Is Trump Bonus Checks a Scam or a Real Thing?



Is Trump Bonus Checks a scam money making scheme or something legit? There has been a lot of online chatter about this in various social circles, so I decided to look into this for myself to see if I could answer some of those questions people were asking.

Before we get right to it though, I just wanted to offer my congrats on you being here and reading this review. The likelihood of you ever wasting your time, money or falling for a scam is next to zero because you do your due diligence first.

Now read on to discover the truth about the Trump Bonus Checks scheme…



Is Trump Bonus Checks a Scam

Company Name: Trump Bonus Checks

Owner: Mike Burnick

Price To Join: $49

My Rating: 2.5/10


~ Trump Bonus Checks Review ~



Whether you want to earn some pocket money, or have big plans for a successful online business, it can all be done on the internet. It truly has opened the doors to so many opportunities like never before.

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Because there are so many online options and so many people going online looking for something new to do, all the scammers lurk online as well, waiting to snare people in their money making traps, or trying to peddle schemes that really offer little value. We all have to stay alert to this.

Reading product reviews just like this one is by far one of the best ways to avoid the scams and find the stuff that is worth your time. I created this website to help people, and the best way I know how to do that is by doing research and writing reviews.

I mentioned earlier that I was seeing a lot of online chatter about these Trump Checks, so it sounded like something to look into and write a review about.

So let’s now see if Trump Bonus Checks are real or a fantasy.


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What Is Trump Bonus Checks?

I’ve actually seen some similar sounding talk to “Trump Bonus Checks” before, and I’ve written reviews on a few of these, such as:

  1. Congressional Checks
  2. Freedom Checks
  3. Cash for Patriots Program
  4. Kennedy Accounts

And even more than what I’ve just listed above.

Trump Bonus Checks sounds like free money, so what exactly are these checks and how do we get our hands on them?

Some of the check figures being quoted are sums like $4280, $6344 and $8181. It’s not a fortune, but it’s not chump change either.

Mike Burnick is a finance guy who introduces us to Trump Checks, and his story on this actually goes back 30 years ago when Donald Trump appeared on the Oprah show. At the time Trump made claims that he could help Americans boost their incomes, and apparently that’s what he’s now doing with his Trump Bonus Checks.

In Mike’s pitch for Trump Checks, in a vague kind of way he makes out like it’s as simple as putting your name down on some list and you’ll be eligible to receive these juicy payouts.

Apparently this has nothing to do with the government though, despite the word “Trump” being attached to these checks, and Mike also emphasises that it’s also nothing at all to do with Social Security either.

Instead, it’s all due to some “$5 trillion Trump heist”. Mike never does really tell us what that means exactly, but to start receiving these checks is a simple 3 step process apparently:

  1. Create your account
  2. Decide on how many Trump Checks you want to receive
  3. Receive your checks

Something about this all sounds a bit unbelievable, and that’s because it is. As we go through this review, the truth of what’s really behind these Trump Bonus Checks will be revealed.

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Who Is Mike Burnick?

Mike BurnickBefore we get right into what Trump Checks is really all about, because it’s brought to us by Mike Burnick, let’s first learn just a little bit about this guy and his background.

Currently Mike edits a newsletter for a company called Agora Financial. His newsletter – Infinite Income – has been running for 25 years now.

Mike Burnick is a registered investment advisor and he’s been helping Americans improve their finances for decades.

At one time he was the Director of Research and Client Communications at Weiss Capital Management. He’s also appeared on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, CNBC and various radio talk shows.

So Mike Burnick definitely sounds like he has the experience and qualifications, so we can safely assume he’s the real deal.


How Trump Bonus Checks Really Works

Now while Mike himself might be the real deal, can we say the same thing about his Trump Bonus Checks?

The truthful answer is, not really.

You see, the term “Trump Bonus Checks” is actually something that Mike himself made up. It’s nothing more than a sales gimmick to lure people in and hook their interest.

Agora Financial has a lot of finance, trading and investment experts working for them, and all these people edit monthly financial newsletters for Agora. Mike Burnick is one of those people, and the Trump Checks gimmick is used to try and get people to join his “Infinite Income” newsletter.

Everything that comes out of Agora uses very misleading sales tactics, and sometimes outright lies as well. It’s not the newsletters they produce and what they contain that’s misleading, it’s all the sales gimmicks and hype they employ to hook peoples’ interest in the first place.


Is Trump Bonus Checks a Scam


There are really some checks you can receive, but they have nothing to do directly with Trump, the government, or there being any form of free handout.

The checks Mike is really referring to are dividend checks you can receive as an investor and trader. And you have a chance of getting paid these dividend checks if you agree to sign up and pay for Mike’s monthly newsletter – Infinite Income.

It’s because of some new tax laws Donald Trump introduced recently that there’s more chance of seeing a return on investment with the strategies Mike talks about in his newsletter. He coined the phrase “Trump Bonus Checks” because the dividend checks you can potentially receive are loosely a result of Trump’s tax changes.

In the past, to avoid paying hefty taxes within the US, big companies were storing their cash in overseas tax havens. Now, with Trump creating new tax laws that make it more attractive to return that money to US shores, these companies have been bringing their hoards of cash back to America.

It’s now expected that these companies will be paying out higher dividend checks for investors because of this, and this is what Mike’s referring to with people being able to get their hands on some “Trump Checks”.

Agora and its newsletter editors always use these round about sales tactics just to try and get people to subscribe to their array of paid monthly newsletters.

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Infinite Income

As I mentioned, this is a monthly trading and investment newsletter that Mike puts out through Agora Financial, and this is what the Trump Checks nonsense is really all about.

Within each edition of the newsletter, subscribers will gain access to the latest investment strategies and advice from Mike and his team.

Part of the lure to get you to join this newsletter is by offering subscribers a free eBook, which is titled “3 Steps To Trump Checks”. When you agree to receive this free eBook, you are automatically signed up to a free trial of Infinite Income.

Agora will have your credit card details by now, because in order to get the “free” book, you must agree to handing over your credit card information so they can start billing you for your Infinite Income description once the trial period ends.

If you’re happy to keep receiving the newsletter, you’ll be billed for 12 months worth in one hit.

Along with the newsletter you’ll also receive regular email updates to inform you of how their investment advice is faring in the market, along with text messages to alert you to time sensitive deals that are too hot to pass up.


Target Market

The real target market for Agora’s huge range of newsletters is really people with capital to either invest or trade with, and likely people who actually have some prior experience.

For some reason, in order to get people to join their newsletters, Agora Financial and the team always adopt these gimmicky, “loosely based on something true” sales tactics to hook people in.

They often seem to be targeting the average, every day American who might not be the slightest bit interested in investing in stocks.

It’s a strange way to sell this, in my opinion.


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What I Like

  • The tax reforms that Trump introduced in early 2018 are real, so there is the possibility of receiving higher dividend checks by investing in the companies Mike suggests in his newsletter
  • Some of the investment advice contained in the newsletter will likely prove profitable
  • Mike Burnick is the real deal


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There are loads of complaints online about Agora’s misleading sales tactics, and also misleading investment advice
  • There is no such thing as official “Trump Checks”
  • All the talk about Trump Bonus Checks is very misleading and nothing but a sales gimmick to lure people in and try to get them to subscribe to Mike’s Infinite Income newsletter
  • This sales pitch is very similar to another one by Agora called the “Cash for Patriots Program”
  • The sales page for this looks to contain bogus testimonials from fake investors, who all claim to be making great money from “Trump Checks” (which aren’t even a real thing)
  • Trump Bonus Checks is a made up moniker to suck people into joining a newsletter


Agora Financial Complaints Pissed Consumer


How Much Does Trump Bonus Checks Really Cost?

The price you pay for a 12 month newsletter subscription will depend on whether you just want the digital only version, or receive the digital and hardcopy version.

  1. Digital + $49/Year
  2. Digital + Hardcopy = $129/Year

Why anyone would bother paying $80 extra for the exact same information in hardcopy form, I don’t know.


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Is Trump Bonus Checks a Scam Or Legit?

I wouldn’t classify Mike Burnick’s Infinite Income newsletter as a scam, as it will undoubtedly contain some useful information, but what is scammy – and the same applies to all of Agora’s newsletter pitches – is the misleading sales tactics and gimmicks used to promote it.

There is no such thing as a Trump Bonus Check, and this is not some free money that everyone can just put their name down for, yet that’s kind of how it’s being sold to us.

The checks are simply potential dividend checks from investing in companies that Mike suggests would be a good thing.

If you’re a trader or investor, for the price of $49 (watch out for upsells though) might be worth it to subscribe to Infinite Income. Just ignore all the stupid sales tactics that go along with it though.


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