Is OMG Sweeps a Scam? Will You Really Win $50K?



Is OMG Sweeps a scam or not? That’s the question I saw being asked over and over again and it was on my mind as well. The thought of winning an easy $50k sure is appealing, but it also sounds suspect at the same time. It got me wondering like it has you.

In my OMG Sweeps review I answer that question, but before we get right into things, I first wanted to offer my congratulations to you for finding your way here. So many people get scammed online because they fail to research something first, but you’re smart enough not to be that trusting.

Chances are you’ll never get scammed because of it.

Now read on to learn the truth about the OMG Sweeps win money scheme…



Is OMG Sweeps a ScamCompany Name: OMG Sweeps

Owner: Joshua Gillon

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 0/10



~ OMG Sweeps Reviews ~


It never ceases to amaze me the kind of stuff we can find online these days, particularly when it comes to the subject of making money, winning money and everything else to do with money.

There are stacks of real opportunities on the internet. That’s how I manage to make a fulltime living online. I wouldn’t be able to do that if everything was a scam. In fact, you can literally make money at any time because the internet is a global audience.

I’ve been living the laptop lifestyle for some years now, and it’s my intention to help others do the same, or at least make some extra part-time income.

The biggest negative about the internet in my opinion is the amount of scammers and scams online. These dodgy schemes exist simply because it’s easy to remain anonymous, plus the fact that so many people look online for options nowadays.

We always need to be careful.

You’ve shown that you do your research first, and one of the best ways to do that and avoid scams is by reading product reviews such as this one. It’s why I constantly write reviews on my website. I’m here to assist you in finding something worthwhile.

When OMG Sweeps came onto my radar promising all this easy money with no outlay, I just had to do some research on the scheme and write a review on what I uncovered.

So let’s now take a closer look at OMG Sweeps to see if it’s hot or not.


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What Is OMG Sweeps About?

When you arrive on the official OMG Sweeps website, there’s not a hell of a lot on there. They say you can enter their sweepstakes for FREE, with a chance to win that $50,000.

In fact, the headline goes like this:


Apart from that there’s just a box where you are first required to enter your email, then check a box where you agree to receive (get spammed with) promotional material from OMG Sweeps, and very likely a whole host of other marketing companies as well.

This all sounds easy, but a bit too easy in my opinion. I mean, let’s say they really do give someone $50,000. Where does that money come from in the first place if it’s free to enter? Do all the advertisers who will spam your email inbox pay for it? Is the person who runs OMG Sweeps just that generous that they’ll happily give that kind of cash away?

Sounds dodgy so far.

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OMG Sweeps


How OMG Sweeps Really Works

Let’s now take a quick look at how this scheme (sweepstakes) supposedly works.

I said in the section above that you must first surrender your email address. You also check a box agreeing to receive promotional material. This check box also indicates that you agree to their terms and conditions and what’s contained within their privacy policy.

You’ll also get a free subscription to the “Bargain Hunters Newsletter”, whatever that is. Sounds like something they send you regularly, trying to sell you a bunch of stuff.

Anyway, if you enter your email address and hit the big green “ENTER NOW” button, you’ll be issued with a number chosen by the system’s “Randomizer” machine. Another screen will appear, telling you what that number is and whether you’ve won $50,000 or not.

Chances are very high that you won’t be the lucky winner (I doubt anyone ever is). Your number is an 8 digit number, and apparently the odds of winning the main prize is 1 in 75,000,000.

Now those are damn high odds. Higher odds than winning Powerball, and that pays out in the multiple millions of dollars.

With OMG Sweeps, you only have 1 chance in 75 million just to win $50k only.

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Is OMG Sweeps a Scam


What OMG Sweeps Is Likely All About

I’d bet my life on the fact that it’s all BS anyway. No one will ever win $50k with this farce. It’s nothing but a gimmick to get peoples’ email addresses and sell them stuff, I’m certain of it.

The idea of winning big money is likely nothing more than some click bait to lure people in and entice them to hand over that valuable email address and agree to all the spam terms.

I really think the 50 grand is nothing more than a nasty trick to get people to take action. I did some research on this place and I couldn’t find any evidence than anyone who has signed up has ever won any money with OMG Sweeps.

You see, while entering a simple email address might sound innocent enough, email addresses from real people like you and I are valuable these days.

Email marketing is a massive business, whether it’s done ethically or not, and it’s direct marketing too. It’s like receiving flyers in your physical mail box. Chances are quite high with something like this sweepstakes platform that they’ll be selling your details to other marketers, or renting out their email list over and over.

Some rather dodgy looking flashing ads pop up on their website as well, the kind that look like they’ll infect your computer with a virus if you click on them.

The company also doesn’t give much away about itself on their website either, which is not a good sign. If they were legitimately giving away that kind of cash, I’m sure they would tell us more about themselves and would be happy to do so.

I did find a website with a bit of information on OMG Sweeps and you can check it out here.


Target Market

I guess something like a free sweepstakes site could be targeted at just about everybody, but this one I think is really aimed at people who don’t think too much about this sort of stuff and just willingly hand their email address over.

It’s kind of selling to the get rich quick mentality, but I can’t see anybody winning a cent with this platform, because I don’t believe any of it is real.


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What I Like

  • OMG Sweeps sound good and exciting when you first hear about it, but there’s nothing really on offer here at all
  • The graphics on the website are kind of cool and eye catching


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is no record anywhere of anyone ever winning a cent with OMG Sweeps, let alone a cool $50,000
  • The scheme just looks like a click bait way of getting people to hand over their valuable email addresses
  • You have to agree to receive a bunch of promotional material from OMG Sweeps and other marketers before you can get your 8 digit lucky number
  • Even if the cash prize was real, the odds of winning are 75 million to 1, bigger than Powerball odds and a much smaller prize
  • There’s no information about this company or the owner on their website
  • Dodgy looking ads flash up on screen when you’re on the site, ads that look like they lead to viruses
  • The website basically has nothing at all on it
  • Even if you did win (which you won’t) there’s no information on their site on how to claim your prize or how you’ll be paid
  • There is no FAQ
  • The internet is swarming with bogus sweepstakes contests that are basically a front for other less than savoury schemes


How Much Does OMG Sweeps Cost To Join?

It doesn’t cost anything to enter this sweepstakes draw, but it could cost you something down the track depending on what promotions you receive and what they do with your email address. I wouldn’t give this place anything.


Is OMG Sweeps a Scam Or Legit?

It looks and smells like some sort of scam to me, for sure. There are just too many red flags and a real lack of information out there about OMG Sweeps, who’s behind the scheme and no record of anyone every winning anything.

Sure, handing over your email address seems like a very small price to pay just to try it out, but you can at the very least expect lots of spam as a result of that one action.

I’d say this company makes money out of promoting other stuff to you, and very likely rents their list out for solo ads or sells your information to other marketers.

I wouldn’t recommend having anything to do with this website. Something is definitely not right about it.

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