Is Panel Payday Legit? $75 for Doing Surveys?



Is Panel Payday legit or a scam? That’s the very question I’ve seen many people asking about this paid survey platform? I’ve done a few surveys myself in the past, so I wanted to check this one out and see if it’s any better than all the others out there.

Just before we go ahead with this review, I just wanted to say well done on being here. I say this because it means you’re one of the smart ones online. You do your homework, and that’s a good habit to be in.

The chances of you ever getting scammed or wasting your valuable time are slim because of that.

Now read on and we’ll uncover the truth about Panel Payday…



Is Panel Payday LegitCompany Name: Panel Payday


Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 2/10


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I think the internet is one of the best inventions ever for so many reasons, but especially when it comes to having endless options and possibilities to make money.

I’ve always wanted to work for myself from home, and these days I get to earn a fulltime income entirely online. That just wasn’t possible before.

I’m far from being the only one, and every single day countless people get online and search for things they can do in their spare time from home to either make a little extra cash, or even start some sort of online business.

What we have to always be on the lookout for in our search is the scammers and their get rich quick schemes. They’re everywhere. These people don’t really want to help us make money. They just want to take our money, so we have to stay alert.

Reading reviews – just like you’re doing right now – is one of the best ways to locate the worthwhile stuff as well as avoid all the scammers and con artists out there. It’s why I’m always researching make money schemes and training programs and then writing reviews of them. I’m here to help people.

I’ve done a lot of surveys on various platforms in the past, so when Panel Payday came to my attention, I decided to delve into it and write up my thoughts on what I found out.

Let’s now see if Panel Payday is a waste of time or really worth your time.


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What Is Panel Payday About?

I see red flags waving heavily in the breeze as soon as I take a look at the Panel Payday site.

They start off making claims that you can earn between $25 and $75 per survey, which is unheard of in all my time either doing paid surveys, or researching various “legit” platforms and writing reviews on them.

Anyway, the reason there are so many paid survey platforms doing the rounds on the internet these days is to make the task of acquiring important data and market research much easier for companies and businesses needing this research.

One of the easiest ways to gather this research is through surveys, but rather than companies try to find participants, they just hook up with a paid survey platform that already has thousands of members waiting to complete surveys for some small rewards.

The problem with just about all paid survey sites is that while they do pay, they just don’t pay very much, which means they’re not a good source of income to be considered a serious and sustainable side hustle.

Will Panel Payday, claiming they offer such high rates of pay, be the survey platform that changes all that and makes doing paid surveys worthwhile?

Most survey sites in my experience are lucky to pay anywhere from about 50 cents up to $3 a survey if you’re lucky, so Panel Payday is certainly claiming to offer way more than that. But I don’t really believe it.

No matter what platform you were to go with, surveys are a poor exchange of time for money. If you want to make some more serious cash, then do what I do, which is affiliate marketing.

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How Does Panel Payday Really Work?

This isn’t your typical paid survey platform, where you join up, fill out your profile, then get surveys to complete for rewards points.

No, Panel Payday is like an aggregator site that compiles lists of links to other real paid survey platforms and refers people to them.

Why would someone create a website that just sends its visitors to other paid survey platforms?

The reason is, most survey sites and rewards types of sites have referral programs, where you get paid commissions for sending them new members. The person behind Panel Payday will be an affiliate for every survey platform they have listed.

It’s really just a feeder site and that’s all.

That in itself is not really an issue, so long as the survey sites they are sending you to are legit ones, which most of them seem to be.

A problem I do have with Panel Payday though, is the site is also trying to send people to known online money making scams and other dodgy schemes.

This is not good, because you risk losing money if you were to join any of them.

One place they recommend is some dodgy online sweepstakes site called “Best Day Ever Sweepstakes”, and another is a high ticket Ponzi scheme called “Countdown To Profits”.


Panel Payday Best Day Ever Sweepstakes


So What’s the Deal With $25-$75 Per Survey? Is That True?

There are definite make money scams and get rich quick schemes advertised on this site that’ll just steal your money. You really shouldn’t touch any of them.

As far as the survey sites they recommend, some are dodgy, while there are legit ones such as Pinecone Research and Global Test Market.


Panel Payday Survey Rewards


The reality is though, there is no way you’ll be getting paid anything like the promised amounts per survey on these sites. In fact, you’ll be lucky if you make more than a couple of bucks per survey, which is pretty much the standard rate across the board.

This $25 and up to $75 per survey is nothing more than a sales line to hook you and reel you in. It’s complete BS. There’s absolutely no survey site Panel Payday links to that’ll pay that kind of cash, because they simply don’t have to.

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What I Don’t Like About Legit Paid Surveys Anyway

I said earlier that I used to do a lot of surveys, but I don’t now because they simply aren’t worth the time exchange for those miniscule rewards.

In fact, it’s the very poor rates of pay that is by far and away the biggest complaint people have about paid surveys in general.

A lot of people join a few platforms and start doing surveys thinking they’ll make some decent part-time cash, but it just doesn’t pan out that way.

One thing that used to happen to me on a fairly regular basis was, I’d be about halfway or more through a survey and it would encounter some sort of unrecoverable error. Because I couldn’t actually finish the survey, I didn’t get paid a single cent for my time.

Probably another of the most common gripes is simply a lack of surveys to do regularly on a given platform. Most have a minimum amount of cash or points you have to reach before you can collect a payout, and when surveys arrive in trickles, it can take a long time to reach that threshold.

And then there’s the qualifying questions you have to answer at the very start of most surveys. Too often you’ll answer a bunch of questions only to find you get screened out and make nothing. Toluna Surveys is the only platform I can think of off the top of my head that still pays you something if you don’t qualify for the survey. No other sites do that I’m aware of.


Target Market

Panel Payday is targeting anyone who wants to make some money online in their spare time by doing surveys. Unfortunately they’re luring people in under false pretences.

There isn’t big money to be made doing surveys like the site quotes, and the platform also doesn’t offer any surveys of its own. It’s nothing more than a referral website.

There are some legit survey sites they send you to, but even then, if you want to make decent money, you won’t find it through surveys anyway.


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What I Do Like

  • Some of the survey sites are legit and not too bad
  • The site may save you a small amount of time looking for survey sites yourself


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There are no actual surveys on the Panel Payday site
  • It’s just a website that refers you to other platforms
  • You won’t get paid the kind of money they promise for doing paid surveys
  • The site is luring people in under false pretences
  • Many of the make money schemes, and even some of the survey platforms, they refer you to are known scams
  • Joining any of these MMO schemes advertised on the site could result in you losing money


How Much Does It Cost To Join Panel Payday?

It doesn’t cost anything to join Panel Payday, nor does it cost money to join the legit survey sites they refer you too.

If you were to join any of the make money online schemes they recommend, then these all will cost you some cash to join. And probably more in a stream of upsells.


Is Panel Payday Legit


Is Panel Payday a Scam or Legit?

Would I call Panel Payday a scam?

Not really. It uses some misleading tactics to get people in, but they’re technically not scamming anyone.

The person behind the site is merely aiming to make commissions when they send new people to everything they promote on Panel Payday.

I don’t really see any advantage for anyone to join this though. If you want to do paid surveys (which I don’t highly recommend), you can simply do a Google search and you’ll find heaps of platforms that pay.

I really don’t like the way Panel Payday is openly promoting obvious scams on their website.

I really advise staying clear of this one.


Want To Make Some REAL Money Online?

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