Is Real Wealth Strategist a Scam? A “Freedom Checks” Review



Is Real Wealth Strategist a scam or not? That’s the question. Matt Badiali, who brings us Real Wealth Strategist keeps talking up these “Freedom Checks”, but what are they and how can we get our hands on them? Or is all this about something else entirely?

Very shortly we’ll launch right into the review, but first I just wanted to say well done on being here. It shows you’re smart and don’t just join up with something because of a bunch of hype. You’re actually willing to look into things first before making a decision.

This will undoubtedly help you avoid scams or wasting your time on something.

Now read on to discover the truth about Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks and Real Wealth Strategist program…



Is Real Wealth Strategist a Scam

Company Name: Real Wealth Strategist

Owner: Matt Badiali

Price To Join: $79 Per Year

My Rating: 3/10


~ Freedom Checks Review ~



I make a living entirely from the internet and it’s been this way for quite a number of years. I love the freedom working from home gives me, and it’s the kind of freedom that many people across the globe enjoy on a day to day basis.

These days everyone seems to be looking to cyberspace for money making opportunities and more options. The internet never sleeps, so we can technically make money online at any time of the night or day.

Unfortunately all the scammers of the world also know that everyone is looking online for money making schemes and training platforms. These parasites create schemes that are too good to be true, just hoping to lure in the unwary. We have to remain diligent at all times.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to avoid scams and anything that might waste your time is by reading reviews, just like this one. It’s the whole reason I write so many on my website. I built this site to help people find the good stuff and avoid the bad stuff.

When Real Wealth Strategist and Freedom Checks came onto my radar recently, I thought it sounded like a good option to look into and write a review on what I discovered.

So let’s get into the Freedom Checks review and see what the truth really is.


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What Is Real Wealth Strategist About?

Real Wealth Strategist is where a guy named Matt Badiali claims that the average everyday taxpayer can be collecting what he terms as “freedom checks”. Matt goes on to say that some people are making well over a hundred thousand dollars every 3 months all over the United States.

Freedom Checks is really just a marketing gimmick to get people interested, and we’ll talk more about that throughout this review.

What Matt is really marketing here is his newsletter, which is called “Real Wealth Strategist”. This newsletter involves paying for a 12 month subscription so you can regularly receive the latest and greatest investment and stock trading advice from Matt and his team of experts.

Matt is part of the team at the rather infamous finance group called Agora Financial. I say “infamous”, because their reputation around trading circles is anything but rosy. Through a company called Banyan Hill Publishing, Agora have stacks of these newsletters, and I’ve even previously reviewed a few on my site, such as:


Is Real Wealth Strategist a Scam


Anyway, if you watch Matt’s video pitch for his Real Wealth Strategist newsletter, he keeps going on about these free checks everyone can get in the mail, and he makes it sound like all you have to do is sign up as a subscriber to Real Wealth Strategist and he’ll show you how to get all this free money mailed to you every month.

Like I said, that’s nothing more than a sales trick to get people interested in subscribing.

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Just Who Is Matt Badiali Anyway?

Matt BadialdiThese days he’s the editor of this monthly newsletter for Agora Financial, and he’s also an expert when it comes to investing in natural resources or trading these stocks on the market.

For more than 2 decades he was a geologist and also holds a Bachelor of Science degree with Penn State University in Earth Sciences, as well as being a Master of Geology from Florida Atlantic University.

He’s worked as an editor in chief for other publications specialising in investments in natural resources and energy before being hired by Banyan Hill and Agora.

The man is the real deal and does know his stuff.


What’s Included With Real Wealth Strategist

Like I said earlier, all this talk of Freedom Checks is just to suck people in. Matt says to “cash in”, we need to subscribe to his newsletter so he can show us how.

And, of course, there’s a charge to subscribe to Real Wealth Strategist. It’s not some free monthly newsletter delivered to your inbox like some other people offer. This is a paid subscription, and is the same for all the Banyan Hill newsletters.

Matt never does seem to get around to telling us how we’ll make this easy money. He just wants us to sign up and then he’ll tell us.

So what do you get if you did decide to join the monthly Real Wealth Strategist newsletter?

For starters, you receive regular investment advice, especially when it comes to Matt’s area of expertise – natural resources. This is also about receiving advice on what stocks to buy and when, and also when it’s a good time to sell off a particular stock for maximum profit.

When Matt goes on about these Freedom Checks, all he really means is receiving regular checks for dividends by investing in stocks and natural resources. It’s nothing guaranteed, and you’ll need capital to invest in the first place.

Let’s break it down what’s included:

  • Model Portfolio – Discover exactly what Matt himself is trading on and investing in by modelling his very own investment portfolio.
  • Trade Alerts – Here you’ll receive emails with alerts to take a particular trade in a given timeframe.
  • Weekly Updates – These will keep you updated on the current state of your trades and investments.
  • Monthly Newsletter – Matt gives you the monthly mix down on what’s hot in the market each month. The newsletters contain quite a bit of trading and investment advice and research and is really the main component to the Real Wealth Strategist system.
  • Website Member’s Area – Communicate with other newsletter subscribers and learn from each other in the member’s area of Matt’s website.

There are also 4 bonus publications you’ll receive as a Real Wealth Strategist subscriber, and they are:

  1. The Mining Corp of the Millennium
  2. The Bauman letter
  3. The $34.6 Billion Payout
  4. Magic metal Riches

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Are There Really Limited Spots Available?

Matt says he’s only allowing 1000 people to subscribe to his newsletter, but that’s not true. It’s fake scarcity designed to make people afraid of missing out if they don’t hurry up and pay to join.

Just about everything I see online these days uses some form of scarcity tactic, real or fake. They just want people to take action and not spend time thinking about it.


Fake Testimonials

Throughout the video presentation, images of people who are supposedly receiving all these Freedom Checks keep getting flashed up on screen by Matt, but these testimonials are all fake, and images taken from stock photo sites have been used to represent the so-called reviewers.

These people are making all these outrageous claims of income and easy money, but it’s all totally fictitious.

This is also a tactic that is unfortunately becoming all too common online.


Freedom Checks Fake Testimonial 1

Freedom Checks Fake Testimonial 2


Target Market

I’ve reviewed a few of these investment newsletters now, for both Agora Financial and another newsletter publisher called “Money Map Press”. It never ceases to amaze me the weird BS they come up with just to hook people in.

Instead of targeting their real target market – stock traders and investors – they seem to create some spin that promises ordinary, everyday people the possibility of making free and easy money. Then they switch these people over to joining an investment newsletter.

It seems like a strange way to sell to me. Why not target a more relevant market for a much higher conversion rate?

Instead, they sell these subscriptions like they’re peddling the latest and greatest get rich quick scheme.


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What I Do Like

  • The monthly newsletter and associated materials is reasonably priced
  • You’ll find some half decent trading and investment advice in Real Wealth Strategist
  • Matt Badiali is the real deal


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • All this talk of freedom checks is nothing more than fiction
  • The testimonials about people receiving Freedom Checks are all fake
  • The limited spots available is also fake
  • The sales video is just full of sales hype, but never really tells you anything
  • Agora Financial has many complaints levelled against it
  • There are no guarantees anyone will make money by following the advice contained in the monthly newsletter
  • There have been complaints that after a free trial period of receiving the bonus publications, Agora Financial want to start charging people $2500 for the information
  • It’s promoted as a get rich quick scheme


Freedom Checks


How Much Does Real Wealth Strategist Cost?

The price for a 12 month subscription to the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter is $79, which is quite reasonable if the advice you receive is sound.

What worries me a little is these reports I’ve read where people have been asked to pay a further $2500 for the so-called freebie bonus publications.

That sounds a bit dodgy to me and a hell of an upsell. The bonuses aren’t really free, or not for long anyway.


Is Real Wealth Strategist a Scam or Legit?

The newsletter is not a scam. Matt Badiali is the real deal and knows what he’s talking about.

Having said that, while you might receive some sound advice and tips with this system from time to time, there are never any guarantees in the investment and stock trading business.

I’m also not real keen on the way they offer some free bonus material, then want to charge big bucks for it after a trial period. That’s a bit of false advertising there really.

The Freedom Checks are also a total work of fiction really, and are merely referring to dividend checks received from investing in company stocks.

Overall it’s okay, and might be useful for those serious traders and investors out there. Just do your own research before following any of the tips you receive and see if what you discover matches up with what Matt and his team are advising you on.

You just never know when these guys might be encouraging you to trade on a particular stock because they have an ulterior motive. It’s best to play it safe.


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