Is Opinion City a Scam? It Is NOT What It Seems!



Is Opinion City a scam survey platform? A lot of people have been asking questions about this one, wondering if it’s legit or not. Does it offer anything better than the multitudes of other online survey platforms, or is something else going on here altogether?

Let me first say that I’m really glad to see you here on my website and reading this review. You’ve shown yourself to be one of the smart ones online, as you do some research before joining something.

The chance that you’ll ever get scammed is very, very low because of that.

Now read on and learn the truth about Opinion City surveys…



Is Opinion City a ScamCompany Name: Opinion City

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 0/10



~ Opinion City Reviews ~



It’s my belief that reading products reviews written by independent reviewers is one of the optimum ways to determine if something is worth trying out or not. It’s the very motive behind me writing so many of them on my website. I started this site to help people find legit money making options.

I’m making a fulltime living entirely online, which has always been a dream of mine. Before the internet this just wasn’t possible.

These days everyone seems to be looking online for new money making options, or trying to find some online business to start. And why not? It’s the direction the modern world is taking and there are just so many opportunities to make cash 24/7.

Nothing comes without some negatives though, and the biggest one is that the world’s con artists also roam the internet space looking for victims to fleece for cash. They create shiny schemes that sound irresistible and sucker in as many people as possible. We have to be careful always.

I’ve been a participant in a number of different survey platforms in the past, so when I came across Opinion City, I wanted to look into it and write a review on it.

Let’s now see if Opinion City surveys is really legit or a scam.


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What Is Opinion City About?

Arriving on the homepage for Opinion City is like landing on some sort of advertising platform. It doesn’t look like your typical paid survey site at all. Apart from a small amount of text and a box where you sign up, the rest is just advertising.

Now when you hunt for survey platforms, the majority will be real sites where you join and take surveys on the actual site. Then there are other ones run by affiliates who get paid referral commissions for sending new members to the real survey sites.

The latter has no surveys of its own and is really nothing more than a feeder site, sending prospective members off to any survey platform that happens to have a referral program.

Opinion City is one of those feeder sites and doesn’t have any surveys of its own. It’s simply a website put together by an affiliate and nothing more.

I’ve reviewed a few sites like this in the past, such as:

With regular legit survey platforms, they act as the portal between companies needing markets research, and people willing to participate in that market research by doing surveys online for small rewards.

None of that is happening at Opinion City. You’ll only get into some real surveys when you join the recommended survey platforms through the website owner’s affiliate link.

I do affiliate marketing for a living, but not in the way that Opinion City is doing it. I actually make more than a fulltime living online, much of it passive. You can do it too. It’s not that hard. Click here for info.


How Does Opinion City Really Work?

It doesn’t cost you anything to join Opinion City, and it wouldn’t want to either. Once you have joined, then you’ll be presented with a list of recommended survey platforms to join.

Now this is where it gets a little weird.

Some of the survey site links will actually send you through to the official website to join up, but other links actually send you somewhere entirely different.

For example, you might decide you want to join “ABC Surveys”, only to discover you’re being redirected to some other platform that wants you to join a free trial for some irrelevant product or service.

In fact, there are only a handful of links that do really take you through to the designated platform. Most just seem to rather randomly send you elsewhere.

One link sent me off to some sweepstakes site the really looked for all money like some sort of scam. Some of the other “offers” also look a bit dodgy as well.

So Opinion City is even a bit different again from other survey affiliate sites that do genuinely redirect you to the chosen real survey platforms. This one seems far more intent of using bait and switch tactics to get you to join all sorts of bogus looking schemes.

Some of the offers want your credit card details for a free trial, after which, when the trial period is up, your card will be charged for a service you didn’t probably want in the first place. You can cancel before the end of the trial (scams excluded), but you have to remember to do that.

I mean, people want to join paid survey sites to actually make some money, not end up spending a bunch of money.

Now I don’t see anything wrong with an affiliate trying to earn some commissions, just so long as they’re totally honest about what it is they’re selling or promoting.

Whoever is running Opinion City is conducting their activities in a dishonest manner for the most part and is not being transparent at all.


Opinion City Offers


Limited Spots Remaining = Fake Scarcity

With many of the offers on the Opinion City site that they try to get you to join, most will say there are limited spots available, so get in quick. This is especially the case with any “work from home” types of schemes they have advertised.

Ignore this tactic. It’s just fake scarcity. None of these will limit positions. They’ll take everyone’s money.

It’s just a ploy used to get people to hurry up, take action and not do any research into the scheme first.

I’ve seen this used a million times now.

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Avoid the Newsletter Sign Up

If you went to join the Opinion City site (which I really don’t recommend), there is a check box asking you to agree to receive additional promotional information sent to your email inbox. It’s optional, but if checked, you’ll likely get blasted with offer after offer to join all manner of things, many of them likely scams.


How Much Money Can You Make?

Opinion City has no surveys for you to do, so you won’t directly make any money with the platform. If you do manage to join a few legit survey sites through the links, you can expect to earn maybe around $3 per hour on average for your time completing surveys.

Some sites may pay a bit better than others, but that would be a fairly accurate average rate of earnings.

Below are some real survey platforms Opinion City link out to. Remember though, that you won't always be taken through to the advertised platform, but are often redirected to something else entirely.


Opinion City Real Survey Sites


Some Negatives About Paid Surveys

Here are some things to keep in mind when joining REAL paid survey sites, as it’s not all milk and honey.

I used to do a lot of surveys on a variety of survey sites a few years ago. These days I really don’t bother because the trade off of time for the really small amounts of money is extremely poor and so not worth it if you wan to make some real cash.

This is the biggest negative about paid surveys and probably the most complained about facet of doing them.

Another thing that can happen is a survey you’re working on will glitch out. You can’t recover the survey and you can’t finish it. Therefore you’ve wasted 5, 10, 15 minutes or whatever because you don’t get paid anything for incomplete surveys.

Almost all surveys on every single platform will have some qualifying questions for you to answer first before you get onto the paid part of doing the survey. Sometimes it can be hard to get past these. You keep getting screened out and totally waste your time.

One other very common complaint is not actually getting enough surveys to do. With surveys often few and far between, it can take a long time to reach whatever the site’s payout threshold is set at.

Even if you join a number of sites, you still won’t have a lot of surveys to do, and you still need to meet the various payment thresholds of each individual site to finally see some cash.

And when you do get the cash it’s like, was that even worth all the time and effort?


Target Market

With normal, legit paid survey platforms, they can be a good way for online newbies to make their first few dollars online. This can be a real confidence booster, as for the inexperienced, making money somehow on the internet can kind of seem like a myth.

Of course, you’re never going to make much money, no matter how good the site is. Paid surveys just don’t pay well enough and are not even good enough to produce a useful past-time income.

In the case of Opinion City, they’re targeting total newbies even to surveys, and are just using the idea of surveys as an excuse to try and bait and switch members into other deals that make the site owner money.

Legit site or not, surveys are just a very poor way to swap time for money.


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What I Do Like

  • I really can’t come up with anything I like about Opinion City to be honest


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The platform has no surveys of it’s own
  • It’s nothing more than a feeder site run by an affiliate
  • Most of the advertised links don’t actually send you through to the survey site it says it will
  • You get baited and switched to join other offers
  • Many of the offers look like make money from home scams
  • If you join and surrender your email address to them, likely you’ll get spammed with all sorts of stuff totally unrelated to doing paid surveys
  • The person running this site is dishonest and not transparent and upfront about what they’re doing
  • The tactics being used here are highly misleading
  • There really isn’t anything of any value here at all
  • The scarcity tactics are fake and best ignored


How Much Does It Cost To Join Opinion City?

It doesn’t cost money to join Opinion City, just like it doesn’t cost money to join any real survey platforms either.

The danger here is that you might get suckered into some free trial for a product or service and then start getting your credit card billed once the trial period expires.

Also, many of the deals offered look dodgy. Do you really want these people getting their hands on your identity and credit card information?


Is Opinion City a Scam


Is Opinion City a Scam or Legit?

I’d call this a scam in a way because of all the misleading and dodgy tactics being used.

Hardly any of the links take you through to the survey site in question, and most just seem to lead to what appear to be make money scams.

Opinion City is obviously run by an affiliate for all the offers they have on the site. There’s nothing wrong with that when the owner is being honest, but that’s not the case here. Nothing but deception and bait and switch is being used by Opinion City.

People are visiting the site because they want to make some cash in their spare time doing surveys. None of that’s offered here. Instead, it’ll likely just cost you money down the line instead of actually making any money.

Don’t touch this one.


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Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyMost survey sites I’ve looked at or joined in the past have been legit operations. Yes, they pay low, but they weren’t scams. Unfortunately Opinion City ended up being one of the scam survey sites out there.

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