Is World Ventures Travel a Scam? Could Be a Pyramid Scheme



Is World Ventures Travel a scam or an awesome way to travel the world and make money at the same time? That’s the question many people have been asking about this travel MLM company, and I plan to answer that question and more in my World Ventures review.

Just before we get right into things, firstly I’d like to say a big congrats on being here. It shows that you’re smart enough to do your homework and research before you join something, and that’s a wise move.

Chances are you’ll never fall for a scam or waste your time because of it.

Now read on to discover the truth about the World Ventures MLM scheme…



Is World Ventures Travel a ScamCompany Name: World Ventures

Founders: Wayne Nugent & Mike Azcue

Price To Join: $199.95 Minimum

My Rating: 2.5/10



~ World Ventures Reviews ~


Quick Intro…

Everywhere you look these days there seems to be yet another network marketing scheme, with the most common being those in the health and wellness niche. At least World Ventures is all about travel, something a little different and infinitely more interesting (at least I think so anyway).

Over the years I’ve researched and reviewed many MLM schemes. I’ve also been involved in a few in the past as well. Very recently I came across people talking about World Ventures Travel on social media, so I decided to take a good look at it and write up a review on what I discovered.

Product reviews just like this one are one of the most effective ways to find the worthwhile stuff out there, while avoiding those nasty scams in the process. It’s why you’ll find so many reviews here on my website. I created this site to help people find money making options that work.

My aim was always to be earning a fulltime income from home, and the internet has allowed me to do that. I don’t even have to work fulltime hours to make a comfortable living online. Anyone can do what I do.

The downside with so many people going online these days looking for options, is all the scammers target people searching for ways to make some cash. They invent programs that do nothing except take your money, so we always have to remain aware of that risk.

Anyway, let’s now see if the World Ventures MLM platform is legit and offers any real value or not.


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What Is World Ventures About?

Two entrepreneurs who love to travel founded the World Ventures scheme back in 2005, so it’s been running for a while now. Both Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue had a dream of helping people make money from their globe-trotting passion, so World Ventures was the product of that dream.

The team comes from Texas and the travel vision aside, their aim has been to cultivate the physical, financial, spiritual, emotional and intellectual lives of World Venture’s vast membership base, which now spans more than 30 countries and over half a million members.

World Ventures is all about travel deals and exploring every corner of the globe, but it’s also about the MLM side of the business, where members can make money selling travel deals to others and recruiting new members.

It can basically be broken down into 2 parts:

  1. Enjoying travel deals by being a member and saving on your holidays
  2. Earning money in the travel industry by becoming a World Ventures rep

So if you’re passionate about travel and would like the opportunity to earn some cash into the deal, then maybe this MLM business venture is for you.

In my experience network marketing can be a really hard way to make money. I prefer the simplicity and low cost of affiliate marketing. Anyone can make good money as an affiliate with some training. You can even join the training for free!


Is World Ventures Travel a Scam


The World Ventures Products

The products here are travel deals and memberships, and basically you get the discount travel offers through the memberships themselves.

What World Ventures does is take advantage of group buying power when it comes to hotels, entertainment packages, tours and so on. They manage to secure these deals at a reduced rate because so many people are booking the same deals all at the same time.

As an example, there might be 70 World Ventures members who plan to stay at the same resort at the same time. Therefore, with such a large group booking, much lower prices can be negotiated off the accommodations, meals etc..

The whole idea that makes this concept work is for World Ventures members to travel and vacation together in large groups in order to get these extra special deals.

I won’t get into all the pricing here, as that’s in its own section further down, but we’ll quickly break the memberships down so you know what’s on offer:

  1. Regular DreamTrips Membership – This is the most basic membership available, which enables you to collect DreamTrips points as well as redeem those points for travel discounts. You can also make money by recruiting new members.
  2. DreamTrips Gold Membership – With Gold you get everything that comes with Regular, along with airport parking discounts, airport transfers and insurance in case of a flight accident.
  3. DreamTrips Platinum Membership – This is the bees knees of World Ventures’ Memberships. It obviously covers everything in both Regular and Gold, along with a few extra perks. These include things like hotel room upgrades, advanced booking access and just an all round higher level of service.

Not only are these 3 memberships up for grabs for you to buy for your own travelling pleasure, but they are also the 3 products you can go out and sell to others when you’re recruiting for World Ventures.

Also note that not all points you accumulate have to be spent on vacations and travel. You can redeem them locally for restaurant discounts, entertainment and other stuff.

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World Ventures DreanTrips


The World Ventures Compensation Plan

Let’s now get into the nuts and bolts of how you can make money as a World Ventures IR (Independent Representative).

Simply having one of the 3 memberships listed in the section above doesn’t grant you immediate eligibility to earn with the business side of things. That comes at an additional cost and they call this a fee for the “Representative Business System”.

Part of the criteria to be eligible as an IR is you must recruit 4 new members within the first 30 days of joining the business side of this MLM scheme.

If you’re just getting started, which you will be, that’ll prove to be a very tough ask. The pressure will certainly be on.

They have a pretty complicated compensation plan, as is the case with most MLM companies, but I have included an explainer video at the end of this section to help make it all clearer.

You can also access their official PDF here as well.

While you can make some money by selling the membership packages, like any network marketing deal, the real money comes from recruiting others into the business, so that’s what you should be focusing much of your attention and energy on.



Training & Resources

There is actually some official training included with your World Ventures membership, along with some tools and resources to help you with your business.

Part of your training will include having regular guidance from your sponsor, especially when you’re first starting out. It’s in your sponsor’s interest to see you succeed, so they will help you.

They also have what they call the “World Ventures Advantage” program. This covers things like sales techniques, how to handle rejection, as well as personal development.

Further to this is the Quick Coach program and Live Events to help you along the way.

As a part of the deal you’ll receive your very own World Ventures replica website. All these websites look the same, so they’re not going to rank very well with search engines, but they are a handy tool for getting sales and to help with recruitment.

At least you can refer people to it.

There is also a handy smartphone and tablet app, so you have business resources at the touch of a screen no matter where you are.


Is There An Income Disclosure Statement?

The latest income disclosure statement I could locate for World Ventures is for 2016.

According to the stats, only a tick over 1% of World Ventures IRs are making what I’d call a liveable income. That’s not much.

Most members are barely scaping by to make a few hundred dollars per year before expenses.

If you go back a year to the 2015 income statement, the company stated that 77% of its members didn’t make one cent in income that year.

It might be worth joining for some discounted travel deals if you’re a frequent traveller, but as a business opportunity and money making venture, World Ventures really looks like it sucks.


World Ventures Income Disclosure


Some Key Reasons Why I’m Not a Fan of MLM

I normally write quite a large section here, but because World Ventures is a little different to most other MLM schemes, I’ll try and keep it shorter and more relevant to this particular travel MLM.

I’m not a fan of network marketing for a number of reasons, because generally it’s all about giving the company all the advantages, while taking most of the benefits away from the workers – the distributors (or IRs in this case).

MLM is always sold on hype and made to sound very easy and lucrative. That’s why they have no trouble recruiting the masses, but that’s not really how it is.

MLM is damn tough.

MLM companies – World Ventures included – don’t have to pay any sort of wages or retainers to the vast majority of their workers, because everyone is essentially working for free in the hope of making commissions.

Distributors also do nearly all the advertising and promotion, and all at their own personal expense. You also have to pay for the right to work for World Ventures, a company that doesn’t directly pay its workers.

So as a distributor you do all the work, cover your own expenses, buy memberships, recruit and grow the business for them, pay the company so you can work for them, and all you get in return is maybe a few commissions and possibly a bonus or two.

Doesn’t really sound like a very good deal when you look at it like that. Does it?

When you recruit – and you have to in order to get ahead – not only are you expanding their business for free, but you’re also bringing in new members who are paying a bunch of monthly fees.

It really is a win-win for companies like World Ventures.

I mentioned earlier that MLM is sold on hype. They promise an easy lifestyle, big dollars in quick time and blah, blah, blah.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting the good life, but MLM is one of the hardest ways to attain that kind of lifestyle. In fact, with all MLM schemes combined, only about half of a percent of members ever achieve that kind of life through MLM.

You’ll also be told that you’ll own your own business, but you won’t. This is even more the case with the World Ventures deal, because this company doesn’t even have any of its own products. It just leverages deals with third party providers in the travel and tourism industry.


World Ventures Travel


As a WV distributor, you’re nothing more than an unpaid sales rep for the company where you even have to pay all your own running costs.

You don’t own a business. You don’t own anything.

Every MLM company says you’ll own a business, but it’s nothing more than a blatant, outright lie!

You have no brand of your own. You have no business built up that you can later sell if you want. If you no longer want to be a part of it, you simply walk away empty handed, with nothing to show for all your hard work.

MLM companies also always turn their workers into their main customers, and this is especially the case with World Ventures. You not only have to buy a travel membership, you also have to pay more fees to be able to sell memberships and recruit new members.

In the case of World Ventures, all of the workers ARE the customers.

There are membership fees to be paid every single month with this or you will no longer be eligible to earn as an IR.

Are you starting to see why I really don’t like the MLM system as a way to make an income?

It really sucks when you break it all down.

And I’ve gone easy on it here in this World Ventures review. This section is normally about twice as long as it is in this case.

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Is World Ventures A Pyramid Scheme?

Just about every single MLM scheme will get accused of being an illegal pyramid operation at some stage, because of their pyramid style of compensation. Usually this just isn’t the truth though.

However, when it comes to World Ventures, things are definitely a little sketchier.

First, let’s define an illegal pyramid scheme.

These are known as naked pyramid operations, which means all the money has to come in from new members and recruitment, because there are no actual products for sale.

Most MLM schemes cannot be classified as naked (and illegal) pyramid schemes because they have tangible products. In the case of WV though, they actually don’t have any of their own products, as everything is achieved via third party providers.

The only “products” they seem to have are travel memberships. Really all the money in this scheme comes from its members, so it only exists because of the revenue generated from recruiting.

Does this mean World Ventures is operating an illegal pyramid scheme?

Some countries seem to deem WV as being an illegal pyramid scheme, as it has been banned from certain countries for this reason.

World Ventures has been at the centre of numerous lawsuits as well.

To me it looks like a naked pyramid scheme despite the memberships it sells as products, as none of the products contained in the memberships actually belong to World Ventures.

Look, I can’t state categorically that they’re running an illegal operation here, but they are certainly sailing in the grey area big time.


Target Market

This one is definitely targeted at travellers, and most likely frequent travellers.

It doesn’t look like a very good company to make money with, but might be okay if you can get enough value out of their group travel discounts.

Even though they are targeting people who want to have their own business, just remember that you never own a business when you join anything MLM.

While some people do really well in MLM, almost 100% of people who get involved fail miserably. And in the case of WV, hardly anyone even makes a cent in revenue.


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What I Do Like

  • At least travel is infinitely far more interesting than all the health and wellness MLM schemes out there peddling the latest and greatest nutrition supplements
  • If you’re a frequent traveller it could be worth a look
  • You get training, tools and a website


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • All MLM schemes are one of the hardest ways to make some decent money, and it’s apparently even worse with the World Ventures deal
  • The company has been banned from a number of countries for being labelled an illegal pyramid scheme
  • There have been a number of lawsuits brought against the company
  • World Ventures doesn’t have any of its own products
  • You have to buy memberships and pay monthly fees just to get the travel discounts
  • You also have to pay to join the business side, as well as keep paying monthly fees to remain eligible to earn with WV
  • Their compensation plan is very complicated
  • You really need to travel in large groups of World Ventures’ members to avail of the travel discounts. No cheap romantic and private getaways with this one
  • There are no flights included in any of the World Ventures travel deals


How Much Does It Cost To Join World Ventures?

Okay, so let’s now take a look at what everything costs to be a part of the World Ventures travel club, as both a traveller and a business partner (if you can really call it that).

  • Regular DreamTrips Membership = $199.95 one time fee, plus $26.99 monthly
  • DreamTrips Gold Membership = $199.95 one time fee, plus $49.99 monthly
  • DreamTrips Platinum Membership = $299.95 one time fee, plus $99.99 monthly

Then there is a $60 per month fee to join the Representative Business System, which enables you to earn from the business itself.


Is World Ventures Travel a Scam or Legit?

I wouldn’t go out of my way to call this a scam or anything. For something to be a scam it would either have to be completely ripping people off, or misleading people completely by delivering something that wasn’t advertised.

World Ventures is different from some other MLM schemes because for one, it’s in the travel industry, and two, the company doesn’t have any of its own products.

It sails close to the wind when it comes to illegal pyramid schemes because of this.

If you regularly travel anyway and don’t mind hanging out in large groups to get good discounts, then maybe this scheme might work for you from a travel perspective.

However, if the goal is to make some good money, or even a decent living, then I really can’t see anyone doing it with this particular gig. Not even close.


Here’s Something WAY Easier Than MLM!

Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyAny MLM deal you join is going to be really hard work, as well as costing you some bucks to do it.

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For starters, you don’t have to pay joining fees to be an affiliate, and there’s no recruiting. You don’t even directly sell anything or have to buy any products.

One of the main ways to promote as an affiliate is to build your own website. This becomes a valuable asset that you can later sell if you want to.

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While some marketers get rich from this, many others are content to have it as a side gig, because affiliate marketing is perfect for that. You can do it in your own time.

Me, I much prefer having it as my fulltime income earner because of all the lifestyle advantages it gives me. I like the cash, but it’s also the freedom lifestyle that I love so much.

Let’s very quickly look at just some of the many benefits:

  • You are your own boss and make your own rules
  • Live a flexible lifestyle and work when YOU want to
  • You can live the true laptop lifestyle, working from anywhere
  • Spend valuable time with those most important to you
  • You can earn passive income day and night
  • No money is needed to get started
  • All you need is internet and a computer
  • Enjoy the pleasures of having time and money together
  • There are no limits on what you can earn
  • And loads more…

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