Is Federal Account Recovery a Scam? Yes It Is!



Is Federal Account Recovery a scam or legit? That’s the question on everyone’s lips about this company that appears to be offering easy work from home jobs. On paper it sounds like the perfect solution for earning some extra cash, but is it really what it seems?

We’ll get right into the review in just a moment, but first I wanted to say congrats on being here on my site. The very fact that you’re searching for reviews means you’re smart enough to do your homework before jumping into anything.

This will save you from wasting your time or falling for a scam.

Now read on to discover the whole truth about the Federal Account Recovery scheme…



Is Federal Account Recovery a ScamCompany Name: Federal Account Recovery

Owner: Brenda Paulson

Price To Join: $5 Multiple Times

My Rating: 0/10



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In the modern age multiple millions of people are making a living working from home online. Obviously this wasn’t possible before the internet. I do it myself, living the laptop lifestyle and having no boss to answer to. It’s lifestyle freedom.

Every day many more people search the internet for ways to make some cash. With a global reach and always happening 24/7, it’s little wonder people are turning to cyberspace for new opportunities.

Of course, with this many people around the world looking online for options, that environment makes it ripe for the scammers to invent dodgy schemes just to try and cash in and make a quick buck. We always have to be aware of that fact.

The reason I write so many reviews of training schemes and make money platforms on my site is because reviews are one of the very best ways to sort the scams from the good stuff out there. I created this website to help others make money, so that’s why I concentrate so much on product reviews.

There was lots of talk in some social circles online lately about the Federal Account Recovery work from home scheme. It sounded perfect to investigate and write a review on, so I did.

So let’s now see if Federal Account Recovery is the real deal or not.

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What Is Federal Account Recovery About?

The name of this website and platform sounds very official, and even makes it sound like something run by a government department.

That’s what they want people to think.

The site is allegedly offering some simple work from home tasks that anybody with no experience can do.

Brenda Paulson, the woman who apparently runs this operation, says she and her site members have been helping people all across North America recover lost funds and assets for more than a decade.

The problem is though, if you look up the date of the domain registration for this website, it’s only been around since 2015, so they can’t have successfully been helping people for 10 years.

Some of the things Federal Account Recovery claims they help out with include:

  • Missing property
  • Forgotten banks accounts
  • Lost money
  • Unclaimed inheritance
  • Insurance policies
  • Unclaimed stock dividends
  • And so on…

What’s more, when you work for this company, they say they take a 30% fee of anything they recover, and then share a massive 75% of that fee with you.

Seems rather generous. More like it’s just a sales line to hook people in and make it sound really attractive.

There are legit recovery services throughout North America, to be sure. But even without these services, people can search for lost money, bank accounts, assets and so on themselves through government websites.

  1. NAUPA
  2. Missing Money

To name just a couple of sites that will help people find and claim lost funds. These services are free to use and don’t charge 30% finder’s fees.

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How Does Federal Account Recovery Really Work?

So we now understand basically what Federal Account Recovery is and does. Let’s now look at how it actually works and what they say members who join will be doing.

When you join you don’t actually join “Federal Account Recovery”. You’ll be redirected to another website called “Legit Flex Job”. This is where you sign up for these work from home opportunities.

Here’s the basic process of how everything works:

  1. Create a free account with Legit Flex Job
  2. Watch some training videos
  3. Search databases for accounts with at least $500 in them
  4. Input the account information onto a worksheet you’re given
  5. Submit the worksheet along with a $5 handling fee per worksheet
  6. Allegedly you get paid within 3 to 5 business days of the company receiving your worksheet

Sounds pretty straightforward, but what’s with the $5 handling fee per worksheet submitted? Aren’t these people supposed to be paying you?

Now here’s the truth about this scheme.

No one gets paid. It’s a total scam. Legit Flex Job is a well known scam. I actually reviewed something very similar just the other day called “NorthAmeriCorp”. It’s also a scam, and claims to pay you an hourly rate for helping people find lost funds.

Look at the 3 screenshots below. 3 different companies, all the same building (which is just a stock photo).


Is Federal Account Recovery a Scam

Legit Flex Job Building



What’s Really Going On?

Federal Account Recovery, Legit Flex Job and NorthAmeriCorp are all the same scam run by the same scammers. They just change the name of the business and vary the scam slightly. All they’re doing is creating fake work from home jobs and charging people money to get involved.

Federal Account Recovery is charging a $5 fee per worksheet. NorthAmeriCorp charge people a $52 joining fee to “work for them” and also help people find lost funds. This fee is for purchasing some “necessary” antivirus software. Right.

When you send money away, you’re just sending your cash to some anonymous person at the other end. They take your cash and simply keep it. You NEVER get paid anything. Only they get paid. That’s the whole purpose of these scams.

These dodgy companies couldn’t care less about reuniting people with lost money. They’re just playing on this to make it sound like they have a legit operation where they can con money out of people with the promise of much bigger money in return.

Money that you never ever receive!

I mean, how could this mob pay you within a few days of receiving your worksheet? They have to get in touch with the beneficiary as well as the place where the lost funds are being held and arrange for their release.

To me this sounds like a process that would take weeks at the very least.

Anyway, I’ve searched the internet high and low to try and find anyone who has ever been paid money by Federal Account Recovery, NorthAmeriCorp or Legit Flex Job and haven’t been able to locate a single person.

It’s nothing but a scam to steal your money.

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Is Brenda Paulson Even Real?

She’s the person allegedly behind the Federal Account Recovery scheme, but is she a real person, or just someone anonymously hiding behind an alias? Which is so common with scams.

If you visit the website you’ll notice there’s absolutely no information about her on there. There’s also no “About” page, which you’ll find on just about every reputable website online.

The photo on the website used to represent Brenda is merely a stock photo available for purchase on a number of different stock photography sites.

There are also 2 addresses where you can send your worksheets and money to. One is a UPS store, while the second is a PO box.

I don’t think anything about this operation is real.


Target Market

Unfortunately scams like this one not only target people looking for some online opportunities, they are also directed at jobseekers who very likely really needing to make some money to survive. That’s why they’re looking for what sounds like some sort of paying job rather than an online business opportunity.

Along come the scammers from Federal Account Recovery and charge these people – many of whom are already doing it tough financially – to do the proposed work.

It never ceases to amaze me how there are so many people out there without a conscience, and who have no problems whatsoever with blatantly ripping people off.


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What I Do Like

  • I don’t like a single thing about this scam


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Brenda Paulson isn’t a real person
  • The 2 addresses listed on the website are not even directly related to a business called “Federal Account Recovery”
  • The $5 processing fee per worksheet is just a way to get your money
  • No one ever gets paid for this “job”
  • It’s the same scam as Legit Flex Job and NorthAmeriCorp
  • People can use free online services to search for their own lost money
  • Everything about this website is a total lie to suck people in


Federal Account Recovery Complaints


How Much Does Federal Account Recovery Cost To Join?

Technically there’s nothing to pay to join through Legit Flex Job, but the way these people get their hands on your money in this particular scheme is by charging the $5 handling and processing fee per worksheet submitted.

Federal Account Recovery’s PO box must be brimming with cash and money orders on a daily basis.


Is Federal Account Recovery a Scam or Legit?

Yep, this one is the perfect definition of a scam. There is nothing real about it. You won’t get paid anything, and the entire scheme is designed to get YOUR money, not help you MAKE money.

Brenda Paulson is fake. Federal Account Recovery is fake. The processing jobs are fake. The amount they say they’ll pay you is fake.

The whole setup is a hoax. Don’t touch this one. You’ll just waste time and lose your money.


How To Make Awesome Money Online for REAL!

Lifestyle FreedomEven though Federal Account Recovery proved to be a total scam, that’s not to say every money making opportunity online is like that. There are loads of good ones.

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