Is Lifetime Income Report a Scam or Not? MUST READ!



Is Lifetime Income Report a scam or a legit scheme to help everyday people earn regular checks every month? There has been a lot of chatter online about this, so I wanted to look into it and see what the real truth of the matter is.

Before we venture right into the review, I first would like to say that it’s great to see you here. What it tells me is that you’re one of the smarter ones out there. You don’t just buy into something and listen to the hype. You look into things first.

The chances of you ever becoming the victim of a scam are really slim.

Now read on to discover the truth about Lifetime Income Report…



Is Lifetime Income Report a ScamCompany Name: Lifetime Income Report

Owner: Zach Scheidt

Price To Join: $49 -$89

My Rating: 4/10



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When I was younger I always wanted to find a way to make money from home, but it wasn’t really all that possible back then, because there was no internet. These days I live the true laptop lifestyle, making a fulltime living online.

Every single day countless people venture online to look for new money making options and possible business ventures. The internet is global so it’s always happening, and new opportunities are opening up all the time.

Because so many people now turn to cyberspace to find ways to make money, all the scammers have also set up shop online. They invent schemes that sound totally awesome, but in reality are just a smokescreen to try and get their hands on our cash. We need to remain diligent.

One of the main reasons I write so many reviews of make money platforms and training programs is because reviews are one of the very best ways to learn what’s hot and what’s not. The motivation for creating my Laptop Freedom Living website is to help people find legit opportunities, and reviews help people make the best decisions.

After all the online chatter about Lifetime Income Report, it sounded like a good option to do some research on and write up a review on what I uncovered.

So let’s now get into the Lifetime Income Report review and see what the deal really is.


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What Is Lifetime Income Report About?

Lifetime Income Report is actually a monthly newsletter edited by Zach Scheidt, produced by Agora Financial and published by Banyan Hill. This isn’t the first newsletter review I’ve written that’s been produced by the team at Agora.

Here are a few others:

If you do a bit of digging on Agora Financial you’ll find quite a few complaints out there about the company.


Agora Financial Trustpilot


Many claim they use very misleading sales tactics (and they do). While others state that the financial and trading advice included in their newsletters is not very reliable.

You’ll always find complaints about anything, but Agora has a lot levelled against them.

As is typical of Agora newsletters, and many make money schemes and so on, there is loads of hype surrounding the Lifetime Income Report.

It’s a monthly newsletter that provides Zach’s latest and greatest investment and stock trading advice. If you pay to subscribe (yes, it’s not free), each month you’ll receive a copy loaded with tips and hints on what to do and when.

Some key things you’ll learn include:

  • When to buy and when to sell a trade
  • Stocks of the month
  • How to reduce your tax liability
  • Make money like the rich do
  • Maximising your investment profits
  • And more…


Is Lifetime Income Report a Scam


Zach also claims that when you subscribe you’ll be given access to a “little known secret” (that word “secret” is so commonly used) that’ll allow you to cash in on a Social Security contract that can make you as much as $17,200.

I know all the sales tactics used by Agora to get people to join their newsletters, and most of the stuff they come up with is either pure fiction, or very loosely based on something real at best.

Ignore these stories and the hype. This is just about selling newsletter subscriptions.

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Who Is Zach Scheidt Anyway?

Zach Scheidt manages a few different programs for Agora Financial, but his major newsletter contribution is the Lifetime Income Report.

He is also editor of The Dollar Trade Club, Zach’s Weekly Squawk Box and Family Wealth Circle.

Graduating with honours from the Lee University in Cleveland, and receiving an MBA from Georgia State University, Zach embarked on a career as an accountant, then became a renowned investment advisor and financial analyst.

The man knows his stuff. His credentials have never been in question.


What’s Included With the Lifetime Income Report Subscription?

Let’s see what you get when you subscribe to Zach’s Lifetime Income Report newsletter deal.

Advisory Newsletter – This is the main product, where you receive 12 monthly issues of the newsletter that offer the latest stock trading and investment tips and advice. Zach and his team put a lot of work into the newsletter, so there is a fair bit a value included.

Market Forecast – With this you receive updates and forecasts for the market ahead, so you can be ready to jump on a particular stock when the time is right, or even sell your stocks.

Email Updates – With these you’ll receive more up to the minute advice that can’t wait for the next issue of the newsletter to come out.

Tax Reduction Strategies – Discover some key ways you can reduce the amount in taxes you have to pay by wisely investing in the market.

Support – Receive access to Zach and the Agora support team.

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The “Big Book of Income”

This is a prelude to joining the newsletter. The Big Book of Income is obviously a book and it’s written by Zach Scheidt. Agora often use “free” copies of this book to entice people to join Zach’s newsletter.

Apparently the book contains “47 secrets” that all the rich people in the world regularly use to increase their net wealth.

It’s actually all just another bunch of sales hype, because the information contained in the pages of this book is freely available on the web, and much of it is simply common knowledge.

A quick peek at just a few of the points the book contains include:

  • How to earn a regular 7% dividend on gold investing
  • Discover the secrets to backdoor rental income
  • Multiply the interest on your savings accounts by 12
  • Discover the secrets of the Social Security loophole
  • And more…

The book goes on and on about this Social Security secret loophole, but it’s just sales hype. All they want people to do is subscribe to the newsletter and pay.

And talking about paying, check out the next section.


Big Book of Income


The Book Is NOT Really Free

The statement is that they’re giving this book away absolutely free, but they’re not. You will be charged a $4.95 postage and handling fee.

Now that may not be a big deal, but it’s the intention behind this charge that is more significant.

The book is a hardcopy book, although there is a digital version as well. You can’t get the eBook though unless you agree to receiving the hardcopy version and paying the fee.

You see, Agora Financial want to get their hands on your credit card details. Once you order the free book and pay the postage and handling fee with your credit card, they’ll sign you up for their Lifetime Income Report newsletter and start automatically billing you for that too.


Target Market

As I mentioned earlier in this review, I’ve researched a number of Agora newsletters and most sell on some weird hype that is either fictitious, or has very little to do with trading and investing.

They often tend to target a very general market of US citizens, when in actual fact their market is stock traders and investors.

It’s a strange way to sell an advice newsletter, but they keep on doing it. I’d assume the conversion rate for actual subscribers is pretty low though, because of a lack of relevance.

Often they are promoting some easy money making loophole that comes across as a get rich quick scheme, when all they’re really offering is a monthly newsletter with tips and advice for traders.


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What I Do Like

  • Zach really knows his stuff and does offer up some sound investment advice and trading tips
  • You get the “free” Big Book of Income (with a catch)


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Once again a bunch of semi-relevant sales hype has been used to hook people in
  • The free book is not totally free after all
  • Agora Financial has a rather poor reputation among traders
  • You’ll automatically be subscribed to a 12 month subscription of Lifetime Income Report when you agree to the free book. You’ll have 30 days to cancel that subscription before your card starts getting charged
  • Some people claim there is no customer support, despite that supposedly being a part of the deal
  • Many complain the advice in Zach’s newsletter is not that crash hot


Agora Financial BBB


How Much Does Lifetime Income Report Cost?

Well if you decide you want the Big Book of Income as well as the newsletter, you’ll be paying the $4.95 fee, plus $49 for a one year subscription to the Lifetime Income Report. This is the digital only version.

If you want to receive a hardcopy of the newsletter along with the digital copy, then the price goes up to $89 per year.

So it’s almost double the amount to have the newsletter printed and mailed to you. Do you really need that when all the same information is contained in the online version?

I think not, but some people prefer to be able to hold something in their hands to read it.


Is Lifetime Income Report a Scam or Legit?

I don’t believe Lifetime Income Report, Zach Scheidt or Agora Financial are scams at all, and their newsletters do contain some timely advice for sure.

You have to remember that this is stock trading, and nothing is ever guaranteed.

You can’t pick a winner all the time and neither can experts like Zach. It’s just how it is.

The thing I don’t like about Agora and their newsletters is all the non-relevant hype they sell them on. I’d rather they just targeted their specific market and cut out all the fiction and extraneous rhetoric.

Overall, Zach’s newsletter, for the price, is probably worth subscribing to if you’re into trading and investing.


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