Is Cash In On That Passion a Scam? CTP Today Review



Is Cash In On That Passion a scam or not? There has been a lot of talk online of late about this make money scheme and many people were asking if it’s legit. The program promises some big dollars in quick time, but is that all true, or just some pumped up sales hype?

Before we get right into it I’d first like to congratulate you on finding your way to my review. I say this because you are smart enough to research something like this before paying money and joining up.

Chances are, because you’re diligent, you’ll never fall victim to an online scam.

Now read on to discover the truth about Cash In On That Passion…



Is Cash In On That Passion a ScamCompany Name: Cash In On That Passion

Owner: Richard Paul

Price To Join: $97 + Upsells

My Rating: 1/10



~ CTP Today Review ~



What’s pretty amazing about the modern world is the fact that these days you can earn a fulltime income all from the comfort of home. That’s what I do and it’s the internet that’s made it all possible. Cyberspace is happening 24/7 and we get access to a global marketplace non-stop.

Because so many people like myself have gone online looking for opportunities to make cash, all the scammers have come out to play. They prey on this and invent shiny schemes that promise the world, but deliver very little. We have to be aware of this at all times online.

Laptop Freedom Living is all about helping people find genuine ways to make money online, as well as being able to live the laptop lifestyle, if that’s the dream. Because reviews are the best way to sort the good from the bad, I research and write up loads of reviews on training schemes and make money programs.

After seeing all the talk and questions being asked online about Cash In On That Passion, I just had to look at it myself and write a review.

So let’s get into it and see if Cash In On That Passion is any good or not.


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What Is Cash In On That Passion About?

Cash In On That Passion is also commonly known by its website name of “CTP Today”, which all obviously extends to “cash in on that passion today”.

So what’s this all about?

That’s what we’re all here to find out.

The sales video is presented by a guy who calls himself Richard Paul, and I’ve actually seen him in other sales videos for programs like “Countdown To Profits”, “Instant Success System” and so on. There are others as well, but I can’t recall the names off the top of my head.


Is Cash In On That Passion a Scam


So what this all means is that Richard Paul is selling everyone the same system, but is using different sites to lure people in. This also immediately tells us that Cash In On That Passion doesn’t really have anything to offer. Otherwise, how could the same deal be being sold on so many similar sites?

It can only mean that CTP Today is just a feeder site, designed to funnel people through to another program: The real platform that they are wanting you to join.

So basically this scheme just keeps reinventing itself under new names when one of the older sites develops a poor reputation. Plus, it’s a numbers game. The more sites this person Richard Paul has out there feeding people through to the real program, the more bites he’s likely to get.

It’s a bit deceptive, because each of these sites – Cash In On That Passion included – makes out like it has its very own money making scheme, when in fact it’s nothing more than a funnel site.

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How Does Cash In On That Passion Really Work?

Richard tells us in the sales pitch that we can make ourselves a cool $500 just for watching the video. This isn’t exactly true, and I explain why in a section all on its own further down in the review.

But let’s move forward.

I mentioned that Cash In On That Passion is just another one of Richard Paul’s feeder sites that funnels new members through to something else entirely. But the question is, why does Richard do this?

For starters, he wants to keep the real platform a secret for as long as he can for fear of people being put off if they know what it is.

Second, he’s an affiliate of the mother program and earns commissions on every new sale he sends their way.

Technically that’s fine. I make affiliate commissions on things too. But the problem here is the smoke and mirrors and all the deception. Richard should just be upfront about what he’s really promoting. He needs to be transparent, and he’s anything but that.

So what’s Richard really promoting then?

A high ticket (expensive) platform called MOBE.


MOBE Banner


What Is MOBE?

High ticket programs generally refer to platforms that have lots of upsells at very expensive prices. These programs make money entirely by selling themselves over and over again.

For those who may not know, MOBE is run by Matt Lloyd and the letters in the name represent “My Online Business Education”.

MOBE is a “pay to play” scheme, which means that the company has lots of different products on offer that are all sold separately. In order for MOBE members to be eligible to earn a commission on a particular MOBE product, that member must have purchased the same product themselves or the commission is forfeited.

This practically forces MOBE members to go “all in”, for fear of missing out on money. To go all in with MOBE costs somewhere in the vicinity of $64,000.

Yep, you read that right. $64k. That’s big bucks, especially for anyone just starting out looking for ways to earn some cash online.

If you were to pay the joining fee for Cash In On That Passion, this is actually your entry into MOBE’s 21 Steps program. Everyone who joins MOBE goes through this.

Now MOBE claim it’s 21 steps to success and gives you the essential tools and training you need, but all it really is, is a giant sales funnel designed to squeeze every cent they can out of you along the 21 stages.

You’ll even be assigned a “millionaire mentor”. Now this person isn’t really a mentor at all. It’s their job to continuously upsell you on more and more MOBE products and that’s about all.

Your job as a MOBE member is to sell MOBE to others and, so you don’t have a chance of missing out on any commissions along the way, it’s also highly encouraged that you go all in and spend $64k.

That’s basically the MOBE scheme in a nutshell, and what Cash In On That Passion and all of Richard’s other websites are trying to get you to join.

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Do You Really Get $500 Just For Watching a Video?

Now, an explanation of the promised $500 for watching the sales video.

The way this is worded on the sales page and in Richard’s video, it sounds like as soon as the video is finished, he’ll be personally giving you $500 cash somehow.

That’s not true.

The $500 is actually a discount offered by MOBE, where the fine print on their site states that if you haven’t made any commissions promoting MOBE within the first 30 days, you’ll be given $500 as a kind of money back guarantee.

The downside is, during that 30 day period you would have already spend at least several thousand dollars on MOBE products, so if you fail to make some cash in that first month and get the $500 rebate (which is what it really is), you’ll still be out of pocket probably several thousand dollars.

MOBE will be fine though. Even if they do give you $500, they’ll still have a few thousand more of your money.

Good for MOBE but not so good for you.

So that promised $500 really means nothing in the end.


MOBE 500 Dollar Rebate


Target Market

Richard is targeting newcomers to making money online with his website and sales pitch. More experienced marketers would likely see all the holes in the story and know what he’s really selling.

MOBE itself also seems to focus on newbies, but you seriously need to be cashed up to join something like MOBE and have a chance of success with it.

Most newbies are not going to want to hand over $64,000 for a platform like MOBE, even if they do happen to have the cash.

There are people out there who do like these high ticket schemes though, so I guess they might be attracted to this.


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What I Do Like

  • It’s marginally possible to make a profit with MOBE if you can afford to spend up big and are highly motivated with very wide social circles


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Cash In On That Passion offers nothing.
  • It’s just a feeder site that funnels people into MOBE
  • The $97 joining fee gains you entry into MOBE’s 21 Steps program, not anything on the CTP Today website
  • It costs $64k to go all in with MOBE
  • Unless you are really awesome at selling and recruiting for expensive schemes, you’ll send yourself broke by joining something like MOBE
  • Richard Paul has numerous similar websites all peddling the same thing
  • This website is all fake and full of deceptive sales tactics
  • It’s really a bait and switch scenario going on here
  • The $500 discount is a bit of a joke and comes with many strings attached
  • High pressure tactics are used by your MOBE millionaire mentor to try and squeeze every cent they can out of you
  • MOBE is pay to play, so if you don’t pay, you don’t earn
  • A lot of MOBE affiliates sell MOBE with feeder sites like this one


How Much Does It Cost To Join Cash In On That Passion?

Your joining fee of $97 gets you into MOBE’s 21 Steps program. Normally this only costs $47, so it sounds like Richard is skimming an extra $50 off the top as well as getting a commission from MOBE.

And like I’ve mentioned a few times now, to buy everything on MOBE will set you back about $64k.


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is Cash In On That Passion a Scam or Legit?

Look, I’d call Cash In On That Passion somewhat of a scam because it’s very deceptive marketing. Everything on the website and in the sales video isn’t exactly the truth. Even the $500 for watching the video is really an outright lie.

Everything about the CTP Today website is a fake, a fraud, and who even knows if this Richard Paul is even a real person or just some made up persona?

High ticket schemes like MOBE are designed to milk their members dry. Yes, it’s possible to make big money with them, but man that’s going to be a really hard sell. And you need to be seriously cashed up with liquid capital before you can even have a chance of cashing in.

Don’t waste your time on this. Give it a miss.


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