Is Inbox Income a Scam or Easy $750 a Day?



Is Inbox Income a scam or a legit money making scheme? Is there really big daily dollars to be made? These are common questions that get asked about any online make money platform, and in my Inbox Income review I answer these questions and more.

You’re one of the smarter people looking for opportunities online, because you obviously research something before joining it. You’ve proven that by being here and reading my review, so I wanted to congratulate you for that.

Most likely you’ll never become the victim of an online scam or waste your time on something.

Now read on to learn the truth about Inbox Income and whether it truly delivers…



Is Inbox Income a ScamCompany Name: Inbox Income

Owner: Steve Allen

Price To Join: $49 + Upsells

My Rating: 1/10



~ Inbox Income Review ~


Just to make it clear right from the get go, I’m not associated with Inbox Income in any way, so my review is totally independent.

Because I’ve been making a decent fulltime income online for a number of years now and living the freedom of the laptop lifestyle, what I do want to do is help others achieve the same goal, or at least find legit ways to make some extra cash.

Anybody, no matter who you are or where you’re from, can make some money online, just so long as you can access the internet. Part-time, fulltime, online business of some sort, it doesn’t matter. It’s all possible online if you know what to look for.

It’s also worth noting that you can make money from home 24/7, as in any time of the day or night because it’s a global audience. We’ve never enjoyed having so many options at our very fingertips before.

The downside is this: Wherever there are opportunities there are also scammers lurking, hoping to con people out of their money by offering up get rich quick schemes and so on. We always have to stay aware of and alert to these seedy people.

One of the best ways to avoid those scams and find all the good stuff is by reading reviews just like you are right now. It’s the whole reason I write so many on my Laptop Freedom Living website. I’m here to help.

Lately I kept hearing some online chatter about Inbox Income, so I decided to do some research on it and write a review on what I uncovered.

So let’s now see if Inbox Income is really here to help us make money or not.


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What Is Inbox Income About?

Make between $500 and $750 a day is the message we are first greeted with when we check out the Inbox Income scheme.

Apparently all you have to do each day is send out a few simple emails and that’s the kind of daily cash you will be banking.

It’s not mega bucks, but if it’s true and it’s consistent, then that’s between about $15k and $20k a month.

Steve Allen, the guy who brings us the Inbox Income system, even says the money will be “guaranteed”

That’s a hell of a claim to make. I’ve been pulling in money from various sources online for years, and while you certainly can produce consistent income, what I also know is that nothing is ever guaranteed.

Basically the website is a sales pitch video presented by Steve, which actually starts off with a bunch of testimonials that claim his system really works. These testimonials are bogus, and I get more into the reasons why I say that in a section further down.

Steve also claims positions are limited, which I believe is also false. Again, I’ve devoted a section to explaining why.

Anyway, in the video Steve gives us a typical story of financial struggle, how he was always trying to juggle his bills, but just couldn’t get a handle on things. Then he discovered the system he’s now peddling to us, a system that allows him to make the “laziest money imaginable”.


Inbox Income Push Button System


To further add some spice to the mix, Steve tells us that his system only requires about a half hour of work per day, and that it’s the “only true push button money program available”.

Sorry Steve, but I’ve heard these claims a million times before. And there’s no such thing as a push button money making system that I’ve ever seen.

There is a lot of dodgy stuff online, but there is good stuff out there as well. I make a fulltime passive income online legitimately, and so can you if you just do what I do. Click here to learn how.


How Does Inbox Income Really Work?

Steve’s Inbox Income scheme is all focused on using email marketing methods to generate cash.

Email marketing is very real and can work, but does that mean Inbox Income will work?

The problem with Inbox Income is Steve makes it all sound WAY easier and faster than what it is in reality. He basically just says you simply copy all his emails and send them to your list (you have to build a list of subscribers first), and you’ll be pocketing all this daily cash with ease.

Steve gives a demonstration of his system in the video. He uses Aweber to handle his email list and promotes products from the affiliate platform, ClickSure. He shows us how quick it is to shoot a promotional email out to his list of only 400 subscribers, and how this brings him in $100s a day.

Okay, that can work in theory to a point, but Steve’s left a whole bunch of important stuff out of the equation with what he shows us.

First off, as I mentioned before, you must first build a list of subscribers to send emails too, and that can seriously take some time and effort, and secondly, you can’t just forever be sending affiliate promotions to your list and expect people to buy stuff every time. It just doesn’t work that way.

Even if somebody buys something once, that doesn’t mean they’ll make a daily purchase just because you send them another offer.

It actually takes a really big list to be that profitable with email marketing on a daily basis. You also need to build some sort of relationship with your list by offering value and not just promotions, as this also helps build trust so they may purchase something through your recommendations.

If all you ever do is bombard your subscribers daily with emails asking them to click a link and buy something, either your emails will just get ignored, or your subscribers will unsubscribe.

Steve’s system just sounds like he’s telling you to constantly spam people. That doesn’t usually work.

I also can’t see any way possible Steve could be making thousands a week emailing a list of only 400 people over and over. That’s just not enough subscribers by far.

Let’s say you had a list of 1000 subscribers. You’d be doing well to make $1000 a month from your list, let alone thousands per week.

There are too many pieces to the puzzle missing here. We’ve already mentioned a few so far, but here are a few more.

First, you need to join a platform that handles your subscribers and allows you to send out automated emails to those subscribers. Steve says he uses Aweber to do this. These platforms cost money every month.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be any mention or emphasis placed on how you go about building an email list in the first place. You need visitors to a landing page or a website before you can start to build a list, so where is all this traffic going to come from?

Email marketing in this fashion isn’t really suited to complete beginners anyway, in my opinion. It requires some marketing skills to be learned first.

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Fake Testimonials

I said earlier that the presentation video starts off with some testimonials, supposedly from real members of Steve’s Inbox Income system.

Well, all of these testimonials are fake.

Why would Steve use fake testimonials?

Because he obviously doesn’t have any real praise to show us, so in order for us to trust him enough to pay him money for his system, he needs to fabricate testimonials that praise his platform.

This is actually very common practice with many online make money schemes. It’s sad, but true.

All the “real people” in the testimonials who allegedly use his system are all Fiverr actors; meaning they are professionals who hire out their services of the freelancer site, Fiverr, for a fee.

Check out the screenshots below.


Is Inbox Income a Scam

Inbox Income Fake Testimonial 1

Inbox Income Fake Testimonial 2

Matt Driscoll 3


Fake Scarcity Tactics

Fake scarcity is also super common, and is designed to get people to hurry up and take action, or they’ll miss out.

Steve uses the “limited spots available” ploy to achieve this, but I highly doubt he limits how many people he’ll allow to pay him money to join his Inbox Income system.

Sometimes scarcity is real, but rarely when it comes to make money online schemes.


Target Audience

This sounds like it’s being targeted at people who are quite new to making money online. I say this because there are too many gaps left in this system, and experienced marketers would see that right away.

Building an email list and marketing successfully to that list takes some practice and skill, and not really suited to online marketing beginners.

That’s my opinion on it anyway.


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What I Like

  • Email marketing is real and can work if done right


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There are far too many pieces missing for this system to work
  • The testimonials are fake
  • Fake scarcity tactics have been employed
  • I doubt that Steve Allen is even this guy’s real name
  • Email marketing is not really for complete marketing newbies
  • Steve wouldn’t be making $1000s a week marketing to a list of only 400 people
  • The money hype is total BS
  • The ClickSure affiliate platform is home to many dodgy money making schemes
  • You need to spend money on a place like Aweber to handle your email list
  • You also need consistent traffic to a website or landing page to build a list in the first place


How Much Does Inbox Income Cost To Join?

Steve is asking for $49 to buy into his Inbox Income scheme, and after that he’ll likely hit you with upsells to purchase dubious traffic packages and so on so you can grow your list.

Chances are this system will end up costing you hundreds (maybe even thousands) of dollars, and likely not deliver anything in return.


Is Inbox Income a Scam Or Legit?

I don’t know if I’d say this is a total scam, but it does appear to offer extremely low value for your money, and there are too many things missing for this to even work.

Email marketing is very real and can be lucrative, but it’s not suited to beginners, and the way this Steve guy has things set up, I doubt whether anyone would make any money at all if you bought into this.

While I’m not prepared to write it off as a total scam, I certainly don’t recommend giving it a go either.

There are far better options out there.


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