Is Fast Cash Club a Scam? Read My Review To Uncover the Truth!



Is Fast Cash Club a scam or not? That’s what people have been asking about this binary options trading software. The owners make the claim that we can earn $1000s a day with their software, but is that really the truth, or just a catchy sales pitch?

Congrats on finding your way here to my review of this trading scheme. I say congrats because chances are you’ll never get scammed, and that’s because you do your research before you join anything. That’s smart.

Now read on to discover the truth about Fast Cash Club…



Is Fast Cash Club a ScamCompany Name: Fast Cash Club

Owner: John Harris & Aaron Martin

Price To Join: $250 Minimum Investment

My Rating: 0/10



~ The Fast Cash Club Review ~



These days so many people seem to look to the internet to find ways to make money, because there are just so many options online. It’s one of the things I really love about cyberspace, and never before have there been so many options to make money from home.

There are also a lot of dodgy schemers who go online too, trying to lure in the people seeking out ways to make money. They produce programs that promise the world, all designed to take our cash, so we all have to remain alert.

Reading reviews like this one is your best defense against the scammers, and also the best way to find the stuff that’s worthwhile.

I created my website to help people make money, and that’s why I research and review so many make money products and training schemes. It helps us all make the right decisions.

I’ve done some Forex trading in my time and very recently a scheme called Fast Cash Club came onto my radar. I decided I would dig into it and write a review about it.

So let’s now see if Fast Cash Club is really as good as the makers claim it is.


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What Is Fast Cash Club All About?

John Harris presents us with the sales pitch for the Fast Cash Club and he claims to be the founder and CEO of the company.

The guy says he’s actually looking for beta testers for his system and that members can be making money – big money – from the very first day.

What John Harris and Aaron Martin have allegedly created is an automated trading software program that helps you make money with binary options. The software was launched back in 2016 and John claims is gives users a massive 98% success rate, meaning you would only lose 2 out of every 100 trades.

I find that extremely hard to believe.

John then goes on to say that he really wants to help us make money and is not like all the other so-called gurus out there.

This sounds my alarm bells as well.

So we’ve got a guy basically saying we can trust him and that we can make $2000 to $3000 a day almost immediately with his automated trading software that has a 98% success rate.

Hell, if this software is that awesome then there must be a lot of talk going around trading circles about this John Harris dude and the Fast Cash Club.

But guess what? There’s not. There’s no verifiable information on this guy and his mate anywhere that I can find.

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Fast Cash Club John Harris


How Does Fast Cash Club Really Work?

Fast Cash Club is a digital product sold on the popular ClickBank marketplace. There are some decent products on ClickBank, but there are loads of dodgy make money online (MMO) scams as well. The good thing about ClickBank is they do have a 60 money back guarantee on everything sold there.

The people behind Fast Cash Club are masters of telling people what they want to hear.

In nearly all the sales pitches I’ve seen and heard for schemes like this one, they pretty much say the same things. It’s all hype, trying to convince people to part with their money for some magic money making program that does all the work for you.

Anyway, the software is designed to follow the Forex markets and place trades for you on the binary options market.

In case you’re unaware, binary options is really a simplified form of trading, and is kind of like choosing heads or tails on a coin toss. You predict whether one half of a currency pair is going to finish higher or lower over a predetermined time period, often as short as 30 seconds.

Now this automated software is supposedly designed to follow the market for you and place the trades on your behalf, delivering to you that unheard of 98% success rate. All you have to do is flick the switch, then go off and enjoy your day, returning to count all the money the magic software has made you.

So basically these guys have invented the ultimate cash cow that makes you money at will, even without you having to do anything, yet they’re willing to sell this cash cow to everyone else for a lousy 37 bucks.

Now, any logical person would have to ask themselves why?

It’s because the only way they make any money themselves is by selling everyone else a fantasy. If their software was that good, they would just be making a fortune by trading. They wouldn’t be bothering to create a site to sell it to others for such a cheap price.


Is Fast Cash Club a Scam


What This Is Really Likely All About

I’ve seen this exact same con so many times before it’s getting cliché.

Free Ad Cash System is another similar scam I reviewed a while back.

So let me explain what this scam is likely all about, seen as though I’ve seen it that many times now.

The people behind sites like Fast Cash Club are generally affiliates working for unregulated Forex brokers. It’s the affiliate’s job to get investors over to these brokers so the brokers can trade with their money.

Generally the broker will pay the affiliate up to 40% of whatever the invested amount is, so if they hooked someone into their bogus scheme and that person handed the broker $1000, the affiliate likely gets paid a cool 400 bucks for his/her time.

Generally they’ll ask for an initial investment of $250, something many people can afford. However, this $250 usually disappears very quickly and the broker or their representative will be on the phone to you encouraging you to invest thousands of dollars more.

You’re always told you can’t really lose money in these scams, but all you’ll do is lose.

You’ll find that just about everything about the Fast Cash Club and the website is totally fake, because even this John Harris guy who supposedly runs it isn’t even a real person.

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The Owner Is Fake!

I mentioned earlier that I couldn’t dig up any information on this John Harris, despite him supposedly having invented some trading software that can’t lose.

Well, that’s because he’s fake. His name’s fake and so is the photo of himself he has on the Fast Cash Club website. The photo is taken from the Shutterstock stock photography site.

John isn’t real and I’m willing to bet his mate Aaron is just as much a figment of the imagination as well.

Check out the images below.


Fast Cash Club John Harris

John Harris Shutterstock


The Testimonials Are Also Fake!

Scams like this one won’t have any genuine praise, so they have to fabricate it by hiring actors on Fiverr to create fake testimonial videos.

This is extremely common, more common that what a lot of people would think.

These actors are simply reading a script they’ve been told to read. It’s all BS!


Fast Cash Club Fake Testimonial 1

Fast Cash Club Fake Testimonial 2


Target Market

These con artists target the get rich quick mentality, because that’s exactly how they sell their scams. They promise big bucks in quick time, without the need to do any work whatsoever.

Everything just magically happens on autopilot and everyone gets rich.

They make these schemes sound too good to resist, and those with no trading experience simply don’t really know any better, so they end up getting suckered into the con.

It’s unfortunate, but it happens all the time online if you’re not smart about things.


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What I Do Like

  • Honestly, I can’t come up with one thing I like about Fast Cash Club


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • John Harris and his mate Aaron Martin are not real people. They are just aliases the owners of the site are hiding behind
  • Fiverr actors have been employed to create the fake testimonial videos
  • This site is all about hype and never really tells you what’s really going on
  • There is no automated trading software program that can accurately predict winning trades at almost 100% success rate
  • The broker will be a dodgy, unregulated broker in a highly regulated industry
  • The person behind the Fast Cash Club is very likely an affiliate for the broker, and gets a commission of every dollar invested with the broker
  • Why would anyone be selling such a cash cow for a measly $37?


How Much Does It Cost To Join Fast Cash Club?

They claim this platform is free to join, but it’s not really, because you’ll need to invest a minimum of $250 to get started. This will likely be followed up with urgent requests to invest thousands more when the first $250 quickly disappears.

If you go to their ClickBank sales page you’ll see they’re charging $37 for the “free” software.


Is Fast Cash Club a Scam or Legit?

Binary options trading itself isn’t a scam, and you can purchase software that helps you with your trading, but Fast Cash Club is definitely a scam in my opinion.

I’ve seen this exact same thing so many times now. It’s all one big con job to suck money out of people by promising unbelievable return rates and big daily dollars. None of it is real, including the guys behind the scheme.

If you ever come across anything that obviously sounds too good to be true, then give it a wide berth, because it’ll either be a scam, or something that really can’t live up to it’s own hype.

Give Fast Cash Club a miss.


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