Is MoolaVine a Scam or Legit MMO Scheme? MUST READ REVIEW!



Is MoolaVine a scam or not? That’s the question, and one many people have been asking about this make money online (MMO) scheme. In my MoolaVine review I answer that question and a number of others you might have.

We’ll dive right into things in just a moment, but I wanted to say congrats to you first for even being here. You’ve proven that you’re one of the smart ones. You don’t just join something without checking it out first.

Chances are low that you’ll ever get scammed online because of that.

Now read on to uncover the real truth about the MoolaVine make money scheme…



Is MoolaVine a ScamCompany Name: MoolaVine

Owner: Bryan Winters

Price To Join: Free To Start

My Rating: 5/10



~ MoolaVine Reviews ~


This is a totally independent review of MoolaVine, as I’m not associated with this platform whatsoever.

I’ve made it my aim to help people find legit ways to make money from home, and that’s the reason I created this website. Myself personally, I’ve been making a living online for quite some time now, and it’s allowed me to live a life of freedom.

You can do it too, even if you’re just looking for some extra cash on the side. The internet has opened the doors to so many options that just weren’t available before.

Also, because it’s global, we can all technically make money online 24/7/365. This means the possibilities are enormous, particularly if you’re looking to do some kind of online business.

Where there are opportunities to make money, there will also be scammers just waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting people. Because of that fact, we always have to be careful online and always do our research.

One of the best ways to do that research is by reading product reviews. That’s the very reason why I write so many of them. I’m here to help you find the good stuff and avoid the bad.

Recently the MoolaVine scheme came onto my radar screen, and it looked like an interesting one to look into and write a review about, so that’s what I did.

So let’s now see if MoolaVine is really here to help us make money or not.


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What Is MoolaVine About?

This is a money making scheme devised by an online entrepreneur . He claims to be a self-made millionaire and his name is Bryan Winters. Apparently he has years of experience making money online and that’s how he’s managed to amass all his wealth.

The MoolaVine platform is sold on the ClickBank site as well as JVZoo. Both are affiliate platforms.

Part of Bryan’s pitch is that you won’t have to be constantly seeking traffic to make money, as his scheme harnesses the “power of cooperation”.

This guy has had similar schemes before. I remember one called “Dumb Little System”, and this sounds like the exact same scheme relaunched under a new name and branding.

Often when an old scheme develops a poor reputation, the owner will repackage it and rename it and launch it as if it’s something completely new.

That appears to be what Bryan has done here with Dumb Little System. I’m not saying Dumb Little System didn’t work, but maybe it got a bad rap.

Anyway, we’ll walk you through what MoolaVine is all about in this review and how you potentially make money with it.

Basically this scheme uses affiliate marketing and marketers to sell it. All you’re really doing is joining the scheme and then trying to get other people to join the same scheme.

This is nothing new by far. I’ve seen so many schemes work this way. Some are cash gifting schemes, such as one I just reviewed called “Instant Cash Solution”, while others might be outright Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes.

Then there are others that are mega expensive high ticket schemes where members do nothing but buy memberships and then try to sell those memberships to new people.

MoolaVine is advertised as being free to join, but when you look into it, you do have to spend money or you won’t make any money with it.

I do affiliate marketing for a living, so I know how it works, and systems like this one have very limited potential to earn. You’re far better off being a diverse affiliate who promotes all manner of products and services.

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How Does MoolaVine Really Work?

As I said, joining up is totally free initially. You can access the sign up screen on the system’s main sales page after watching Bryan’s intro video.

Now you’ll be presented with a bunch of upsells that appear to be optional. You can bypass all these at this time, but not forever.

Once your account is fully set up, you start off by being in the “green”. When you account is green lighted, it means you are eligible to earn money with MoolaVine. The problem is, your account won’t stay green for very long, and to keep it green, you need to start purchasing those upsells we just mentioned.

The way it works is you get referred to the system by an existing member. Then, when you purchase each upsell, it’s actually your referrer that you’re purchasing it through.


MoolaVine Products


That’s how people make money with MoolaVine.

All the products you buy are actually located on both ClickBank and JVZoo, and what you do is this: You select one of the offered products you would like to buy and then fill out a purchase request form with MoolaVine.

This request goes through to your referrer, who will then send you their affiliate link to buy the product through. This ensures your referrer makes a commission on the sale.

The more stuff you buy, the more green days you have where your account is active.

There is a second option which means you can bypass all this regularly buying stuff to keep your account active, and that’s by purchasing a monthly membership with MoolaVine. This will cost you $30 every month, but maintains an active account for the life of your membership.

How your referrer makes money out of this second option is they earn a $10 recurring commission every month that you remain a paying member.

These are the ways that you yourself earn with the system; either by people purchasing products through your affiliate links, or your referrals opting for the monthly MoolaVine membership.

Before you can start making money on the platform, you first need to recruit some new people with the unique referral link you’ll receive as soon as you become a member, even as a free member.

Just remember that you always have to keep your account in the green or you’ll miss out on commissions.

The word “vine” in this scheme is basically a synonym for your downline. It’s not really a downline with levels like a MLM scheme though, more of a line that goes straight across. Obviously the more people you can draw into the scheme, the more money you can make; especially if they decide to go the paid membership route.



Can You Make Money With MoolaVine?

It’s a little restrictive, because basically all you’re doing for the most part is trying to sell MoolaVine to others, but yes, you could make some money with this I believe.

The fact that it starts off with the promise of a free membership (with a catch) will make the recruitment process a lot easier.

Often once people are lured into something that starts off free, if they see the value and potential in it, they won’t mind buying a few products or paying the monthly membership if they think they’ll be making money very soon.

The membership isn’t expensive either. It’s not like it’s in the 1000s, which would likely put off most people in a scheme like MoolaVine. $30 per month is affordable and not too risky.

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The Hard Part Is Getting Traffic

In order to recruit people into MoolaVine, they first need to know about your offer. I guess you could post regularly on social media or in Facebook groups. There are a lot of groups on Facebook with members who like this sort of scheme.

If you have a website, you could market the scheme there and hope you get some decent Google rankings to draw in traffic.

Bryan Winters offers some traffic packages with MoolaVine as an upsell. These packages range from $40 and up to $120. The problem is, you don’t know what the quality of the traffic is going to be like? Plus, for everyone who buys one of these traffic packages, will everyone be getting sent the same traffic?

What I mean is: You can’t sell a MoolaVine membership to the same group of people over and over again.

Overall, I think this scheme really lacks some decent training that teaches people how to really sell it and get traffic to their offers. Without traffic, nobody will make any money.


Target Audience

This kind of sounds like it’s targeting online money making newbies, but not necessarily. I know groups of people online who are always on the lookout for new schemes like this, because they are inherently very simple to get started with.

But like I keep saying, the real hard part is getting people to know about it.


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What I Like

  • It’s technically free to join to begin with, which will help lure in new members
  • I can see the possibility of making a little bit of recurring income with MoolaVine if you can recruit successfully
  • Bryan Winters has been around for a while, and I believe he actually has made some decent money online over the years
  • It’s an interesting concept to help people earn affiliate commissions on both JVZoo and ClickBank


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There seems to be a distinct lack of any training that teaches people how to recruit new members
  • Once you join and are on the inside, you soon find out that MoolaVine is not exactly free. If you stay “free”, you can’t actually do anything to make money
  • Getting traffic to your offers is going to be the hardest part by far
  • I don’t think Bryan’s traffic packages are worth spending any money on. That’s just a way for him to make extra cash
  • Selling this scheme as an affiliate is rather limited in scope and earning potential


Is MoolaVine a Scam


How Much Does MoolaVine Cost To Join?

This depends. Yep, you can initially join up for free, but then you have to regularly buy products off ClickBank or JVZoo through your referrer to remain active. The cost of the products varies greatly.

If you don’t want to buy products, then you can opt for the monthly membership of $30/month.


Is MoolaVine a Scam Or Legit?

I wouldn’t go out of my way to call this a scam, because you can potentially make money with MoolaVine.

There is one issue I see. If everyone opts for the monthly membership instead of buying (third party) products, and then sells monthly memberships to new recruits, doesn’t that make this a Ponzi scheme?

I mean, MoolaVine doesn’t have any products anyway. The ones they entice you to buy are sold on third party sites. They don’t belong to MoolaVine. The only other thing for sale is memberships.

Kind of sounds like a Ponzi scheme to me.

Having pointed that out though, I’m not totally against borderline schemes, just so long as people know exactly what they’re buying into and they are happy to do so.

There’s not much risk with MoolaVine anyway, and it’s set up in a kind of unique way that I like.

It might be okay to try it out and see how it goes for a while.


My #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online!

Lifestyle FreedomMoolaVine is not too bad, and I can see how people could potentially make a half decent recurring income with the scheme if you can get traffic and recruit people. The system is all based on affiliate marketing, which is what I do myself.

To make the most of schemes like MoolaVine, you really need some training in affiliate marketing, something the MoolaVine system sadly lacks.

Whether you want to just promote MoolaVine, or a whole host of products as an affiliate, anyone can make money with affiliate marketing if you are shown how to do it right.

I’ve been making more than a fulltime income from affiliate marketing for years now. You don’t even need money to get started really. Just a computer and the internet and you’re set to go.

The great thing about this is you end up creating multiple streams of passive income (the best kind there is), and that leads to lifestyle freedom of having both time AND money. That’s the ultimate kind of life, living the laptop lifestyle.

Whether you do it fulltime or part-time, it doesn’t matter. The point is, affiliate marketing has got it covered no matter what your money making goals are.

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