Is Clicks Dealer a Scam or Ad Flipping Fortune?



Is Clicks Dealer a scam or not? People have been asking that exact question, so what’s the answer? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out in this review. This company claims you can make big bucks flipping ads, but what does that even mean and is it even true?

First, before we get into it, I want to say well done on being here. Why do I say that? Because if you’re here reading this review it shows you do your research before joining anything and means you’re one of the smart people online.

You’ll likely never waste your time on something or get scammed because of it.

Now read on and let’s discover the truth about the Clicks Dealer platform…



Clicks Dealer Reviews

Company Name: Clicks Dealer

Owner: Clicks Revenue Ltd

Price To Join: $250 Minimum Investment

My Rating: 0/10


~ Clicks Dealer Reviews ~



All around the world loads of people, millions, are living a life of freedom all because of the internet. Never before have so many of us been able to earn an income entirely from home, if that’s been the dream.

I’ve been living the laptop lifestyle for quite a few years now, because I make money online and I can’t imagine having things any other day. You can even make money while you sleep, because the internet is global and never sleeps.

Although the internet offers awesome global opportunities, and so many are venturing online to find ways to make cash, all the scammers are online as well, creating schemes where they hope to snare people looking for easy cash. We always have to be aware.

One of the very best ways to avoid the scammers and find the good stuff is by reading reviews like this one you’re reading right now. I created this site to help others find legit ways to make money online, and that’s why I write so many reviews of make money schemes and training schemes.

There were a lot of questions being asked about Clicks Dealer, so to me it sounded like something to look into, do some research on and write up a review on what I found out.

So let’s see if Clicks Dealer can really deliver on what it promises.


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What Is Clicks Dealer About?

Clicks Dealer is a platform owned by a company called Clicks Revenue Ltd, and operates out of the island of Cyprus.

There are some reports online where it’s claimed you can be making nearly $100k per month if you join Clicks Dealer. So how do you make this kind of cash? What is it you will be doing?

Well, apparently you’ll be “flipping ads” to make money, whatever the hell that means exactly.

Well, it’s something to do with buying banner ads that promote all sorts of common and popular stuff. The idea is you buy the ads and then sell them for a profit. The team at Clicks Dealer say that they provide you with software to buy and sell these ads.

Kind of sounds a bit weird in my opinion.

They then go on to say that once you have everything set up and running, it all works on autopilot. You get yourself your very own cash cow that makes money for you constantly by flipping these banner ads for you.

Still sounds weird.

Is any of this even true? Can you make all this fantastic money just by flipping banner ads? Or is there more to Clicks Dealer than what they’re telling us in their sales pitch?

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How Does Clicks Dealer Really Work?

I’ve actually come across a number of platforms that go on about this ad flipping. One of them is called BannerBit. Another one I reviewed fairly recently is called the “Free Ad Cash System”. I’ve also reviewed one called “Digital Payday”.

So there are a few platforms out there all going on about making money by flipping ads.

You buy ads and have the software place these ads on various sites. When people click on the ads, you make money. Now, the more popular your ads prove to be, the more valuable they become. Therefore, once they’ve had quite a few clicks, you can then “flip the ad” for more than you paid for it.

Now that all sounds good and easy in theory, but it’s actually a complete load of garbage.

Clicks Dealer, BannerBit, Digital Payday and Free Ad Cash System actually have absolutely nothing to do with earning money from advertising. This is all just a pretty cover to conceal what’s really going on behind the scenes.

The money you’re apparently spending on ads is really being used for something entirely different, and you’ll actually be surprised what that is, because it’s so far removed from banner advertising it’s ridiculous.


So What Is Clicks Dealer Really All About? What’s the Deal?

There are a few clues, plus the fact that I’ve seen this same ad flipping scam before going on under other names.

For starters, the platform asks for a minimum investment of $250. To me that’s a big clue. The second major clue is the fact that this company is registered in and operates out of Cyprus.

So why are these 2 clues important? What do they mean?

Well, there are a lot of Forex trading and binary options trading scams going around. I’ve seen loads of them, and most operate out of Cyprus and ask for a $250 minimum investment to get started.


Clicks Dealer Cyprus


Not everything Forex or options trading related is a scam of course, but there is a common scam going around under the guise of ad flipping, and another one that offers some magic trading software that can’t lose. Both have brokers in Cyprus and both ask for $250 in the first instance.

Some of these scams will go with cryptocurrencies instead of regular currencies, because of the growing popularity of digital coins like Bitcoin.

If you were to go further with this “ad flipping” scheme, you’ll end up being offered a choice of “unregulated” Forex brokers (although they’ll call them an ad flipping broker). That’s why they set up shop in Cyprus, where the laws are lax. You choose your broker, then you’ll be asked to invest the minimum of $250.

The broker will then invest in ads (Forex trading) on your behalf until you learn what to do. And how you’ll ever learn I don’t know, because they don’t train you to do anything.

Very quickly that initial investment will disappear and the broker or their representative will be on the phone to you asking you to invest thousands more.

Promises of a big payday just around the corner will be thrown at you, if only you invest that extra money.


Forex Broker Affiliates

These are the people generally responsible for the glut of fake websites out there peddling ad flipping and magic software.

These affiliates tend to earn 50% commissions from these dodgy brokers, meaning they likely get half of everything invested with the broker.

They lure people in with all this other BS, then bait and switch them over to Forex or binary options trading investment. In some instances you never actually know that’s what’s going on behind the scenes.

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Paid Actors

The video on the Clicks Dealer site (and it’s the same with similar sites I’ve seen or reviewed) all feature paid actors and videographers from the Fiverr freelancer website. These people are just reading a script given to them and are paid to create a sales video.

Unfortunately this is a super common practice online, especially among scams. They’ll also hire these paid actors to often create fake testimonial videos as well.

It’s all super deceptive. Everything about Clicks Dealer is total lies.


Clicks Dealer paid Actor 2


Target Market

The target audience here is anyone looking for simple and easy ways to make money online, which is a massive target market.

The problem is these schemes always hide their real agenda behind something that sounds innocuous and safe, when in reality it’s a scheme to take your initial investment and fleece even more money from you.


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What I Do Like

  • There is really nothing for me to like about this deceptive scam


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Ad flipping in the way they are advertising it is just a fantasy and a cover for the real scheme
  • This website is nothing but blatant lies
  • I’ve seen this same scam many times over now
  • Paid actors are used for the sales videos
  • Your initial investment (and future investments) are likely to fund a fraudulent Forex trading scam
  • This site is really just an affiliate’s feeder site so they can underhandedly earn commissions on something else entirely
  • Unfortunately both binary options and regular Forex are prone to scammers, despite being legit trading  opportunities in normal circumstances
  • The brokers are unregulated in a highly regulated industry, and that’s why they set up in Cyprus where there are more lenient laws
  • The affiliate likely receives up to a 50% commission for every dollar invested with the broker
  • You also surrender your ID and contact details to these scammers, which is a very dangerous move
  • There are lots of complaints online about people no being able to withdraw their funds from this fake ad flipping scheme


Clicks Dealer Complaints


How Much Does Clicks Dealer Cost?

Your initial investment will be $250, although sometimes it might only be $200. It’s an amount many people are comfortable investing to try something out. That’s why these scammers start low.

After that though, things really start to ramp up, because your next investment amount will usually be $1000 or more.

All your money will simply vanish into thin air, and these con artists will also have you ID, so it could cost you even more down the track with the distinct possibility of identity theft.


Is Clicks Dealer a Scam or Legit?

It’s a scam! These guys pretend they’re buying and selling ads for you on your behalf until you learn what you are doing.

No they’re not. They’re either just blatantly stealing your money and spending it, or they’re trading binary options with you cash and keeping any profit they make.

That’s why most people can never get any money back. The money is either long gone, or the broker wants to keep using it.

Unfortunately trading scams of this nature are very, very common practice.

Now don’t get me wrong. Forex trading and options trading are real and genuine, it’s just all the scammers out there preying on people who know nothing about this industry.

Don’t hand Clicks Dealer one cent of your money. You’ll lose it. The buying and selling ads is complete bullshit, to put it bluntly. It doesn’t happen.

Something far more sinister is going on behind the scenes, so please stay away from it.


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  • A computer and internet connection is all you need

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