Is VoxxLife a Scam? Socks and Insoles Just Went High Tech!



Is VoxxLife a scam or not? I’ve seen a lot of talk online lately about this MLM company, and people are wondering if the products are any good and whether you can make money if you join their business opportunity. I decided to check it out myself and see what all the hype is about.

But before we get right into the meat of this review, I first want to say how happy I am that you’re here on my site. It shows to me that you do your research before signing up with anything, and that’s a really smart way to go about it.

Now read on to discover the truth about the VoxxLife MLM scheme…



is voxxlife a scam

Company Name: VoxxLife

Founder: Jay Dhaliwal

Price To Join: $40+ To Get Started

My Rating: 5/10


~ VoxxLife Reviews ~



Everywhere you look these days there seems to be yet another MLM company selling or recruiting. They are all over the place now. So many of them seem to choose the mega competitive health, fitness and wellness niche in one capacity or another too.

I review a lot of MLM schemes on my site, and when I kept hearing people talking about one called VoxxLife, I just had to do some research on it and write a review on what I found out.

Reviews help us all make better choices when it comes to making decisions on what we’ll join and what we’ll avoid. I created this website to help people find great ways to make money, so I write lots of reviews on make money opportunities, as well as any training that says it’ll help you make money.

I love the internet because of all the worldwide opportunities it has opened up. These days we can make money from the comfort of home virtually any time of the night or day, because the internet never sleeps.

The downside to cyberspace is the scammers go online targeting all these people who are looking to the internet for make money opportunities. We have to remain wary of scams and dodgy schemes, and reviews help us do that.

So let’s now see if VoxxLife is legit and worth your time or not.

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What Is VoxxLife About?

VoxxLife was founded by Jay Dhaliwal who is also the current CEO of the company.

Their mission statement is…

“To help 1 billion people reach their wellness goals using our HPT technology”

Basically this company operates in the health and wellness niche, but their focus isn’t on energy drinks, vitamins and nutritional supplements.

The “HPT” mentioned in their mission statement above represents “Human Performance Technology”. Their flagship products are socks and insoles fitted with their HPT technology. And targeting 1 billion people with this technology is a monumental goal.

With this technology, every time you take a step with the socks or insoles, a neurotransmitter is activated at the sole of the feet, supposedly helping with something known as “brain stem homeostasis”.

What all this means is that these specially designed insoles and socks are designed to alleviate pain throughout the body, as well as improving endurance levels, balance and performance.

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is voxxlife a scam


The VoxxLife Products

Okay, so we touched on the technology associated with their products, so let’s now see exactly what products are on offer.

I won’t go in deep here, as this review is more about whether you can earn decent money with their business opportunity, but of course we need to understand the product line as well.

In the range there are 3 categories:

  1. Wellness & Casual
  2. Athletic & Lifestyle
  3. Insoles


VoxxLife Socks Stasis


The first 2 categories are all different types of socks for various lifestyles and activities, while the last one is obviously insoles.

One thing I do like about VoxxLife so far is their products are very different. I haven’t see high tech socks and insoles as a MLM product line before.

They’re not cheap though, as far as socks and insoles go, but that’s typical of MLM anyway, and I explain why in the next section.

Like I said, I won’t get deep into the products here, but for more information on them and what they can do for you, just visit the shop on the VoxxLife website.


VoxxLife Insoles


Why Are the Products So Expensive?

Whenever you query a representative of a MLM company why the prices are so much higher than similar products out there, you’ll always get the spiel about how the products are so much better and superior in some way, and that’s why the prices are so high.

This is not the real reason though. Let me explain.

The reason just about all MLM products are priced ridiculously high is because of their compensation plans. MLM is about building teams and everyone has to get paid their commissions and bonuses when sales happen. Plus, the company still needs to make a profit.

The only way MLM companies can cover all these small commissions right up to the top of the MLM food chain and still be profitable is to charge sky high prices.

That’s just the reality of how these schemes work.

For sure they’re never going to openly admit to this, because it sounds like a rip off, but that’s the truth of it.

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The VoxxLife Compensation Plan

Typically there are 2 major ways to earn money when you join any MLM business opportunity, and they are:

  1. Earn commissions from direct sales
  2. Recruit and build a sales team

When you sell the products directly to others you stand to earn 25% commissions. Likewise, if you want to buy something for yourself you get that same amount off the retail price.


VoxxLife Commissions


25% is not too bad, but the real money in any MLM deal doesn’t come from just selling the company’s products to others. It comes through recruitment and team building. Only then can you get the best bonuses, earn residual commissions from your recruits and use team sales volume to elevate yourself up the company ranks.

If you want to do really well with VoxxLife, then you’ll need to climb enough ranks to put yourself into a better money position.

That’s the only real way to get ahead with the way MLM schemes are set up.

With your downlines you can earn to 8 levels deep, which is actually not bad. Some comp plans are more restrictive than that.

I couldn’t really find any information on actual bonuses you can aim for, but I’ll list the ranks that VoxxLife has so you know what there is:

  1. Associate
  2. Qualified Associate
  3. Team Leader
  4. Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Vice President
  7. Regional Vice President

You can check out VoxxLife’s official compensation plan PDF here.

Also, to help explain their compensation plan in better detail, I’ve included the VoxxLife official explainer video below.



Is There Any Income Disclosure Statement?

Unfortunately I couldn’t locate a recent income disclosure statement on the VoxxLife site, despite the fact that, by law, all network marketing companies are supposed to display them.

At any rate, if we go by historical statistics for all MLM companies combined, it’s a pretty fair bet that some 95% of VoxxLife distributors likely aren’t making a profit.

Generally only less than 1% of MLM members ever earn enough money for it to be considered a fulltime income.

I doubt whether VoxxLife has done anything extra special to change these statistics at all.


Why I Don’t Really Like the MLM Way of Doing Business

I make no secret on my website that I’m not a huge fan of MLM, despite having been involved in a few in years gone by. There are some very good reasons why I don’t like the way these companies do business, and maybe people haven’t really given these things any thought.

The idea of this section of the review is to make everyone aware of the downsides to joining anything MLM, not just VoxxLife specifically.

You see, the reason so many businesses are opting for the MLM style of distribution and compensation is because the company gets unbelievable benefits out of it while the workforce – the distributors – basically get shafted royally.

Let’s break it down why I think these deals totally suck from the distributor POV.

With MLM the company doesn’t have to pay salaries, wages, retainers, or even work related expenses to their major workforce, which is primarily the distributors. When you’re a distributor you pay all your own costs, even though you are nothing more than an unpaid sales rep working for commissions and bonuses.

Distributors – or Associates in the case of VoxxLife – are the ones buying up all the products and selling all the products. It’s the distributors who are promoting the company and its products, doing the marketing and so on, yet the distributors actually have to pay VoxxLife a fee just so they can have the privilege of working for VoxxLife free of charge!

What the hell kind of deal is that?

So you’re an unpaid sales rep who pays all your own expenses, and on top of that you actually have to pay the company too.

What a total rort.

Don’t be blinded by the MLM sales hype. This is reality. This is how these schemes all work and operate.


VoxxLife banner


I mentioned earlier that the only true way to get ahead is by recruiting new team members. This is also to the advantage of the company. It ensures the distributors also run around madly expanding and growing the company, also free of charge and at their own expense.

As the company expands it makes even more money, because they charge all new recruits a joining fee and make then buy Starter Kits and products monthly.

So far this is all an absolutely incredible deal for companies like VoxxLife, but the deal totally sucks big time for the distributors.

I guess this begs the question about why MLM is always so popular with the masses.

A lot of the popularity is all based around hype. They sell people the dream. They sell the wealthy lifestyle and time freedom.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting those things, but hardly anyone ever achieves that kind of existence through joining a MLM scheme. About half of one percent of people get to enjoy that opulent destination in network marketing.

They pitch these deals pretty much the same way get rich quick schemes online get pitched. It sucks people in and that’s why they present their schemes that way.

MLM companies always play the “you get to own your own business” card. That’s not true. You never build any asset you can sell. VoxxLife will control and own everything except the products you buy yourself. That’s it.

You’re just an unpaid sales rep. Remember?

Another thing I really don’t like is the way so many of these schemes make it mandatory for their distributors to purchase a certain amount of product every month to remain active and eligible to earn commissions. They force their workers to become their main base of regular customers.

Unfortunately VoxxLife are guilty of this tactic as well. To be considered an active associate you are required to commit to around a $100 spend on VoxxLife products every single month.

So you see what I mean about these companies forcing their workers to be their customers as well.

I really think these MLM deals are a total rort. Yes, some people can make good money, but for the most part it’s all about the company taking full advantage of its members and squeezing everything they can out of them.

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Is VoxxLife An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Just about every single MLM scheme out there uses a pyramid setup for compensation, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re running an illegal pyramid operation.

Many network marketing companies get accused of running illegal schemes, but it’s actually not true most of the time.

The illegal type of pyramid scheme is what’s known as a “naked” scheme. This means that it operates entirely on recruitment and has no products to buy and sell. New members come in, pay a joining fee, and this money gets used to pay the profits of the company running the show, plus its prior members.

When recruitment slows right down or dries up altogether, these schemes die a quick death because there is no longer any way of bringing in money.

VoxxLife has products for sale, as well as relying on recruitment for growth. As much as I don’t like MLM, VoxxLife is NOT running an illegal pyramid operation.


Target Market

MLM companies always sell both the dream of an opulent lifestyle, plus the dream of people being able to own their very own profitable business through the company.

This is what sells people on the deal, hooks them in and entices so many to join up with MLM.

Unfortunately, to a fair degree, both of those major sales points aren’t really true.

Yes, you could end up being a big gun in one of these schemes if you’re in early enough, it’s just that most people fail to even make a profit, let alone get rich from MLM.

You also never ever actually own a business.

Another reason why these schemes are popular though, is everything is already set up. You don’t have to create a business from scratch, make products and so on. The MLM company has already done all that. You can just join, then get straight out there selling and recruiting.

The reality of it is this: You could make more money, in faster time and with way less stress by just getting yourself a regulation casual job.

You’re not really building your own business anyway, so what’s the point of doing something that has all the hassles of running your own business but without most of the benefits?


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What I Do Like

  • VoxxLife offers a slightly better compensation plan than some other MLM companies, with downlines running 8 levels deep
  • 25% commission on sales is not bad
  • The company is selling products that I haven’t seen before in a MLM deal
  • They have clinical studies to back up the benefits they claim their products give people


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is no real training or support
  • You have to pay a joining fee, buy a Starter Kit and agree to a monthly product purchase
  • Nearly everyone involved in MLM fails to make any money
  • The company gets all the benefits whilst stripping benefits from its workforce
  • You never own your own business when you join MLM
  • The products are way more expensive than other brands
  • You are nothing but a sales rep who doesn’t get paid, yet has to cover all your own work related expenses


How Much Does It Cost To Join VoxxLife?

First off you have to pay a $40 membership fee to become an associate. After that you are required to purchase a Business Builder Kit. There are 3 on offer:

  1. Bronze = $200
  2. Silver = $400
  3. Gold = $600

You also get product bonuses with these kits of the following values:

  1. Bronze = $45
  2. Silver = $180
  3. Gold = $405

In order to remain eligible to earn your monthly commissions and bonuses as a distributor, you must also average at least $100 or more per month in product spend.

Now you can sell these products to others or keep them for yourself, but $100 worth of socks and insoles every month to keep for yourself is probably going to be a bit much.


VoxxLife Business builder Kits


Is VoxxLife a Scam or Legit?

VoxxLife is a totally legit multi level marketing company offering rather unique and somewhat innovative products. Its compensation plan is a little better than some, but the company is still your typical MLM deal.

We’ve already covered why I don’t like MLM at some length in this review, so I won’t go over all the reasons again here.

The products are expensive compared to the competition, and unless you are really confident that you can recruit people into this and grow your team, there’s not really any point getting involved.

As far as MLM schemes go, VoxxLife is not too bad, but still not recommended by me as a great way to make an income consistently. Far from it actually.


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  • Have no limits of what you can earn
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