Is Damsel In Defense a Scam? Make Money While Empowering Women!



Is Damsel In Defense a scam or a great business opportunity as well as empowering women with ways to protect themselves? I’ve been hearing a lot about this MLM company of late, so I wanted to take a look at it to see if it’s worthwhile or not.

Read on to discover the truth about Damsel In Defense….



Is Damsel In Defense a ScamCompany Name: Damsel In Defense


Price To Join: $99

My Rating: 7/10



~ Damsel In Defense Reviews ~



These days there are more MLM and network marketing companies and business opportunities than ever before. Everywhere you look there seems to be another one; especially when it comes to the health and wellness niche.

Damsel In Defense seems to have been in the limelight of late, maybe because it’s an MLM with a difference, focusing on a good cause. It really got my attention, so I decided to take a good look at it and write a review based on what I uncovered.

On my website I focus a lot of attention on product reviews of make money platforms and training programs. I do this so both myself and my readers can discover what’s good and what to avoid. Unfortunately the internet promotes a lot of make money scams, so we need to sort through those and weed them out to find the good stuff.

It’s awesome that you’re here reading this review, as it shows you do your homework and don’t just blindly join something without checking it out first. You are far less likely to ever fall for a scam that way.

Let’s now see how Damsel In Defense measures up and whether it’s worth your while…


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What Is Damsel In Defense?

This is a MLM company that’s a little different from all the others I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot of them.

Most tend to zero in of the super-saturated health, wellness and fitness niche, peddling pills, diet products, health drinks and so on, and they all seem to be jumping on the multi level marketing bandwagon.

Damsel In Defense is focused on selling self defense products to women. While the main focus here might be a female audience, from a business opportunity perspective, men can definitely be involved as well.

The company kicked off back in 2011 with the goal of equipping, empowering and educating women to protect themselves as well as their families.

This is achieved through their product line, but as a network marketing company, this also gives members the opportunity to build a business, make some money and help spread the word about this important topic.

In 2015 the Damsel House Project was started. The idea is to adopt a safe house in every country as the company expands its reach. These houses provide a safe haven for girls rescued from the sex trafficking trade, which is prevalent in countries such as India and Cambodia.

The website also makes the statement that 1 in 5 women are rape survivors. The company is aiming to reduce the statistics through growth and arming more women with self defense measures and education.


Is Damsel In Defense a Scam


There is also a charity arm attached to this MLM business. The company regularly donates money to the following charities:

  • Women’s and Children’s Alliance
  • Wipe Every Tear
  • Choice Charity
  • And more…

This network marketing company definitely seems to have its heart in the right place when it comes to their mission, goals and objectives.

While it’s possible to make money with a MLM business opportunity, it can be really tough going. I find affiliate marketing much easier and less complicated. For starters, there’s no direct selling or recruiting involved.

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Let’s now take a quick look at the products, then the business opportunity side of Damsel In Defense.


Damsel In Defense Products

Damsel In Defense has quite a few safety products and accessories in their catalogue, so I won’t be listing them all here. My review is more focused on the business opportunity, but we’ll take a quick snap shot of what’s on offer.

Click here to check out the full catalogue on their website.

The company sells personal defense items, as well as things like door alarms. To add a bit more flavour to the catalogue, they even sell some items to spruce up and accessorise the self defense “tools”, as they call them.

Generally the prices of products when it comes to MLM companies are very high, due to the way they pay their distributors. I was actually pleasantly surprised to find the prices of the Damsel In Defense products very fair and reasonable.

One of the most popular products is the Road Trip Tool. It features a strobe and LED flashlight, glass breaker, emergency beacon, sharp blade and alarm.

Other popular products include a variety of stun guns, one of which is disguised as a camera, personal alarms, pepper spray, books, various accessories and product bundles.

There is actually more on offer than what I’ve mentioned here, so go on over to their website to peruse the complete catalogue.


Damsel In Defense Products


The Damsel In Defense Compensation Plan

Generally there are always 2 main ways you can earn when you join the business side of any MLM company, and it’s the same with this one:

  1. Direct sales
  2. Recruitment and building a team

Within the company there is a total of 9 different ranks you can achieve. These include in ascending order:

  1. Recruit
  2. Protégé
  3. Junior Mentor
  4. Mentor
  5. Senior Mentor
  6. Director
  7. Crystal Director
  8. Pearl Director
  9. Diamond Director

From a direct sales point of view, when you first sign up as a recruit you’ll earn 25% commissions on the sales of any products you make. Once you advance to the rank of protégé you’ll start earning 30% commissions from then on.

The real money is in recruiting and building a downline, though. This way you can earn smaller commissions on the sales your recruits make, as well as boost your overall team sales volume so you can move up the ranks and earn various bonuses along the way.


Damsel In Defense Compensation Plan


The Party Plan Method

Back in the day this was one of the most preferred methods used by distributors to sell products to the people they know and friends of friends. Not too many MLM companies use this method today, but some still do.

Damsel In Defense is one of them.

They really push the party plan method of selling products and recruiting new members. Yes, this can work to a point, but what happens when you’ve hosted a party or two and you have no one left in your inner circle to sell to?

Damsel In Defense call their parties “Empower Hours”. There are some extra bonuses up for grabs when you use this sales method.

However, overall it can be very restrictive. It might be a good way to get some initial sales and recruits, but after that will come the hard slog of trying to sell to strangers and recruit people from somewhere that you don’t even know.

Getting your own website and getting online is a more far-reaching and effective method in my opinion.


The MLM Business Opportunity

It’s possible to make money with a MLM business, but it can be really hard going.

For starters, the very reason companies use this method of distribution is because of all the advantages it gives the company.

Damsel In Defense amass a whole army of “sales reps” who they can peddle their products to. As a distributor you only operate on a commission only basis, so the company doesn’t have to pay any wages or a retainer.

The distributors grow the business through recruiting, as well as do most of the advertising and promotions to get the products sold.


Damsel In Defense Banner


Seriously, the MLM company gets all the advantages with this business model, not the army of distributors.

Statistics show that around 95% of people fail to make any profit when joining network marketing business deals.

A small percentage of people at the top make most of the money, while the majority are around the middle or bottom of the compensation structure, meaning the vast majority are struggling to earn any real income, but are likely working their butts off in the process.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, despite how they sell the dream to you, you never actually own your own business with MLM. The company has complete ownership and control.

The way to determine whether you actually own your business is to have the capacity to sell that business.

You can’t sell a network marketing distributorship.

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Is Damsel In Defense An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Many MLM schemes get accused of being illegal pyramid operations, simply because the compensation plans they utilise operate on a pyramid pattern.

However, just because the hierarchy is a pyramid shape, doesn’t mean it’s an illegal pyramid scheme.

The definition of an illegal operation is when there are no products of any real or tangible value involved. In other words, all the money is generated through recruitment. The money from new members is used to pay the profits of those who referred them.

Damsel In Defense has loads of real products, and products that can be sold at a direct level, and not just to its members and distributors.

For this reason Damsel In Defense cannot be classified as an illegal pyramid scheme.


Target Market

This company, its products and the business opportunity is really targeting women of all ages, but certainly men can get involved as well.

MLM opportunities of all kinds are aimed at people looking to start some sort of business. Network marketing appeals because all of the setup has already been done. You just buy in, get some business materials, products and some guidance and off you go selling and recruiting.

Many people like the no-brainer simplicity of this kind of deal.


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What I Like

  • The compensation plan is quite fair and simple compared to many other MLM companies
  • The prices of the products are actually quite good and not super expensive
  • I like the way this company is focused on empowering women
  • They offer money to a number of charities


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • It’s always tough going trying to earn decent money in MLM
  • There is always too much emphasis on recruiting to have a chance of earning the bigger dollars
  • The party plan method is largely ineffective and very restrictive when it comes to getting sales and building an active team
  • Some of the products they sell are illegal in many regions
  • You don’t actually own your own business, the company does


How Much Does Damsel In Defense Cost?

At they time of this writing it costs $99 to join this opportunity at the base level. This gets you a basic starter kit that comes with some product samples and business materials.

You’ll find you always need to pay for everything you need when you join these businesses. Nothing is given to you.

To be considered “active” as a distributor, you need to personally buy (or sell to your friends) $150 worth of products every 3 months.

That’s actually not bad compared to some other MLM deals, that require that kind of volume (or more) on a monthly basis.


Damsel In Defense Banner 2


Is Damsel In Defense a Scam Or Legit?

Overall, this is one of the better MLM opportunities I’ve come across and it’s certainly no scam.

I like the fact that it’s different, promoting women’s safety and selling products in this important niche.

As far as the business side goes, overall it seems fairer than some other opportunities, and the prices of the products is pretty good.

At the end of the day though, trying to make some decent money with this is going to be really hard. There’s always a lot of competition in MLM, and to really get into the cash, you have to recruit like crazy so you can advance up the ranks.

It’s the only way to truly get somewhere in this type of business.


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