Is Global Travel International a Scam? MUST READ!



Is Global Travel International a scam or not? There has been a lot of chatter online, and in my Global Travel International review I intend to answer this question and more. We would all like to know if this travel company truly offers great travel deals and whether we can make some money in the process.

Just before we dive right in, I first wanted to say congrats on you being here and reading this review. It means you’re one of the smart people online who doesn’t just blindly join something without doing your research first.

The chances of you getting scammed or wasting time and money are slim because of it.

Now read on to discover the truth about Global Travel International…



Is Global Travel International a ScamCompany Name: Global Travel International

Owners: Randall J. Warren and Michael A. Gross

Price To Join: $299 To Start

My Rating: 5/10



~ Global Travel International Review ~


A Quick Intro…

For me, the internet has given me the opportunity to live the kind of freedom lifestyle I’ve always craved. Making money online from home is true freedom at its best.

Anyone can make an income from the internet these days in one form or another. There are opportunities to make some pocket money, a regular part-time income, fulltime income and way beyond that.

And because it’s a global marketplace out there, money can come in at any time of the night or day. That’s pretty awesome.

The negative side that accompanies so many people turning to cyberspace to look for options is that all of the scammers are also online. They invent schemes targeting newbies, hoping to suck them in by telling them what they want to hear and then taking peoples’ hard earned money.

This is something that we must always be alert to.

One of the best way to combat the scammers and avoid their dodgy schemes is by reading product reviews just like this one. It’s also the best way to discover the loads of good stuff out there. I created this website to help people, and the best way I know how is by writing reviews.

I kept hearing mentions of this Global Travel International scheme, so it got me interested enough to look into it and write up a review detailing my findings.

So let’s now see if Global Travel International is really worth your time or not.


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What Is Global Travel International About?

Is Global Travel International a ScamCo-founded back in 1994 by Randall J. Warren and Michael A. Gross, Global Travel International is purpose built for travel enthusiasts who want some decent travel bargains, as well as having the opportunity to also make some money.

At first glance Global Travel International looks and smells like a multi level marketing (MLM) scheme, but it actually isn’t when you look deeper into it.

I’ve written a few reviews of travel MLM companies in the past, and I thought this was going to be another one like:

  1. World Ventures
  2. Evolution Travel
  3. Inteletravel

Anyway, Global Travel International is a little different to the 3 I mentioned above in that it’s not MLM.

The company is based out of Orlando, Florida, and the founders pioneered a way for people with the travel bug to get some discount travel deals, as well as set up their very own mini travel agencies from home.

Instead of having to attend classes to learn how to be a travel agent, when you team up with GTI, all you have to do is pay a fee and you instantly become one.

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Global Travel International Banner


How Does Global Travel International Really Work?

What you will be doing as a member of GTI is operating your very own independent travel agency from home, as well as being able to avail of a whole host of travel deals and discounts.

There is also training that shows you what to do so you’re not just left floundering wondering what happens next. Along with that GTI also arms you with all the tools you need to run your business and be successful with it.

As a traveller and a business rep, you’ll be granted access to the following companies once you sign up to become a member of GTI:

  • Carnival Cruises
  • Holland America Line Cruises
  • Apple Vacations
  • Trafalgar Tours
  • Car Rental Companies
  • Travel Insurance
  • Transportation Services
  • Various Other Tours
  • And more…

In essence, Global Travel International is enabling you to have access to the vast buying power of their network and negotiate awesome travel packages for yourself and your clients through these agencies, cruise lines and tour operators.

You don’t need to spend money renting office or shop space. This can all be accomplished from the comfort of your own home.

Some of the tools you receive include things like:

  • Training
  • Webinars
  • Marketing Materials
  • Teleconferences
  • And more…



The Travel Benefits At a Glance

Apart from the capacity to make money from your very own travel agency, as a Global Travel International member, you’ll also enjoy stuff like the following:

  • Global Travel International Banner 2Hotels all around the world
  • Up to 70% discount on hotels
  • Room upgrades
  • Rental car upgrades
  • Discounts on flights
  • Discounts on cruises
  • Various travel industry perks
  • Other exclusive discounts
  • Earn free travel
  • Make commissions on cruise and hotel bookings
  • Make commissions on tours
  • 24/7 booking engine
  • Official photo ID
  • Marriott Hotel Paradise Elite Membership
  • And more…

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How You Make Money With GTI

This is where it starts to sound like a MLM deal, because the company uses the 2 main ways to earn just like MLM schemes do:

  • Direct sales
  • Recruitment

However, the difference here is that you are simply recruiting new members and earning yourself a commission when you do. There are no downlines being built. You don’t earn commissions on any sales your direct recruits make, and you certainly don’t earn commissions on any of their recruits.

So basically you can sell tourism and travel packages to make a commission, and you can also entice new members to join GTI and make a commission.

Depending on which level of membership you’re on with GTI, the commission rates on direct sales will vary. Let’s look at what they are:

  1. Silver Membership = 5% Commissions
  2. Gold Membership = 7% Commissions
  3. Platinum Membership = 9% Commissions

When it comes to bringing new members into the business, you don’t earn any ongoing commissions. What you’ll receive is a $100 bonus for everybody who joins through you.

Unfortunately there is no scope to earn any passive or residual commissions with this deal. It’s more hands on, selling travel deals and enticing new members to get involved. There are no other ways to earn.

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Global Travel International Complaints

Global International Travel Complaints BBBIt doesn’t matter what it is, you’ll find some complaints for just about every company, product or service that ever existed. That’s just the way it is. However, it’s definitely worth highlighting a few gripes people have with GTI, just so you’re aware.

On the BBB website there are quite a few complaints about GTI, and specifically about people either not getting a particular deal they were promised, such as the hotel room that was advertised, or in some cases, just plain not receiving their travel package at all.

Another common complaint is the kind of money you can earn as an actual travel agent. The commission percentages only range from %5 to 9%, so it’s not a lot of margin to play with. Sometimes a booking might be quick and easy, but at other times you might be negotiating it for weeks.

Some agents have complained that a lot of the tours and bookings get screwed up on GTI’s end, meaning disgruntled customers that the agent then has to deal with and try to appease.


Global International Travel Complaints BBB 2

Global International Travel Complaints


Target Market

This is definitely aimed at people who love travel, travel a lot and are looking for a way to get both good deals for themselves, as well as establish a home-based business in an area that really interests them.

I don’t know if this scheme would suit everybody, because I believe a real passion for travel is paramount to having any real success with this one if the main goal is earning a decent income.


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What I Do Like

  • It’s not MLM, but more of a real business opportunity
  • There are some great discounts to be had if you are a member
  • You can earn cash from home by promoting something you love
  • You get your own travel booking website


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There’s no scope for residual commissions or passive income
  • The commission rates are very low
  • There are a lot of complaints online about Global Travel International
  • The agents will be the ones dealing with all customer complaints and people wanting refunds
  • Many people book their own holiday, cruises and so on online themselves these days


Global Travel International Partners


How Much Does Global Travel International Cost To Join?

When you join Global Travel International as a travel agent, there are 3 different annual memberships you can avail of. The higher the membership, the higher your commission rates are, as we discussed earlier in the review.

  1. Silver Membership = $299 Per Year (5%)
  2. Gold Membership = $399 Per Year (7%)
  3. Platinum Membership = $499 Per Year (9%)

There is also a 14 day grace (cooling off) period, where you can cancel your membership if not totally satisfied.


Is Global Travel International a Scam or Legit?

While there are quite a few complaints about GTI online, I don’t believe it’s a scam. I also don’t believe it’s going to be a very good way to make a decent income.

To me, something like this is probably a good fit if you are super passionate about travel, are going to be travelling a lot anyway, and you can join up and take advantage of some good discounts.

As far as the business side of it goes, I believe there are far better and way less stressful ways to make an online income from home.


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