Is Walter Green’s Free Money System a Scam or Legit?



Is Walter Green’s Free Money System a scam or legit? The company makes some massive claims about how much money people can make, but are those claims even remotely close to the truth, and is this Walter guy even offering a genuine way to make money?

I answer these questions and more inside my Free Money System review, but before we dive right into things, I first wanted to say a huge congrats for being here. Many people get scammed online because they don’t do their research first. But not you. You’re one of the smarter ones out there.

Most likely you’ll never get scammed or waste time on something that’s a waste of precious time.

Now read on to discover the truth about Walter Green’s Free Money System…



Is Walter Greens Free Money System a ScamCompany Name: Free Money System

Owner: Walter Green

Price To Join: $250 Minimum Investment

My Rating: 0/10



~ Free Money System Review ~


Every day it seems like there are more and more options to make money online from home. The world’s never been like this before, and so accessible at any time of the night or day. It truly is a remarkable age we live in, with so much opportunity.

I’ve been living the laptop lifestyle and making a fulltime income from the internet for years now. But even if you aren’t aiming to go fulltime online, there are loads of ways to make some good cash on the side too. It’s my aim to help people do that, no matter what their goals are.

With so many of us going online to find something new to do, is it any wonder that all the world’s scammers are also online looking to steal peoples’ money? They create schemes that sound awesome, but are really just based on hype to get us to hand our cash over.

We must always be aware of this and stay alert.

Like I said just before, it’s my goal to help others find legit ways to make money online from home, whether it be some side cash, start an online business or whatever. It’s for this reason that I review so many make money schemes and training programs on my site. I believe reviews are one of the best ways to sort the good from the bad.

When the Free Money System recently came to my attention, it sounded pretty interesting, so I decided to research what it’s about and write a review detailing my findings.

Let’s now see if Walter Green’s Free Money System is the real deal or not.


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What Is Free Money System About?

“You will be a millionaire in 3 months whether you like it or not”

That’s Walter Green’s opening statement for the Free Money System.

Just that line alone screams scam to me, but let’s move on.

Walter then goes on to state that he’s already made more than 150 people millionaires. In fact, he even claims you’ll make $1.8 million in just 90 days if you jump on board.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

These are super crazy income claims, and definitely designed to first get peoples’ attention, get them excited and get them hooked in.

Always take ridiculous hype about money like this with a grain of salt.

Basically we are being given the most common lines that online scams will feed us: Big money in quick time with little to no work required.

When Walter mentioned the $1.8 million dollars, he also claims this was made with an initial investment of just $250. That sounds very unbelievable to me, especially in that kind of timeframe (90 days). You would seriously have to be gambling and getting very lucky to make that kind of cash.

So what is it exactly that Walter is offering here that makes so much fantastic “free” money?

It’s a software program that’s designed to help you make money by trading binary options, particularly in the Forex market.

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What Are Binary Options?

TradingBinary options are a simplified form of trading that often focuses on the Forex market. Rather than placing traditional types of trades, what you do is decide whether one currency out of a currency pair is going to finish higher or lower in a given timeframe.

For example, you might be trading USD/GBP and choose a five minute window. You can make your trade anywhere within the time slot leading up to the start of that 5 minute window, and you decide whether, in this instance, the USD is going to finish higher or lower than your starting point after 5 minutes is up.

If you get it right, generally your payout will be around 85% of your initial trade. Get it wrong and you lose 100% of your trade..

In some cases you can trade in a 30 second or one minute window. It makes for exciting (but also stressful) trading, but at least you know the result of the trade a hell of a lot faster than you would with regular Forex trading.

With standard Forex trading, unless you’re scalping (going for really small wins), it could take hours, or even days or weeks before the result of your trade is known.

Binary options are a much easier form of trading in a way, and it’s this aspect that has led to enormous growth in the binary markets in recent years.

It’s also, unfortunately, led to lots of scams within the industry, too.


Is Walter Greens Free Money System a Scam


How Does Free Money System Really Work?

Okay, so how does this work?

What’s being offered here isn’t just a platform on which to trade. All brokers have trading platforms for their traders to trade the markets, whether it’s Forex, options, stocks, commodities or whatever. That’s not what you’re getting when you join Walter’s Free Money System.

What you are supposedly receiving is a software program that reads and analyses the binary options markets and places the trades on your behalf. This is promoted as a push button system that requires virtually no work.

I’ve seen heaps of these automated bot trading systems, and nearly all of them are scams or fraudulent in one form or another.

These schemes will always claim their software has some phenomenal success rate, usually in the 90% range or higher, which makes it sound like you can’t lose.

Unfortunately you can lose, and usually in a big way very fast.

I’m not saying you can’t win at binary options. Of course you can, if you learn what you are doing and do the trading yourself instead of relying on some automated software with make believe success rates.

So basically the sales pitch tells us that if we join the Free Money System, invest just $250, within 3 months we’ll be millionaires.

Does that sound very hard to believe to you?

It does to me.

The system is also attached to another trading scam called “Millionaire Blueprint”. I’ve even reviewed a few other similar schemes on this site, and they are:

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What’s Really Going On Here?

I’ll be straight up with you. I consider the Free Money System a scam. I don’t think binary options trading is, but these scammy bot software schemes some people peddle are.

Let’s think about this for a second. If these automated trading robots are so good that they can produce a 90% success rate or better, why the hell is anyone still working on Wall Street? They wouldn’t. They’d all be sitting at home online, armed with some software that’s making them a financial killing on a consistent basis at the mere push of a button.

The so-called software attached to these binary options scams is really just a gimmick. A way to suck people in with hype and the quoting of huge dollar amounts.

Generally how these schemes work is this:

You’ll first be dazzled with huge dollar amounts and be told you don’t need to know anything about trading as the automated software will do it all for you. You’re also told it’s all free, but then find out you need to invest a minimum of $250 with a “recommended broker” to get started.

If you can dig up any information on these recommended brokers at all, you’ll find that they’re usually unregulated brokers in a highly regulated industry, or they’ll operate from places like Cyprus where trading laws are really lax.

Most of the websites promoting anything that’s a trading scam are run by affiliates of the brokers. These affiliates tend to receive anywhere from 30% to 50% of any money invested with the broker. Affiliates will create fantastic sounding stories to lure people in, then send them off to the brokers to deal with.

I don’t know for absolute certain, but I’d say that’s basically what Free Money System is all about.

And there’s no free and easy money either. If you invest your $250, you’ll soon be asked to invest $1000s more because your initial investment is all gone.


Walter Green Free Money System


Walter Green Is Just An Actor

The guy being portrayed as Walter Green in the sales pitch video is just an actor reading from a script he’s been given. I’ve seen this same person in numerous sales videos for various make money programs.

The Millionaire Blueprint scheme has the same sales video, and it even says in the website’s fine print that the video is a work of fiction and employs actors to follow a script.


Target Audience

These binary options scams all target the get rich quick mentality, hence the quoting of huge dollar amounts in quick time.

They’re not really targeting traders. In fact, they want people with no trading experience, as genuine traders would see right through their BS immediately.


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What I Like

  • Binary options trading is real and can be profitable when done the right way and with some training
  • The sales video is mildly entertaining


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Walter Green is not a real person, he’s a hired actor
  • The income claims are just outright ridiculous
  • Becoming a millionaire within 3 months with just a $250 initial investment is never going to happen, especially not for a newbie trader
  • Their magic software won’t deliver results where you can’t lose
  • There is no free money to be made with this
  • The sales pitch is all just money hype and excitement to hook people in, but doesn’t really tell you much
  • All the people in the video claiming to be making a fortune with Free Money System are all actors


Millionaire Blueprint Disclosure


How Much Does Free Money System Cost To Join?

They claim it’s free, but there’s nothing free about it. You can’t get involved until you invest an absolute minimum of $250. No sooner will you have handed that cash over to the broker you choose and they’ll be calling you up, encouraging you to invest thousands more.

I’ve seen this same scam too many times in the past. I know how it works and what ploys they use.


Is Walter Green’s Free Money System a Scam Or Legit?

I’m happy to call this one out as a binary options scam. Trading binary options itself isn’t a scam, but the BS these people are peddling is.

You’ll find it’s a broker’s affiliate running this site as well as Millionaire Blueprint. They get a juicy cut of everything the broker manages to squeeze out of unsuspecting, newbie traders. You’ll also find the brokers involved in these schemes are on the shady side and unregulated.

Chances are you won’t even get to trade, because if it’s anything like similar schemes I’ve seen in the past, they’ll want you to invest money so they can trade on your behalf. You won’t know what’s happening with your money.

If you are interested in Forex trading or trading binary options, but the right way, then check out this awesome free training.

But give the Free Money System a very wide berth.


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