Is MyFlexJob a Scam? It Sure Looks Like It!



Is MyFlexJob a scam or not? I often see this online jobs website being promoted online, offering lucrative home based jobs, but is it legit? In this MyFlexJob review I answer those questions and more so we can get to the bottom of what this platform’s really all about.

Just before we do that though, I wanted to offer my congrats. You’re one of the smart ones online, because you obviously do your research before you sign on with something. That’s wise and will help you avoid the scams that are out there.

Now read on to learn the truth about MyFlexJob and discover whether it’s real or not…



Is MyFlexJob a scamCompany Name: MyFlexJob

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: $25 + Upsells

My Rating: 1/10



~ MyFlexJob Review ~


I’m not associated with MyFlexJob in any way, shape or form, so this is a totally unbiased review.

My aim with my website is to help others achieve what I have online. Even if you’re just looking for ways to make some part-time cash, I’m here to help, but especially if you are hoping to be able to work for yourself online and live the laptop lifestyle.

I’ve been making a fulltime income from the internet for some years now and I wouldn’t have life any other way. It’s given me true lifestyle freedom.

These days we all have access to a global marketplace that never sleeps, and there are so many options when you look for opportunities online.

In the modern world it seems that just about everybody is looking to make some money online from home in one form or another, whether that be some spare change doing surveys, some decent part-time cash, earning a fulltime income, or starting some type of online business.

Along with opportunity also comes issues, and the main downside to the internet world is all the make money scammers that float around cyberspace. They create systems that are too good to be true, promise the world and deliver nothing, so we all have to be careful.

I believe reading reviews – just like this one – is one of the very best ways to find the good stuff online and recognise and avoid those scams. It’s the reason I write so many of them on my site. Like I said, I’m here to help others make real money on the internet from home.

I kept seeing MyFlexJob being promoted in numerous places online, so I wanted to look into it and write a review detailing what I uncovered.

Let’s now see if MyFlexJob delivers on its promises or not.


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What Is MyFlexJob About?

When you first land on the MyFlexJob website it all looks very official, promising and legit. They claim to have all this easy online work, performing well paying tasks for big Fortune 500 companies. They claim to act as the go between from company to paid worker, but is that really what they do?

The company actually posts ads in various places online, including social media. They’ll promote easy work from home jobs, and when you click on one of the ads you’ll be directed to a video presented by a woman named “Sandy Suave”.

She will tell you all about her experiences with getting paid work through MyFlexJob, how she’s now earning a fulltime income from home and that it doesn’t cost her anything to do.

Sandy says she generally makes over $23 an hour for the work she does and that we can all be making that much too.

The website itself claims the jobs pay anywhere from $12.33 and up to $27.90 per hour, with the average part-time worker collecting a handy $371.25 a week from this.

Some of the big companies that Sandy claims she has done work for are Netflix and ProActiv. Apparently much of the work is simple data entry and worksheet processing. No brainer stuff that anyone can do.

So far this place reminds me of a couple of other online job schemes I’ve recently reviewed, such as:

Unfortunately, all the ones mentioned in the list above are nothing but scams.

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Is MyFlexJob a scam


How Does MyFlexJob Really Work?

After you’ve sat through Sandy’s glowing sales pitch for MyFlexJob, you’ll be asked to hand over your email address. If you do this step, you’ll be sent through to another page where you get to watch Sandy in a second video.

Before you can be assigned any of these promised online jobs, you’ll first be told you must purchase some backup software called MyPCBackUp. This is so you can backup your computer and not lose any of the vital data you’ll be working with as part of your job.

That’s what they say anyway.

The software costs $25.

On the platform you earn credits when you do jobs. 1000 credits = $1. MyFlexJob put 25,000 credits into your account with them once you buy the software, which allegedly you can later cash out so you get reimbursed.

If you go ahead and buy the software and install it, you still don’t get any paid work. What you are now presented with are offers from companies that say they’ll pay you, but first you have to pay them for their products.


This is supposed to be paid work from home jobs, not the other way around.

So far you’ve had to spend $25 on backup software. Now you’re being asked to buy products with the promise of earning money down the track.

Doesn’t sound like there’s any legit job offers to me.



What’s Really Going On Here?

One of the main jobs they say they’ll be hiring you for is validating trial offers that other people have signed up for. Instead of performing this validation process, you are being asked to join these trial offers yourself, some of which cost you money upfront, or will after the trial period expires.

You’ve also been asked to buy and install the backup software, for which you’re told you’ll be reimbursed down the track, but you never will be.

This is all one big bait and switch con job.

The person running this site is not Sandy Suave. We don’t know who it is because they choose to remain anonymous. Never a positive sign.

There are no paying online jobs from big companies on offer. That’s all a ruse to lure people in.

The owner of this website is making commissions on the backup software, as well as every single trial offer you sign up for.

Now normally I wouldn’t have an issue with that sort of thing, so long as that’s what was advertised to begin with, but MyFlexJob is doing nothing but outright lie to people, deceive them and switch them into paying for stuff rather than earning money.

But they do this by promising the good money down the track. You first have to buy software and pay for other products, and then you can make money with them.

It’s all total BS!

You’ll never make any money with MyFlexJob, because you’re not meant to. All they want is for you to spend money so they can get paid.

That’s it. That’s the agenda here.

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You’ll Never Get Paid

The claim is that your account has to reach a total of 50,000 points before you can request a cash out of $50, which includes the 25k points to reimburse you for buying the backup software.

The problem is, there seems to be no apparent way to earn the extra 25,000 points so you can cash out, and this is deliberate.

They never plan for you to cash out, because they never plan to pay you…ever.

All they want is for you to spend money on totally unnecessary software, trial offers and products so they can get paid.

The only actual way I cans see you making any money is by selling MyPCBackUp yourself, as the software comes with an affiliate program. But you could do that without being involved in the deceptive MyFlexJob platform.


MyFlexJob MyPCBackUp


Target Audience

This is definitely targeting people who are looking for some simple “paid” online jobs they can do in their spare time. Parasites like the owner of MyFlexJob prey on people like this, promising what they want, then not delivering.


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What I Like

  • Maybe you might make a few dollars as an affiliate of MyPCBackUp


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • MyFlexJob is totally fake in just about every way
  • Deceptive, bait and switch marketing is being used by promising jobs, then making people buy stuff so the site owner earns commissions
  • There are no well paying, legit jobs on offer here
  • The photo of the MyFlexJob headquarters building is just a stock photo
  • I highly doubt that Sandy Suave is a real person. More likely a paid actor
  • If you sign up for free trial offers and give them your credit card details, you’ll find your card being charged if you forget to cancel the offers
  • There are complaints online everywhere about MyFlexJob
  • The software serves no other purpose than to earn the owner of MyFlexJob a commission for every sale
  • There doesn’t seem to be any way to earn more credits so you can get paid, and that’s because you’re not meant to


MyFlexJob Complaint


How Much Does MyFlexJob Cost To Join?

Technically it’s free to join the MyFlexJob platform, but you can’t actually go any further until you purchase the MyPCBackUp software for $25.

Now you’ll spend even more money signing up for offers, some of which ask for an immediate payment.

Another thing to consider is that every time you hand over your contact details or credit card details for each of these things, you don’t know what these people are ultimately going to do with that information. It’s highly risky.


Is MyFlexJob a Scam Or Legit?

This is very scammy, that’s for sure. Everything about the way this platform is promoted is total BS right from the beginning.

They lure genuine jobseekers in with the promise of well paying online jobs, supposedly offered by Fortune 500 companies. Except there are no jobs. No one gets paid. It’s all designed to extract money out of jobseekers rather than pay them money.

This person behind this site is just an affiliate for a whole bunch of offers and they’re using misleading and underhanded tactics to make cash for themselves.

First they tell you that you have to buy the backup software so companies will allow you to do the fictitious work. Then you’re told to sign up for a bunch of trial offers, when you are supposedly getting a job validating other peoples’ trial offers.

The truth never seems to be spoken when it comes to MyFlexJob. I wouldn’t trust this place with anything, so certainly don’t go handing them your contact info, and definitely don’t’ give them your credit card details.

Steer well clear of this place.


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