Is Infinite Prosperity a Scam? Can You Get Rich Trading Forex?



Is Infinite Prosperity a scam or not? That’s the question I’ve seen people asking in various forums regarding this Forex trading course, run by some successful Forex traders. At the end of the day, the real question is, will this course help you make money on the Forex market?

Let’s take a closer look at Infinite Prosperity and uncover the truth…



Is Infinite Prosperity a ScamCompany Name: Infinite Prosperity

Owners: Amy Sangster, Lewis Mocker & Robert Himler

Price To Join: $599

My Rating: 3.5/10



~ Infinite Prosperity Review ~



Congrats on finding my review of Infinite Prosperity. It proves that you’re smart enough to do your research before you join something. For that reason, chances are very low that you’ll ever get scammed.

I think the internet is awesome in so many ways. It really has opened the doors to numerous ways to make money from home at any time of the night or day. The world has never been so accessible before.

One obvious downside when it comes to making money online is all the scammers targeting people looking to make some cash from home. They invent schemes that sound way too good to be true, just hoping to lure people in and relieve them of their money. We always have to be wary.

The main reason I created my Laptop Freedom Living website is to help people find genuine money making opportunities, particularly online from home. It’s for this reason I write so many reviews on make money schemes and training platforms. Reviews help us to sort the good stuff from the bad.

Because I’ve been involved in Forex, I ended up receiving an email about Infinite Prosperity and it got me really interested. I decided to research the program and write up a review detailing what I discovered.

Let’s now see if Infinite Prosperity is really worth your time and money, or whether you should give it a miss.


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What Is Infinite Prosperity About?

Infinite Prosperity is a platform that teaches people how to successfully trade the Forex market. The company was launched in 2010 by Amy Sangster, Robert Himler and Lewis Mocker, but the actual training platform didn’t officially launch until 2012.

The Forex market is something that’s becoming more and more popular, and a way to make money from the comfort of home by trading online. It’s quite simple in one way, because you’re basically predicting whether one currency of a currency pair is going to go higher or lower, but in reality there is a lot to learn if you want to be winning trades consistently and making a profit.

The downside to trading Forex is if you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re not disciplined, it can become like gambling and you can seriously risk losing a lot of money very quickly.

The idea of the Infinite Prosperity training course is to show you how to trade, how to plan, how to manage your risk and how to trade responsibly so you will be prosperous and not lose your bank account.

To be honest there’s not really a hell of a lot of information about anything on their website. No real information about Forex trading, or even what’s contained in their course materials.

Basically the site looks like it’s been designed to sell the dream lifestyle that the creators claim successfully trading Forex can give you.

About half of the website content is really made up of apparent student reviews that talk up the course. Even their blog doesn’t really focus on talking about Forex all that much, but rather more general topics.

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Is Infinite Prosperity a Scam


Who Is Amy Sangster?

Amy Sangster hails from Brisbane, Australia, and appears to be the main face behind Infinite Prosperity. Apparently she started trading Forex when she was still a teenager, and by age 22 managed to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo with the cash that she’d made from successful trading.

That’s the story anyway.

Originally she devised the Infinite Prosperity training program with her then boyfriend, Robert Himler. Unfortunately Robert passed away in 2015 after losing a battle with cancer.

These days the company is run by both Amy and current business partner, Lewis Mocker.

Amy credits much of her trading knowledge to her mentor back in her teenage years, as well as going through the free training course on the BabyPips website and applying what she learned.

She also co-authored a best selling book titled “Far From It”. Well, they claim it was a best seller on the ClickBank platform where it was sold. I can’t find copies of it on Amazon or anywhere else.



So What’s Inside Infinite Prosperity?

There is quite a bit involved in this course and some of the material if quite good and necessary if you want to be a successful Forex trader. Trading is not about guessing, and it’s certainly not meant to be like gambling.

It’s important to be well educated on everything to do with Forex, from how to trade, using indicators, journaling your trades and your results, risk management and so much more.

So what exactly do they teach their many students at Infinite Prosperity?

  • An Introduction To Trading & Investing
  • The Psychology of Trading Forex
  • Risk Management (most important)
  • Understanding Technical Analysis
  • Forex Brokers
  • Finding a Trading Edge
  • Forex Trader Mindset
  • Setting Trading Goals
  • Journaling Your Trades
  • Passive Investing
  • Following Forex Trends
  • Trading Forex Reversals
  • And much more…

There is a lot involved in trading Forex, much more than what’s been mentioned in the list above. It sounds like the Infinite Prosperity course covers the basics at least.

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The Infinite Prosperity Memberships

There are a total of 3 different memberships in the Infinite Prosperity training scheme:

  1. Free
  2. Silver
  3. Gold

Free – Obviously this is free to join at this level. With the free membership you only get access to the first 2 lessons to give you a bit of a taste for it all. You also gain access to some videos and the company’s blog.

Silver – $599: Sometimes this level is offered at a discount. With this you get to download the 10 best rated trading lessons (not really sure what that means), as well as receiving 3 trading strategies, support, trading videos, a private tutor and an exclusive discount to encourage you to upgrade to the Gold Membership.

Gold – $799: You get everything you receive in both the Silver Membership and the Free Membership, plus a personal trading coach, exclusive access to their VIP trading community, priority support and pro software (not too sure what that is either).

You can also purchase what they call “Season Passes”, which gives you access to a whole host of other videos. There are 4 Season Passes packages and the prices vary.

There are also various combination packages you can purchase as well.


Infinite Prosperity Memberships 1


Is This Trading Training Worth the Money?

BabyPipsThat’s a highly debateable question, isn’t it?

If you did the training and became a successful Forex trader, then you would have to say that it was well and truly worth what you paid for it.

The problem I have is that there is a real glut of free information out there that teaches people how to trade Forex, from countless YouTube videos through to complimentary online courses, like the one offered by BabyPips.

I’ve got no issue with someone creating a trading course and charging a price for it, but it’ll be competing against so much free stuff, so the question remains: Is Infinite Prosperity worth the money?

I think it’s over-priced myself, and by quite a long way.

If you want a really awesome online course to follow, then check out the BabyPips “School of Pipsology”. This course is so in-depth. It tells you practically everything you need to know and it’s totally FREE.

It’s all text and charts and images. The only negative I might be able to level at the BabyPips course is there are no demonstration videos included in the lessons.

However, YouTube is full of explainer videos for practically everything there is Forex related, so not really a problem.


Target Market

This scheme is more targeting the get rich quick crowd than anything else, because their website and numerous sales pitches are really all about promoting the dreamy, glamorous lifestyle that Forex trading apparently can give you if you pay for their course.

Their videos are all about fast cars and splashing money around, rather than getting down and dirty and talking about the ins and outs of actual Forex trading.

There’s nothing wrong with promoting a lifestyle, but people genuinely interested in learning Forex need to know a bit more about the nuts and bolts, not just watch videos of the latest supercars the owners of Infinite Prosperity have just purchased.

Forex trading is not for gamblers, and it’s also not for anyone who has virtually no money that they can risk on the Forex market.


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What I Like

  • You can make money with Forex trading if you are disciplined, do lots of study and spend months practicing first on a demo account before embarking on live trading
  • The people behind Infinite prosperity have obviously made a lot of money somewhere (is it from trading, I don’t know?)
  • It’s a real course
  • There is a really good community of members you can interact with


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There isn’t really any evidence whatsoever that the people behind Infinite Prosperity have ever been successful at Forex trading, and you want to know that the people you’re learning from have a good track record
  • There’s actually not a lot of information about the 3 founders at all, except all their supercar videos
  • Everything within the course they offer can be found for free online and then some
  • The prices of the membership and access to their videos is super high in my opinion
  • Far too many upsells for my liking
  • Infinite prosperity appear to be selling the wealthy lifestyle far more than they are promoting a plan to succeed at Forex trading


How Much Does Infinite Prosperity Cost?

We mentioned the prices before, but to sum up they are as follows:

  1. Free = Free
  2. Silver = $599
  3. Gold = $799

Then there are the Seasons Passes. Let’s look at those prices:

  1. Season 1 = $297
  2. Season 2 = $325
  3. Season 3 = $347
  4. Season 4 = $249

Is this training platform worth the prices charged?

I don’t think so.


Infinite Prosperity Memberships 2


Is Infinite Prosperity a Scam Or Legit?

I wouldn’t call this a scam, but they do tend to over-focus on pushing the opulent lifestyle, which makes their training platform look far more like a get rich quick scheme than a genuine educational program.

Anyone who knows anything about trading Forex successfully will be the first to tell you that it’s far from being a get rich quick scheme.

If you did happen to get rich quick from it, then you would need a huge trading account to begin with and be risking huge amounts of money that would be way beyond the recommended percentage to invest per trade.

I think there is some good material in the courses for sure, but it’s nothing that you can’t easily find online for free.

I just think Infinite Prosperity is way over-priced for what they’re offering, and they are hyping up the lifestyle way too much.

It’s okay, but so not worth the cash they’re asking for it.


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