Is Passive Paychecks a Scam? Can You Really Become a Millionaire?



Is Passive Paychecks a scam or a legit way to make some really great money online? That’s the question so many have been asking about this make money online (MMO) opportunity, and why I decided to look into for myself and see what the real deal is.

Just before we fully launch right into things, I just wanted to say well done on being one of the smarter people online. The fact that you’re here reading this review means you don’t just blindly jump into things without checking them out first.

Chances are you’ll never be the victim of a scam or totally waste your time on something because you do your homework.

Now read on to discover the truth about the Passive Paychecks scheme…



Is Passive Paychecks a ScamCompany Name: Passive Paychecks

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: $47

My Rating: 1/10



~ Passive Paychecks Review ~



Multiple millions of people jump on the internet every single day and look for ways to make money, find a get rich quick scheme, start an online business and more. There are so many opportunities out there at our very fingertips day and night, and the internet has made all this possible.

I’ve been making a fulltime living online for years now and I’m far from being the only one. It’s what I’ve always wanted and I want to help other people do the same.

The biggest negative that permeates all the positives of making money online is all the scam artists out there who prey on people looking to make money online from home. They invent BS schemes that sound great, but are only designed to make them rich and not actually help people.

We always need to stay alert to this fact.

Quite possibly the very best way to dodge the scams is by reading independent product reviews. This helps you locate the good deals and avoid the bogus ones. It’s the reason I write so many reviews on my site.

I actually received an email about Passive Paychecks, and I’d heard about it before. It sounded interesting, so I decided to take a look at it and write a review on what I uncovered.

So let’s now see if Passive Paychecks is hot or not.


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What Is Passive Paychecks About?

Passive Paychecks is a catchy sort of name, because we all like the sound of making passive income, and it is entirely possible. I do it regularly myself. Passive income means you make money even when you’re not actively working, and is the principle behind the “make money while you sleep” phrase.

Anyway, when you land on this website you are greeted with the typical kind of sales video that you see so often in the MMO niche. The guy who narrates the sales pitch doesn’t tell us who he is, so we have no name to put to the face.

Even though he refuses to identify himself, he’s very open about telling us he’s already a millionaire, and if we join his scheme and follow his simple “trick”, we too can become millionaires just like him.

Maybe it’s just me, but if I was a millionaire and wanted to convince other people that I could show them how to get rich, I’d have no problem revealing who I am. In fact, I think it would go a long way towards helping people believe that I’m the real deal and actually trust me.

If we don’t know who this guy is, how can we be sure he’s making millions with his system?

Another thing this nameless millionaire is quick to do is name drop famous people, such as Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey. Apparently these two have also used the same trick to help amass their own wealth.

So what Passive Paychecks is willing to do for us is turn us all into millionaires by sharing their little trick with us, and the platform is willing to do this for just $47.

That sounds like a fair swap to me. Pay $47 to discover how to become a millionaire.

The guy says he could easily charge us $5k for what he has to offer, and maybe he should be if we’re going to become millionaires out of it. But no, because he’s such a generous dude he only wants to charge a mere $47 as an admin fee.

I don’t believe a word of it, and as you read through this review you’ll soon see why.

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Is Passive Paychecks a Scam


How Passive Paychecks Really Works?

The sales video says we can achieve millions in income simply by following 3 simple steps which make up a part of this secret trick he’s dying to share with us.

I doubt that we could make that kind of money in just 3 simple steps. In fact, the real scheme is actually made up of 21 steps and not just 3.

You see, Passive Paychecks isn’t a real money making program. It’s actually nothing more than a website run by an affiliate of another platform that’s known as a high ticket program. That means it’s loaded up with very expensive upsells and is a program than just sells itself over and over again.

Passive Paychecks is just spinning a bunch of hype to switch people over to the real scheme. For every new member who joins, the person running Passive Paychecks makes a commission.

There’s nothing wrong with an affiliate wanting to earn commissions. I’m an affiliate marketer too. The problem here is there’s no transparency. This affiliate has made out like they have their own scheme going on, yet all they’re doing is using bait and switch tactics to transfer you into the high ticket program.

Passive Paychecks is nothing more than a funnel site to recruit members into the MOBE high ticket scheme.


MOBE Banner


Let Me Tell You How MOBE Works

I mentioned before 21 steps. Well, that’s the official MOBE sales funnel that you would enter were you to join the facade that calls itself “Passive Paychecks”.

Everyone who joins MOBE goes through this 21 step process. After you’ve completed a few steps you’ll be assigned your “millionaire mentor”, which sounds fantastic in theory, but this person is nothing more than a MOBE salesperson.

It’s the priority of the millionaire mentor to talk you into buying as many products from MOBE as possible. In other words, high pressure sales tactics are used with the promise that if you spend up big now, you’ll make a fortune somewhere down the track.

MOBE is made up of training modules and various other digital products designed to help you make money online. However, you’re not trained to go out into the big bad world and become an entrepreneur. You are simply trained on how to sell MOBE to others.

Everything on MOBE is sold individually. There’s no paying some sort of extra membership fee that includes everything.

MOBE is also what’s commonly referred to in the industry as “pay to play”.

You want to earn money as a MOBE affiliate by getting other people to join MOBE and buy up big on MOBE products, but in order for you to be eligible to make commissions, you must first own any particular MOBE product you want to sell.

Your millionaire mentor will keep encouraging you to go “all in” so you can make commissions on everything. The only problem is, to go all in with MOBE will cost you around $64,000 or so.

That’s a hell of a lot of money to spend just to try something out.

Anyway, that’s basically how MOBE works, and it’s pretty much the same for any scheme that’s considered to be a high ticket program.

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Are There Really Limited Spots?

Part of the sales pitch for Passive Paychecks is that there are limited spots available, and if you don’t hurry up and make up your mind to join you might miss out.

So is that true?

We now know they’re funnelling people through to MOBE, but does MOBE limit the spots available?

Short answer: No.

Anyone can join at any time.

This is nothing but a fake scarcity tactic designed to get you to take action now and not do your research first.


Target Market

These MOBE affiliates – and MOBE itself – tend to target newbies to making money online, which is kind of a strange market to target, considering what they’re selling and how they’re selling it.

MOBE is mega expensive. First, the target market needs to have plenty of disposal cash to spend on trying something out, and it also needs to be cash that they can afford to lose if things don’t pan out.

Secondly, because MOBE is so expensive, it’s going to take a certain kind of person to be able to sell it to others successfully so that initial investment can be recouped and the person starts making an actual profit.

I really don’t think someone who has zero experience in internet marketing is going to be the right person to be able to sell digital products priced at thousands of dollars each, with the most expensive being $30k.

The real target market is someone with marketing and sales experience, lots of confidence and has loads of cash to spend to try something out.


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What I Do Like

  • You can make big commissions with high ticket schemes like MOBE, if you’ve got plenty of confidence and money to spend


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Passive Paychecks is nothing more than a feeder site, a funnel into MOBE
  • To go all in with MOBE costs about $64,000
  • Your MOBE “millionaire mentor” is nothing more than a MOBE hustler
  • There are no limited spots available. It’s just fake scarcity
  • Passive Paychecks makes out like it’s invented its very own money making scheme
  • The guy in the sales video never tells us who he is, just that he’s a millionaire
  • Passive Paychecks claims that if you pay them just $47 you’ll become a millionaire in 3 easy steps
  • When you pay the joining fee, it’s really your entry into the MOBE 21 Steps program
  • You need loads of disposable income and be a master recruiter to truly make a go of MOBE
  • Bait and switch tactics are being used here to suck people in and send them over to MOBE
  • I think MOBE must teach their affiliates to do what they do, because I’ve seen so many of these MOBE affiliates doing the exact same thing as Passive Paychecks
  • I very much doubt that Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson have made their billions by selling MOBE…LOL


How Much Does Passive Paychecks Cost To Join?

It may only be $47 to enter the MOBE scheme, but that’s just the very beginning of a super expensive sales funnel.

Like I’ve mentioned a few times, MOBE is pay to play, and to buy everything will cost a lot of money. Of course, you don’t have to buy everything, but you do risk missing out on some big commissions if one of your recruits buys something that you haven’t already purchased.

For example, a Diamond Membership in MOBE costs almost $30,000. The commissions on this is massive, but first you have to spend $30k on that membership level yourself.

There are big dollars involved in this scheme.


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is Passive Paychecks a Scam or Legit?

I don’t consider MOBE a scam, but very expensive and super limited when it comes to being an online entrepreneur. You only learn and get to sell MOBE and nothing else.

That’s just how these high ticket schemes work. They’re almost like Ponzi schemes.

Now, Passive Paychecks is just full of hype and loaded up with lies. The marketing tactics are extremely deceptive, and the owner of this site (who chooses to hide his identity), pretends he’s created his very own money making system that’ll transform people into millionaires in just three simple steps.

This is just the typical get rich quick scheme type of rhetoric. I’ve seen the same kind of sales pitch hundreds of times over now.

I’m sure MOBE teach their affiliates to do this, because I’ve seen so many make money schemes that just end up having a MOBE affiliate behind them.

High ticket schemes are a bit of a scam in a way, because by design they are just out to extract as much money from their membership base as they possibly can. They’re not really about training people up in entrepreneurship.

It’s all about selling the exact same system you bought into to others, and that’s all. Pretty similar to how most MLM companies operate.

Give this one a miss.


This Is How I Make An Awesome Living Online!

Lifestyle FreedomMaybe Passive Paychecks sucks, but that doesn’t mean every online opportunity is a dud. Far from it. I’m making what I consider to be more than a fulltime income entirely online and I don’t work a lot of hours to do it either.

I do affiliate marketing for a living, along with multiple millions of other people online. It’s really not that hard, especially if you follow some cool training that shows you how to do it in a step by step manner.

Let’s look at just a few key points of being an affiliate:

  • You can work your own flexible hours
  • There’s no capital required to get started
  • There’s no actual selling, just recommendations and making commissions
  • Work from home and be the boss
  • Enjoy the freedom of having no restrictions on what you can earn
  • If you’ve got a computer and the internet, you’re all set
  • And lots more…

That’s just a brief snap shot.

While some marketers really nail it and make the big bucks, lots of people just like doing affiliate marketing on the side to bolster their income. Me, I like having it as my fulltime money earner because of all the lifestyle freedom it gives me.

Let’s look at just a few advantages of working from home:

  • If it’s ever been the goal, then affiliate marketing can help you live the laptop lifestyle
  • You’ll end up having more time and more money at the same time
  • You can finally live life on your own terms and make the rules
  • If you love travelling, your online gig will make money for you along the way
  • Enjoy the serenity and comfort of having more financial security by creating multiple income sources
  • You can really spend a lot more quality time with those you truly care about
  • And so much more…

Many of us want a better lifestyle, but we have to make a decision today to do something different that will create that lifestyle. For me, affiliate marketing has been the vehicle that led to a change for the better.

I’ve taken some time to put together a make money online guide to help my readers learn more. You can have a read of it by hitting the banner below.


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