Is Real Profits Online a Scam? Can You Really Make $500 Every Day?



Is Real Profits Online a scam or not? It’s a question I and many other people were wondering, so I looked into this one to see what the real story is. This platform claims members can be making $500 online every day, but is that really the truth?

I’d just like to say congrats first on finding your way here to my review, as it means you’re one of the smarter ones online. You won’t just blindly join up with something before checking into it. Chances are you’ll never get scammed or waste your time because you do your research.

Okay, so let’s now discover the truth about the Real Profits Online scheme…



Is Real Profits Online a ScamCompany Name: Real Profits Online

Owner: Mark Douglas

Price To Join: $47 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ Real Profits Online Review ~



It’s reviews that help us all make good decisions online and avoid the dodgy stuff. That’s why I write so many reviews of make money products and training schemes on my Laptop Freedom Living website. I designed this site to help others find legit ways to earn an income, particularly on the internet.

These days we all have the opportunity to go online and make money. We have access to a marketplace that is global and operates 24/7/365. Now well can all strive to work from the comfort of our own homes if we desire, and that’s pretty awesome.

However, the obvious downside to that is that scammers are smart. They know more and more people are turning to cyberspace to try and earn cash, so they invent schemes to try and hustle money from us by promising riches in return. We always have to remain diligent to avoid these con artists, and reviews really help with that.

I first heard about Real Profits Online when I received an email about it (I receive lots of emails of this nature). It sounded really interesting and I decided I wanted to research it and write a review on what I found out.

Let’s now see if Real Profits Online can live up to its own hype.


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What Is Real Profits Online About?

Real Profits Online makes the claim that we can be earning an easy $500 a day, every day with a simple Amazon work from home job.

They even greet us immediately with a big photo of Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos.


Is Real Profits Online a Scam


The problem is, I’ve seen this exact same image used in some other Amazon schemes before, and they have absolutely nothing to do with Amazon directly, nor are they endorsed by the online giant in any way.

Amazon Cash Websites” is the name of one I recall seeing in the past. Now Amazon Cash Websites is all fake. Everything about it is bogus. So if Real Profits Online is the same thing, then it’s likely to be equally as bogus, and likely just the same scam rebranded.

Anyway, let’s move on and see if that is the case.

The guy who presents the sales video says his name is Mark Douglas. He claims he makes $15k on Amazon every single month and he’s going to give 250 lucky people a free website so they can do the same.

That sounds very generous of this Mark dude. He’s going to hand 250 people a cash cow website that pulls in $500 a day at the mere “push of a button” (Mark’s words).

Okay, a few red flags just in that paragraph. Why would Mark limit this to just 250 people? Why would he give away his cash producing websites? How is it remotely possible to make $15k a month just by pushing a button?

What is this magic system he’s peddling?

I make a fulltime living online, and I’ve never come across any REAL magic, push button money making systems in the past 2 decades. It’s nothing but a fantasy.

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How Real Profits Online Really Works?

The platform makes use of a totally fake news article to lure people into a scheme that’s not what it seems to be on the surface.

There are no work at home jobs for Amazon. That’s an outright lie.

Mark is not going to “give” you a magic cash producing website that works on the mere push of a button. That’s a lie too.

Anyway, after the sales pitch, if you follow the instructions and click through to the next screen, this is where they ask you to hand over your name, email address AND phone number if you want to continue.

Now that they have your details (if you decided to go past this point), they’ll be able to get in touch with you and harass you with any deal they want. They might even give your info to other marketers, or sell it to them.

Anything can happen when you’re dealing with scammers like this.

After submitting the info you are presented with yet another sales pitch video. Again Mark is presenting the video and gives us an “all too familiar” hard luck story.

To keep it brief, Mark was really struggling financially until he met a guy named Tim. With just a few mouse clicks, Tim showed Mark how to produce a real money making website in just minutes. From then on, armed with his very own cash cow, Mark has never looked back.

Because he’s so rich now, Mark feels compelled to share his secret sauce with all of us.

Anyway, after further digging I was able to uncover what this is really all about. It’s about joining Amazon’s affiliate program called “Amazon Associates” (which you have to be approved for) and becoming an affiliate for Amazon.

I’m an affiliate. That’s what I do. I also have an Amazon Associates account. I’m here to tell you that being an Amazon affiliate is not easy and fast money. It takes time. Yes, you can make good money promoting Amazon products, but again I repeat, it takes time.

No one is going to toss a website together in a few minutes and be pulling in $500 a day in commissions. It just doesn’t work that way.

What they’re spinning people on the Real Profits Online website is pure fantasy to get you to hand over your money for their product.

The “free” website Mark said he wants to “give” to 250 people is not free at all. It sells for $47, and that’s just the very beginning of a long sales funnel with many upsells.


Amazon Cash Websites


The Fake Testimonials

Every website that’s trying to sell people something likes to include testimonials from people saying how good the product or service is. Testimonials are designed to help gain your trust, and that it’s safe to make a purchase.

There’s nothing wrong with these if they’re real, but it’s a problem when they’re all fake like the ones on Real Profits Online.

In the video testimonials on Real Profits Online, I’ve seen some of the same faces before. They are the familiar faces of paid actors, people who sell their video services on the freelancer website, Fiverr.

Just check out the screenshots below.


Real profits Online Fake Testimonial 1

Real profits Online Fake Testimonial 2


“Limited Spots” Is Also Fake

Mark mentioned in his first sales pitch that he’s only going to be allowing the next 250 people to have one of his websites.

No he’s not. That’s a blatant lie.

He’ll take as many people as he can get and take their money. Why wouldn’t he? Why would he limit his income?

This scarcity tactic is just designed to get you to hurry up and act. Even legit businesses and deals use this in one form or another.

In the case of Real Profits Online, they just want you to hurry up and join, and not spend any time researching their scam, because then you’ll discover it’s all a con.

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Mark Douglas Is Likely Just An Alias

It’s true. It’s probably just a made up name. The guy never shows his face, and I certainly couldn’t find any information about a wealthy Mark Douglas attached to some lucrative Amazon make money scheme (other than the Real Profits Online website itself).

He would merely be an alias, which is a super common ploy when it comes to online scams. After all, a scammer doesn’t want people to know who they really are, do they?


Target Market

Too good to be true schemes like this one are targeted at newbies to making money online, because, unfortunately, it’s newbies who are the easiest to scam.

That’s not because a newbie is stupid. It’s because they simply don’t have enough experience to know what’s legit and what’s dodgy when it comes to these online money making schemes.

Not every newbie will fall for it. Many people will do what you’re doing right now: Reading an honest review about Real Profits Online.

Sadly a lot of people don’t bother to research things first though. They just get sucked in by the hype and act without really thinking it through.


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What I Do Like

  • There’s not really anything for me to like about this platform, but making some money as an Amazon affiliate is real


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Mark Douglas is likely just a made up name
  • There is no “work from home” Amazon job
  • The website that magically produces all this cash is NOT free
  • You won’t create an affiliate site with the push of a button
  • It takes time to start earning good money as an Amazon affiliate
  • No one will be making $500 a day instantly
  • The video testimonials singing the praises of Real Profits Online are all fake and presented by Fiverr actors
  • If you hand over your information to them, you’ll be spammed with all manner of offers trying to squeeze more cash out of you
  • Spots will not be limited to only 250 people
  • The websites is full of lies and highly deceptive marketing


How Much Does It Cost To Join Real Profits Online?

Okay, so to join up with this scheme and get your “free” cash producing website, you need to pay $47.

That’s just the start though. Now you’ll be hit with a series of upsells that get more and more expensive.

In fact, you’ll immediately be hit with an upsell that costs a further $197. This will give you another 20 useless websites that’ll likely make no money, because they’re all cloned, duplicate websites; the same sites they are selling to everyone else who joins.

Replica websites will get no free search engine traffic because sites like Google won’t even rank them. Therefore, your only option would be to send paid traffic to the affiliate offers on these sites, and at the low commission rates Amazon pays, paid traffic may not be worth it.


Is Real Profits Online a Scam or Legit?

Yep, it’s a scam for me. I’ve seen this exact same deal before under different names. All they’ve done here is change the name of the site, but the rest remains the same, including the sales videos.

There’s no such thing as a website that you can create with a few mouse clicks that’ll be making you $500 a day in commissions within days. If it were true, these guys would be selling these sites for hundreds of thousands of dollars, not 47 bucks.

This is nothing but a con to get your money, and then keep getting money out of you. Scammers love to push all the emotional money triggers. They know what works on the unsuspecting.

Luckily you do your research and won’t fall victim to this scam.


I Make a Great Living Online and So Can You!

Lifestyle FreedomSadly there’s no recommendation for Real Profits Online, but that doesn’t mean every single way of making money on the internet is some sort of scam. Far from it.

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