Is Home Income System a Scam or Easy $6K Per Month?



Is Home Income System a scam? There is a lot of hype surrounding this make money online (MMO) scheme, and many people were asking if it’s legit or not. I wanted to look into it for myself and find the answer to that very question.

In a moment we’ll dig right into the review, but first I just wanted to say how glad I am to see you here. Because you’re smart enough to do your homework before diving into something, the chances of you ever getting scammed are really, really low.

Now read on and we’ll uncover the truth about the Home Income System money making scheme…



Is Home Income System a ScamCompany Name: Home Income System

Owner: Jason More

Price To Join: $99 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ Home Income System Reviews ~


Quick Intro…

We all have access to a global marketplace with the internet, which gives every one of us the option of being able to make some money online day and night, every single day of the year. It’s allowed me to earn a fulltime income from home for some years now, and I wouldn’t have life any other way.

Nowadays, because so many people are going online searching for options, it’s led to loads of scammers patrolling the internet waters, peddling their dodgy make money schemes. We always have to be on the lookout for these con artists, because their schemes are only designed to make them money and not us.

I created the Laptop Freedom Living website to help others make legitimate money online just like I do. I research and write reviews on so many make money platforms and training programs, because reviews are one of the best ways to sort the good stuff from the bad.

Just the other day I saw a lot of online chatter about a scheme called Home Income System and it got me interested. So I did some research on the platform and wrote up a review detailing what I uncovered.

Let’s now see if Home Income System can live up to its own hype.


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What Is Home Income System About?

Some guy named Jason More presents us with a very hyped up sales pitch that is just so typical of most make money online schemes. They’re all sold in the “get rich quick” style.

Okay, so Jason doesn’t go totally overboard with the dollar figures, only claiming we can all be making $3k – $6k per month if we join his scheme, which sounds quite reasonable, but the really scammy part is where he says it’ll happen really quickly and there’s not much work involved.

These people are all masters at telling us what we want to hear: Good money or big money, not much work required, the scheme makes money on autopilot and it’ll happen very fast.

In fact, Jason assures us that his system will be making cash for us almost instantly. He’ll even very generously give us $400 just for watching his sales video.

Jason More actually has another website that offers the exact same scheme and sales pitch as Home Income System. His sister website is called “My Online Dream Biz”. Everything is exactly the same, just a different name for the system.

The problem here is, what Jason is telling us is not really the truth. His scheme is too good to be true, because there actually is no real Home Income System or My Online Dream Biz, as you’ll discover throughout this review.

Also note that schemes will often reinvent themselves under a new name when the previous scheme developed a bad reputation.

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How Does Home Income System Really Work?

Home Income System is all about “ad linking” or some such thing, and Jason informs us that there are only 3 very simple steps to take and you’ll be rolling in the cash:

  1. Do the training
  2. Choose your ad linking partner
  3. Start making serious money

That’s it, apparently.

Basically Jason claims we can make money by posting ad links all over the internet. This is true in a way, but not the way this guy is telling the story.

He says he has some system that’ll make money instantly, but posting ad links isn’t going to achieve that.

He’s really talking about affiliate marketing, where you promote the products/services of other companies. You do this, in part, with the use of a unique affiliate link that identifies you as the referrer. If someone makes a purchase, you make a commission.

None of this happens instantly though. I do affiliate marketing for a living, so I know how it all works.

While Jason refuses to tell us much in his sales pitch video, the only other thing he alludes to is that we’ll discover 6 different ways to make instant money with his system, and that we’ll only need to spend around 45 minutes working each day to achieve the $3000 to $6000 per month he promises.


Is Home Income System a Scam

My Online Dream Biz


What Home Income System Is Likely REALLY All About

I don’t know this for certain, because I refuse to join an obvious scam to find out, but I’ve seen all this smoke and mirrors stuff before.

Very likely Jason is trying to bait and switch people into some other high ticket money making scheme.

Now that could be some sort of outright Ponzi scheme, or a high ticket training and money making platform in the style of schemes like MOBE and co.

Basically a high ticket scheme is a membership platform that is all focused on selling the platform to others. They’ll have a bunch of digital products, training packages and membership levels, all sold separately.

The idea is you join and buy these products yourself. You then can go out and sell the same scheme and products to others and earn commissions.

But, you can only make commissions on the products you’ve purchased yourself.

Now these schemes all want you to buy everything so you can sell everything, but just about all of them cost around the $50k mark to go “all in”.

That’s big bucks for most people, especially online marketing beginners.

High ticket schemes train their affiliates to hook people in with fake websites that pretend to be offering up some other sort of make money online system, when really all they are is a feeder site for the high ticket platform.

Some people do make great money by joining these schemes, but most just end up burning through their life’s savings.

You need to be a confident and master recruiter, as well as be a gifted salesperson to sell expensive systems and products to others. You also need to be extremely cashed up to even get started, because they’ll pressure you to spend up big time.

Copy the way I make $1000s a month online in passive income with no investment!


Do You really Get $400 for Watching the Video?

No. No you don’t. Despite Jason saying we’ll be given $400 (somehow) the moment the sales pitch ends, that doesn’t really happen.

Not the way he makes out anyway.

You see, all he’s really doing is offering up a bogus discount. He claims the original price for his make money scheme is $499, but he’s willing to knock $400 off the price and sell it to us for the bargain basement price of just $99.

Thanks Jason.


Jason Is NOT Even a Real Person

The guy we see in both the video for Home Income System and My Online Dream Biz is not really Jason, the owner of these sites.

The guy is actually a paid actor who sells his services on the Fiverr freelancer site.

This is common practice with online scams, unfortunately. These people don’t want their true identities being known to the general public for fear of repercussions.

Just check out the screenshots below.


Is Home Income System a Scam

Jason On Fiverr


Spots Are NOT Limited

Fake Jason also tells us in his pitch and on his website that spots are limited for his wonderful make money scheme.

That’s BS, pure and simple, and is nothing more than fake scarcity to get you to act and act quickly without really thinking about it.

Fake scarcity like this is used all the time online these days. There’s no way Jason (or whatever his real name is) will limit how many people who can join. By doing so, he’d be seriously limiting his own income potential.


Target Market

All these high ticket programs seem to target newcomers to making money online. I guess they generally have to, because experienced marketers – for the most part – wouldn’t be interested in joining.

I mentioned earlier that these schemes are really not newbie friendly, because you need sales and marketing experience, a thick skin like a rhino to handle constant rejection, and become a master recruiter to make these schemes work for you.

You also need a bucket of cash that you can afford to lose, and have the patience to be out of pocket in a big way until you can make that money back and start earning a profit on your investment.

If that ever happens.

There’s no way this is newbie friendly in the slightest.


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What I Do Like

  • I can’t say as I like anything at all about the Home Income System


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Home Income System is really just a funnel website for some high ticket scheme
  • Lies, deception and bait and switch tactics have been used to lure people in
  • There’s no such thing as making fast cash online all on autopilot
  • Jason is not even a real person
  • There are no limited positions available
  • There is no $400 cash just for watching the sales video
  • The site and scheme is identical to another called My Online Dream Biz
  • The sales pitch is all hype and tells you precious little about what the system is really all about
  • You won’t make money doing affiliate marketing the way this guy teaches it
  • To buy into a high ticket scheme will cost you tens of thousands of dollars at the bare minimum


How Much Does It Cost To Join Home Income System?

The price for buying into this scheme – which will really be your entry level into MOBE or something similar – is and always will be $99.

That $400 discount you get off the original price just for watching the sales video is nothing more than a sales gimmick. The price will never be $499 at the very start.


Is Home Income System a Scam or Legit?

I’d be prepared to call this one a scam because the entire website is totally deceptive. Jason (who isn’t even real) just tells us lie after lie.

Home Income System only exists to feed unsuspecting people into some high ticket scheme like MOBE, where members will be immediately put under the pump to cough up tens of thousands of dollars for upsells.

High ticket schemes are always “pay to play”, so unless you own a certain product or membership yourself, you can’t make any money from selling it to others.

These expensive schemes are always a huge gamble and best avoided. Likely you’ll just lose a lot of money and not even make any of it back in commissions.

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Make Money Online For REAL!

Lifestyle FreedomHome Income System ended up being a total dud, and there are a lot of platforms out there equally as useless, but that doesn’t mean it’s all bad news when it comes to making some real money online. Far from it.

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Let’s glance at some of the advantages of being an affiliate and working from home for yourself:

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  • You can work wherever and whenever you like
  • Enjoy the laptop lifestyle
  • Make money for your travels while you travel
  • No limitations on what you can earn
  • Multiple income sources will give you more security financially
  • Much of your income will be passive income, the best kind
  • Experience the freedom of achieving a work/life balance
  • Live life on your own terms
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