Best Easy Work.

This scheme relies solely on recruiting and new member money pouring into it to keep it alive.

The only real semblance of some form of product is the automated website members get given, but really it’s nothing more than a token gesture to give the appearance of there being some sort of product for your membership fees.

Anyone from anywhere in the world is eligible to participate in the Best Easy Work scheme, and any commissions you earn are paid to you either by check or direct deposit into your nominated bank account.

Best Easy Work involves nothing else except promoting the Best Easy Work scheme to others, and one of the ways Martin suggests you go about recruiting is by placing free ads on Craigslist.

The way you get people to join and for you to be recognised as the person recruiting the new member is through your automated, replica website that we mentioned earlier.

So basically your entire goal is just recruit, recruit and do more recruiting. The more people you can get to join, the more money you (and Martin) will make.


How Best Easy Work Works


The Best Easy Work Compensation Plan

Okay, so as we’ve established, this scheme is all about recruiting members so you can earn commissions.

You can be a free member, as Martin said, but free members don’t stand to make much. If you get someone else to join at the free level, you make nothing. If you recruit new members who actually pay for a membership, you’ll earn $25. No overrides, no higher commissions no matter what membership level they buy.

It also has to be noted that Best Easy Work is what’s called a “pay to play” system and is very common in high ticket programs and Ponzi schemes. In order for you to earn commissions on every single membership level, you must first buy in at that level yourself.

So if you were only at Level 5 and a recruit purchased Level 10, you would make nothing.

We’ve already covered the free membership. Let’s now look at the break down for all 10 paid levels:

  1. Level 1 – $88 to join. Commission = $50
  2. Level 2 – $188 to join. Commission = $120
  3. Level 3 – $288 to join. Commission = $200
  4. Level 4 – $500 to join. Commission = $350
  5. Level 5 – $1000 to join. Commission = $750
  6. Level 6 – $1500 to join. Commission = $1200
  7. Level 7 – $2000 to join. Commission = $1600
  8. Level 8 – $2500 to join. Commission = $2000
  9. Level 9 – $3500 to join. Commission = $2900
  10. Level 10 – $5000 to join. Commission = $4000

To buy every single level will set you back a grand total of $16,564.

That’s some pretty major money to buy into something where you technically receive nothing for your money other than the opportunity to make commissions if you can recruit others into the same scheme.

Martin Ruiz is making the big bucks no matter what, because he’s taking a healthy slice of everyone’s action, while all the members are taking all the risk.

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The Hardest Part

The most obvious part about this scheme that’s going to prove the hardest is getting traffic to your cloned website.

Sure, you could go around asking everyone you personally know first if they want to join, but that potential traffic stream won’t take long to run out.

A replica, basic website like the one Martin gives you won’t get ranked in search engines, so there won’t be any organic Google and Bing traffic. Even if you wanted to pay for Google or Facebook ads, these 2 platforms likely won’t approve your ad unless you’re sending people to a decent landing page or website

Maybe you could try solo ads where you rent space on someone’s email list, but I can’t imagine a rather expensive revenue sharing scheme being a high converter.

Probably the only other thing you could do is keep sharing on social media and join Facebook groups that are into this sort of thing.

Some people do love schemes like this, so I think the trick is finding that crowd and promoting to them. It’ll be a tough sell though.


Ponzi Scheme


Is This a Ponzi Scheme?

Martin Ruiz has been associated with other known Ponzi schemes in the past, and to be honest, Best Easy Work is yet another Ponzi scheme in my opinion.

Why is it a Ponzi scheme?

Because there are no products or services changing hands in exchange for the membership fees. You get nothing for your membership except the right to make commissions selling the same scheme to others.

Yes, you do get the replica website, so I guess that’s some sort of a “product”, but I believe you only get that so Martin can try and avoid the Ponzi tag.

A Ponzi scheme has no products and services and works like a naked pyramid scheme. Everything relies on recruitment and the fresh money it brings in. If that dries up, the scheme dies out very quickly because there’s no other way of sustaining it.

Best Easy Work constantly relies on bringing in new members and their money for the current members and Martin to get paid.


Target Market

This is really targeting the get rich quick mentality, even though massive wealth isn’t promised. It’s the same mindset.

I mean, all of us would like quick and easy money, but these schemes – although you can make some cash – are tough to recruit for and are a highly risky venture to put your money into. Chances are you’ll just lose your cash.

The real target market here is someone with disposable cash that they can afford to lose if things don’t work out. That person is also someone who fully understands the risks of revenue sharing schemes like this and has a knack for sales and recruiting.


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What I Do Like

  • It’s not impossible to make money with Ponzi schemes
  • Best Easy Work still exists after a number of years and hasn’t yet died out or been shut down


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Despite giving people a replica website, this is a blatant Ponzi scheme in my opinion
  • Martin Ruiz is known for being involved in Ponzi schemes in the past
  • It’s not really free, as to have a chance of making an real money, you must first invest money
  • This is pay to play, as you first have to own a certain membership level to earn commissions selling that level
  • To go all in will cost you a cool $16,564
  • If recruitment dries up, the scheme dies and you lose any money you have invested
  • Martin will be cashing up no matter what happens. He’s got himself covered even if this scheme collapsed tomorrow. He gets a cut of everything
  • You need to be a master recruiter and be able to sell something where you get nothing in return


How Much Does Best Easy Work Cost?

Now while there is a free membership, you won’t get very far in a scheme like Best Easy Work unless you sink some cash into it.

And remember, you must buy a level before you can earn commissions on that level.

Total price will be $16,564 to go all in and earn on every membership. So not cheap.


Is Best Easy Work a Scam


Is Best Easy Work a Scam or Legit?

Although Ponzi schemes are considered illegal and are often classified as scams, for me to call something a total scam, there would have to be no benefit whatsoever.

It is possible to make money with schemes like this one, just so long as the person running the scheme is at least ethical enough to pay the members when they’re due commissions. Sometimes the people behind schemes like these just simply run off with all the money.

As far as a good way to make money, I’d definitely suggest forgetting about Best Easy Work and anything else like it. These deals are far too risky as they could collapse or get shut down at any time.

As soon as that happens you can kiss your money goodbye.


Make Great Money Online For Real!

Lifestyle FreedomSo Best Easy Work didn’t end up being the latest and greatest money making scheme I’ve ever seen, but don’t give up hope, because there are plenty of good and legit ways to make money on the internet that work, and don’t necessarily require you risking an investment.

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Let’s very quickly look at a few advantages of being an affiliate:

  • No cash required to get started and running costs are low
  • Really all you need is the internet and a computer
  • No buying/selling of products, just promote and get paid when action’s taken
  • Experience the freedom of working from home with no boss
  • Your income potential is uncapped because you’re not trading your time for dollars

That’s just a very small taste, an entree if you like.

Many affiliates love doing it as a side hustle for some bonus cash in their spare time. Others make small fortunes from being affiliates. I haven’t reached that level, but I make a decent living out of it and that also gives me an awesome lifestyle along with having money.

Let’s now list just a few of those lifestyle advantages:

  • Have more financial security with multiple sources of income
  • Much of your money will be residual or passive income
  • It’s the perfect online gig to live the laptop lifestyle
  • Travel and make money as you explore the world
  • Spend more time with family, friends and loved ones
  • Live life your way and on your terms
  • Set your own flexible work/life schedule
  • Freedom is having both time and money together
  • And many more benefits…

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