Is The Fearless Momma a Scam? Looks Like a Cash Gifting Scheme



Is The Fearless Momma a scam money making system or something that’s worth jumping on board with? People have been talking about this and asking questions about it, so I wanted to look into it for myself to see if I could answer some of those questions.

Before we launch right into this review, I first off wanted to congratulate you for even being here and reading this. With so many scams and schemes that waste peoples’ time online, it’s always a smart choice to do your own research first.

Let’s now take a closer look at The Fearless Momma scheme and uncover the truth about it…



Is The Fearless Momma a ScamCompany Name: The Fearless Momma

Owner: Tammy Montgomery

Price To Join: $250

My Rating: 2/10



~ The Fearless Momma Review ~


All across the globe there are literally millions of people making a fulltime income entirely on the internet. I’m one of those fortunate ones and I love the ultimate freedom lifestyle it gives me. It’s now my goal to help others achieve the same.

Making money online consistently is truly something that just about everybody is capable of doing, and your options are limitless. You can also make money 24/7 because of the worldwide marketplace.

Extra cash to supplement your income, an online business, or even chasing wealth, you can potentially find it all online no matter what your goals are. That’s the main reason why so many people look to the internet these days.

While searching for the positive opportunities, we must always remain diligent so we can avoid all the dodgy money making scams that are out there.

One of the best ways to do that is by reading reviews just like this one. I research loads of schemes and training platforms, then write independent reviews on them so I can help my readers make the right choices.

When I came across The Fearless Momma scheme very recently it sparked my interest, so I looked right into it and these are the results of what I discovered.

Let’s now see if The Fearless Momma is hot or not.


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What Is The Fearless Momma About?

First off, there seems to be a bit of confusion about whether The Fearless Momma is run by a guy named Timothy Berger, or a woman called Tammy Montgomery. Maybe they both run this scheme?

Anyway, the person in the video is Tammy Montgomery, so I’ll run with that for this review.

What we learn right off the bat is that we can all consistently make deposits of $250 with this scheme. It also costs us $250 to join it.

This is an “instant funnel” that brings in a “predictable cashflow”. You don’t even have to sell anything to make $250 over and over.

The sales pitch video is mercifully short compared to many others out there, only about 6 minutes long, and the pitch does make this scheme sound very feasible and convincing.

Tammy actually tells us in her video that we can make our first $250 within 72 hours of joining The Fearless Momma scheme, and that making money with it all runs on autopilot; which means you can basically kick back and count the cash as it rolls in.

I’ve heard that same kind of spiel many times in the past, and it always makes me wary, as I’ve never come across anything that makes money with no effort in all my years online.

This sounds like some sort of revenue sharing scheme, and we’ll get more into that in the very next section.

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How Does The Fearless Momma Really Work?

When you join this scheme you pay your joining fee and then gain access to some training modules. This training shows you how to promote The Fearless Momma to other people. When they join through you, you make money.

After submitting your email address, here are the steps involved:

Step #1 – Watch the sales video and discover what the system is all about.

Step #2 – Now you claim your bonus by clicking on the “Kick Butt Solo Ad Swipe” to the right of the screen. This is an email template you’ll be using to try and get people to join. You pay money to be on someone’s mailing list and they send your email swipe out to their audience.

Step #3 – This is where we meet Timothy Berger in video form. After claiming your bonus you are presented with Tim’s video, which is where you learn more about how the system works. However, Tim never does really tell us much, just shows us proof of earnings and so on.

Now all the steps above is their version of how this works, but in the next section I’ll explain how this scheme really operates.


Is The Fearless Momma a Scam


How The Fearless Momma Scheme REALLY Functions!

Okay, so let’s break it down.

First you pay your $250 to join the scheme. Until you do this, you can’t earn any money with it. This gives you the right to resell the program to others, as well as access to the training that shows you how to go about it.

We talked briefly about solo ads before, and this will be one of the main ways you market The Fearless Momma to others and hopefully entice them to pay up and join too. These naturally cost money, generally around 50 cents per click.

There is also the mention of running Facebook Ads, although in my experience Facebook really frowns on schemes like this and will likely not approve your ad.

People are first sent to a landing page where their email address will be captured. Now that they’re in the sales funnel, you can bombard them with endless emails to try and convince them to join. if any of them decide to join officially, you get paid a commission of $250 per person.

You need a Stripe account to receive payments and you’ll be paid directly into that account the moment a new member joins through you.

This is all run like a cash gifting scheme. You pay the person who referred you, then you get paid by the people you directly refer to The Fearless Momma.


The Fearless Momma Commissions


Let’s Look At the Training

To be honest, this scheme isn’t really about training and the attached bonuses that come with it. The training is more there just to exist as a product so it looks like people are getting something for their money.

In reality this is just a cash gifting scheme and that’s all anyone’s really going to care about.

Let’s quickly glance at the 7 modules though:

Module #1 – Learn the mindset you need to be financially successful so you can make your first $100k.

Module #2 – This module also seems to be focussed around the success mindset.

Module #3 – In this module there is a focus on planning and scheduling, so you can make consistent money with this.

Module #4 – You’ll learn about receiving payments and setting up your new “office”.

Module #5 – If things go wrong, learn tips and tricks on overcoming the obstacles.

Module #6 – Learn Tammy’s secret weapon to skyrocket your income.

Module #7 – Discover 5 key strategies to unlock the big ticket sales.

There are also 5 bonuses that go along with the training, but they are really just extra fluff to bolster the look of the product package and don’t have a lot of relevance to making money with The Fearless Momma.

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Is The Fearless Momma a Ponzi Scheme?

A Ponzi scheme is where all money generated relies on recruitment. That looks to be what The Fearless Momma is all about, except they have included products to try and negate the Ponzi tag.

At the end of the day this is a cash gifting scheme, and that’s all anyone is interested in. The training and bonus materials simply exists to serve the purpose of looking like you get products for your dollars.

I guess that works in a way, because it appears people get something for their money, rather than the scheme being all about naked recruitment and nothing else.

Still, I believe it’s a Ponzi scheme despite the token products.


Target Audience

A lot of people are attracted to these cash gifting, revenue sharing Ponzi schemes, because they do promise decent returns on investment in quick time, and sometimes that does actually happen.

However, there is always a major risk involved, because a scheme like this one can either get shut done or stop working at any time. For example, if recruitment dries up, the scheme ceases to work almost immediately, and everyone who has invested money at that point loses out.

Anyway, there is definitely a certain appeal to this kind of thing because it always sounds like easy cash in quick time, but in reality it is a lot harder than that, because recruiting people into a cash gifting scheme that costs a minimum of $250 to join in is never easy and takes loads of persuasive marketing.


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What I Like

  • It’s possible that you could make some decent money with this scheme
  • You get paid directly into your Stripe account when someone joins the scheme through you
  • You might get something from the training


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Schemes like this one could collapse at any time, leaving people out of pocket
  • The training is only slightly relevant to what you are selling
  • This is basically a Ponzi scheme with some token “products” to try and avoid the Ponzi tag
  • The scheme relies solely on recruitment
  • There is more than just the initial $250 joining fee, as there are expensive membership upsells
  • The Fearless Momma is just a cash gifting scheme
  • You will likely need to spend quite a bit of money of solo ads and other marketing  to try and get people to join
  • It’s made out to be a lot easier that what it is in reality


How Much Does The Fearless Momma Cost To Join?

The initial fee to join is $250, and this allows you to earn $250 commissions for each new person you recruit.

There are upsells though, and these are:

  • $1000
  • $3000
  • $5000

There are admin fees on top of these amounts.

Something else to consider is this is a pay to play system, meaning if you sell a higher priced membership that you haven’t bought yourself, you’ll miss out on that commission.

This practically forces people to buy all the membership levels so they can’t possibly miss out on any money.


The Fearless Momma Commissions 2


Is The Fearless Momma a Scam Or Legit?

I do think this is a Ponzi scheme or cash gifting scheme hiding behind the veil of having training as real products, but having said that, I don’t consider The Fearless Momma to be a scam

These schemes, if run by people who are somewhat ethical, can make you some big money potentially, but it’s a slow process and a lot harder than what they make out.

You’ll need to be a master at marketing this, as well as spend up big on solo ads and other forms of paid advertising.

The other point to note is that schemes like this can be shut down in an instant, or simply stop working because recruitment dries up.

If that happens, you could find your investment in the scheme disappears virtually overnight.

I don’t recommend this or schemes similar to The Fearless Momma. I believe they are too risky.


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