Is Insight Global a Scam or Great Job Opportunities?



Is Insight Global a scam job seeking site or legit? That’s a question myself and others were asking, so I decided I’d take a look at it and see what the deal is. There are a few mixed opinions online, so what’s the real truth? Can you find a job through this platform or not?

Let’s take a closer look at Insight Global and see if it’s worth your while…



Is Insight Global a ScamCompany Name: Insight Global

Owner: Glenn Johnson

Price To Join: Free for Job Seekers

My Rating: 6/10



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Whether you’re a job seeker or someone looking for some new ways to make money, the internet has proven to be an awesome resource. These days there are so many different and accessible opportunities, and things are happening online 24/7/365.

Due to the fact that so many people are using the internet to seek out money making possibilities, the door has also been opened to scammers, unfortunately. These parasites create schemes that sound too good to be true, with the simple motive of trying to sucker people out of their hard earned cash. We all need to be aware of this.

This website of mine is designed as a resource to find legitimate ways to make money online, or to find income earning opportunities. I devote a lot of space to researching and writing product reviews on make money schemes, as well as training platforms. The idea is to help us all make better choices.

Insight Global came onto my radar recently as I was searching for information about recruitment agencies and so on. It sounded interesting, so I decided to dig into it and see what it’s all about. To help you decide whether it’s something right for you or not, I’ve written a review on what I found out.

Congrats on finding your way here to my review. It proves you do your homework before joining anything, and that’s always wise. Chances are you’ll never get scammed because of that.

Let’s now see how Insight Global measures up overall.


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What Is Insight Global About?

Insight Global started up operations back in 2001, so it’s been around for quite a while now. The company operates in both the US and Canada and focuses on providing employment solutions for Fortune 500 companies mostly.

These companies have vacancies that need to be filled, and the team at Insight Global take all the hard work out of finding the right employees to fill those job vacancies.

Head Office is based in Atlanta, Georgia, but there are over 40 more regional offices spread across the United States and Canada.

The company claims it successfully places around 35,000 new employees into gainful employment each year.

There are both limited, short term contracts available as well as fulltime employment opportunities. One of the main focuses with Insight Global is on placing recent college graduates into entry level positions.

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Is Insight Global a Scam


Recognition and Awards for Insight Global

Along with being featured on some of the world’s most notable news networks, Insight Global also won several industry awards in 2018.

These awards were:

  • Best Workplaces for Consulting & Professional Services
  • Best Staffing Client Award


What Kind of Jobs Are On Offer?

As mentioned earlier, much of the employment focus is on filling positions for Fortune 500 companies, with a lot of drive put behind finding placements for college graduates.

Insight Global specialise in recruitment for the following industries:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • IT Services
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Government Departments
  • And more…

Insight Global state they are an equal opportunity employer/recruiter. They don’t discriminate against sex, race, religious beliefs, age, physical handicaps or anything in your personal background.

All of this is debateable of course, as certain employment opportunities will require the individual to meet certain criteria, where one’s personal back story could certainly affect the outcome.


Getting Started With Insight Global

When you join up with this company as a direct employee, you start out as a Recruiter. If you do well you may be promoted to the higher position of Account Manager.

Basically your job as a Recruiter is to be a telemarketer. Your Account Manager will train you in the role as well as monitor your day to day activities.

All training is “on the job” at the start, so you earn while you learn.

As a Recruiter, it’ll be your job to recruit other people into the Insight Global job stable, where they’ll assume the same type of position as yourself. You’ll be expected to make at least 100 cold calls per day and hand over any leads to your Account Manager.

After about 4 to 6 weeks you’ll receive additional training, which includes three days of “highly interactive training”.

Apparently the role of Recruiter means very long and boring hours, and all for very low pay. From what I can glean based on information out there, the average Recruiter earns a salary of about $35k.


Insight Global Recruiter


Becoming An Account Manager

Not everyone who starts out as a Recruiter gets to become an Account Manager, but those that do usually achieve this in around 6 to 9 months.

Even if you joined Insight Global as a complete newbie with no prior experience, if you do well, you can become an Account Manager.

If you do happen to become an Account Manager, the company claims you can make $100,000s a year in this role.

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Applying for Fortune 500 Jobs

You can either work at Insight Global, or work through Insight Global. You may not be at all interested in being a Recruiter or Account Manager. That’s fine. Insight Global also contract out employees for positions with Fortune 500 companies, as I mentioned earlier on in this review.

The basic process goes like this:

  1. Apply for a job and/or submit your resume
  2. Have a phone interview
  3. Participate in a face to face interview
  4. Receive match alerts for appropriate job placements
  5. Connect with your potential employer


Employee Benefits

If you are contracted out for employment with Fortune 500 companies via Insight Global, here are some of the benefits you can expect to receive:

  • Optometry cover
  • Medical cover
  • Dental cover
  • Flexible spending account
  • Paid weekly via direct deposit
  • 410K retirement package
  • And more…


Complaints Against Insight Global

If you do some research online about Insight Global – especially if you search for complaints against the company – you’ll actually find quite a few, which is alarming for a company that’s won numerous awards and has been running since 2001.

Low pay as a Recruiter is one of the most common complaints. How much you earn is really dependent on how good you are at getting leads that convert. Some even go so far as to say they didn’t get paid at all.

Moving up to the position of Account Manager is apparently very difficult, and also another very common complaint. Also, the promised hundreds of thousands of dollars a year doesn’t materialise in many cases.

When contracted out to Fortune 500 companies, there have been numerous disputes about the job not matching the criteria stated in the contract.

Recruiters complain about working extremely long hours for very low pay. Apparently all the overtime goes unrewarded in monetary terms.

Conversely there are also quite a few positive opinions and reviews out there about Insight Global as well. That’s why I said the reaction to this company seems to be very mixed.

None of the above are my personal views, just what I found online from those who have had experience with Insight Global.


Insight Global Negative Review

Insight Global Positive Review


Target Market

As this is all based in the USA and Canada, that’s the geographic target market. The type of job seeker they are aiming at is typically recent college graduates looking for entry level positions inside the company itself, or desiring to work for Fortune 500 companies.


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What I Like

  • Insight Global has been operating since 2001
  • You can work for them directly as a Recruiter or possibly an Account Manager
  • You can get contract employment with Fortune 500 companies through them
  • The company regularly wins industry awards each year
  • There are lots of medical and health benefits included
  • Equal opportunity employer
  • Training is provided
  • You don’t need experience to work for Insight Global directly


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Loads of complaints online about Insight Global
  • There are complaints of people not getting paid
  • There have been allegations of workplace abuse
  • Reportedly very long work hours in some cases
  • Low pay as a Recruiter
  • You need to consistently meet sales targets as a Recruiter
  • High pressure work environment


How Much Does Insight Global Cost To Join?

You don’t have to pay anything to seek a job with Insight Global, nor do you have to pay a fee to be matched up with potential employers outside of Insight Global.

It’s the employers who pay the company for their services.


Insight Global Team


Is Insight Global a Scam Or Legit?

Some people out there have labelled Insight Global a scam, but I won’t be one of them.

If they were truly indeed a scam, then they wouldn’t still be in business. As it stands, the company has been running successfully and experiencing growth since 2001.

On top of that, each and every year Insight Global wins a number of industry awards.

I’m not saying the complaints out there are not real or justified. I’m sure certain negative things happen in just about all work environments at some point. I just don’t think these complaints can be used to make the determination that Insight is a scam.

On the flipside there are just as many positive recommendations and praise for this employment/recruitment company.

I don’t think there’s too much wrong here at all. Just sounds like if you join as a Recruiter, you can expect low pay and very long work hours in a high pressure situation.


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