Is Super Affiliate Success System a Scam? READ THIS FIRST!



Is Super Affiliate Success System a scan or not? People have been asking questions about this make money platform that focuses on affiliate marketing. The bottom line is, can this system make us big money like the website promises, or is it nothing but a bunch of sales hype to hook people in?

Let’s take a closer look at the Super Affiliate Success System and uncover the truth…



Is Super Affiliate Success System a Scam

Company Name: Super Affiliate Success System

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: $37 Per Month

My Rating: 1/10


~ The Super Affiliate Success System Reviews ~



Some people love the internet while others are not as keen on it. Me, I’m one of those that love its existence. As a marketer and someone who loves making money from home in my own time, the internet has opened up so many doors of opportunity. Plus, it’s always happening. Somewhere around the world people are online, and that means a global audience to market to.

Unfortunately, because so many people are turning to cyber world to look for ways to make money, this has led to loads of scammers trolling and looking for potential victims. These people create money making schemes with no other goal than to sucker people in and take their cash.

Because of this, and the fact that my website’s about helping people find good money making ideas, I make it a point to write a lot of reviews on make money schemes, as well as training that claims to help people do this. This way we have better knowledge of what to avoid and what’s worth getting involved in.

I actually received an email about the Super Affiliate Success System, as well as saw several mentions in some Facebook groups. As an affiliate marketer myself, this got me interested in checking it out, doing some research on it, and writing a review on what I discovered.

To avoid the scams, it’s important to research alleged opportunities before joining them. That’s why it’s so good that you’ve found your way here and are reading my review. The likelihood of you ever getting scammed is very slim.

Let’s now see if Super Affiliate Success System is really worth your time and money or not.


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What Is The Super Affiliate Success System About?

The Super Affiliate Success System (SASS) really knows how to talk the talk. Everything comes across loaded with hype and it does make their product sound appealing.

But one of my very first questions is, why don’t we know who’s behind the site? Why do they choose to remain anonymous?

It may not be a big deal, but it’s a bit of a red flag for me.

Anyway, the system appears to be targeting newbies to making money online, and especially first timers to affiliate marketing.

Another red flag for me with what’s said in the pitch, is where the person states that you don’t need to put much effort in to make the big bucks.

In my experience this is far from being true.

Of course, we’d all love to be making hundreds or thousands of dollars a day with very little work, but in the beginning that’s nothing more than a fantasy, sales talk to lure people in.

Often programs that hype things up like this one without really offering any information on what you’ll be doing, are what’s often referred to as high ticket programs; meaning they are loaded with expensive upsells.

All these platforms teach people to do is buy all their expensive products, then try and sell the same system and products to others for a commission.

A common thing affiliates for these high ticket programs do is create their own websites and have them masquerading as a brand new money making scheme, but actually all they’re really doing is using bait and switch tactics to lure people into joining another scheme that wasn’t advertised.

I have no problem with people earning affiliate commissions (I’m an affiliate for various platforms) so long as they’re honest and upfront about what they’re selling or promoting.

The problem with these high ticket scheme affiliates, is they pretend they’ve created something, but it’s really nothing more than a funnel; a site that feeds people into the real platform being sold.

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Is Super Affiliate Success System a Scam


What’s The Super Affiliate Success System Really All About?

The Super Affiliate Success System reminds of another site I reviewed recently called “My Super Affiliate Mentor”.

Both sites are feeder sites created by an affiliate of a high ticket program. Yes, the program you get redirected to if you were to join does offer a form of affiliate marketing, but it’s just a site that teaches people to sell the same system to others.

This site has major limitations and you have to “pay to play”, meaning , if you want to be able to earn commissions on a certain product or training, your first have to buy that training or product yourself.

Everything is sold separately, with the idea of getting people to spend up big by going “all in” and buying everything. That way you can earn on everything.

The person behind the SASS website hasn’t created their very own training program or make money scheme.

This person is simply an affiliate of the real program, which is called “Super Affiliate Network”, or SAN for short, created and run by an online entrepreneur named Misha Wilson.

And like I said, the Super Affiliate Success System only exists to feed people over to the parent site, which is Misha Wilson’s platform.

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Super Affiliate Network – How Does It Work?

Super Affiliate Network, often abbreviated to simply SAN, is a high ticket marketing (somewhat MLM) platform that has been going for a number of years now and has always been one of the more popular high ticket platforms around.

High ticket means the program offers expensive products that are designed to be purchased and then resold to new members by current members.

When you join SAN you are presented with quite a bit of training, as well as a number of different membership levels. Much of the training is focused on teaching you how to sell SAN to others, with the main method of choice being email marketing to get the word out.

You stand to earn some really big commissions with Super Affiliate Network, but you also have to spend up big first.

In order to be eligible to earn a commission on a particular product or training that you sell, you must first purchase that product. SAN, AWOL and other high ticket programs rely on members bringing in new members constantly to keep the scheme going.

This is where the “pay to play” part is so evident. You don’t just join, do some training in online marketing, then go off equipped to start an online affiliate marketing business promoting whatever you like. You simply learn to sell the exact same system you bought into.

The membership levels and products in the Super Affiliate Network rise quite steeply in price, and these include:

  • SAN Basic Membership
  • SAN Pro Membership
  • Maui Intensive Mentoring
  • Plus more training, tools and upsells


Super Affiliate Network


The Super Affiliate Success System Is Nothing More Than a Funnel

That’s the only reason this site exists, to funnel people through to the parent platform. The affiliate who created the site simply uses it to grow their membership base on SAN, and then hopes to upsell those new members on other really expensive products.

There’s nothing wrong with this affiliate wanting to earn some commissions, like I said earlier, but there’s no transparency here at all, and the sales pitch is basically designed to deceive people into joining something else without straight up telling them that.


Target Market

Super Affiliate Success System is really targeting beginners and newcomers to the world of affiliate marketing and making money on the internet, as more experienced marketers would immediately see through the facade.

The platform sounds a bit too good to be true, for starters, and it doesn’t really offer up any information other than empty hype.

The Super Affiliate Network itself is aimed at people looking for a system that’s already set up for them, but these people need to have quite a bit of cash behind them to get fully involved.


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What I Like

  • If you have the money to spend and are determined to make it work, you can make some really good money with SAN
  • There is also lots of quality training on Super Affiliate Network
  • I like Misha Wilson and he’s the real deal
  • There is a 30 day money back guarantee with SAN
  • Testimonials on Super Affiliate Network are real, unlike the fabricated ones you see on so many other make money sites
  • You can start on a 30 day trial for just $1


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The only purpose of the Super Affiliate Success System website is to funnel people into the Super Affiliate Network
  • The site owner is just an anonymous affiliate for SAN
  • This affiliate uses deceptive tactics to feed people into the parent platform
  • Bait and switch tactics have been used, deceiving people into believing Super Affiliate Success System is a money making platform in its own right
  • Your membership fee is the base membership into SAN
  • This platform, SASS, is all about sales hype and no real substance or information
  • SAN is a pay to play setup, meaning you need to buy something before you can earn commissions from selling that product
  • You will need a lot of starting capital to make the most of the Super Affiliate Network scheme


Super Affiliate Network Misha Wilson


How Much Does Super Affiliate Success System Cost To Join?

Technically you don’t pay to join the Super Affiliate Success System. When you pay the advertised $37 per month, that’s giving you a base membership into Misha Wilson’s Super Affiliate Network scheme.

Here’s how much some of the memberships in SAN cost:

  • SAN Basic Membership = $47 (often discounted to $37. Starts with a $1 trial for 30 days)
  • Solo Ad Success Formula = $97
  • SAN Pro Membership = $2497
  • Maui Intensive Mentoring = $12,497

If you joined SAN there would be other costs along the way for tools and training, as well as paid advertising in the form of solo ads to drive traffic to your landing pages.

As I mentioned earlier, much of SAN’s approach is with email marketing, but you generally need to pay for solo ads to send traffic to the pages that collect the email addresses. That way you can quickly build your list.


Is Super Affiliate Success System a Scam Or Legit?

Would I rate the Super Affiliate Success System a scam?

Not exactly, because it does point you in the direction of a real affiliate platform in Super Affiliate Network.

The problem for me is all the deception and a complete lack of transparency on the SASS website. Why doesn’t this affiliate just be more open and upfront about what’s really being promoted?

Instead, the creator of the SASS site has made out like they’ve got their own training and money making platform, when in fact it’s nothing more than a feeder site to get people to join SAN.

Super Affiliate Network is okay if you’ve got some money behind you and feel confident in trying to promote and sell expensive products, but if you don’t have much money, I recommend reading the next section below.


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It’s all possible because there’s no limit or ceiling on what you can earn. This is the opposite to most jobs, where your earning potential is severely restricted in most cases.

Over time you start to build multiple sources of income, much of it passive, and this gives you both lifestyle freedom as well as financial security.

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