Is Money Looper a Scam or Will You Make Millions?



Is Money Looper a scam or not? That’s the question being asked around internet circles about this make money online scheme. There is a lot of hype surrounding Money Looper, but can this program deliver, or is it nothing more than sales talk to get your money?

We’ll get right into the review in just a moment, but first I wanted to say congratulations just for being here on my site. What it means is that you are willing to ignore the sales hype and do some research first before joining up.

Because of that you’ll likely never fall for a nasty scam or waste time on something that’s just not worth it.

Let’s now take a closer look at Money Looper and uncover the truth…



Is Money Looper a ScamCompany Name: Money Looper

Owner: Mike Thomas

Price To Join: $37

My Rating: 2/10



~ Money Looper Review ~


Millions of people all around the world make their living entirely on the internet. I’m one of those people, and I’m here to help others achieve that dream goal as well, where you can live the laptop lifestyle and enjoy way more freedom in your life.

Anyone can do it, and there’s nothing better than being able to work for yourself from home or anywhere you like. These days we can make money at any time of the day or night online because the market is global.

There are just so many options these days, whether the goal is a little extra cash, or you want to start some sort of online business. It’s little wonder so many people look to the internet for new opportunities.

One thing we always have to be on the lookout for though, when it comes to making money online, are all the scams floating around out there. It’s important that we’re always cautious before joining something.

The best way to find the good stuff and avoid the scams is by reading product reviews like this one you’re reading right now. I created my website to help people make money from home, and the best way to help is by researching products and writing reviews on them.

Very recently I’d been hearing loads of online chatter about this Money Looper scheme. It sounded really interesting, so I looked into it and wrote a review on what I found out.

Let’s now see if Money Looper is worth your time or not.


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What Is Money Looper About?

According to Mike Thomas, the creator of Money Looper, all you need is a computer or smartphone and 5 minutes of free time to make money with his online scheme. You don’t even need any experience, apparently.

Mike also tells us that he has made millions of dollars with this system he is about to share with us, and because he’s so generous, he’s taken time out from making millions to build a website to promote Money Looper and sell us his multi million dollar opportunity for only 37 bucks.

That sounds like an amazing deal, and for Mike to do that for us, he must be one hell of an awesome dude!

Anyway, Mike then speaks some other BS hype that we’d better hurry up and take him up on his generous offer because all the other online money making gurus out there are putting pressure on him about sharing these secrets.

He says he might have to take the video down very soon and the opportunity to cash in with his scheme will be lost to us forever.

I’ve heard that kind of crap countless times now. I guarantee you that if you go back in a week’s time the video will still be there. It’s nothing but a fake scarcity tactic.

Mike then goes on to tell us that nearly every other scheme out there that promises to make you money is a dirty scam – every scheme except his one that is.

With Money Looper all the cash rolls in on autopilot and utilises the efforts of other people somehow to achieve results; meaning we can make millions of dollars and we don’t even have to do any work for it.

Seriously people, nearly every online scam out there says the same things. Don’t listen to this kind of crap. Anyone who tells you they can help you make a fortune, all on autopilot with no work required is just trying to scam you by telling you what you want to hear.

They want your money and they’ll spin you any BS just to get it.

I’ve been writing reviews on schemes like Money Looper for years now, and the amount of times I’ve heard all the same crappy statements is laughable.

I’m not saying this is a total scam, but scam tactics are definitely being used to try and sell you on the deal.

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How Does Money Looper Really Work?

Money Looper is actually an old product renamed, rebranded and relaunched.

In the sales pitch Mike Thomas talks about how he used to be a janitor and struggling to make ends meet. That is, until he came up with an online money making scheme that totally turned his life around.

His old scheme was appropriately named “The Rich Janitor”. When that scheme developed a poor reputation, Mike (he called himself Mike Dee for Rich Janitor) decided to relaunch the exact same scheme under the name “Money Looper”.

The Rich Janitor and Money Looper both have pretty much the same sales pitch.

The idea behind Rich Janitor is to make money with affiliate marketing, which is what I do, except with Rich Janitor, Mike claims he’s found a way to exploit some loophole where you can actually earn money off the efforts of other affiliate marketers.

Even if this is true (which I highly doubt), Mike might just be teaching people to exploit something unethical.


Is Money Looper a Scam


I doubt he has some secret loophole anyway. It’s all just BS to get you to hand over your money.

If Mike was really making millions of dollars from this, then why is he bothering to go to all this trouble inventing multiple schemes just to get us to pay him $37?

He wouldn’t bother if he was really making millions.

He only makes money by selling people his Money Looper scheme and that’s it.

The original Rich Janitor program used to be sold on the ClickBank affiliate network, but got booted off because of multiple complaints and people asking for refunds.

I don’t think we need to know any more than that, as Money Looper is the same system rehashed.


Rich janitor Making Millions Online


You Sell Money Looper To Others

That’s really the basis of this scheme. You pay to join Money Looper, then you try and sell Money Looper to as many other people as possible and earn a small commission.

The thing is, nothing’s really being produced or built here. You’re just buying into a system, then trying to sell that same system to someone else.

There is some rudimentary training included on affiliate marketing, but in reality that training is so basic and it only exists so Money Looper can’t be labelled an outright Ponzi scheme.

It’s just rehashed PLR content.


Do You Really Get $70 Just for Watching Mike’s Video?

Short answer: Nope, not really.

All Mike does at the end of the video is offer you a $70 discount off the normal price, which is a fake discount anyway. The price of Money Looper is always $37. He just throws in the idea of a discount to make it sound like you’re getting a great deal.

This is a common tactic used by both scams and legit programs alike.

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Fake Scarcity Tactics

We mentioned earlier how Mike claims your time to jump on board with his Money Looper scheme might be limited because he’s receiving pressure from other gurus to take his sales video offline.

Ignore this ridiculous garbage. His video will always be available, and he’ll only take it down when it’s obvious to everyone that he’s offering something of very little value.


Mike Tells Us He Hates Online Scams

That’s great of him to say so. I hate online scams too.

The problem is, mike keeps trying to make a point that there are all these other scammers out there just trying to get your money. He mentions the ploys they use to do this, yet Mike himself is adopting the very same tactics as the scammers he claims he despises so much.

He does nothing but tell people what they want to hear, spout lies about making millions of dollars all on autopilot, no work required, using fake scarcity, a fake discount, and trying to sell us a rehashed version of one of his old programs.

He’s doing everything he says he hates.


Target Audience

This is definitely targeted at newbies, because Mike knows people with less experience are the ones most likely to believe what he says. Schemes like these are rarely aimed at people with experience, because the experienced marketers will see all the red flags and recognise the lies and hype immediately.


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What I Like

  • You might find some rather rudimentary value in the training he offers, but that’s about it for me unfortunately
  • Affiliate marketing, done the right way, is a legitimate money making opportunity


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The scarcity tactics are totally fake
  • The discount he offers for watching the video is fake
  • Money Looper is the old program – Rich Janitor – relaunched under a new name
  • The sales pitch is loaded up with lies and false hope
  • The training is basic and just rehashed PLR stuff
  • All the information in his pitch is just sales hype and Mike is reluctant to tell us much about how his scheme really works, which is always a bad sign
  • Nobody will be making millions of dollars out of this
  • You won’t be making loads of easy cash all on autopilot
  • You can’t make big money without having to put in time and work
  • Rich Janitor was given the boot by ClickBank for being a scam
  • He says how much he hates scammers, but then uses all the same dodgy tactics as the scammers he hates so much


How Much Does Money Looper Cost To Join?

The cost to join Money Looper is $37, always was $37 and likely always will be $37.The talk of a discounted price is just bogus rhetoric to make it sound like you’re getting a special deal.

There are upsells that come with this, and if you were to join but didn’t purchase the upsells, you’ll be told that you can’t make millions until you do. Nearly all these schemes work that way. They make all their money on the upsells.


Is Money Looper a Scam Or Legit?

Look, scam might be a harsh word to use, and maybe you might get something for your money, but it’s not going to be anything that leads to making the promised millions.

And you’re sure not going to be making millions selling Money Looper to others

There is way too much hype here for my liking and a lot of salesy BS being spun.

Just remember his old Rich Janitor program got booted off ClickBank. They don’t do that for no reason, usually. Something wasn’t right.

Whether Money Looper is a total scam or not, it smells like a dodgy deal and I wouldn’t advise touching it. Maybe you might learn something mildly useful, but chances are you’ll just end up shelling out a lot of cash for practically nothing.


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