Is Easy Cash Concepts a Scam or Easy $12K a Month?



Is Easy Cash Concepts a scam or is it a legit opportunity? I’ve seen others asking this exact question and I was wondering the same thing myself. I decided I wanted to take a look at it and see if there was any chance it could live up to its enormous income hype.

Before I go on though, I’d really like to say congrats to you for being here and reading my review. It proves that you’re one of the smart ones. You don’t just blindly jump into anything. You do your research first. Chances are high you’ll never get scammed that way.

Okay, so let’s now discover the truth about Easy Cash Concepts…



Is Easy Cash Concepts a ScamCompany Name: Easy Cash Concepts

Owner: Amanda Winston?

Price To Join: $4.95 (5 Day Trial Offer)

My Rating: 0/10



~ Easy Cash Concepts Review ~



Getting into the habit of reading reviews enables us all to make much more informed and better choices. I created this website to help as many people as I can find ways to make money, especially on the internet. That’s why you’ll find so many reviews of training programs and make money online (MMO) products on this website.

I really love the internet because I can now earn a fulltime income from the comfort of home, and actually make money at any time of the day or night. For me it’s been the perfect innovation.

The downside is scammers realise that these days countless people are looking to cyberspace for ways to earn some cash. These con artists then create awesome-sounding schemes to hook people in and take their money. We always have to remain alert to this possibility, and reviews really help.

When I recently came across Easy Cash Concepts it sounded intriguing, so I just had to do some research on it and write a review about it.

So let’s see if Easy Cash Concepts is legit or a scam.


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What Is Easy Cash Concepts About?

The Easy Cash Concepts site claims it gives people some sort of “work from home kit”. Apparently this kit gives everyone the ability to generate $1000s a month without you even having to really do any work.

So far this sounds too good to be true.

There are only really two main pages to the website. One features a hyped up news article, while the second one is a page that collects all your personal information should you be interested in their “opportunity”.

If you do decide to surrender your personal info to them, they’ll reward you with their “digital money machine”.

Their words, not mine.

I’ve researched and reviewed hundreds and hundreds of online make money schemes, so I recognise red flags and signs when I see them, and quite easily too.

In my opinion, even before I’d dug deeper into this scheme, I figured it’s likely a scam just from reading the news article.

So what’s this news article all about then?

It tells the story of (likely fictitious) character named Jamie Taylor. It’s your typical hard luck story because most of us can relate to these. Jamie was struggling in life. She lost her job, couldn’t get another job and was really down and out and almost destitute.

But then she happens upon this magic make money scheme, provided by Easy Cash Concepts, and her life totally turns around as she starts making tons of cash online from home.


Is Easy Cash Concepts a Scam


I’ve seen this same kind of story hundreds of times now.

After we’re given the rags to riches story, we’re then encouraged to go to the next page and hand over our information so we can turn our own lives around just like Jamie did.

Apparently in no time whatsoever, Jamie went from broke to making anywhere between $9000 to $12,000 a month, every month. The money is earned with companies like Google, Amazon, Walmart and so on.

There are various links all over the main page of the website. If you happen to click one of these links you’ll be directed to another website where we are greeted with the system I mentioned earlier – The Digital Money Machine.

Who doesn’t want one of those. Right?

The Digital Money Machine says you can transform your computer or smartphone into a digital cash cow that just spits out money with ease.

Once again we are encouraged to fill out some form and surrender all our information to them. Only then will the make money from home kit be mailed to us.

Obviously Easy Cash Concepts and Digital Money Machine are websites created by the same scammer and just serve as two ways to get a hold of your details by promising unbelievable, easy money.

The only problem is, neither site ever gets around to telling us HOW we’ll be making all this instant cash.

The only thing these sites actually tell us is that the news article is an “advertorial”. This means it’s an article that has an agenda attached to it and is generally designed as sales material and may not even be a true story.

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How Does Easy Cash Concepts Really Work?

So what’s really going on with Easy Cash Concepts (aka Digital Money Machine) then?

What’s their agenda? What do they want?

Well, the first obvious thing they want is our personal details, probably with the intention of spamming us with all manner of offers to milk money from us.

This is nothing more that a bait and switch type of scheme to try and get as much money out of unsuspecting people as possible. I’ve seen all this kind of stuff too many times before.

To get the kit they promise you they ask for a $4.95 fee which they say is for a trial period, but after they get your credit card details, they then start charging you $44.75 per month to host some website for you.


Digital Money Machine


Jamie Taylor Isn’t a Real Person

As I suspected, upon further research I discovered that Jamie Taylor is a fictitious character. She’s a made up name to accompany a made up success story, designed to lure people in and get them to hand their info over.

In the screenshots below you’ll see a picture of Jamie with her two children, looking really happy because life is going so well after discovering the Easy Cash Concepts system.

Further below you’ll see the exact same photo available on the Shutterstock stock photography website.

Lifting images from stock photo sites is common practice for scams. It enables them to give a face to some fake character trying to sell the story.


Jamie Taylor Easy Cash Concepts

Jamie Taylor Shutterstock


The Fake News Website

Easy Cash Concepts News StoryThe Easy Cash Concepts site is designed to look a lot like a news website. It’s not. There’s no other news on the site other than the fake Jamie Taylor story and some generic news footage video about making money from home; a story that has no direct connection to Easy Cash Concepts or Digital Money Machine.

Copy how I’m making $1000s a month in passive income!

The main Jamie Taylor story is nothing but an advertorial, meaning advertising wrapped up inside an actual story. It’s not real. These types of rags to riches tales are invented time and time again. Search enough of these make money schemes and you’ll see almost identical stories as all these scammy sites copy each other’s ideas.


Target Market

This is pretty much targeting anyone who is new to making money online but is really searching for something to try. Along comes Easy Cash Concepts and their Digital Money Machine that pumps out 5 figures a month and it sounds perfect to the inexperienced online entrepreneur.

The problem with get rich quick scams is they really know how to push the right emotional buttons. People with experience won’t fall for it, but newbies often will and do.

It’s unfortunate, but that can be the reality of wanting to make money online, and why I write reviews about stuff like this.


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What I Do Like

  • I can’t say there’s anything I like about Easy Cash Concepts


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The advertorial is just a made up success story
  • Jamie Taylor and the person who interviews her are just fake names and made up personas
  • Jamie Taylor’s photo is just taken from a stock photo website
  • The website is made to look like a news site, but it’s nothing more than a 2 page site
  • The video news footage is a real story, but it’s offering generic information about working from home and has nothing at all to do with Easy Cash Concepts
  • This scheme really over-hypes the amount of money you can make
  • There is never any mention of how you’ll be making thousands every month
  • These scammers are masters of telling people what they want to hear
  • The line about making all this money without having to do any work is all BS


Easy Cash Concepts Fake Income


How Much Does It Cost To Join Easy Cash Concepts?

You apparently get their make money kit and get access to their make money program for just $4.95 for a 5 day trial. After that 5 days is up they’ll be charging your credit card at a rate of $44.75 per month to host some website for you.

They claim the original price was $1999.95. Hmmm….


Is Easy Cash Concepts a Scam or Legit?

Yep, I’m prepared to label this one a scam without hesitation whatsoever. Everything about the 2 websites just seems fake and designed to get people to give up their contact details and credit card information.

I must admit I still don’t know exactly what it’s all about, but I’m sure it’s not anything good or something you’ll want to get involved with.

I’ve seen so many similar concepts and scams to Easy Cash Concepts in the past, and I seriously would not touch it. The very fact that they never truly reveal what its all about is a big red flag on its own.

Follow that up with the fake news story and the fake photo and there’s really not much else we need to know.

Not only will they take your money, they’ll also likely spam you with all sorts of other stuff that could also be scams.

Steer well clear of this one.


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