Is EZ Money Team a Scam or $1 Million In 12 Months?



Is EZ Money Team a scam or a legit way to make money online from home? The scheme makes the claim that members can be making money within just one hour of joining, but is this really true, or just a bunch of hype to lure people in and hook them?

We’ll get right into the EZ Money Team review in just a moment, but first I wanted to offer my congrats that you found your way here. You obviously do some research on things first before you join anything, and that’s smart.

Likely you won’t ever get scammed because of that.

Now read on to learn the truth about EZ Money Team and whether it’s the real deal…



Is EZ Money Team a Scam

Company Name: EZ Money Team

Owner: Jeffery Hart

Price To Join: $67 + Upsells

My Rating: 1/10


~ EZ Money Team Reviews ~


First off I just wanted to say I’m not associated with EZ Money Team in any way, so this is a totally unbiased and independent review.

In the modern world it seems that just about everybody is looking to make some money online from home in one form or another, whether that be some spare change doing surveys, some decent part-time cash, earning a fulltime income, or starting some type of online business.

It’s all doable online and we get access to a massive global audience that never sleeps.

What this means is that you can potentially earn money any time of the day or night, and even make passive income in your sleep.

I do, and I’ve been pulling in a fulltime lifestyle income for years now online. And what I mean by lifestyle income is that I get to live a freedom lifestyle, the laptop lifestyle. To me there’s nothing better.

Unfortunately, while there are so many options online that are good and legit, the internet is also home to loads of make money scams as well. Most of these schemes sound awesome, but are too good to be true when it comes to their income claims.

We always have to stay awake and alert to this.

One of the best ways we can educated ourselves so we can avoid the scams and separate them from all the good stuff online is by reading reviews just like this one. I write so many reviews on my Laptop Freedom Living website for that very reason; because I want to help people make legit money online.

I recently received an email about EZ Money Team and it sounded interesting, so I decided to do some research on it and write up a review.

Let’s now see if EZ Money Team can live up to its promises or not.


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What Is EZ Money Team About?

Just the very name of this platform raises a bit of a red flag for me, as I know there’s no real “easy” money to be made anywhere, and it’s the same online. Not unless you win money or something.

Jeffery Hart is the name of the guy who brings us the EZ Money Team and he claims we can be making money within just one hour of joining.

That’s a second red flag for me, as making money that quickly is rare to near impossible.

Anyway, Jeffery claims to be a millionaire thanks to his money making system, and in his video he states that we can all become millionaires within one year just working a few hours per day.

That’s a third red flag, as I’ve never come across anything where you can just put in a few hours of effort and become a millionaire.


EZ Money Team Jeffery Hart


The sales video presents us with a typical rags to riches tale. So many of these online make money schemes tell the tale of poverty and struggle to wealth, as I guess many of us can relate to this kind of tale.

We’re told how a single mother was really, really down on her luck, but when she found EZ Money Team, everything changed. Now she’s rich and living the good life, and she didn’t even have to work that hard to get there.

I’ve heard similar stories in these sales videos countless times before, and they’re all fictional.

Along with the hype and the rags to riches tale, Jeffery also tells us that simply by clicking 3 buttons, the money will just come pouring in.

Now that’s we’ve gone through all the sales rhetoric, what is EZ Money Team?

It’s a basic course in affiliate marketing to make money online, and we’ll dig into it in the next section.

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How Does EZ Money Team Really Work?

As I said above, EZ Money team offers a very basic affiliate marketing course that takes advantage of email marketing to achieve objectives.

Just paying to join EZ Money Team is not enough though, as there will be more tools to buy to complete your money making system.

Jeffery is obviously an affiliate of all the tools he recommends you get, and he’ll make a commission on every purchase made by members. Although it’s fine to earn money as an affiliate (I do it), it can be a bit of an issue when the scheme and the products are a bit on the dodgy side.

So basically you join EZ Money Team, and as you advance through the training, you’ll spend more money on tools and upsells, so you can be in a position to start making some money, or so they say.


EZ Money Team Training

Let’s now briefly look at what’s on offer in the training, and there are 4 modules in all. To be honest, the training doesn’t really offer much at all and there are lots of gaps in it. This means there are so many pieces missing that I can’t really see anyone making much money after completing it.


Module 1

Here you’ll be shown how to create an account with a rather dubious affiliate network called Clicksure, which plays host to many rather dodgy make money schemes. The reason Jeffery wants you to create an account here is so you can promote some products hosted on Clicksure.

Some of the products Jeffery encourages people to promote are known make money scams. Whether he’s associated with these products other than being an affiliate, I’m not sure, but you’ll develop a bad reputation as an online marketer if you openly, and positively, promote platforms that scam people.

Also in this module you’ll learn how to get your own website up and running, which you’ll host on another non-recommended hosting platform called CoolHandle. Jeffery will gain a commission when you buy a hosting package.

By the way, the website you get with this is nothing more than a landing page to build your email list, basically.


Coolhandle Pissed Consumer


Module 2

You will now be taught a little about email marketing to promote the Clicksure products, and to help with this, you’ll be required to buy traffic from a place called ClickDrop.

Essentially you are purchasing solo ads, where you rent space on established email lists and pay per click. This method can sometimes be effective if your promotion is on a good email list, but it can work out quite expensive too.


Module 3

Now you are told to go out and purchase yet another product. This one is called WebFire, which is a tracking and lead generation tool. You’ll learn how to find good keywords to target so you can get traffic to your website.


Module 4

Jeff is offering a rather basic and misleading program here himself, plus he’s encouraging people to promote known scams. But what’s funny in this module is he talks about scams and how to avoid them, yet promotes these same scams himself.

This fourth module is pretty much a waste of time.

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Fake Testimonials

Fabricated testimonials are so common place, and the reason they are used is to create an air of credibility so people will join.

Of course, scams and anything else that use fake testimonials tries to pass them off as being real feedback by real people, when in fact the videos use paid actors reading a script, and written testimonials are accompanied by stock photos representing the person supposedly writing the review.

Scams don’t have any genuine positive testimonials to include, so they make them up. And that’s exactly what EZ Money Team has done.

Just check out the screenshots below.


EZ Money Team Fake Testimonial 1

EZ Money Team Fake Testimonial 2


The News Endorsements Are Also Fake

Pretending to have been featured on the news, or endorsed by major global news channel is another very common tactic to try and gain credibility and get your money. I’ve seen this ploy used over and over again as well.

You’ll see news logos and some very generic footage about people making money online that could relate to anything, and it’s nothing specific to do with EZ Money Team whatsoever.


Target Audience

This is targeting newbies to making money online, in my opinion, because people with experience would immediately see all the holes and red flags attached to this scheme.

They also push the usual hot buttons of big money in quick time with very little work required on your behalf.


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What I Like

  • There is some very basic training that comes with this scheme
  • Some of the tools are “okay”, but you have to pay extra for them


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The sales pitch tells you very little about what the program actually does. I had to dig up that information
  • I highly doubt anybody would become a millionaire from what’s being taught here, let alone in 12 months
  • Both Clicksure and CoolHandle are rather dodgy platforms
  • The programs Jeffery recommends you promote are scams in some cases
  • Jeffery likely gets a commission every time somebody buys the extra tools
  • Nobody will make money within the first hour of joining this. That’s an outright lie
  • The testimonials are faked
  • The news endorsements are fake
  • You need to spend more money on tools, and then there are other upsells


How Much Does EZ Money Team Cost To Join?

Let’s now see what this all costs to join and get going with.

The initial asking price is $67, but often this will get discounted. If you try to leave the website without buying, you’ll keep getting screens pop up that continually discount the price until it’s as low as $9.

This is just to entice you to join so Jeff can start hammering you with buying tools and upsells, which is where he’ll make most of his money. The upsells include two more of Jeff’s own products, which cost $99 and $199 respectively.


EZ Money Team Discount


Is EZ Money Team a Scam Or Legit?

I wouldn’t rate EZ Money Team a total scam, because you do get some very rudimentary training for your money that “might” help you make a few dollars, but my problem is all the BS hype loaded into the sales pitch, hype that is totally unrealistic and basically lies.

Then there are the fake testimonials and news endorsements, all the other tools and upsells you’re required to buy, plus the encouragement to promote known money making scams that are hosted on the Clicksure platform, renowned for hosting dodgy schemes.

Basically this platform is more designed to extract money out of people over and over again. Rather than offering any real value or decent training.

I’d give it a miss. It’s basically a waste of time and money and very misleading. There are far, far better options out there.


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I won’t make the claim that EZ Money Team does and say you’ll become a millionaire from it in 12 months, because you likely won’t, but some marketers are rich from being affiliates.

Other affiliates just do it as a simple side gig for extra cash, but when it’s your fulltime income earner, it gives you real lifestyle freedom of passive income, time and money.

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